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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 2, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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and i am sure down the line there will be somebody coming up breaking my records. but love to get those medals because they stay with you forever. uk sport has targeted six to eight of those medals, a big ask for a squad juggling injuries. but the bigger picture focuses on the next generation. born just a few miles from the london olympics site nethaneel mitchell blake is britain's second fastest 200 metre runner of all time. the 23—year—old believes it's time now for new athletes to write their own chapter in britain's sporting history. people have seen the kind of changing of the guard in our sport, what miss ennis and mo farah have done is remarkable and their fates can't be reaccomplished because they're legends in their own right. they've made their legacy and i believe people coming through want to build their own legacy. it's always hard to say goodbye but fond farewells bring new beginnings. podium places might not be as plentyful in these championships but the potential for future olympics will shine through. natalie pirks, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here's evan.
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is violence getting so bad in the jails of england and wales, that the army needs to be called in? one former prison governor suggests that this evening, we'll ask how on earth we let it get so out of hand? join me now on bbc 2. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. the headlines tonight... brazil star neymar is on the cusp of a new world record transfer as he flies out of barcelona for psg. celtic reach the final champions league qualifying round after beating rosenberg in norway. and rory mcilroy explains why he's ditched his caddie after 9 years together. it will be one of the most sensational football transfers in the history of the game. the brazil star neymar is hours away from joining paris st—germain on a five—year contract for a world
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record fee of £198 million which would buy him out of his contract. he told the club this morning that he wanted to leave the nou camp and head of the french capital. in a dealfunded by qatar sports investments, who took over psg 5 years ago. our sports correspondent richard conway is in paris for us. be richard conway is in paris for us. welcome to withi capital be welcome to within the french capital by a squad that is keen to kick on and perhaps win the champions league in this coming season. champions league in this coming season. is he the player to bridge that gap? and turn them to champions league winners but is the challenge that awaits him and the team but this is the most political and financial transfers. political because psg's owners want to assert
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themselves on the world stage despite the domestic blockade taking place in the gulf region. financial books of the huge slums three microsomes and the implications of financialfair microsomes and the implications of financial fair play. —— financial because of the huge sums. but paris saint—germain have time with which to balance the books. from now the focus will be on concluding the deal and welcoming neymar to paris within the next couple of days. it is bound to bea the next couple of days. it is bound to be a huge occasion, huge deal they will want to make the most bit before the start the season their league domestic siege in which kicks off on thursday. he has had some great memories wearing matt sherratt will we ever see him in the barcelona kit again? this is how it all breaks down... looking at the
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figures. this goes to paul pogba, 83 means pounds is what they paid juventus. you have to go back to 2013 the gareth bale joining real madrid and we will remember from totte n ha m , madrid and we will remember from tottenham, £85.3 million. it works out like this for neymar 7 million 75 million... a week. a measly amount. what does that work out a year? a nice easyjob that his a ccou nta nt year? a nice easyjob that his accou nta nt to year? a nice easyjob that his accountant to work out that one. and this is the full package that the in wages over five years the duration of the contract £400 million. what is the word on the streets of paris about the still? here's what the psg fans make of it all. we are all very excited for him coming. magnificent, superb. the price is ridiculous that is the only thing i think when i think about it. i think it is good that they've
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taken in bullets be honest it is particular the price they paid for players is ridiculous at this moment. it was a good night for celtic who are nowjust one tie away from a place in the champions league group stage after a 1—0 win away at rosenborg in the 2nd leg of their 3rd round qualifier. adam wild watched the action in norway. it may still be some but already a match that could shape the celtic season. match that could shape the celtic season. the norwegian league leaders rosenberg, a sizeable hurdle in their path towards the champions league. that is where the scottish champions feel they should be playing but after a goalless first leg, the first half of equal frustration. james forrest's efforts was as close as either side game. it took until after the break for the real chances to arrive. rosenberg the first to get the fans on their feet. still, celtic knew that one away goal was perhaps all they would need and when it finally came it was
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quite a goal. forrest's strike was brilliant, worth waiting for and well worth a second look. chances to make the tie save came and went but no matter celtic safely through and are now just no matter celtic safely through and are nowjust one step away from the champions league. day this time last year as champions league. day this time last yearas did champions league. day this time last year as did these games with the help we could get through and try and find a way. now we go into them and find a way. now we go into them and to come up to here and play to that level without composure, eve ryo ne that level without composure, everyone was talking about the pressure of the game but to play that way was sensational, really so iam very that way was sensational, really so i am very delighted with the players. liverpool had had a blemish free preseason — until tonight. they suffered their first defeat, losing in the final of the audi cup to atletico madrid. kady baray put the spanish side ahead in the first half before
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liverpool got back on level terms. divok origi winning a penalty — and roberto firmino scoring it...the game finished in a draw and went to penalties. jordan henderson missing for liverpool. felipe luis, once briefly of chelsea, scored the winning spot kick... england's women are one win away from their first majorfinal since 2009. they face hosts the netherlands in the semi—finals of euro 2017 and beat them on their way to the final eight years ago. manager mark sampson is full of admiration for his players and predicting big things. i have been around some good sports people, these players now work as ha rd people, these players now work as hard as anyone i've ever worked with or seen. they are absolutely obsessed with being the best they can be. now they have those two skills in the abundance and the sky is the limit for the group. we're now ina is the limit for the group. we're now in a position where we have the produce a massive performance to get a result but i know the players have put the hard—working. i know they've
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done everything they possibly can to propose this game. and the match will be live on 5 live and the bbc sport website, it kicks off at 7.45 tomorrow evening. rory mcilroy has been explaining his reasons for ditching his caddie ahead of the final major the year after 9 years together. the northern irishman's journey with jp fitzgerald saw him win 4 major titles and at one point rise to world number one. mcilroy says "sometimes to preserve a personal relationship you have to sacrifice a professional one". he says "i was getting very hard on him at times, you don't want to be like that with anyone but sometimes this game drives you to it" mcilroy has decided to use harry diamond, a childhood friend, at this week's bridgestone invitational and next week's pga championship in charlotte. onto athletics and with the world championships starting at the london stadium in 48 hours, the great britain team arrived in the capital today from their training camp in france. they travelled by eurostar and there to meet and greet them at st pancras station was our sports
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correspondentjoe wilson. well britain's athletes return from france on the eurostar today. they have been keeping a clear mind away from london in paris at their holding camp but they return here with a very clear expectation, six medals at least must be one say uk sport who control the lottery funding of course. well, how about happen? asha philip is one olympic medallist who is part of this team. i've been speaking to her about her preparation and about how expectation that these world championships. am honestly chuffed because i never had these opportunities at london 2012 for me to be out of do it again at home it is like, i am ready. to be out of do it again at home it is like, iam ready. i to be out of do it again at home it is like, i am ready. i can't wait. my is like, i am ready. i can't wait. my whole family will be there. everyone will watch on tv. i will support the whole team and myself and hopefully get this six medals. wire the legacy from london 2012 the
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still people's ‘s line everyone remembers mao, and greg and chess is it time the sunny faces in the new names to really present themselves to the british public in terms of athletics? i think this is the new wave, the next generation will come out at the london 2012 lots of people were inspired at both power and the olympics i really believe and the olympics i really believe and hope that people will be inspired by this and come out and wa nt to inspired by this and come out and want tojoin inspired by this and come out and want to join the local clubs and get involved in the sport because that's what we love we want the next generation to come because i will not be here forever. we hope that this competition will prove how british athletics are and in years to come there will be more to see. that is asha phillips these days we could call her the love that express could call her the love that express could she has relocated to train in that part of these middling. those that part of these middling. those that know that same pen christine chin also know we are not far to a platform to train to take you back
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to love breath. that's all from sportsday with me will perry. coming up in a moment, the papers hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are steve hawkes, deputy political editor at the sun and the broadcaster and author dame joan ba kewell. tomorrow's front pages. the daily express marks prince philip's last solo public engagement before retiring from royal duties. the daily telegraph opens with claims that the government had ignored the warnings by british—registered airlines about the airport queues. the metro also leads with the duke of edinburgh's
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retirement from public duties. the sun reports on the team of scientists that have, for the first time, successfully freed embryos of a piece of faulty dna. the guardian also leads with this genetic treatment that may potentially prevent up to 10,000 inherited diseases. so, let's begin. the times leads with plans to government ways in england to reduce car pollution. so, let's have a look. let's start with, where else but prince philip. 96 years old. look. let's start with, where else but prince philip. 96 years oldm was bound to be the point story wasn't it the many papers. it is very touching really because here is a deal old man of 96 standing in the array on his day of retirement he is standing ona array on his day of retirement he is standing on a platform unsupported in the rain and what does he do, he
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ta kes in the rain and what does he do, he takes off his hat rather poignantly for the national and the money gets rained on. he's going to get pneumonia hope someone is looking after him. i thought it was a very poignant expression of this is a stamina he has. his dedication to duty, even master he was doing more whirling engagements than prince william and prince harry.|j whirling engagements than prince william and prince harry. i think it is fantastic. in the think of other coverage recently about diana and rememberwhere coverage recently about diana and remember where the royal family was there in about place. and now i think with wailing katyn harry. that's macro i think with william and kate and harry. it is great from page, great picture and it is nancy philip ing celebrated. one of the papers say go on being a rascal. he is famous for his lapses of politeness. he still manages to be both amusing and racist and offensive at the same time, and any
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he could carry it off. he is a remarkable individual in that he was quite an ordinary and very, very dashing naval officer when he married the queen. he was a really very handsome, tall, blond and she was smitten and it was a great marriage and it has gone on for so long and it is not often you hear stories that that. it is as legendary as victoria and albert. it is our version of victoria and albert so in that sense it is a real historic landmark. i wonder what he will do in retirement, the idea of retiring 96 is alarming. we will all do that alarm murray eventually. —— we will all do that eventually. do that alarm murray eventually. —— we will all do that eventuallym is not the last we will see of him. he may support the queen in some engagements as well. pretty incredible. almost duties. and his charities, that's the thing that
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some people bat makes you think what will come next, we have all been used to the queen and prince philip and you wonder what happens with support the monarchy, how it change if charles eventually takes over what will be different then will retire into being more i'll will go straight william's interesting.


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