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tv   World Athletics Sportsday  BBC News  August 4, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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if the challenge of the first world war was the challenge of that generation, i think perhaps the challenge for our generation is brexit. more pressure on president trump — now his administration faces the possibility of criminal charges over alleged russia links as a grand jury is convened. after a judge's scathing assessment of care provision for a suicidal teenage girl yesterday, the nhs confirms that a "safe and appropriate setting" has been found for her. the world's most expensive footballer, neymar, joins paris saint germain for a record £200 million, but says he didn't do it for the money. usain bolt‘s set to run his last competitive track race, as the world athletics championships gets under way in london. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday but first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... a controversial new constituent assembly is sworn in in venezuela,
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but could we still see more clashes between supporters and opponents of the president? europe continues to bask, or sizzle, in a heatwave that is seeing some areas reach 44 degrees c. we'll be live in sicily. and forget everything you thought you knew about washing machines — researchers have discovered a simple device to cut their weight by a third. but will manufacturers think it's a washout? we'll speak to one of the men behind it. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster. welcome to the london stadium and world athletics sportsday. these are our headlines tonight: the 16th world athletics championships are going to start with a bang. bolt is due on track later tonight.
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it's also farewell from farah, another distance double in his‘s the 10,000m tonight the british team are targeting at least six medals. laura muir is also doubling up. she's also on the track this evening. good evening. it is fantastic to see this great stadium fall once again for a major athletics championships. yes, we have had those anniversary games after london 2012, which was fantastic. but so many memories are going to be echoing once again
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around the stadium. around 50,000 are in here. 200 countries are here and over 2000 athletes. and tonight, we are going to see two of the very best. from the shortest distance, the 100m, to the longest, the 10,000 metres. we will get a mo farah in a moment. but so many fans have come to see a glimpse of the fastest man that has ever been, usain bolt. he did that at a world athletics championships eight years ago in berlin, and he has dominated ever since. what shape is he in? we will see him in the heats later. this is his final global athletics championship before he says farewell at the age of 30. is it going to be emotional? i think so. iam i am excited. this is the moment i
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am looking forward to. during the race, the emotions will come out depending on how the crowd reacts. if there are 1000 cheering, i will be happy. they find ways to get emotions out of you. we will be hearing a different side of usain bolt later. the crowd have such an affinity with him and with mo farah after what he did in london. at london 2012, he was already a world champion in the 5000m, but it was here when he completed the double in the 5000m and 10,000 metres that he really catapulted himself into the public psyche, and he is looking to do the same over the next ten days. it all starts tonight, straight into the final of the 10,000 metres. then he will look ahead to a career in marathon running. it is going to be pretty emotionalfor him marathon running. it is going to be pretty emotional for him too. i was thinking back to what i need to do. i've achieved what i wanted
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to achieve, and it would be nice to finish on a high. why not do it where it all started in london, the track where i became an olympic champion? that was what changed me as an athlete. the whole nation got behind me. i'll never get those memories back again. i think those memories will come flooding back tonight. so many union flags are around this stadium. there isa flags are around this stadium. there is a mexican wave. iwan thomas is building up the crowd. we will have quite a low—key opening ceremony that we will bring you later in the programme. beyond mo farah‘s hopefully gold medals, the british target is six. laura muir is also doubling up in the 1500 and 5,000. it has been a breakthrough season for her at the european indoors. the
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1500m heats go tonight. some really classy rivals she will face, but she says she will go for it, attacking and laying down a marker. wouldn't it be great if she could come back with some medals. let's hearfrom laura muir, one of the british athletes looking to do their country proud in the next ten days. iam i am lucky. i have a lot of championships under my belt. in 2013, i was in good physical shape but i have to catch up in terms of the mental side and dealing with the pressure. but having gone through that has put me in good stead and i feel relaxed going to london. of course, this world athletics championships will be the first without a russian team in it. the blanket ban that saw their athletes miss the rio games still stands. 0ver
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over the weekend, we will seejo pavey and jessica ennis—hill get retrospective medals awarded. christine 0huruogu has been up on the podium three times with an assortment of team members from her 4 assortment of team members from her ax assortment of team members from her 4x400 assortment of team members from her 4 x 400 teams over the years, 2011, 2013 and 2009. they have all received bronze medals and silver medals after being cheated off the podium in the past. if look out for the letters ana, authorised neutral athlete, next to their name. daya klishina is one of those, the only russian athlete at rio because she has operated outside the russian doping system. she is here as one of 19 russians competing.
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she has been speaking to our sports editor dan roan. in london, it is a different atmosphere. you feel a little lonely, even if you have your team around you, and of course the coach is always with me. but if you travel with your team, this is a big support and just a different mood for you. unfortunately, we are here under the neutral flag. we just for you. unfortunately, we are here under the neutralflag. wejust have to follow the rules. but everybody who has come to compete in london from russia, we know where we are from. and everybody knows. it doesn't matter which flag they see in the stadium. inside, the spectators know where i am from. she is an authorised neutral
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athlete. that will be one of the stories running through these championships. the opening ceremony speeches were becoming along in the next few minutes. but it has been a very busy day of sport as well. we will come back to the london stadium later. in keeping with most of the test series, it's been a day of fluctuating fortunes on the first day of the final test at old trafford between england and south africa. things looked good for england at one stage, but then skipperjoe root fell, leaving ben stokes to start a rescue mission, much as he did in the third test. and there was a special moment for one of lancashire's favourite sons before the start of play, as patrick gearey reports. first morning of the test, perfect time to pick up a new bit of kit. james anderson took this frame. part of old trafford took his name. the pavilion end, now the james anderson and, something for lancastrians to look up to. the man himself had to watch the first —— someone else bowl
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the first over from it. keaton jennings was reprieved by fingertips, but later condemned by a feather. caught behind forjust 17, feather. caught behind forjust17, but on a ground still recovering from holding a radiohead concert, no alarms are no surprises with alastair cook at the crease. all suitably sedate until a wake—up call just after two. cook caught quinton de kock. not long later, tom westley followed rather more spectacularly. the first wicket at the anderson and may be remembered for its capture rather than its bowler. the first man to deprive the keeper of a catch was the captain, faff du plessis, england four down. there was a reliable reservoir of runs remaining. joe root made his way to 50 as he has in ten straight tests. manchester saluted a yorkshire men. perhaps he was overwhelmed by the punt pennine affection. not long later, it came to an end. in lengthening shadows, time for reassuring ben stokes. he also made 50 and again, all seemed quiet until
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one final clatter. a noise that confirmed this day was far tougher for england and it might have been. so batting still to be done in old trafford. the onus is on south africa and there is rain in the forecast, but england will not want to leave their fate of the clouds. there's still a buzz in paris this evening on the day that neymar was paraded in the city as a paris saint—germain player. hundreds queued outside the club shop to get their hands on a shirt with his name on the back. 0ur sports news correspondent richard conway is in the french capitalfor us. richard, you interviewed the man himself earlier. what's he had to say? yes, i sat down with neymar today to speak to him about this world record deal, eight deal that will cost paris saint—germain in excess of £400 million once wages and bonuses
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have been taken into account. that isa have been taken into account. that is a lot of expectation on his shoulders, but this is a man who seems very comfortable in this position. he has stepped out of the shadow of lionel messi. i started by asking him about leaving barcelona and how difficult a decision it had been. translation: the decision was difficult to take. i was thinking about this during the month, but then my heart told me i have to follow it. i took the decision and i am happy to be here. so much has been said about this transfer. the whole world is talking about it, and about the money involved, the huge tra nsfer about the money involved, the huge transfer fee. lots of people are saying perhaps you are doing this for the money, that that is your motivation. what do you say to that? translation: i have nothing to say to those people. if people think
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that way, it's because they do not know me. they don't know my life and i regret that they think that way. i didn't come here for the money, i came for the motivation of the challenge. you're morally confident with this? i know you are a religious man. i can't be unhappy. how cani religious man. i can't be unhappy. how can i be? so the neymar era at paris saint—germain is under way. tomorrow, he will be introduced to france at the park the brains behind me. whether he will play, we will see. but the implications of this tra nsfer see. but the implications of this transfer will go on. barcelona have a lot of money in their bank account. they need to replace an recruit, so the ripples will continue. but in terms of neymar, he is ready to become the king of paris. he left it a day to acclaim from the fans. he seems comfortable
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in that edition and now it is time for him to deliver on that promise. liverpool have been drawn against hoffenheim from germany in the play—off round of the champions league. hoffenheim finished fourth in the bundesliga last season. celtic will face kazakhstan champions astana. the winners of each tie will qualify for the group stage proper. domestic football is back tonight with the first match of the efl season. sunderland take on derby in the championship. in—kyung kim of south korea leads the second round of the women's british open at kingsbarns in scotland. kim is on 10 under par and one shot clear, thanks to this eagle putt on the 11th. england's georgia hall, who was tied 10th overnight, is one shot behind on 9 under par afterfiring an impressive round of 67, which included 7 birdies. us open champion stan wawrinka won't be defending his title at the end of the month. he needs an operation on his knee and that will keep him out for the rest of the season. wawrinka says it was the only solution to make sure he can continue to compete at the top level.
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it's nearly time for usain bolt at the world athletics championships. let's go back to the opening ceremony at the london stadium and olly foster. yes, it is building up now. the games makers' choir just yes, it is building up now. the games makers' choirjust had a rousing rendition of that elbasan we heard so many times in london 2012. you just feel those memories coming back. —— the elbow song. i was talking about the medals coming back for perri sha kes—drayton talking about the medals coming back for perri shakes—drayton christine 0huruogu among others. they are making their way up through this zone with the international media. we will try to get a word with them if we can. my colleague philjones is chatting to them now. most of the
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stadium are now standing for rebecca ferguson, singing the national anthem as this opening ceremony gets under way. # god save our gracious queen # long live our noble queen # god save the queen # send her victorious # happy and glorious
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# long to reign over us # god save the queen applause. rebecca ferguson, a fantastic rendition of the national anthem. greg rutherford was applauding. that was something to get these world championships going. absolutely, and we have a wonderful crowd in here, reminiscent of what we saw five yea rs reminiscent of what we saw five years ago. they are already getting raucous. stay with us for a few minutes while we listen to the london marathon 90 seconds. why not? let's listen to the london mayor,
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sadiq khan. ladies and gentlemen, by mother, the queen, is sorry that she can't be here this evening, but i am honoured that her majesty has asked me to represent her on this special occasion, to extend the warmest possible welcome to you all on the people of the united kingdom. and the queen has asked me to deliver the queen has asked me to deliver the following message. "i was delighted to open the london 2012 olympic and paralympic games in this very stadium. i know it holds extraordinary memories for competitors and spectators alike. sport has a way of uniting the world, and reminds us what amazing
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things can be achieved when people come together to celebrate the best of human endeavour. i have no doubt that more wonderful memories will be created over the next ten days, and that the performances beginning tonight will serve as an inspiration tonight will serve as an inspiration to people across the world. to the athletes, the officials, the volunteers and supporters, and especially their spectators in the stadium, and indeed, the millions watching around the world, i send my sincere good wishes for a happy, exciting and hugely successful 2017 iaaf world championships. good luck to you all". applause. well, sadiq khan was usurped by the
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duke of york there. greg rutherford has been usurped by some of the 4 x 400 girls who picked up their medals in retrospect after being bumped down the order by drugs cheats in the last few world athletics. let's bring ina the last few world athletics. let's bring in a couple now if we can. it was eilidh child, but now doyle. it was eilidh child, but now doyle. it was great to pick up one of your medals after being cheated out of your place on the podium?m medals after being cheated out of your place on the podium? it is not the way you want to get a medal, because obviously, you want to get it on the day. but it is nice that they were good enough to put this on in front of a home crowd so that we could come out and get the medals we deserve. been a long time coming. but at least it is happening now. hopefully, you know it will not happen again. the next generations that when this medal will get them
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fairand that when this medal will get them fair and square. christine 0huruogu has picked up three. christine, congratulations. three medals, two bronze and a silver. congratulations. wonderful to have your place on the podium. thank you. it isa your place on the podium. thank you. it is a bit sad, but at the same time, it is nice that we get a chance to come back together, to meet members who have had babies and retired. it is nice to have the bridge between the older athletes of the relay team and the newer ones. it is wonderful to have the team back together. and we are back in london for 2017. it is nice. did memories come flooding back? we are just listening to lord coe. of 2012? yeah, they do. i must admit, 2012 was a weird one because i really tried to shut everything away. but it is nice that i can come back and
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really savour the atmosphere, which i never got the opportunity to do while i was competing. now i can enjoy the wonderful ambience. we hope the ten fantastic days and hopefully, more british medals. congratulations. christine 0huruogu, who has become the most decorated athlete now. mo farah mightjump above her in the next ten days. let's rejoin the opening ceremony and lord coe. and thank you for choosing to do what you do in the sport of athletics. thank you for choosing to watch the sport of athletics. i am choosing to watch the sport of athletics. iam now choosing to watch the sport of athletics. i am now delighted to welcome the elected mayor of london, sadiq khan. good evening. it's a huge privilege
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to be here with you all today in this truly iconic stadium. five years ago, the eyes of the world we re years ago, the eyes of the world were 011 years ago, the eyes of the world were on london as years ago, the eyes of the world were on london as we years ago, the eyes of the world were on london as we hosted the 2012 olympic games. now, once again, the world's gazes fixed on our beautiful, diverse, open city. to every athlete, every official and every athlete, every official and every memberof every athlete, every official and every member of the global athletic community who has travelled to be here today, to the friends and family of those competing, to the thousands of spectators in the stands and the millions of sports fans watching around the world, it's a great pleasure to be able to say
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welcome to london. applause. so, the opening ceremony continues with sadiq khan and lord coe giving their opening thoughts. the action will start at seven o'clock with the preliminary heats of the 100m. mo farah will be last on the track. we will also have holly bradshaw, but it is all about usain bolt, just after eight o'clock. lots of jamaican fans here. they love him, but nobody loves you as much as your pa rents. yes, i went to a lot of parties when
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i was younger. so it's from me. in 2002, he won the world juniors. he didn't want to go, and he was encouraged to go. it was in berlin, that was a good race, because tyson gay ran 9.71, the fastest he ever done, and yet he was beaten by usain. done. because i am the handsome one! it is how he reacts to people. he is such a lovely person. everybody loves him. he always tries
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to meet and greet with everyone. as you go along, no matter who you are, old or young, he. you go along, no matter who you are, old oryoung, he. and you go along, no matter who you are, old or young, he. and say something to make you laugh. well, yes, because of his playfulness. he offers a lot to the sport. and of course, the fans love what he is doing. sol course, the fans love what he is doing. so i myself will miss it. i am proud, and feeling good to know it is my only child, and he is doing so it is my only child, and he is doing so well. very much proud to be the pa rents of so well. very much proud to be the parents of usain. being the father of the world's fastest man, you can't ask for more. usain bolt!|j
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think can't ask for more. usain bolt!” think we are going to get some jamaican sunshine in london over the next ten days. that's it for this world athletics sports day. plenty more on bbc news and across the bbc for the next ten days as well. for now, goodbye. the weekend is upon us, and at least at first, it will bring a continuation of the weather we have become very used to this week, a mixture of sunshine and showers. our weather watchers once again today have been capturing scenes of blue skies and shower clouds. you can see from the radar picture that there we re from the radar picture that there were a lot of showers today, particularly across northern areas. further south, just a scattering and afairamount of further south, just a scattering and a fair amount of sunshine. tonight, southern areas will stay dry with clear spells, but we will see showers across scotland, northern ireland and later drifting across
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the irish sea towards wales. the weekend brings a mixture of sunny spells and heavy showers, particularly on saturday. and a rather cool feel at times. a cool stuff some of us on saturday morning. then we see sunshine, but also showers across parts of wales, the midlands, east anglia and southern england. this clump of showers will be quite heavy. there could be hail and thunder mixed in. across north—west scotland, not too many showers by the afternoon. well are likely to see heavy showers across southern scotland, northern england and northern ireland. by the afternoon, not as many showers in wales and the south—west. at this stage, the peak of the shower activity will be further east across parts of the midlands, lincolnshire, east anglia and the south—east of england. for the world championship athletics, i would not want to rule out the opportunity of catching a
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shower, particularly around the early to middle part of the afternoon, but there should be dry weather and sunshine as well. on sunday, high pressure tries to build its way and for many of us, that means a largely dry day. but an area of low pressure is chasing in from the atlantic. that will bring cloud and rain to northern ireland and western scotland. strengthening winds here as well. and even where it stays dry, temperatures are no great shakes for the time of year. for the start of next week, we stick with a mixture of sunshine and showers, although things may settle down in the south as we get deeper into the week. his way to medals. # mo farah winning, collecting the trouble. what this is bbc world news today. our top stories... donald trump under more pressure in his administration, a grand jury
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looked at is links with russia. a warning from britain's closest ally in europe, ireland's prime minister of the border with northern ireland must not come before a barrier to trade. if the challenge


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