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this is bbc news. the headlines at 6pm. the world's fastest man, usain bolt, goes for his final gold at the world athletics championships in london tonight — his last individual event before retiring. italian police say a 20—year—old british model was drugged and kidnapped in milan last month, to be sold in an online auction. us prosecutors say a british hacker, who helped stop a cyber—attack on the nhs, has admitted to creating software that steals bank details. his lawyer says he denies it. also in the next hour: three weeks of disruption for millions of passengers using the the uk's busiest train station half the platforms at london's waterloo have been closed as part of an £800 million upgrade. and in half an hour we'll have all the latest on the second day of the world athletics championships, including britain's katarina johnson—thompson's attempt
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at heptathlon gold. good evening and welcome to bbc news. usain bolt will go for gold again in the world athletics championships 100 metres tonight. it will be his last ever individual event before retiring, and unless there is a major upset, he looks set to win his 12th world championship gold medal. our sports presenter, olly foster, has been telling us more. in usain bolt. you mentioned it would be a major upset if he did not win another gold medal in the 100 metres, the blue ribbon event of world athletics. a lot of people
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would be upset, but this is not the usain bolt but we've become accustomed to. he has looked rusty and sluggish. there he is in his heat yesterday, turning on the afterburners to win his heat, but watch for that shake of the head. he was not happy with how he came out of the blocks. he is a big man, never very quick, and it is the second half of the race that he makes it up and eats up the track and devours his opposition. but he was not happy. it said the blocks moved, they are the worst he has ever encountered in all his years winning medals. he has not been that well—prepared coming winning medals. he has not been that well—prepa red coming into winning medals. he has not been that well—prepared coming into the championships. just a couple of weeks ago in monaco, that was the first time this season he has dipped below ten seconds, and some of his rivals he will come up against tonight have dipped under ten seconds on numerous occasions already this season. we will go through some of the heat in a moment. but let's just hear from
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usain bolt after that heat. i'm not really fond of these blocks. i think these are the worst blocks i've ever experienced. i have to get this together. i have to get the start together, i can't keep doing this. what is it about the blocks in particular? is a shaky. when i did my warm up and pushed back, it felt... is not what i am used to, not a sturdy, not as firm as i'm used to. i was there on the track ten minutes ago speaking to the former british sprinterjason gardner who is doing some vip work. and he was talking me through the mechanism. it is a slightly different block, he says, but it doesn't move at all, it is just something in usain bolt‘s mind that he is not happy with. he goes on the third heat. the young american christian coleman is that, as are some young britons. any of those
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three can get through to the final, that would be fantastic. johann blake, justin gatlin, the sort of pantomime villain because of all his doping bans. we expected to be a heavyweight contest in those semifinals. and remember, there is a chance if usain bolt runs like you did yesterday might not even make the final. a few minutes' time. and we'll be live at the london stadium injust a few minutes' time. police in italy have revealed that a young british model was drugged, kidnapped and put up for sale on the internet. the woman, who's 20, was abducted in milan last month. she was released six days later. italian police have arrested a polish man who lives in britain in connection with the crime. the irish prime minister has said it is "only a matter of time" before same—sex marriage is introduced in northern ireland. the taoiseach, leo varadkar — who is gay — made the comments at belfast pride earlier. i think it's only a matter of time.
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it's the decision for the northern ireland assembly but i'm confident that like other western european countries they will make that decision in due course. my reason for being here really to express solidarity, to express my support and that of my government, for individual freedom and equality before the law for all citizens. we would do this in any part of the world but also it's striking and a lot of people outside northern ireland wouldn't realise this, this is the largest single march happening in northern ireland this year bar none and the largest march in northern ireland this year is a celebration of diversity and difference and doesn't that say something great about northern ireland 7 millions of rail passengers are facing three weeks of disruption, as work to update the uk's busiest railway station gets under way today. the revamp of london's waterloo station is costing £800 million. ten of the station's 19 platforms are being closed, which means a significantly reduced service while it is carried out. this phase of the upgrade
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is due to be finished by the 28th of august. our correspondent simonjones has been at waterloo station all day as the partial shutdown of this most busy of stations began. this work is going to last more than three weeks. that is already the busiest station in the country. the plan in the future is it will get even busier with 30% more capacity. they have already started the work behind me. this is one of the platforms they are going to lengthen so that they can take longer trains in future, and that means more passengers. work started there, we are told it is going to last 24/seven. so we have a rather strange sight of ten platforms completely taken out of service. for a saturday, no passengers at all on these, which is rather unusual. we have only seen the side of workmen on those platforms. some people arriving
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at the station have heard, it has been publicised for the past year, others have not but have been greeted by signs right that saying that the platforms are closed and telling them they have to go down there to get on trains. we have people here offering advice to passengers who are turning up, some of them having some of them in the dark. some passengers we spoke to earlier were not particularly impressed. it's not great considering the amount you pay for your tickets. you expect to get the service you request. i'm trying to get to milford. and i don't know when that is going to happen. the trains are delayed. it's a mess. it's crazy. it is supposed to be not affected on saturdays, already it's a nightmare. i think there are problems. unfortunately it coincides with the beginning of the world athletics which i'm involved in, i hope it won't affect many people trying to get to the championships.
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network rail is being candid with people turning up at the station, they are saying that particularly at peak hours during the week you might have to queue just to get into the station. if you get onto a train they are likely to be far busier than normal. that is the warning that has led passenger groups to say there should be some compensation for people who are going to have to face three weeks of misery. the rail company that operates out of here says that is not going to happen, it will be normal, you will only qualify for compensation if your train is delayed for a significant time, not because the timetable has been changed. south west trains said people had been warned this was going to happen. compensation will continue to be available as always, that is based on the journey passengers have compared to the timetable we have an advertising since january. we have been talking to passengers for about 12 months trying to raise awareness of these works and getting people to realise the impact on theirjourneys.
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if passengers are disrupted there is compensation procedures in place and they are on our website and we urge passengers to understand those. some passengers are saying it is all very well for the rail company to say take a holiday or work from home, but for many that is not feasible. good evening. the world's fastest man, usain bolt, in the next hour, will take to the track for one of his last competitive 100m races, at the world athletics championships in london. he's in the semifinals, aiming to win his 12th world title. he retires after the games. meanwhile sir mo farah has been speaking about his victory in the 10,000 metres last night. our sports correspondent natalie pirks reports from the london stadium. blue skies and sunshine, perfect for
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making jamaicans feel at home in london. despite its act they athletics, their home—grown hero is the only story in town.|j athletics, their home—grown hero is the only story in town. i believe it will be last run, last time, one of the great for the sport. we will be with him for the last time. the great for the sport. we will be with him for the last timelj wouldn't say i'm confident, i'm overconfident. i know he will win. when he finishes, there will be a celebration, it will go on all night and all morning. london is the final stop of usain bolt‘s long goodbye. when he ran his last race injamaica injune it was when he ran his last race injamaica in june it was fortunate that the stadium already had no roof. we are all out of superlatives to describe this sporting legend. but last night in the 100 metre heats he was far from his best. he has work to do here. here comes. and very goes.|j shake of the head said he wasn't impressed. london's road show him the love, but london's starting blocks did not. i stumbled a little
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bit, get my blocks. i'm not really fond of these blocks, i think these are the worst blocks i have ever experienced. it was not smooth, i have to get this together, i have to get the start together, i can't keep doing this. he won't have too for much longer. he isjust two more individual races, or in usain bolt terms, 82 strides, from the end. his legacy is already established. he is the greatest there has been as a sprinter. that won't be affected. but he will want to go out on a whim. that's what his career has been defined by —— go out on a win. he will no doubt take inspiration from sir mo farah‘s superhuman antics last night. it is called! he did a bit of a battering in the final stages, but today he said the months away training had all been worth it, when he got to see those he loves. being able to enjoy time with my family, the twins were
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loving it, rhiannon was loving it. it was beautiful. i really enjoyed it. but tonight belongs to one man. as he prepares to bid farewell, the world will say thank you. athletics may never see his kind again. elsewhere today the women's heptathlon got underway and katarina johnson—thompson's medal hopes could be over after just two johnson—thompson's medal hopes could be over afterjust two events. she bombed in her best event, the high jump, failing to clear 1.86 metres, thatis jump, failing to clear 1.86 metres, that is way down on her personal best, and one of the weakest events, the shop but, is coming up in the next hour. but of course it is all about usain bolt night. the jamaican fa ns about usain bolt night. the jamaican fans are already in voice, and earlier there was a thunder and lightning storm over the stadium, perhaps mother nature's previewed to the drama to come. the un will be voting later today, on proposals to toughen economic sanctions on north korea.
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a resolution drafted by america in response to recent missile tests would ban exports of coal, iron and lead. if approved, it could deprive the regime in pyongyang, of more than £1 billion a year. nick bryant is at the un this evening... what are the chances of this resolution getting past china and russia? we are expecting it to pass. that has been this deal between the united states and china, and these are tough sanctions. that £1 billion is one third of north korea's export income. all of this obviously follows this intensification of diplomacy follows the testing of those intercontinental ballistic missile is by north korea which appeared to show they now have long—range missiles that could reach the west coast of the united states. cities like los angeles and possibly beyond. what the sanctions do not do is limit oil sales to north korea.
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that would have a crippling effect on its economy, and have a potentially collapsing effect on the pyongyang regime, which is something that china, its great ally here at the un, has always been determined to avoid. this will be the seventh time that the un security council has imposed sanctions, and so far they simply haven't worked. italian police say a british model was drugged, abducted and put up for sale on the internet. the woman was kidnapped in milan. it polished man has been arrested. the irish prime minister has said it is "only a matter of time" before same—sex marriage is introduced
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in northern ireland. the taoiseach, leo varadkar — who is gay — made the comments at belfast pride earlier. this could be the single biggest parade in northern ireland this year, a sign of changing times. uniformed police officers were taking part for the first time. todayis taking part for the first time. today is about inclusion and representation for the police service of northern ireland. we represent all sections of society. leo thereafter shows the change that has in northern ireland. he is the country's first openly gay minister. but in northern ireland same sex marriage outlawed. mr va radkar but in northern ireland same sex marriage outlawed. mr varadkar said he had come to this event as a gesture of solidarity, and expected that the law will change here. i think it's only a matter of time. it's a decision for the northern ireland assembly but i'm confident that like other
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western european countries they will make that decision in due course. those comments were welcomed by pride organisers. northern ireland is lagging behind the rest of the uk in terms of laws that have been enacted there and are not enacted here. and it is time that as a community we demand change, we demand the same rights as the rest of the kingdom. the devolved administration which will have to make a decision on marriage laws here is currently suspended because ofa here is currently suspended because of a dispute between the dup and sinn fein. during the last period of government dup were able to veto the measure which would have led to same—sex marriage. mr varadkar‘s intervention may increase the pressure to change the law. but this isa pressure to change the law. but this is a society where religious conservatives remain influential, and that change will be resisted. president trump is beginning a 17
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day golfing holiday, but his russian counterpart valdimir putin, has had more energetic pursuits in mind for his summer break. as part of a three day trip to the siberian wilderness, he's been fishing, swimming and hunting. and once again baring his chest for the cameras. england are in control on day two of the final cricket test against south africa at old trafford. james anderson has taken four wickets on his home ground, after england were earlier bowled out for 362. the tourists are struggling on 203 for 8. patrick gearey reports. you can't visit this old trafford without being reminded of the other one. come next weekend the traffic will be heading to the other end of warwick road. but while this old trafford has the attention, at least
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it has a game to hold it. englund are ahead in the series but not yet secure in the test. what happens next could be crucial. it set off a premier league base with runs, wickets and adrenaline. jonny ba i rstow held wickets and adrenaline. jonny bairstow held england together, mixing the skilful with the physical and at times the magical. with 90 minutes played he was 99, focus, one more. . . minutes played he was 99, focus, one more... bowls. johnny, we are sorry. more importantly, he had got england to 362. james anderson building from the james anderson end, named yesterday and christened with his first ball today. a roar that reminds us of united at home. england made further progress. they had three by tea—time, including hashim amla, always symbolic full stop. england brought back anderson who blew down his house. same over, same result, no faf du plessis was out, and the game is back in fast forward , out, and the game is back in fast forward,jimmy out, and the game is back in fast forward, jimmy with the controls. this was one of those spells. brilliant and nonchala nt,
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this was one of those spells. brilliant and nonchalant, south africa keep meeting their anderson end. that's it. i'll be back with the late news at ten. now on bbc1, its time for the news where you are. bye for now. a british computer expert has appeared before a judge in las vegas, charged with creating software to steal bank details. us prosecutors said 23—year—old marcus hutchins had admitted writing and selling the software, but his lawyer said his client denied the charges. he was granted $30,000 bail, but will spend this weekend in prison. james cook reports from las vegas. marcus hutchins appeared before a us federaljudge in a las vegas courtroom. the prosecution said he'd admitted writing computer code designed to steal banking details and also claimed there was evidence that he'd discussed how to split
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the profits with an accomplice. but his lawyer says he denies all the charges against him. how's he doing? he's holding up. he's in good spirits. the family, i think, support and the friends' support and his co—workers and the community have been tremendously supportive for him. indeed, many fellow cyber security experts regard marcus hutchins as a hero for stopping an attack which caused chaos for the nhs and spread to 150 countries around the world. mr hutchins had been living it up in las vegas, partying at mansions, driving fast cars and shooting at gun ranges. the fbi moved in at the airport as he was about to fly home to the uk. he's due in court in wisconsin on tuesday. until then, thejudge here ordered his release on bail, subject to conditions which include surrendering his passport and gps monitoring. marcus hutchins appeared in court in las vegas right at the end
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of the working week. his lawyers had just a few minutes to scramble together his bail money, but by the time they had done so, the court had closed, which means he will have to spend the weekend injail. james cook, bbc news, las vegas. a new study claims that extreme weather could kill one hundred—and—fifty thousand people in europe each year by the end of this century. scientists at the european commission are calling for urgent action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and to prepare better for extreme events such as wildfires and flooding. their study comes as the united states officially informed the un that it will pull out of the paris climate agreement. sarah—jane bungay reports. it makes for the grimmest of weather warnings. deaths from weather disasters could increase 50 fold across europe by the start of the next century. from flooding to wild fires, heat waves, wind storms,
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droughts and cold snaps. scientists at the european commissionjoint research centre looked at the effects of seven of the most dangerous weather—related events. across europe those events led to 3000 deaths events led to 3000 deaths a year between 1981 and 2010. look to the future and that figure could increase dramatically. the report says global warming needs to be curbed as a matter of urgency, adding population change will play only a marginal role in the number of people affected when compared to climate change. what do we want? climate justice! it comes as the first written confirmation was given to the un that america still intends to withdraw from the paris climate change agreement, an agreement that president trump says would punish his country, costing millions of american jobs. this president has been putting america first leg when he announced that the right of states of america officially today notified the united nations that we are withdrawing from the paris climate accord.
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i'll cheering washington added would remain in the talks process over climate change in a bid to seek a better deal for the american people. the iranian president, hassan rouhani, has been sworn in for a second term of office at a ceremony in tehran attended by one hundred foreign dignitaries. speaking at the ceremony, he warned the united states againstjeopardising its nuclear deal with world powers, and warned president trump that it would be his political suicide. mr rouhani said iran would continue to abide by the terms of the deal as long as the other signatories do the same.
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translation: i say that the islamic republic of iran will not infringe the nuclear deal, but will not remain silent if there is violation from the us. the nation of iran have proved that by proportionate attitude and resilience, and it will respond mutually if needed. and from bbc version. he was speaking about the nuclear deal. a lot of foreign dignitaries there, including eu foreign policy chief. he appealed directly to europe. what did he say? basically has message was to the world, notjust the europeans but especially the europeans, was that we have stuck to her side of the bargain, we are abiding by. ifanyone her side of the bargain, we are abiding by. if anyone is violating it it is the us. we reserve the right to take retaliatory steps.
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that was the message she was trying to drive home. there has been confirmation even from the club administration that iran is complying with the deal, so what is mr crumb's beef with the run? because on wednesday he signed into law new sanctions. the sanctions are multilayered, some are by the united states, some are the european union. some are to do with the iranians nuclear programme, which has been removed gradually, but sanctions are being approved by congress and endorsed by president trump are part of iran's ballistic missile programme which are nothing to do with the sanctions itself. nonetheless the us administration is looking for an excuse to pen some kind of violation charges on iran after the fact that the nuclear dossier was taken out of the state department and given to the white house. this is his second term and traditionally i understand second
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term presidents become lame ducks, thatis term presidents become lame ducks, that is what they say. the supreme leader and the security establishment hold a lot more sway. however, he won with 57% of the vote. what did he promised? you have to remember that the president in a run does not have the final say. what we saw today was the parliamentary side of the iranians resume, the vote of the people being endorsed by the parliament two days ago was being indoors by the supreme leader. but the first term will be remembered by the iranians nuclear deal. that will be his legacy. his legacy for the second time could be reaping the economic benefits of the nuclear deal. part of that has to do with sanctions removal, the other pa rt with sanctions removal, the other part has to do with attracting foreign investment to kick—start the economy, and that is being made difficult by the us administration threatening reprisals against companies that want to do deals with iran or hindering the flow of
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investment capital tehran making it more difficult for iran to work with the banking system. part of it is under his control, but as far as the hostility from the us administration is concerned, that is out of the hands of president rouhani. now let's get the weather. some lucky place is avoided the showers altogether and saw sunshine, others saw some torrential downpours with thunder and lightning. the showers will generally die away this evening in most places will be dry with clear skies and light winds with a few showers affecting western coastal parts it will be a chilly night. 10—12 in towns, and low single figures across the north of the country. it will be a chilly start to sunday but dry and bright with plenty of sunshine around. low pressure will bring in wet and windy area to northern ireland and then into words scotland, north—west england and north and west and wales. skies brightened for northern ireland and it stays dry. variable amounts of clouds.
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the low pressure will be with us into the start of
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