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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 6, 2017 6:45pm-7:01pm BST

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his place not sure. your fate is not always in your own hands. fortunately for his innings it was not in the hands of dean elgar. alastair cook was caught for ten. and so was tom west, morne morkel accounting for both —— tom westley. the game slowed, distilled intojennings‘ struggle for the runs that might sustain his place and the faults which could betray it. after lunch he could not help himself. test cricket is a ferocious beast and dawid malan is yet to tame it. there was some spitting spin bowling. so england looked to the angelic face of their captain, joe root, the closest to a guarantee of runs. but look at the expression — batting was not easy. this was on 49. say it ain't so, joe. the match ended in another rush. south africa gave everything to take more wickets, but england attacked as they tired, moeen ali taking aim at 50. no south african was catching that, so jonny bairstow took it. fielding several floors up.
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as the rain arrived — england's lead, is it now out of reach? arsenal have won the fa community shield for the 15th time after beating chelsea 4—1 on penalties at wembley. it finished 1—1 so it had to go to spot kicks. in a sport so often divided, the rare sight of rivals united. this year's community shield dedicated to the grenfell tower disaster. many of those affected in attendance, and all of the victims honoured in silence. a repeat of the may fa cup final, arsenal picking up where they left off as record signing alexandre lacazette was so close to opening his account. slowly, chelsea showed glimpses of the form that lead them to the league title. a contentious decision saw willian booked instead of receiving a penalty. but there was no doubt about the effort by victor moses that put the blues ahead straight after half—time.
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and they stayed ahead thanks to the reflexes of thibaut courtois. after pedro was sent off for a challenge that suggested the game was a friendly only in name, arsenal took immediate advantage, another summer acquisition levelling the scores. spot kicks would be needed, and it was chelsea who blinked first as courtois and then their own record signing alvaro morata missing the target. it left olivier giroud to seal victory for arsenal. the gunners are getting used to winning here, but the competition they really want is the premier league, and that belongs to chelsea. it promises to be a fascinating season ahead. both teams showed they are ready to compete for the premier league. we had some players missing. everyone contributed to the win.
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i'm very pleased with the way we played, especially when we fell behind. we had the composure to play and keep going and find the equaliser, it was very important. as well, we showed the composure in the penalty shoot out. all of our players did not give courtois the chance to save. the game was very tough, two teams trying to win the game. i think that when we scored the goal, that was a good opportunity to finish the game and to win the game. instead, the red card for pedro and that changed the game. leeds united made a winning start to life under new manager thomas christiansen.
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he lead his side to a narrow 3—2 win over newly promoted bolton wanderers in today's only fixture on the opening weekend of the championship season. leeds kalvin phillips scored twice before half—time — it was 3—1 at the break. bolton did get another goal back but it wasn't enough to prevent a first win for the new leeds boss. in the scottish premiership, graham dorrans scored twice as rangers began their league campaign with a 2—1 victory over motherwell. rangers had a perfect start when dorrans' drive deflected in off ben heneghan in the fourth minute to give them the lead. the home side levelled five minutes before the break, defender heneghan making amends by getting on the end of craig tanner's cross. rangers were awarded a penalty early in the second half after louis moult elbowed fabio cardoso in the box. dorrans stepped up to clinch the victory for rangers. the netherlands have won
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the women's european championships beating denmark 4—2 in the final in enschede. it took denmark just four minutes to open the scoring through a nadia nadim penalty, but the netherlands equalised three minutes later — vivianne miedema tapping home from close range. lieke martens put the hosts 2—1 in front midway through the first half. but only five minutes later, denmark captain pernille harder levelled the scores at 2—2 with a great solo effort. the netherlands then edged ahead when captain sherida spitse found the bottom corner with her free—kick. vivianne miedema calmed any late nerves and sealed the victory with her second of the game. it's the first time the netherlands have won the european championships. we can now go back to the london stadium. enormous roar around the london stadium because it is time
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for the men's 100 metres medal for the men's100 metres medal ceremony which has been brought forward because the iaaf fear that it might distract from the main event. it was said to be after eight o'clock but we have the two times drug cheatjustin o'clock but we have the two times drug cheat justin gatlin o'clock but we have the two times drug cheatjustin gatlin perceiving the gold medal, 12 years after his last —— receiving. he stunned this stadium when he beat that man usain bolt into bronze, christian coleman, the young american, taking silver. we are waiting to see what kind of reception justin gatlin we are waiting to see what kind of receptionjustin gatlin gets when he gets his gold medal. lord coe this morning on the bbc said this is not the perfect script. slightly awkward that here's a man who will be hanging a gold medal, one of the mild —— the most prized medals.
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christian coleman will get a great round of applause. we will see him for many years to come. in a moment the crowd will let their feelings be known forjustin gatlin, the world champion over 100 metres. the gold medallist and world champion, representing the united states, justin gatlin. applause ladies and gentlemen, the national
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anthem of the united states of america. the star—spangled banner applause ladies and gentlemen, please acknowledge your world championship medallists. three days into the world athletics
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championships. two days, really, it was late yesterday when we saw the incredible 100 metres which stunned the world, but usain bolt was so gracious in defeat and he said justin gatlin has served his time. justin gatlin has served his time. justin gatlin has served his time. justin gatlin said that as well, he still wa nts justin gatlin said that as well, he still wants to be an athlete. he bowed down to usain bolt after he had just beaten him, saying he is the man who inspires him to go out and compete. justin gatlin hinted he might try to carry on. it was an astonishing race which will be remembered for many years to come, the final individual global final four usain bolt but the writing was on the cards, really, because he was
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not in great shape coming into this and the likes of christian coleman we re and the likes of christian coleman were so and the likes of christian coleman were so close to beating him, as well. as lord coe said, he said this was not the perfect script, but we do have another eight days of competition here, so much more to look forward to. this is what is coming up this evening. holly bradshaw, outside chance in the women's pole vault final. wayde van niekerk, the great south african 400 metre record—holder, the man to ta ke 400 metre record—holder, the man to take on the mantle who could put a positive shine on the sport of athletics. three british girls going in the women's100 metre semifinals
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for the katarina johnson—thompson will also see if she can do something miraculous in the 800 metres, the end of the heptathlon. i will be here through the rest of the evening, but for this world athletics sportsday, in which we have seen jessica ennis—hill receiving a gold medal she should have got six years ago, it is goodbye for now. it has been a day of mixed fortunes. low pressure bringing rain across northern and western parts of the country, further south east, largely dry and bright, this was suffolk earlier, some sunshine, and we saw temperatures of 23 earlier.
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low— pressure temperatures of 23 earlier. low—pressure is still dominating the weather, sitting out to the north west, and with the trailing weather front we are going to see more rain in the next couple of days. tonight the vein will be affecting wales, the vein will be affecting wales, the midlands and northern england and into the far south west. south—east england stays mostly dry and mild overnight, further north across the country, clearer skies, with a few showers, but a fresh start on monday. during the day on monday, the slow—moving front will bring rain across the south west of england at times, and a few showers in east anglia, but the far south—east mostly dry, and to the north, sunshine and showers is the story of the day. few offer northern ireland and northern england and it will be approved in yorkshire and manchester and wales. —— improved. south west, more cloud and outbreaks of rain, but not a complete wash—out. for the likes of kent to
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the isle of wight, mostly dry and warm and sunny, but the weather front is slow—moving and it is sticking around in the south west and it will move further north in two parts of wales, returning across the midlands into northern england as we head into tuesday morning. clearer skies to the north of that, with a few showers, mostly dry to start the day on tuesday, but we have the area of low pressure which will move north out of continental europe, heading up the north sea, and that will import showers potentially across the south east at times. in between, quite warm and sunny, and then further rain across the south west of england and wales, into the midlands and northern england, michael macro for the likes of newcastle with a breeze coming from the north —— quite cool. further showers for southern and eastern parts of the country, but many having a better day on thursday, but it looks like it will
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be unsettled, with rain at times and things will remain rather cool and breezy. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm: a mixed reception forjustin gatlin as he is awarded his gold medal in the men's 100metre final after beating popular favourite usain bolt into third. six years on, jessica ennis—hill receives a gold medal for the 2011 championships, her heptathlon silver was upgraded after the russian winner failed a drugs test. the government orders a review into the cost of energy but critics say it's too little too late. both the us and china welcome tougher sanctions against north korea in the wake of its recent ballistic missile testing.
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the search for two men who are missing following a fishing trip in the english channel has been called off. one man has died, and another rescued. also in the next hour... is the internet as bad as junk food? the children's commissioner warns parents about youngsters


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