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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 6, 2017 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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down into scotland down into single figures. on monday, three zones of whether once again. some rain across the south, south wales, parts of central england as well, the far south—east awarding the wet weather probably, staying largely dry and reasonably warm. further north, sunshine of the north wales and northern england with one or two isolated showers but an improved day here. further showers for scotland and northern ireland. three zones again on tuesdayis ireland. three zones again on tuesday is that front continues north, mostly dry but one or two scattered showers could be on the heavy side and the south—east, 20 degrees here, sunshine and showers for scotland and northern ireland. goodbye. hello. this is bbc news: these are the headlines: justin gatlin receives a mixed reception as he's awarded his world championship gold medal for the men's 100 metres. he beat popularfavourite usain bolt into third place in the final in london last night. the government has launched an independent review to look at ways of reducing energy costs. but consumer groups have criticised the move, saying urgent action is needed now
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to tackle a lack of competition in the market. china and america have welcomed tough new un sanctions against north korea in the wake of its recent ballistic missile testing. the chinese foreign minister has told his north korean counterpart that pyongyang should stop carrying out nuclear and missile tests. one man has died and another has been rescued after their boat sank off the west sussex coast. the coastguard has suspended a search operation for two further men also thought to have been on the fishing trip. a body has been found at the home of a man who has been missing for almost a month. police believe remains discovered at the property in bo‘ness are those of arnold mouat, but they have not yet been formally identified. now on bbc news — sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm katherine downes.
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gold for gatlin — london's controversial champion collects his medal — as bolt bows out with bronze. england have been having a slog against south africa as they build a big lead in the fourth test. and they've been getting some catching practice in at the same time. and arsenal have won the community shield at wembley, after they beat chelsea on penalties. good evening. it's been marathon day at the world athletics championships — and later today, britain's katarina johnson thompson will try to salvage her medal hopes after a distinctly mixed performance in the heptathlon so far. olly foster is at the london stadium for us. olly, we'll get on to the action in a minute, but first gatlin has got his gold —
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what was the reaction in the stadium? mixed. for the last 48 hours every time he stepped onto the track, on friday he was booed ahead of the first heat and ahead of the semifinals and there was silence after he beat usain bolt in the extraordinary final last night. justin gatlin has served two doping bans and lord coe said if he had his way would be a lifetime ban. that is the irony, though, that lord coe, was the man who had to hang the gold medal across justin gatlin‘s was the man who had to hang the gold medal acrossjustin gatlin‘s neck. there was a big roar four usain bolt. his last individual global
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final. he is still in the relays which he will take part in. christian coleman with the silver medal, and this is the reception for gatlin. applause booing. usain bolt was very gracious in defeat, saying he had respect for the wayjustin gatlin has come back into the sport. if a man has served his time, and he's about to compete he should be allowed to win, as well, without any grace or favour or the reaction he has had. we have also had the reallocation of medals. athletes were cheated out of their place on podiums down the years in world athletics championships stretching back ten years in the case ofjo stretching back ten years in the case of jo pavey, stretching back ten years in the case ofjo pavey, and just six years forjessica ennis—hill who was on
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top of the podium. she was cheated out of a gold in 2011. she enjoyed that. lord coe enjoyed giving her this medal. her third world title in the heptathlon and the crowd laughed at that. —— loved that. she also got the national anthem played, of course. it was a wonderful moment in the last hour. it was so special, my husband said, you're not going to cry, and i said no, but i'd forgotten the feeling of when you step out in the arena like this and hear the crowd cheering for you, such an emotional thing, and it takes you over. really special to be oi'i takes you over. really special to be on the podium for one last time, and soak up the atmosphere and the crowd. really great. another chapter
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viewing this amazing stadium, the defining moment for you in this career defining moment for you in this career of yours and now you have another chapter. it could not have beena another chapter. it could not have been a better time to receive this medal, other than at the time, and i'm very thankful it has been here and i've been able to say bye for one last time. what about the reception? what kind of memories have you tapped back into thinking about five years ago? it seemed just as loud. i felt like i had forgotten and of how felt five years ago, stepping out, but i have forgotten the feeding a little bit —— forgotten an ounce. it came flooding back and that is why it was so emotional. —— the feeling little bit. the action is now back under way on the third night of these
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championships. we know the line—up for the women's 100 championships. we know the line—up for the women's100 metres final, the last event on the track. three british women in the semifinals. one in each semifinal. there are no british women in the final, u nfortu nately. british women in the final, unfortunately. they were blisteringly quick. darryl neita came into force, the british sprinter. the great elaine thompson, she's going in the 100 metres here. we can see her semifinal. desiree henry was going on this one, the british sprinter. she was a torchbearer at
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the olympic opening ceremony five yea rs the olympic opening ceremony five years ago. elaine thompson cruising through that. she still has the blue lipstick, a very imposing figure and the jamaican crowd are hoping she can lift spirits. in the last few minutes, i caught desiree henry to ask what the experience has been like competing in the 100 metres. 0h my goodness, unbelievably quick, but i'm glad to be out here and run as fa st i'm glad to be out here and run as fast as i could, i've enjoyed every moment. you can take the experience a way of running a race against the great elaine thompson. she is a phenomenal talent, there has been one like her so far in of olympic champion since the likes of flojo, she's something special. what about the stadium? what will you doing
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five years ago? i was fortunate enough to be one of the torchbearers at the olympics, starting at the opening ceremony and lighting the calderon. many people will say it is a greater honour to be out there, doing what you love. most definitely, i was a little kid five years ago but now i am turning the dream intoa years ago but now i am turning the dream into a reality and i'm beyond happy at how this championship has gone. we will see desiree henry in the relays. this was the last of the semifinals. asha philip ‘s failing to qualify holly bradshaw has cleared her first title in the pole vault fourth of katarina johnson—thompson will go in the final event of the heptathlon but she won't get a medal unless something extraordinary happens, u nfortu nately. something extraordinary happens, unfortunately. studio: is something extraordinary happens, we will be back to hear about it. —— if. and
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now to the rest of the sport. england's batsmen have been struggling in the gloom in manchester — they've been losing quick wickets on this third day of the final test against south africa — but they do have a healthy lead. despite the rain. patrick gearey has been watching. this test has been punctuated by a series of rush hours, pulses of energy moving the game onto england's timetable, with south africa left on the platform. with rain in the forecast, if there is to be a winner, they will have to keep the pace up. south africa start a long way behind. in the game and in this series. very little progress made with the bat, six added before their final wicket became stuart broad's third. his old mate james anderson one short of a famous five. england were 136 in front but still walked out with doubts, keatonjennings first among them. his place not sure in test cricket. your fate is not always in your own hands. fortunately for his innings
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it was not in the hands of dean elgar either. alastair cook was caught for ten. and so was tom westley, morne morkel accounting for both. the game slowed, distilled intojennings' struggle for the runs that might sustain his place and the faults which could betray it. after lunch he could not help himself. test cricket is a ferocious beast and dawid malan is yet to tame it. nor the spitting spin bowling. so england looked to the angelic face of their captain, joe root, the closest to a guarantee of runs. but look at the expression — batting was not easy. this was on 49. say it ain't so, joe. the match ended in another rush. south africa gave everything to take more wickets, but england attacked as they tired, moeen ali taking aim at 50. no south african was catching that, so jonny bairstow took it. fielding several floors up. as the rain arrived — is england's lead now out of reach?
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i had ihada i had a few hacks which you get away with at times but i felt the situation of the game needed a bit of impetus and a few shots. to try to get 30—40 as quick as we can and see where we go from there. sometimes you can be a sitting duck andi sometimes you can be a sitting duck and i felt today i sometimes you can be a sitting duck and ifelt today i did not sometimes you can be a sitting duck and i felt today i did not want to do that. arsenal have claimed their first trophy of the season — they beat chelsea on penalties to win the community shield at wembley. it finished 1—1 — so it had to go to spot kicks. david ornstien reports. in a sport so often divided, the rare sight of rivals united. this year's community shield dedicated to the grenfell tower disaster. many of those affected in attendance, and all of the victims honoured in silence. a repeat of may's fa cup final, arsenal picking up where they left off as record signing alexandre lacazette was so close to opening his account. slowly, chelsea showed glimpses
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of the form that lead them to the league title. a contentious decision saw willian booked instead of receiving a penalty. but there was no doubt about the effort by victor moses that put the blues ahead straight after half—time. and they stayed ahead thanks to the reflexes of thibaut courtois. after pedro was sent off for a challenge that suggested the game was a friendly only in name, arsenal took immediate advantage, another summer acquisition sead kolasinac levelling the scores. spot kicks would be needed, and it was chelsea who blinked first as courtois and then their own record signing alvaro morata missing the target. it left olivier giroud to seal victory for arsenal. the gunners are getting used to winning here, but the competition they really want is the premier league, and that belongs to chelsea. it promises to be a fascinating season ahead. the community shield is done and
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dusted and that means the premier league season is just around the corner. leeds united made a winning start to life under new manager thomas christiansen. he lead his side to a narrow 3—2 win over newly promoted bolton wanderers in today's only fixture on the opening weekend of the championship season. leeds kalvin phillips scored twice before half—time — it was 3—1 at the break. bolton did get another goal back but it wasn't enough to prevent a first win for the new leeds boss. in the scottish premiership, graham dorrans scored twice as rangers began their league campaign with a 2—1 victory over motherwell. rangers had a perfect start when dorrans' drive deflected in off ben heneghan in the fourth minute to give them the lead. the home side levelled five minutes before the break, defender heneghan making amends by getting on the end of craig tanner's cross. rangers were awarded a penalty early in the second half after louis moult
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elbowed fabio cardoso in the box. dorrans stepped up to clinch the victory for rangers. the netherlands have won the women's european championships beating denmark 4—2 in the final in enschede.


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