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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  August 10, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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hello. i'm philippa thomas and this is outside source. the main stories. donald trump has says statements on north korea may not have been tough enough. he says that the country should be very wary about doing anything the united states. maybe that statement was not tough enough. we are backed by our military, backed by everybody. there has been a drowning of migrants off the coast of yemen and many are full to be teenagers. one of mexico's most famous footballers denies connections with a mexican cartel. to get in touch with us, hashtag bbc os. there has been a second deliberate
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drowning of migrants off the coast of yemen. 19 people have died and more are missing. this is the second incident in as many days. on wednesday, 50 people died after being pushed off a boat by smugglers fearing arrest. this information is coming from the un's migration agency and this was told us. this is the same modus operandi. 150 people this time. they're worth your people this time. they're worth your people 22 or 23, who were the same age, same profile. but they were trying to dropped in the sea close to the shore. it is may be linked to the fact that maybe they have lost control at the borders and the
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smugglers are panicking but the reaction was worse. because instead of preventing them entering they're basically continued their business by killing people. we think the victims were trying to get to yemen — despite the ongoing conflict there, it's still seen as a gateway to other gulf states or europe. and other migrant routes remainjust as active. let me show you this footage. it's from cadiz, in spain — it shows a migrant boat arriving at a beach resort there. holiday—makers in their swimsuits are shocked, seeing the migrants running ashore and trying to evade the authorities. joining me is james copnall, world service africa editor. i asked him about the yemen story, why yemen was attracting so many migrants.
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i don't think it is yemen, it is a way of getting to richer gulf countries. it is geography, it is across the water from somalia and closed ethiopian. people have numerous routes to go to places where they think they will get a better life. these people chose to go the short sea trip, though quite a dangerous one, the yemen with the hope of going on other gulf countries where could get a job and live that better life. and the people traffickers, who are basically dumping migrants into the sea, this could have been happening and we haven't realised it? it's possible, but there is lots of monitoring of that situation and the un migration agency say that this seems to be a new trend. what seems to be happening is that the smugglers get near the coast, they see an smugglers get near the coast, they see an authority figure, they think there is a risk of being arrested, and they put people into the sea. they also say that people seem to be beaten or held at gunpoint whereas
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in other cases it has been less violent. it does seem to be something of a new dimensional and obviously a worrying one for people trying to make their way across that of water. to afghanistan where people were taken and 230 hostages released after elders and provincial offices struck a deal with the militants who had taken them. we have scenes of several hostages being reunited with theirfamilies. they several hostages being reunited with their families. they are several hostages being reunited with theirfamilies. they are returned several hostages being reunited with their families. they are returned to their families. they are returned to their village here. many talked about their nightmare experiences at the hands of the militants. others we re the hands of the militants. others were angry the hands of the militants. others were angry at the government and security forces for failing to protect them. the ones who were killed... the
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religions have taken my son with them who was about to get married. this is about incompetent officials not being able to provide security. afghanistan was the president has vowed revenge but left questions u na nswered vowed revenge but left questions unanswered about what this means for afg hanistan's wider unanswered about what this means for afghanistan's wider fight against insurgents. unfortunately, we are hearing this from several parts of afghanistan. several people have been killed intentionally although the taliban are denying it. the local people who spoke to the bbc
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are saying that a number of civilians were killed, even children and elderly. tanya barron contradicts that. it is important, the fighting is going in an area which is considered a gateway to the provincial capital of this province. —— caliban contradicts that. it is the first time they have gone into this area. the government has been challenged how to retake the province. the people there are saying it is a narrow area and will be challenging for the government to ta ke be challenging for the government to take it back soon. if it is confirmed independently that the taliban and is are cooperating, which in my view is impossible, it would be a big blow for the government. and as far as civilians are concerned, the people are giving horrific pictures from the area. if
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it is independently confirmed, it would be a disastrous thing and it will force the afghan government to do more in the area though the afg ha n do more in the area though the afghan president has recently claimed that he will take revenge on all the killings on the area. the attorney general of afghanistan said that the crimes committed in the area while war crimes and those who have done it could be brought to international court of justice. a south african man kidnapped in mali has his geeky about his experiences. he was taken after beer restau ra nt experiences. he was taken after beer restaurant in the budget with three other tourists. one was killed after the attack, others have been freed. this report from milton and cosy. free at last. stephen mcgowan told
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reporters of the fact that the biggest blow with the death of his mother who passed away while he was kept hostage. i am angry that i was not released prior to this. i was aware that my mother was sick —— they were aware that my mother was sick. but i must let go of this. he also said that he had converted to islam of his own accord without his ca ptor islam of his own accord without his captor is forcing him to. it a lot has changed since he was taken hostage six years ago in timbuktu. when i asked in what his reaction was to find that donald trump is now the president of the united states, this is what he said. donald trump... i know he is making... from
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the major eugene side, they say he is making enemies that they are pleased because they say it is good for islam because there will be more mujahedin getting into war to fight america. that is their view. my view, i'm just in the moment. mcgowan has dual citizenship, here's south african but also holds a british passport. but he made every effort to downplay his uk connection because he did not want to attract further hostility. it took a long time for the british state is to fall away. my family were pushing for this and i was pushing for this because it is dangerous to be british, i think. because it is dangerous to be british, ithink. i because it is dangerous to be british, i think. i think american, french and british are the top forms. at one stage, he thought he was going to be next when he witnessed a german hostage being shot and killed with an ak—47 rifle
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just a few feet away from him. he was taken hostage at gunpoint while on tour in mali after finishing a stint of work in london. mcgowan, his father and the head of the charity organisation which assisted them, could not admit or deny whether a ransom was paid to al-qaeda for his release. stay with us. still to come, when mexico's most famous footballers denies links with a drug cartel. a leading charity is warning that the number of rough sleepers in england, scotland and wales is set to soar. the charity, crisis, is highlighting the problem of sofa surfing web people bear down on other people's houses. it's nice when you know you've
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got a sofa to go to. that night you know you're going to be comfortable. it might last today, it might last tomorrow, but then that's it, i'm back out on the streets again. mike is a sofa surfer. he goes from one house to the next, sleeping on friends' couches to try and stay off the streets. it gets to you a little bit because you've got your friendship with yourfriends, you're happy they have looked after you for a little bit, and then you know you've got to go. then again, you're sitting there thinking every day, "right, it's a struggle, what am i going to do for the next day? what have i got to get motivated for? who's going to help you today?" today's report suggests more than 68,000 people across britain are sofa surfing. it's a hidden type of homelessness because it goes on behind closed doors. campaigners say it's on the rise and will get worse if the government doesn't act now. for those sleeping rough, their patience is wearing thin. it's disgusting. that's why people drink a lot and are on drugs. i don't blame them
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because they can't live. they've got nowhere to live. it's a disgrace. it's not difficult to find people like this here in leicester city centre who say they have no choice but to sleep on the streets. this man says he's been homeless for years, and he believes the main drivers for homelessness are drugs and mental health problems. patrick used to be homeless. he now helps those who have nowhere to go. we have new things like legal highs now that are coming out. people who are in chaos, got nowhere to turn, will take these legal highs and it just makes homelessness a bit more harder because it's hard to engage with these people. the government says it's investing more than £500 million into solving the problem. it says new legislation that will be implemented next year will put pressure on councils to do more to help rough sleepers. i'm fed up of living like this, sick of it. every day is a struggle.
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most days i don't make enough for what i need and that's it, i'm out here. sima kotecha, bbc news, leicester. you're watching outside source,. 0ur lead story, donald trump has said his previous statements on north korea might not have been tough enough. meanwhile, north korea is claiming it could be ready to fire four ballistic missiles into the us territory of guam in the next few days. and other stories making the news. this is the fukushima nuclear power plant in japan. news. this is the fukushima nuclear power plant injapan. an unexploded bomb has been found in the car park there. this is the same plant that
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suffered a reaction —— reactor meltdown. a popular saudi singer has been arrested for damning. dabbling isa been arrested for damning. dabbling is a dance move which involves tugging your hair is the crook of your arm because it is —— it is dad —— banned in saudi arabia because it is thought to refer to marry one use. “— is thought to refer to marry one use. —— marry one “— is thought to refer to marry one use. —— marry one —— drug use. one of mexico's most famous footballers has denied accusations by the us treasury department that he's connected with a mexican drugs cartel. rafa marquez — who's played for the likes of barcelona and monaco and captained his country in a record four world cups — has given a voluntary declaration to the mexican attorney general‘s office. he has also said that he would
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cooperate with any investigation. today, i am the subject of an investigation by the treasury department of the us for alleged fa cts department of the us for alleged facts relating to a criminal organisation. i categorically deny any relation with those organisations. i clarify that i have not and never participated in any of those organisations. let's get more on this story and speak withjuan pallierfrom bbc mundo from mexico city. how big a star is he in his home country? he is the most loved football in the country. it is almost a religion. and it is quite successful as well. he won two championships with barcelona but he has been a key and influential
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member of his national team and he was hoping to become next year, the first one to captain a team at five world cups. he may still achieve this but right now his biggest challenge is off the pitch. what is the us treasury saying about how they believe he may have acted as a front man? what is the allegation which he has denied? he is among a list of 21 mexicans sanctioned by the us treasury for having allegedly links with drug cartels here in the country. in the case of rafah marquez, the authorities said he was using nine of his companies, like his footballer cammy day, —— his football academy, this foundation, to hold funds for an alleged drug trafficker. someone who according to the us has been working independently and for different drug
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cartels for three decades in mexico. the us said that this is the largest action of this kind against a mexican drug cartel network and in total, 42 organisations in mexico we re total, 42 organisations in mexico were sanctioned. we have only got a minute left on the programme. but this must be stirring up a lot of debate in mexico? of course, this has been a massive shock in a country or to these drug related stories. but this is the first time that such a high—profile personality is directly linked with a drug cartel and many people are seeing this as just another dismal proof of how deeply ingrained the mexican cartels are in society and therefore, how hard it is to tackle them. we do of course have time for
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outside source sport. we will get you an update on the world athletics championships. the women's 400 metres hurdles has just taken place. cardle united states with the gold. the olympic champion also of the us took the silver. the jamaican with the bronze. the men's triplejump, interesting. christian taylor set out to break the world record set by britain's jonathan edwards. out to break the world record set by britain'sjonathan edwards. that did not materialise but you took the gold. he fought back after losing the lead. clay finished with the silver that there was a big win. christian and a wristband saying that the record of 18.29 —— the
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record of 18.29 remains. the men's 200 metres final, 200 metres final with icicle kuala coming up. he is up up against wage then the kirk —— the defending champion. a turkish athlete won his semifinal. mitchell blake of great britain runs in lane one. it promises to be a belter. hopefully we can get the result in before the end of the programme. now, some good news. taking a vitamin supplement could cut the number of miscarriages and help prevent birth defects. those were the findings of a landmark study from australia. it has in the new england journal of medicine. a deficiency in a key molecule
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prevents embryos and baby's organ is developing in the womb and that could be solved by taking this vitamin. we are talking about b three, a common dietary supplement found in foods like... c of i can bring those foods up for you. those like peanuts, chicken and turkey. this has been hailed by australia's health minister as an historical medical breakthrough. here is the lead researcher on the study. we identified that a deficiency in a molecule resulted in babies being born with birth defects and resulted in multiple miscarriages. so this means that we have been able to show in some experimental models that we can actually prevent those birth defects and miscarriages with vitamin d3. this brings hope to many people who undergo miscarriages and birth defects each year that something as simple as a dietary
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supplement might be able to prevent them from having to endure defects and miscarriages. the thing is, some women may and miscarriages. the thing is, some women may not be able to get the full complement of niacin from their foods or even from marty by the men's. so this research highlights that there are women at risk of having low fight and levels and that —— low vitamin levels and that predispose them to having babies with birth defects. we need to identify those women and which women who even though they have a healthy dietand who even though they have a healthy diet and maybe taking multivitamins, which women have low levels of nad and how much niacin we need to give them to prevent the birth defects and the miscarriages. several leading supermarkets have moved salads and savages from the shelves because they could contain dutch
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eggs contaminated with a banned insecticide. the british food standards agency says that 7000 —— 700,000 such eggs have been distributed over the uk, is significant distributed over the uk, is significa nt increase over the initial estimate of 21,000 eggs. danish authorities said that many eggs have been distributed around denmark. dumped and discarded. this belgian farmer has had to destroy notjust his eggs but his hens as well. the produce contaminated with fipranol, an insecticide which is banned for use in the food chain. but that's where it has ended up on a potentially massive scale. translation: you cannot put your eggs on the market for three months. and so i took the decision to kill the animals because it is really too expensive. the company which came to clean and treat the red lice with a so—called organic product really used fipranol. we have all been fooled by the seller. we are all a victim of him. he is not alone.
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more than 100 farms are affected in the netherlands too, although this one is in the clear. millions of eggs have now been pulled from supermarket shelves on the continent. the reason, fipranol may be popular for getting rid of fleas on pets but it can be dangerous to humans. here in the uk, we produce our own eggs but also import them. and some of the eggs from affected farms have ended up here as well. we're not talking about fresh eggs we buy off supermarket shelves. the affected eggs went into processed foods like sandwich fillings and salads. a few days ago the food standards agency said 21,000 eggs were affected. today that shot up to 700,000. sounds a lot but that is just .007% of all the eggs we eat every year. there is no reason why people should avoid eating eggs. 0ur assessment is it is very
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unlikely it is a public health risk. people need to not have food which contains a substance that should not be there. four supermarkets are withdrawing a limited number of products as a precaution. others will already have been consumed. yet another food scare, highlighting just how complex supply chains can be and how easily problems can spread. just time to bring you this update. donald trump says he is close to making a decision on the us military effort in afghanistan. thanks for joining us on outside source. hello. the weekend is not looking too bad weather wise but then in the
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next week, it stays on the unsettled side. let's look at more detail. august so far has had normal rainfall for scotland and northern ireland, but for england and wales, it has been wet, very wet across east anglia and the south—east particularly where we have had two or three inches of rain on wednesday. about all the august rainfall in one day. those showers cleared on thursday and most of us had fine, dry weather. but already the change was a foot and the next weather system running in off the atlantic, set to bring rain to mostly western and northern areas through friday. eastern areas may escape with a second mostly dry day. in the early hours of friday, you may be lucky enough to see the perseid meter shower —— meteor shower. but it is a different looking weather day. it is windy, we
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could have gales in the north and west blowing rain across scotland and northern ireland. much of england and wales except for east anglia, the south—east where it is much warmer. there will not be a huge amount of rain and it will feel cooler because of the wind as well as the cloud and rain. in the saturday, the hope is that the north—westerly breeze will blow the cloud away and so it will be an improving picture. not particularly warm, because the breezes coming down from the north—west. not as strong a wind as on friday, medical director. eventually showers cleared away and through saturday, we see a ridge of high pressure. it could then be quite chilly on sunday morning. it looks like a dry day of the weekend but both days do not look too bad. lighter winds so feeling warm and that high pressure should hold of the weather front until later. they are more likely to
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come from sunday night into monday. he sees it —— you see this weather fund winding itself up for the start of next week. across the northern and western half of the uk, central and western half of the uk, central and eastern parts of the uk saying sunnier and warmer and drier. the rainfor sunnier and warmer and drier. the rain for the north and west on monday. the emphasis of the wetter weather shifts on tuesday. there could be a thundery element in that. tuesday looks quite back to start. some uncertainty, but we will keep you posted. behind that, sunny spells and a scattering of showers mostly in the north—west. when the area of low pressure moves away, it temporarily ridge of high pressure. set fair, but for how long? is accession of low pressure line—up in the atlantic. this one on thursday or friday looks nasty but thereafter, whether funds are coming in. the difficulty with that area of low pressure is that there may be
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some tropical air mixed in which might give us wet weather that makes it difficult for the computer to analyse. some uncertainty but we know it will say unsettled. there will be rain at times and there is potential. mayweather later in the week. no sign of prolonged dry or sunny spells. check the latest on the website. medal. kudos to guliyev, great performance from him. tonight at ten, victims of modern slavery in every large town and city across the uk. the national crime agency says tens of thousands of people are being held against their will and exploited. it's horrible, i tell you it's just horrible. you cannot
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