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tv   Life in the Shadow of the Wall  BBC News  August 12, 2017 8:30pm-9:01pm BST

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the far showers, particularly in the far west and north of scotland, temperatures peaking at 18 degrees here. a better day in england. more sunshine tomorrow. one or two scattered showers across wales and south—west england in particular but generally speaking fine and resonant with the temperatures peaking in the south to 22 degrees. after that you start, that is not to bad. perfect weather conditions for the world athletics, the closing date does look like the weather conditions are set to be fair but may be clouding over through the latter parts of the day. all change on monday, wetter weather moving in, but degree of scotland. light and pack g. south—eastern corner will stay dry. the front moves through monday night into tuesday. tuesday could start off cloudy but a rich of high—pressure bills behind and we will see decent spells of sunshine coming through. once we have lost
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monday's rain, tuesday looks better for all of us. a little cloud threatens by wednesday. this is the pattern through the week. not the dt settled but recent spells of sunshine for a time before the rain arrives from the west. —— not particularly settled. hello. this is bbc news. we will be back at the london stadium soon but first... the headlines... several people have been injured in the us city of charlottesville in virginia after a car drove into a street full of demonstrators. violence flared between far—right and anti—fascist protesters earlier in the day — the president has called for americans to unite against hate. president trump has issued a new warning to north korea saying pyongyang will "regret it fast" if it targets the us island of guam or any of america's allies. a 27—year—old man has been arrested
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on suspicion of murder after a mother and daughter were found stabbed in their home in north london last night. detectives investigating the murder of an elderly dog—walker near east harling in norfolk have arrested a man in his 20s. some breaking news on what is going on in cha rlottesville. some breaking news on what is going on in charlottesville. a rally happening, an update from the mayor of the town who says that a life has been lost after a car ploughed into a crowd. the message on twitter reads i am heartbroken that life has been lost here. he, like president trump, calling for calm but the
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mayor of charlottesville confirming that life has been lost. we saw some footage earlier of a car ploughing into a crowd of demonstrators and we spoke to someone on the ground who said people had been injured and stop we now know one person has lost their life. let's go back to the london stadium now where mo farah is racing the 5,000 metres. over to bbc live commentary for the end of the race. they are approaching the last thousand metres, 2.5 laps to go. this is where mo farah so many times has shown he is the best in the world at closing a race from this point. nobody has been able to find a way to get past him long enough to stay out there and snatch the win away from him. we will seemed a two laps to go marker that would tell us, 50
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metres ahead of the great mo farah in the world championship final. they're all gathering, they are all wa nt to they're all gathering, they are all want to start the kick but no one will go past mo farah. they're queueing up behind mo farah and closing down quickly. now the race is on. mo farah relaxing as much as he can. he doesn't want to let anyone passing now. his tactics will be not going slow in coming back. there are two british men in the top five as they eased past tiernan. the stadium is rocking. it is rocking to the beat set by mo farah. 500 metres to go. he has to be careful here.
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mo farah has to control his run and get in that position. he has to go for it now. he has never won from this position. is under real pressure. they are stretching away but is still in touch and closing slowly, slightly. mo farah has got to find something for the last time this career. he has to a sprint. he has no room. here comes mo farah, finding some room on the inside. mo
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farah fights for silver. we so hoped he gave everything, as he always has done. just one too many. one lap to many. one challenge to many. and in the end can offer him, this will be the worst he has ever felt. he's so disappointed. him, this will be the worst he has everfelt. he's so disappointed. he is really really disappointed. seems many people across the country wa nted many people across the country wanted to see. let's get more now from our sports correspondent olly foster, who's at the london stadium. a disappointing end to this career, on the track. not what people wanted to see. absolutely not. a british
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athlete who has given so much, the world champion in 2011, 2013, 2015. he was going for an unprecedented fourin he was going for an unprecedented four ina he was going for an unprecedented four in a row. double world champion as well over 10,000 metres and 5000 metres. that would have been his 11th global world championship or olympic medal but i had steve cram say, just one too many. the 10,000 metre race was absolutely brutal. eight days ago on the opening night of the championships and he gave everything to win that race and he came up here inspectors afterwards, he was really worried about the condition he was in, he was bleeding, he had been spiked and that race epitomises just what mo farah has had to come up against and what he is such a brilliant athletes because there has never been another
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british athlete to help around the track as we have seen from the ethiopians and the kenyans. the kenyan who came third behind mo farah but gave a classless gesture at the beginning of the race when he did the mo bot gesture and did the cut—throat just that this would be the night they would finally get them. the ethiopians always have tactics, they can work together. they were shifting, taking on the pace and helping each other and mo farah for all his ten global titles, thatis farah for all his ten global titles, that is what it will remain on the track has had to do it by himself. he has been a brilliant race but his exertions here in london have finally caught up with him and he saw him in pieces really on the track a few minutes ago and he has gone over to his family, his young family who have never seen their father lose a race. later this
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evening we will see usain bolt go out and we had a similarfeeling last sunday when he was beaten so we we re last sunday when he was beaten so we were hoping to say goodbye to both his champions as gold medallists, usain bolt has another chance in the relays later this evening but that will be tough because america are so strong as well but obviously mo farah, you could see hejust didn't quite have the kick, he had us all on ourfeet going into quite have the kick, he had us all on our feet going into the final straight here after 12.5 gruelling la ps straight here after 12.5 gruelling laps but the two ethiopians working together all the way through. the 24—year—old set the fastest time this year, it was him in the end to finally took the gold medal to break mo farah's dominance of the distance doubles to finally gets them back on the table podium. incredible respect
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for mo farah from them but they have been trying for years to get a win like this and finally the next time they come to a world track championships which will be in qatar in 2019, the next world outdoors then they will have it to themselves because i do not think there will be another distance runner from these shores to match mo farah for many many years. sir mo farah, knighted for his services to athletics. he has given so much but now he will turn his attention to marathon running and you can still become a world champion in that and join that lucrative marathon circuit, new york, boston, london, berlin all around the world perhaps you can crack that and break a world record in that because a world record over 5000, 2000 was something we never got from mo farah. it was all about the racing and the goals and
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transforming into this racing machine when he put on a british vest and the debate will not wage so much whether he is up there with the likes of highly gabba selassie, those incredible distance runners but he will go down as the greatest because of this unbeaten run, unbeaten until tonight at this stage, home turf. this is why he wa nts to stage, home turf. this is why he wants to go out at the london world championships here because of all those memories of london 2012 five yea rs those memories of london 2012 five years ago when he did the double for the first time by looking at his face as they rerun the race, there was not much more he could have done but he did not have the legs and it was a very good tactical run from ethiopian who helped each other all the way round so sir mo farah balzac from the track as a silver
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medallist. —— balance out. from the track as a silver medallist. -- balance out. he looks devastated. he crosses the line with a silver medal. we saw him with his family, some in tears, they have not seen him lose in this kind of circumstance before. but that should not take away from his achievements, his contribution to british athletics and the fact he is the only one who has won a medal in this world athletics championships. one gold on the fantastic opening night. we had a lot of near misses, near hits if you want to look at it like that, we got close to the medals in the highjump that, we got close to the medals in the high jump but that, we got close to the medals in the highjump but they missed out. chance in the relays coming up when the whole stadium will rise to its feet to bid farewell to usain bolt and just think how much athletics has needed him down the years. there are world
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has needed him down the years. there a re world record has needed him down the years. there are world record holder, lord coe says the script wasn't supposed to be like this wherejustin gatlin and christine coleman knocked him down to bronze in the opening weekend. so, to the other end of the spectrum on the track the distance double has a lwa ys on the track the distance double has always been that something that if you are a distance runner, something to aspire to to say you are a 5000 and 10,000 gold medallist, that puts you at the very top of your sport and makes you somebody incredibly special but in much the same way as we lamented the demise and the fall of usain bolt eight nights ago, so too it is very sad to see sir mo farah go out with a silver medal. we'll be up there on the podium tomorrow when he collected, the raw will be for him as well. it is an amazing athlete hugh has beaten the
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ethiopian butties given so much to the british vest down the years but he can go on and be an incredible marathon runner and half marathons, whatever distance he chooses on the road. thou be something for him to concentrate on. fans in birmingham will be up to see him in a week or so, he will go to a grand prix meeting, not sure what distance you will run but his final race track will run but his final race track will be in zero, diamond league meeting on the 21st —— 24th of august. that will be his final farewell —— ins urich. we look at the void he leaves behind, notjust the void he leaves behind, notjust the medal table but distance running as well. if you runners coming through who would like to take on the mantle of sir mo farah but you
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really have worked so hard for this and sacrifices he has made moving to america to work with some some controversial coach alberto salazar, we know the us anti—doping authorities are investigating his coach alberto salazar but he and sir mo farah have vehemently denied any wrongdoing when it comes to anti—gaping procedures but sir mo farah leave the track with his head held very high. we wonder how usain bolt will leave the track in the next, inside the next hour because it is ten to ten and that will be the final race but great britain's man going in that as well and we hope they can creep onto the podium also in that four by 100 relay. i think sir mo also in that four by 100 relay. i think sirmo farah also in that four by 100 relay. i think sir mo farah is still doing a lap of honour. he is coming towards
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us now. lap of honour. he is coming towards us now. he will have to do a lap of honour. i will plug myself back in... and then we will hear from honour. i will plug myself back in... and then we will hearfrom him and our colleagues at bbc sport to see what he has to say but his signing his autographs for his adoring fans here. it has been a sell—out here, this one especially, knowing it would be the final chance to see usain bolt and mo farah. remember how they embraced in 2012, both of them really incredible breakthrough seasons with usain bolt getting his trouble but it was mo farah doing the double, one of those defining images is that we will hear from him in due course on bbc news but the main headline here is sir mo farah in his final track race, the 5000 metres has ended with a silver.
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thank you for that. we'll come back later for thank you for that. we'll come back laterfor usain thank you for that. we'll come back later for usain bolt in thank you for that. we'll come back laterfor usain bolt in his final race. now, the film review. hello, and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's interesting cinema releases is james king. welcome. what have you been watching? well, i've been watching charlize theron in a spy thriller that's 007 meets basic instinct. the name's blonde, atomic blonde. from the academy awards to the afterlife, oscar winner casey affleck returns under a sheet in a ghost story. and prepare to tap, clap and stomp your way through an uplifting new dance documentary, step.
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quite an eclectic mix this week, james. let's start with the big blockbuster. and it looks like one. yes, atomic blonde, so charlize theron stars in this. it's a spy thriller directed by a guy called david leitch. previously he's worked on a movie called john wick with keanu reeves, that was a big hit a couple of years back. there are similarities, they are both very stylish. style over content, really. very violent, very polished, very cartoonish. but atomic blonde has some basis in real events, because it is set in 1989 after the fall of the berlin wall. and charlize theron is a spy sent there by the british government to track down a list of missing agents. let's have a look. 0k. so, is this your first time in berlin? yes. well, it's a remarkable time to be here.
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wonderful music. superb nightlife, marvellous restaurants. you must try the central cafe for a drink. you'll need it later. you remembeer abramowitz, don't you? of course you do. yeah. we can kind of guess what happens after that. it has been hard to find clips of any duration which are not violent. she's quite adept with her stilettos, is charlize. it is ridiculous. however, i think there is some fun to be had with its ridiculousness. firstly, charlize theron is great, and there is a pairing that she has with james mcavoy, we didn't see it in that clip, but he's a fellow british agent in berlin, and he's wayward and crazy and over the top, and she is ice cool and very measured, so they have this great
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chalk and cheese partnership. that really works. she's such a watchable actress, isn't she? very watchable actress. looks great in this, of course is an oscar winner, she can actually act. i wouldn't say she particularly has to act that much in this, but we know she can. and the style is great, it's got this industrial punk aesthetic to it, this pumping 19805 electro soundtrack. we can see a bit of action, the car chases and the fights are stunning and relentless. it almost beats you into submission. with it being visually striking, should it remind us of pulp fiction, is that what he's after, the slick look with the violence that goes with it? what it does not have that pulp fiction had is the witty, clever script. it's easy to be snobbish and say the plot is flimsy and stretched. it means you can get away with quite a lot. it doesn't have the script, but it does have the look. i think it relishes its own
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silliness and its own pulpy quality. it acknowledges that, and when a film is shameless about it, it can get away with much more. is it a missed opportunity, because the time period in which it is set, berlin, such a great city, it could be the most fantastic story. are they not bothered about that? a slightly missed opportunity but still worth seeing, it's kind of a male fantasy of a female spy, i don't think are many female spies who are six foot tall former models wandering around in stockings and suspenders. but there is just enough awareness for it to get away with it and i would happily watch another, that movie hasn't done really well, but if there is a sequel i wouldn't complain. 0k. we move to something that could not be more different. i am so intrigued that this was shot in secret, is it apocryphal that the director was so concerned about how it might end up that he thought, i just won't tell people i'm making it.
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it is very low budget. this is david lowery, the director, last year he moved into the mainstream because he made a film with disney called pete's dragon, so a remake of the old disney story. but that was out of characterfor him. he's much more of an independent, low budget film maker, this is a return to that. this is a ghost story, as the title suggests. not a horrorfilm, a drama. casey affleck plays a recently deceased man who returns in spirit to his home to watch over his grieving partner, rooney mara. he is there still wearing the sheet that he had placed over him in the morgue. talking about difficult clips to find, it's hard to show you any clips out of context, because pacing and the rhythm of the film is so key. it's a very slow film. there are many takes where seemingly not much happens, the camera's very static and quiet.
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there's probably more music than dialogue in it. it's even shot in the old 4x3 ratio, the old square tv ratio, to make it feel more claustrophobic. so it's pretty bold and risk taking in a lot of the things it does. i can understand why david lowery might want to keep it secret, in case it did not work. i think it does work. you have to take a bit of a leap of faith to get into its rhythm and slowness, but when you do, it is rewarding and a film about memory and legacy and slow change. ok, i am a bit worried the trailer might put people off, it's quite bizarre! it's not a film you can really do a trailer out of, either. it isn't that kind of movie. what is your third choice? a documentary, called step. people use the word ‘feelgood' too much, to the point of redundancy but this is genuinely a feel good movie. a documentary about a girl's dance troupe, called the lethal ladies, working out of a high school in inner—city baltimore. the film focuses on three of the girl dancers in particular, about their hopes and aspirations. trying to break the cycle of poverty
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they come from, and get out of baltimore and into college. very charismatic leads, the people in the film are very charismatic. as we will see in this clip. this is the girls in training. you will watch me step. actually, i'm going to make you watch me step. i'm going to get my step, it's going to get up in your grill. i'm going to take you by your neck and you're gonna watch me do what i do. that's what you're supposed to project, every time you get in front of somebody. that's what you step on. if you're not stepping on it, sit down, go home, good night. stand to attention and give me that face. nothing to stop! i like that teacher, i am not messing with her.
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she's brilliant, everyone is brilliant. it's a really uplifting story. it's uplifting because it does not scrimp on the hardships. these people that we focus on have had tough lives. there's a lot of anger, and it's set among the backdrop of the black lives matter movement and the female empowerment movement. so there are tough issues going on. that makes it all the more feel—good when the highs come along and when it gets more optimistic. it's not really a film about stepping as a dance. if you don't know much about stepping, very popular in american colleges, but it's not about the technique and history of stepping. really it's a film about what dance means to people when they don't have much else. i'm really looking forward to that one. and also, for best out this week, you have delighted me because it is a reissue, and what a pleasure it was to watch this film so many years later. this is prick up your ears. re—released, a movie
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about playwright joe orton, rereleased for the 50th anniversary of his death, the film actually came out in 1987, so the film itself is 30 years old. stephen frears is the director, alan bennett is the writer, based on the diaries ofjoe orton, which we see in the movie. we see john lahr who was the editor, played by wallace shawn in the movie. and then it flashes back to the life ofjoe orton. gary oldman is amazing as orton. i was reminded of a couple of things, first that time in the 80s when gary oldman and contemporaries like daniel day lewis and tim roth were the angry young men of british cinema and the future of british cinema. weren't they? now daniel day lewis has announced his retirement! and gary oldman will be playing winston churchill! so you feel very old watching this! a lot has changed. secondly, more importantly, what alan bennett did with this script is capture the wit and boisterousness that made joe orton such a great playwright in the 1960s. gary oldman great, vanessa redgrave, fabulous.
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for me, it is alfred molina's movie. he plays kenneth halliwell, orton‘s lover. they had an ultimately tragic and shocking relationship. i think he steals the show. he is exceptional in it. but what is so striking, as you say, the film is 30 years old, and it is a litany of wonderful actors, because the mother of orton is played byjulie walters, and his sister is played by frances barber, these people are part of britain's acting firmament. alan bennett has become even more part of the furniture. what he does brilliantly is gives us movies that feel traditional, but they are pretty out there when you look at what is going on. now, a quick thought about the dvd? raw, belgian/french horror movie about a student who goes to vetinary college and discovers her cannibalistic tendencies. it is beautifully unsettling. this is a film that is determined
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to freak you out with the acting, performing and lighting and editing. it is like carrie directed by salvador dali! it is weird, but it is wonderful. james, thanks very much. james king, thanks for being with us and that's just about it for this week. enjoy your cinema going. goodbye. good evening, today showers in the far north—east of the country will ease over the next few hours and we will see skies clearing across the country. that will allow temperatures to fall away, good music you want to cede the meteor shower which peaks overnight tonight. in towns and city centres, double figures but in more rural
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spots in the countryside low single figures, a chilly start a sunday morning but a light breeze and plenty of clear skies and sunshine from the word go. more cloud building up from the west, scattering of light showers and west facing coasts and the eastern super best of the sunshine and the best of the warmth with 1a to 22 degrees. as we move into next week, it looks as though we will see some spells of some sunshine but also interspersed with rain so not settling down sometime soon. take care. this is bbc world news today.
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i'm tom donkin. these are our top stories: a car ploughs into a group of people in charlottesville, virginia after clashes at a white supremacist rally. in syria, seven members of the emergency services team — the white helmets are buried after they were shot dead. we explore the mystery of what happened to the woman who disappeared after taking a ride in this private submarine? danish police question the owner. usain bolt, one of the biggest stars of track athletics, will appear for the last time at a major championships in london. but there's disappointment for britain's mo farah. hello and welcome to world news today.


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