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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 13, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines at three. one woman is killed and several people injured after clashes between neo—nazis and counter protesters in charlottesville, virgin you. defiance from the defeated candidate in kenya's disputed presidential election. raila odinga calls on his supporters not to go to work on monday. also in the next hour: sir mo farah scales new heights as he waves goodbye to his illustrious track career. it was a frustrating final race, with mo missing out on gold at the world athletics championships. but elation for great britain's 4x100 metres relay team, who stormed to victory.
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a treat for stargazers as the perseid meteor shower lights up the night sky with hundreds of shooting stars. and coming up: a look back at the history of the supermarket self—service check—out machine.which is a lot older than you might think. find out in click at 15:30. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. a man has been charged with murder after a car was driven into a crowd in the american city of charlottesville killing one woman and injuring 19 people. the attack followed a day of violence in the city involving white nationalist protesters and anti—racist demonstrators. president trump has been criticised for failing to explicitly condemn far—right groups. a warning that you might find some of the images in caroline hawley‘s report distressing.
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late last night a vigil for the victims of what politicians are calling an act of domestic terror. there's been cross—party condemnation, notjust of the attack but of the president's response to it. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred and violence, on many sites... on many sides. it came after a day of disturbances sparked by one of the biggest far right rallies in the united states in recent years. they fought with counterdemonstrators and then this... a car turned into a deadly weapon. this was the moment the vehicle ploughed into antiracism protesters. one woman was killed, 19 others injured. the attack has shocked not just charlottesville, but the entire country.
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the car hit some people and then it backed up so that it could gain momentum so it could go faster and itjust smashed into dozens of people. there is at least a dozen people that were directly hit by the car. a 22—year—old man has been arrested and charged with murder. many republicans and democrats have called on him to speak out explicitly against white supremacists and, in their words to call evil by its name. there's a growing alarm over the rise of the far right. i have a message to all the white supremacists and nazis who came to charlottesville today. the message is plain and simple, go home, you are not wanted in this great commonwealth. shame on you. many in the states are concerned that the far right has been emboldened by the trump presidency. yesterday's rally was attended by neo—nazi sympathisers as well as members of the ku klux klan. its former leader was not listening
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to the governor's message. its former leader was not listening to the governor's messagelj its former leader was not listening to the governor's message. i will be back, we will all be back. what happened in charlottesville has been a major domestic test for the president. he is now under pressure over the violence here and over what the house democratic leader has called the shameful reality of white supremacism in america today. caroline hawley, bbc news. the former white house communication secretary anthony scaramucci gave this reaction to the president's statement about the charlottesville troubles. he was speaking to george stephanopoulous on abc's this week programme. he needed to be much harsher in relation to the white supremacists. i applaud general mcmaster for calling it as it was, terrorism. whether it is domestic or international terrorism, whether moral authority of the presidency,
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you have to call that out. why didn't he do that? alex mentioned one of the reasons he doesn't like doing it. he likes doing the opposite of what the media wants him to do. he is also of the impression there is hatred on all sides. i disagree with him. whether i was the white house communications director or not, i don't think you will change the president. he will do what he wants to do, how he wants to do it. it is important for the people around him to give them direct advice, to be blunt with him. he respects bluntness and candour. i would not have suggested him doing that. general mcmaster was also on the abc programme and defended the president's statement. the president has been clear: we cannot tolerate this kind of bigotry and hatred. he called on all americans to take a firm stand against it. this is a great opportunity for us to ask
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ourselves, what are we teaching our children? tolerance has to overcome this kind of hatred that is grounded really in ignorance, ignorance of oui’ really in ignorance, ignorance of our values and what makes us unique as americans — our commitment to each other, to freedom, liberty, tolerance and rights for all of us. well said, sir, but he did not call out the white supremacists responsible for the violence. the president said you cannot solve the problem if you do not say the name when it came to islamic terrorism is low —— islamic terrorism, so should he not do the same? he has condemned hatred, bigotry and violence. that seemed to be suggesting moral equivalence between those who started the violence and those who we re started the violence and those who were subject to it. maybe to you, george, but i think the president
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was very clear. the uk will need a transition period to help businesses adjust after brexit according to both the chancellor and the international trade secretary. in a joint article for the sunday telegraph, philip hammond and liam fox stressed any deal would not be indefinite or a "back door" to staying in the eu. the two men have previously put forward opposing views on brexit. jonathan blake reports. two senior government ministers with two very different approaches to leaving the european union. liam fox, an enthusiastic brexiteer, and philip hammond, the voice of caution in cabinet. now in an apparent show of unity, reiterating that brexit will mean leaving the single market that allows free trade and movement of people and leaving the customs union which sets eu wide import tariffs, writing a joint piece the sunday telegraph the ministers said the economy needs to stay strong through brexit.
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and that means business needs to have confidence, they say, there will not be a cliff edge when we leave the eu in just over 20 months' time. this is why the ministers continue, they believe a time—limited interim period will be important to further our national interest and give business greater certainty. it cannot be, they say, indefinite, it cannot be a back door to staying in the eu. it sounds worryingly to me as if the price that philip hammond has had to pay for a transitional arrangement has been to sign up to us leaving the single market and the customs union. i think that's a dreadful mistake the future of the economy, jobs and prosperity in britain. with this article liam fox and philip hammond are hoping to reassure those concerned that the government is dragging its feet on brexit and those worried about the potential impact a sudden exit from the eu could have and a united front is important and the government is to get what it wants from negotiations with eu officials in brussels. and this week we'll hear in more detail what brexit might look like. the government will publish a paper setting out its plans for, firstly, the border
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between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. and how to goods will be continue to be sent between the uk and eu countries. negotiations begin again in brussels at the end of the month, the brexit secretary david davis saying himself, time is of the essence. jonathan blake, bbc news. the conservative mp and former brexit minister david jones welcomed the announcement. i certainly think that philip hammond has rowed back from his previous position. i think there is no doubt about that. i think that eve ryo ne no doubt about that. i think that everyone is very concerned that about three or four weeks ago he was suggesting that this transitional period should last a long time. now it is clear that it will be a relatively short period, and at the end of that, we will have completely left the eu, and we'll no longer be subject to the supremacy of the european court of justice. subject to the supremacy of the european court ofjustice. we will be leaving the single market and leaving the customs union too.
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former conservative cabinet minister david jones there. athletics now, and bitter disappointment last night for the two biggest stars of athletics — mo farah and usain bolt — making their last major track appearances at the world championships in london. bolt pulled up with cramp in the 4x100 metres, with the british team taking gold. usain bolt leaves the world of athletics having won 19 global gold medals in all, and as holder of the 100m and 200m world records. sir mo farah meanwhile was beaten into second place in the 5000 metres. he couldn't repeat his 10,000 metres heroics, where he won gold. after the race last night, he looked back on his career, speaking to the bbc‘s philjones. it has been amazing. it has been a long journey but it has been incredible. it doesn't hit back until you compete here and finally, after crossing the line and having a couple of minutes to myself, realising this is it. i can tell the emotion is here.
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let's talk about the race before anything else. how much did the 10,000 take out of you? to be honest, it took so much out of me. it took a lot more out of me than i realised. tactically, i was trying to cover every move. they had a game plan. one of them was going to sacrifice himself and that is what they did tonight. the better man won on the day. but i gave it all. i gave it all. i did not have a single bit left at the end. when you are coming down the home straight, did you think it was still possible? i thought it was possible. my my legs had had it. i got boxed in early on. it doesn't normally happen. by the time i got out, i'd wasted a little bit of energy. it's one of these races you just have to take. —— it's one of these races
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you just have to take it. the ethiopian game plan aside, the silver medal aside, we should concentrate on what an amazing career you have had, how many gold medals you have brought us on a global stage. can you quite imagine that person i spoke to in 2008 doing all you have done? not at all. i was so disappointed in 2008. i didn't know what to do with myself, whether to carry on with the sport, to make big changes. i had to make that decision, what it takes to be a champion. it involved moving to the other side of the world. nothing was guaranteed, even though i was making that plan. i was still willing to go. in my heart i know i gave 110%. if it works out, it works out, if not, i will never regret it. boy, how did it work out. so many fantastic memories. 2012, you will never forget. to come back here again, the perfect end to have this
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crowd send you off? this crowd is amazing. there is no place like home. i really enjoyed the journey. this moment makes it special. you won't forget. and this morning mo farah has been celebrating his success. he climbed to the top of the london eye and reclaimed the mobot to pay his tribute as he bids farewell to the track. he said, "i always told myself london is where it started, and london was where it was going to stop." the medal success continued as the british women brought home a silver in the 4x100 metres, finishing second to the united states. it's another success for the team who took an unexpected bronze medal in the olympics last year. and of course, it got even better as the men's relay team went one better to take gold. never before has a british team won a world sprint gold, but the quartet ran a near—perfect race to hold off the much—fancied american team, with japan taking bronze. earlier, the team spoke
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to jessica creighton about their victory. it was like a big, big party out there at the end. it was surreal. to lead off for the team and get these guys into a good place, the rest of the guys did theirjob and credit to them. it was a fantastic night for british athletics, three medals on the track. nathaniel, when you saw that the result had been confirmed on the big screen, your reactions? what was going through your mind? exactly how i celebrated. i didn't really know what to do with myself. i couldn't conceptualise the celebration. i was overwhelmed with sheer emotion. i was extremely happy for these guys and the crowd. they stayed 45 minutes after we finished running, so we could do a lap of honour. i basked in the moment. it was great fun. it is something i will cherish for the rest of my life.
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world champion is one thing, but being a world champion in your back garden, not many people can brag about that. i can do that. i hold that highly. many of the athletes, notjust the british athletes, have praised the crowd. danny, how much do you notice the crowd when you are running? it is unbelievable. moreso when you walk out. for me, i was starting at the top end. i did a little stride out. as soon as you start moving, everybody stands up and goes mad. you think, wow, the race hasn't even started yet! when the race got going and cj had a great first leg and we were clearly in the lead, adam shouts "hand", and i can barely hear him. you've just got to trust yourself. the crowd was amazing. like nothing else. they stayed to the end to watch us do the lap of honour, a moment we will never get back. we will not have a home
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world championships in our career again. to win it with these guys is unbelievable. particularly when you consider that the british men's team have some trouble sometimes getting the baton around safely. adam, how much does that play on your mind when you think about all the things that have gone wrong and could go wrong in something as chaotic as a relay? in relay it is so unpredictable, but we practice so hard so we can come to the big moment like this and get it right. it is especially nice for myself and danny. five years ago, we did have a little bit of a bad exchange and we got disqualified. five years later, to come to the same stadium it's just crazy. let's cross to the olympic stadium andjoin let's cross to the olympic stadium and join lee foster. what is there to look forward to tonight? tonight,
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it is the last session of this ten day world athletics championships. it has brought so many stories. that hour and it has brought so many stories. that hourand a it has brought so many stories. that hour and a half last night... the most extraordinary night of sport. we are hoping for more of the same tonight. i am we are hoping for more of the same tonight. iam not we are hoping for more of the same tonight. i am not sure if we will be blessed with such drama and theatre. british chances will probably be in the last two races, predominantly in the last two races, predominantly in the four by 400 relays. the usa are strong favourites, but perhaps the men have the best chance of squeaking into the medals there. halfway through the evening, we have the 800 metres women's final. caster semenya from south africa is the strong favourite, double world champion and olympic champion. this was the heat that lynsey sharp was briefly disqualified from and then reinstated. it was a very fast heat
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and she finished in fourth, but that was good enough to get to the final. the controversy here is that last yearin the controversy here is that last year in the olympic final, lynsey sharp came sixth and said it simply is not fair, really. there are two races going on. that is because caster semenya has this condition of hyper androgyny is, unusually high levels of testosterone. the iaaf try to make a rule that those with the condition would have to go through some sort of hormone treatment to bring those testosterone levels down, but the court of arbitration for sport said, no, there is no proof that raised testosterone levels makes you go any quicker if you are a female athlete. the iaaf feel that they have proved now and they will go back to the court to try to get caster semenya and others to have some kind of hormone treatment. all sorts of ethical issues involved in this, and many feel that semenya has had a rough
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time. it will be interesting. we have the 5000 metres final, and laura muirand a have the 5000 metres final, and laura muir and a leash mccolgan are in that. this should be a kenyan and ethiopian affair. laura muir is doubling up here. in the highjump, an outside chance, with robbie grabb arts, who says it is his last chance. he has one might medals at every other major championships, but it was here five yea rs championships, but it was here five years ago, his bronze at the london games, that was perhaps his highlight, and he's hoping to bring all those memories flooding back. that will be a tough one as well. there are chances, sean, but we look again to the relays towards the end of the evening. it will be hard to
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top last night, as you say, but i know it will be an evening of celebrations, and a great evening for athletics anyway. let's hope the weather holds. thank you very much. let's cross to charlottesville. this isa let's cross to charlottesville. this is a press conference from the city governor. to the white supremacists and the neo—nazis who came to our beautiful state yesterday, there is no place for you here in charlottesville. no place for you here in cha rlottesville. there no place for you here in charlottesville. there is no place for you in charlottesville. there is no place foryou in virginia. and charlottesville. there is no place for you in virginia. and there is no place for you in the united states of america. we deploy your hatred, your bigotry, and shame on you. you pretend you are patriots. you are not patriots — you are dividers. you
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wa nt to not patriots — you are dividers. you want to talk about at patriot, i wa nt to want to talk about at patriot, i want to talk about at patriot, i want to talk about at patriot, i want to talk about barbara john, in prince edward county, virginia, who led 400 students in the 1950s and said, we are not going to tolerate separate education. and she walked those students out and said, we're not coming back until we have equal facilities to fight students, and she was successful. applause so, to you white supremacist and you neo—nazis who were here yesterday, barbara johns is a patriot, you are not. to the men and women wearing the cloth of the country, fighting for us today... i went home last night and wrote a long note to my
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son, who is a marine who is deployed. he and men and women around the globe today are fighting for our basic freedoms and liberties. applause ididn't applause i didn't know how to write to him to explain what went on with these people who came into our state, 80% of them, i was told carrying firearms, marching up and down our beautiful city with semiautomatic rifles. this is not what men and women are fighting for to protect around the globe. they are not putting their lives on the line to let this and hatred bigotry exist in our country. they are not. and i wa nt to our country. they are not. and i want to thank the men and women, local, state and federal, our law enforcement personnel who put their lives on the line yesterday to protect us. applause now, one single shot was fired...
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not one single shot was fired with all these people and weapons. but for a terrorist to weaponised a car...i for a terrorist to weaponised a car... iwant for a terrorist to weaponised a car... i want to thank those men and women. i would like to take a moment of silence for those people who lost their lives yesterday doing what they love doing, fighting for freedom. so, if we could have a moment of silence... thank you. and i was angry last night. i was close to both of those state troopers. one
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of them had flown me around for three and a half years. the other was part of my executive protection unit. part of our family. this was part of my executive protection unit. part of ourfamily. this man lived with me 24/ seven. last night, i went over to the bates home, saw his beautiful wife and two beautiful children. i didn't know what to say to them. but for this bigotry and hatred that occurred here yesterday, those men would have been home with theirfamilies. heather would those men would have been home with their families. heather would be getting up today, enjoying life, a young woman. her life was extinguished. today, we have got to get over the anger. where do we go from here? who are we as individuals? i want all of you to know that we stand together with
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you. we stand together with this city that has been known for its equality, diversity and opportunity. we stand with you. we stand together with the african—american community, who for whatever reason these neo—nazis and white supremacists for some reason are offended and threatened by. we stand with you today, folks. but what i'm asking you today to do is put the anger aside, as i did when i got up this morning. put it aside. let us use hope. let us use today to reach out to our fellow citizens, put your hand up to help them. let us show these people that we are bigger than them, stronger than them. applause you may have heard some folks
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yesterday —— you may have hurt some folks yesterday. there are 19 people who were injured and needed treated. i will tell you this: you only made us i will tell you this: you only made us stronger. you go home, you stay out of here, because we are a commonwealth that comes together. we are in the house of the lord, where, as he said, in this world, we will have trouble will stop —— trouble. take hope. so, folks, let us smart out of here today inspired to do better, inspired to help one another. i was angry because these folks came in and disrupted. we are a great commonwealth. i have been so proud to work with his team to build this new economy, to help everybody.
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iam this new economy, to help everybody. i am proud that ourjuvenile detention population has been cut in half since i have been governor. i am proud that we now have the lowest recidivism rate of any state in america because we are investing in people. and i am proud that we have led the nation to give people second chances and to stand here as a governor who has restored more voting rights to felons than any governor in their history of america. that is who we are here in the commonwealth of virginia, so let us the commonwealth of virginia, so let us go forward from here. this won't be the last time this happens, folks. this isn't the only city it will happen to. but let us come together, let us work as one — hope, opportunity. you are our future. as
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the lord reach down and grabbed barbara johns as a messenger, he is grabbing down today to each one of you. oh, lord, isay to you grabbing down today to each one of you. oh, lord, i say to you today, please, use us. hallelujah. thank you very much. that is the democratic governor of jenna, terry mccauley, addressing a baptist church in charlottesville. —— governor of virginia. ata at a rally in the informal —— in an informal settlement in nairobi, the defeated presidential candidate urged his supporters not to work tomorrow. let's speak to our correspond in nairobi. is this a case of demonstrating how much support he has by getting this boycott of work tomorrow in preparation for conceding, or do you think he really
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believes he has a chance of overturning the result? well, the a nalysts overturning the result? well, the analysts here believe that if he really believed he had a chance to overturn the result, he would have gone to court. the fact that he has had his agent at the polling centres and also at the electoral commission's headquarters for three days before the announcement was made, and the fact that nothing came out of that, then possibly they did not find serious discrepancies that would have been enough evidence to go to court with. with regard to their supporters and how many will heed his call, already, we have seen some voices of dissent within his party. governors in the western region, his stronghold, are appearing to business owners to reopen their shops so that normal life can continue. thank you very much. let's take a look at the weather prospects for the coming
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days. if you want to see the meteor shower, skies will be clearer earlier in the night. we will find cloud increasing from the west, most of it high cloud. by the end of the night, the rain will have pushed into south—west scotland, west wales and the south—west of england. increasing cloud overnight, so it won't be as cold as it was last night. we will have some rain around for western areas and quickly pushing into western scotland, quite west for the rush hour, heavy bus of rain at times. showery rain coming into northern ireland. rain on and off across wales, and western parts off across wales, and western parts of england, which will depress the temperatures. eastern england may well be dry, with hazy sunshine, and quite warm in the south—east. overnight rain could be heavy, the


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