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this is bbc news. the headlines at four. donald trump is accused of being too soft on the far—right, after violence at a white nationalist rally in virginia left one person dead and many more injured. the white has hit back saying the president's statement included all extremist groups including the ku klux klan and the neo—nazis. the chancellor and the international trade secretary, say the government will seek a transition period to help businesses adjust after brexit. defiance from the defeated candidate in kenya's disputed presidential election —— raila odinga calls on his supporters not to go to work on monday. also in the next hour, sir mo farah scales new heights as he waves goodbye to his illustrious track career. it was a frustrating final race, with mo missing out on gold at the world athletics championships. but elation for great britain's 4 by 100 metres relay team who stormed to victory. a trade for stargazers as the meteor
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shower at lit up the sky with hundreds of shooting stars —— a treat for stargazers. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. a man has been charged with murder after a car was driven into a crowd in the american city of charlottesville killing one woman and injuring nineteen people. the attack followed a day of violence in the city involving white nationalist protesters and anti—racist demonstrators. president trump has been criticised for failing to explicitly condemn far—right groups. a white house spokesperson denied the same at the president called out anyone who was fermenting racism and violence. a warning that you might find some of the images in caroline hawley‘s
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report distressing. late last night a vigil for the victims of what politicians are calling an act of domestic terror. there's been cross—party condemnation, notjust of the attack but of the president's response to it. we condemn in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. on many sides. a day of disturbances in charlottesville was barred by one of the biggest public gallery —— gatherings of the far right in decades. brawls broke out with counterdemonstrators and then this. a car turned into a deadly weapon. this was the moment the vehicle ploughed into antiracism protesters. one woman was killed, 19 others injured. the attack has shocked not just charlottesville, but the entire country. the car hit some people and then it
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backed up so that it could gain momentum so it could go faster and itjust smashed into dozens of people. there is at least a dozen people that were directly hit by the car. a 22—year—old man has been arrested and charged with murder. and many republicans and democrats are now calling on mr trump to speak out explicitly against white supremacism, in their words, to call evil by its name. there is growing all are now over the right of the far right. i have a message to all the white supremacist and nazis who came into charlottesville today. our message is plain and simple. go home. you're not wanted, in this great area. shame on you. many in the state are concerned that the far right has been emboldened by the trump presidency. the rally was
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attended by neo—nazi sympathisers yesterday as well as members of the ku klux klan, including its former leader, who was not listening to the message of the governor. we will all be back. what happened in cha rlottesville has been be back. what happened in charlottesville has been a major domestic test for the president. he is now under pressure over the violence here and what the house democratic leader has called, the shameful reality of white supremacism in america today. caroline hawley, bbc news. let me bring you the latest on that. the white house has issued a statement saying that the president said very strongly in his statement on saturday that he condemns all violence, bigotry and hated and that includes white supremacist, the ku klux klan, neo—nazi and all extremist groups. groups that he did not identify in his remarks yesterday. in the last hour the governor of virginia terry mcauliffe addressed
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a church in charlottesville, and condemned the white supremacists involved in yesterday's violence. the neo—nazis who came to our beautiful state yesterday. there is no place for you here in charlottesville. no place for you here in cha rlottesville. there no place for you here in charlottesville. there is no place for you in charlottesville. there is no place foryou in virginia. and charlottesville. there is no place for you in virginia. and there is no place for you in the united states of america. we deplore your hatred, your bigotry and shame on you. you pretend you are patriots. you're not patriots. you are dividers. you want to talk about the patriot? al talk about barbara johns who at the age of 16 years old, imprints that cou nty of 16 years old, imprints that county virginia, let 400 students, in the 50s, and said we are not going to tolerate separate education facilities where it rains on us
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every day and we have no heating. and she walked and said we are not coming back until we have equal facilities as white students and she was successful. so to you white supremacist and neo—nazis were here yesterday, barbara johns is a patriot, you are not. to mcauliffe, the democratic governor of show cha rlottesville the democratic governor of show charlottesville speaking. the national security advisor general h.r. mcmaster was also on the abc this week programme and defended the president's statement. the president has been clear. we cannot tolerate this kind of bigotry and hatred. but he did was he called on all americans to take a firm stand against it. this is a great opportunity for us to ask ourselves what are we teaching our children? tolerance has to overcome this kind of hatred, this hatred that is
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grounded in ignorance, ignorance of oui’ grounded in ignorance, ignorance of our values and what makes us unique as americans. our commitment to each other, our commitment to freedom, liberty, tolerance and rights for all of us. well said, but he did not call out the white supremacists responsible for the violence. when it comes to radical islamic terrorists and the president said you cannot solve the problem if you do not say the name, it does that not apply to domestic terrorism? he called out anyone, anyone who is responsible for four amending this kind of bigotry, hatred, racism and violence. the president was very clear on that. i am sorry. that seemed to be suggesting moral equivalence. may be to you, george, but not to be, i think the president was very clear. general hr rip master from the white house earlier on. the uk will need a transition period
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to help businesses adjust after brexit according to both the chancellor and the international trade secretary. in a joint article for the sunday telegraph, philip hammond and liam fox stressed any deal would not be indefinite or a "back door" to staying in the eu. the two men have previously put forward opposing views on brexit. jonathan blake reports. two senior government ministers with two very different approaches to leaving the european union. liam fox and philip hammond, the voice of caution in cabinet. now in an apparent show of unity, reiterating that brexit will mean leaving the single market that allows free trade and movement of people and leaving the customs union which sets eu wide import tariffs, writing a joint piece the sunday telegraph the ministers said the economy needs to stay strong through brexit. and that means business needs to have confidence, they say, there will not be a cliff edge when we leave the eu in just over 20 months‘ time. this is why the ministers continue, they
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believe a time—limited interim period will be important to further our national interest and give business greater certainty. it cannot be, they say, indefinite, it cannot be a back door to staying in the eu. it sounds worryingly to me as if the price that philip hammond has had to pay for a transitional arrangement has been to sign up to us leaving the single market and the customs union. i think that's a dreadful mistake the future of the economy, jobs and prosperity in britain. with this article liam fox and philip hammond are hoping to reassure those concerned that the government is dragging its feet on brexit and those worried about the potential impact a sudden impact from the eu could have and a united front is important and the government is to get what it wants from negotiations with eu officials in brussels. and this week we hear in more detail what brexit might look like. the government will publish a paper setting out its plans for firstly, the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland.
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and how to ensure goods will be continue to be sent between the uk and eu countries. negotiations begin again in brussels at the end of the month, the brexit secretary david davis says himself, time is of the essence. jonathan blake, bbc news. the conservative mp and former brexit minister david jones welcomed the announcement. i certainly think that phillip hammond has wrote back from his previous position. i think there is no doubt about that. i think that eve ryo ne no doubt about that. i think that everyone was very concerned no doubt about that. i think that everyone was very concerned about three orfour everyone was very concerned about three or four weeks everyone was very concerned about three orfour weeks ago everyone was very concerned about three or four weeks ago that he was suggesting that this transitional period should last a long time. now it is clear it is going to be a relatively short period and of course, at the end of that period, we will have completely left the european union. we will no longer be subject to the supremacy of the european court of justice, subject to the supremacy of the
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european court ofjustice, and we the single market and we will be leaving the customs union as well. athletics now — and bitter disappointment last night for the two biggest stars of athletics —— mo farah and usain bolt —— making their last major track appearances at the world championships in london. bolt pulled up with cramp in the four—by—one hundred metres — with the british team taking gold. usain bolt leaves the world of athletics having won 19 global gold medals in all — and as holder of the 100m and 200m world records. sir mo farah meanwhile was beaten into second place in the five thousand metres. he couldn't repeat his 10,000 metres heroics where he won gold. after the race last night — he looked back on his career, speaking to the bbc‘s philjones. it has been amazing. it has been a long journey but it has been incredible. it doesn't hit back until you compete here and finally, after crossing the line and having a couple of minutes to myself, realising this is it. i can tell the emotion is here. let's talk about the race
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before anything else. how much did the 10,000 taken out of you? to be honest, it took so much out of me. it took a lot more out of me than i realised. tactically, i was trying to cover every move. they had a game plan. one of them was going to sacrifice himself and that is what they did tonight. the better man won on the day. but i gave it all. i gave it all. i did not have a single bit left at the end. when you are coming down the home straight, did you think it was still possible? i thought it was possible. i got boxed in early on. it doesn't normally happen. by the time i got out, i'd wasted a little bit of energy. it's one of these races you just have to take. the ethiopian game plan aside, the silver medal aside, we should concentrate on what an amazing career you have had, how many gold medals you have
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brought us on a global stage. can you quite imagine that person i spoke to in 2008, doing all you have done? not at all. i was so disappointed in 2008. i didn't know what to do with myself, whether to carry on with the sport, to make big changes. i had to make that decision, what it takes to be a champion. it involved moving to the other side of the world. nothing was guaranteed, even though i was making that plan. i was still willing to go. in my heart i know i gave iio%. if it works out, it works out, if not, i will never regret it. boy, how did it work out. so many fantastic memories. 2012, you will never forget. to come back here again, the perfect end to have this grow to send you off?
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this crowd is amazing. there is no place like home. i really enjoyed the journey. this moment makes it special. you won't forget. the medal success continued as the british women brought home a silver in the four by one hundred metres —— finishing second to the united states. its another success for the team who took an unexpected bronze medal in the olympics last year. and of course it got even better as the men's relay team went one better to take gold. never before has a british team won a world sprint gold, but the quartet ran a near—perfect race to hold off the much fancied american team, with japan taking bronze. earlier the team spoke to jessica creighton about their victory. it was like a big, big party out there at the end.
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it was surreal. to lead off for the team and get these guys into a good place, the rest of the guys did theirjob and credit to them. it was a fantastic night for british athletics, three medals on the track. nathaniel, when you saw that the result had been confirmed on the big screen, your reactions? what was going through your mind? exactly how i celebrated. i didn't really know what to do with myself. i couldn't conceptualise the celebration. i was overwhelmed with sheer emotion. i was extremely happy for these guys and the crowd. they stayed 45 minutes after we finished running, so we could do a lap of honour. i basked in the moment. it was great fun. it is something i will cherish for the rest of my life. world champion is one thing, but being a world champion in your back garden, not many people can brag about that. i can do that. i hold that highly. many of the athletes, notjust the british athletes, have praised the crowd. danny, how much do you notice the crowd when you are running? it is unbelievable. moreso when you walk out.
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for me, i was starting at the top end. i did a little stride out. as soon as you start moving, everybody stands up and goes mad. you think, wow, the race hasn't even started yet! when the race got going and cj had a great first leg and we were clearly in the lead, adam shouts "hand", and i can barely hear him. you've just got to trust yourself. the crowd was amazing. like nothing else. they stayed to the end to watch us do the lap of honour, a moment we will never get back. we will not have that many world championships in our career again. to win it with these guys is unbelievable. particularly when you consider that the british men's team have some trouble sometimes getting the baton around safely. how much has that played on your mind when you think about all the things that have gone wrong and could go wrong in something as chaotic as a relay? in relay it is so
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unpredictable, but we practice so hard so we can come to the big moment like this and get it right. it is especially nice for myself and danny. five years ago, we did have a little bit of a bad exchange and we got disqualified. five years later, to come to the same stadium it's just crazy. our sports correspondent olly foster is at the london stadium. we have to return to mo farah of course who has been speaking again ata course who has been speaking again at a news conference today about his extraordinary achievements. yes, he has. all through these championships and around them, mo farah‘s media commitments, he has been doing the very minimal amount, just those he is obliged to do after that 10,000
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metres and after the 5000 metres last night. partly because of that, if we hark back to that interview with philjones, he talks about moving to the other side of the world, that is portland, oregon, where he trains with his coach. alberto salazar, a coach who is currently under investigation by the us anti—doping authorities were some of his practices. he strongly denies any wrongdoing, as mo farah has denied any wrongdoing, but it is because of his association with his coach and that ongoing investigation, which is why he feels so frustrated because at every turn he gets asked about his relationship with his coach, whether what has been going on and why has really dominated distance running and whether that has been because corners have been cut. both men strongly deny any allegations of wrongdoing. he faced the media this morning at a scheduled news
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conference and paste everyone there, those who had tried to avoid really, to concentrate on his racing and concentrate on the medals for the british team. again, he was left very frustrated by those, who he feels have not given him the respect for all of his achievements and are trying to destroy what he has done. it is through hard work and sometimes you guys get to meet certain times because you never write the fact, the fact is that over the years, i have achieved through my hard work, through hard work and pain. there he is, you can see some of the frustration and emotion there. it is understandable, but i guess the story about the coach will not go away until the enquiry is over. let us talk about happier things, what is coming up on the final evening of these
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championships? presumably, it will not want to be an anti—climax despite the amazing things from last night. let's hope it can live up to the drama and pure theatre that we had last night. 11 gold medals to be won on the final day, four of them have already been given. the festival of orcs all the way around buckingham palace, we have a 20 kilometres and 50 kilometres. tom bosworth was disqualified in the 20 kilometres, there is a fine margin between walking and running and they spotted he was effectively running, but that happens all the time with racewalking. we have got seven gold medals to look forward to, looking forward to happier things, i think the 800 metres women's final will be just as contentious as it was at the olympics last year. the south african, a double world champion, a double olympic champion, lynsey sharp going for britain in the final. she said some things after
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risk for which she was castigated. the south african has a condition called hyper and buddhism and the governing body want the likes of that athlete and others to undergo hormone therapy, saying it is unfair to have increased levels of testosterone. the court of arbitration for sport through that out two years ago, saying, there are all sorts of ethical issues here and there is no proof that it does make women run faster and perform better and the eye aaf save it have more proof that it will not stop semenya from racing and she is the strong favourite, could even see a first world record. she just favourite, could even see a first world record. shejust pipped laura muirtoa world record. shejust pipped laura muir to a bronze medal. laura muir going in the 5000 metres and we will see hershey bears. shejust came through her semi final. alijaz mccolgan will be there as well. it
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will be at half ask to get anywhere near the podium. she will need to get past some very good athletes from kenny and ethiopia. robbie grabarz in the highjump, he got a bronze medal here last year any says this is his last chance at world medal. that will be tough as well. the best chance yet again of a british medal are in the final events of the championship, towards ten o'clock this evening and that is the relays. the four by 400 relays and probably the men are —— have a slightly better chance than the women. botswana or out of the men's race. much to look forward to. some of it could be quite controversial. thank you very much. if he urged his supporters to
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boycott work to demonstrate their dissatisfaction. he said he would announce his first —— sprue course of action on thursday. earlier i spoke to our correspondent and asked whether he really believed he could overturn the election results. the a nalysts overturn the election results. the analysts here believe that if he really believed he had a chance to overturn a result, then he would have gone to court, but the fact that he has had his agents are polling centres and also at the electoral commission headquarters, policing the results for three days before the announcement was made and the fact that nothing came out of that, then possibly they did not find serious discrepancies that would have been enough evidence to go to court with. with regard to their supporters and how many would heed to his call, we have already
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seen some voices of dissent within his party. governors in the western region, his stronghold, really appealing to business leaders, business owners to reopen their shops, so that, like continue. at least 11 people have been arrested for looting containers that had fallen from a cargo ship in brazil. local people had gone out in small boats to the floating containers, near the port of santos. they took consumer goods, including bicycles, air conditioning units and clothing. port officials said 45 containers had fallen from the ship's deck, possibly dislodged in heavy seas. learner drivers are to be allowed on to motorways in england, scotland and wales for the first time from next year. the department for transport said lessons must be in a dual—control car with an approved driving instructor. tom burridge reports. learning to drive — something many of us remember doing, mainly in quiet, suburban areas. but, from next year, learners will be allowed
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onto our motorways. the government says it will make us safer, because when people pass their test, they will already have experience of our biggest and fastest roads. it's a good idea, because normally, as they're getting towards the end of their lessons, towards their driving test, i think it is a good idea. if they're well supervised, obviously. we're looking for people who already know how to drive. mainly new drivers, they still cause problems. but when we talk about people, about learners, that would be chaos. it would be chaotic, and i don't think it is a good idea. learners will only be allowed onto a motorway with an approved driving instructor, and only in a car where the front passenger has pedals as well. road safety groups and the agency that represents driving instructors have all welcomed the move. driving on a motorway will not initially become part of the practical driving test. learners will be there just during training. one aim is to reduce
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the disproportionate number of young people killed and seriously injured on our roads. now to illuminations of a different kind, and shooting stars littered the sky last night as the purr—see—ud meteor shower was at its peak over the uk. you've been sending in your pictures from around the country. up to 100 shooting stars an hour were visible, there's another opportunity to see the display tonight. it's an annual event as the earth passes debris from the swift—tuttle comet. here's monica grady, professor of planetary and space sciences at the open university. there is a comet and comes around the sun every 133 years and as it comes around the sun, it shared star sta n comes around the sun, it shared star stan gradually all that dust builds
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up stan gradually all that dust builds up so it spreads all around the orbit. the earth, as it passes around the sun, it goes through that cloud of dust, every year, around this time of year and so we see, all these shooting stars which are tiny bits of dust from the tail of the comet burning up in our atmosphere. the perseid is visible through all ofjuly and august. but because the tail is quite broad, if you like, it is this weekend that is the maximum. friday to sunday nights. you can see meteors, shooting stars, every night of the year. sporadic ones which are random bits of dust. each one about the size of a grain of sand. and these you can see if you are somewhere dark and you let your eyes get used to the dark. you canjust lie in your back and watch the sky. even though the moon was out, it is
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waning, so tonight it will be a bit smaller, if you get in the shadow of the moon, behind a wall or something like that, so that you can block out the moon from your picture, then you should be able to see the meteors really well. simon rimmer is celebrity number seven on this year's strictly come dancing. simon is best—known for being the chef and co—presenter on channel 4's sunday brunch. hejoins mollie king, davood ghadami, ruth langsford, gemma atkinson, the reverend richard coles and joe mcfadden on the fifteenth series of the bbc one dance contest. there is still time for a darren burnett to be named but in the meantime he has a dayjob to do and thatis meantime he has a dayjob to do and that is the weather. there is rain in the outlook but it has been a lovely weekend for most of us today. blue skies earlier on today, this
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picture was taken in the vale of glamorgan. cloud is increasing, fairweather cloud across wales and england. a few showers in scotland. usami entered the day for much of northern and eastern parts of england and a lot of the cloud elsewhere will away. higher cloud is coming our way, thicker cloud across the west to bring rain to northern ireland and by the end of the night across wales and the south west of england. cloud amounts increasing, not as cold as last night, chances of seeing the meteor shower, not as good as last night. there will be some clearer skies earlier than the night and particularly towards the east. outbreaks of rain tomorrow morning. the wettest weather pushing into scotland, wet for the rush—hour in the south west of the country. outbreaks of heavy rain over the irish sea and showery rain across wales and the south west of england
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as well. through the midlands, much of the east of england, it by be dry to start, hazy sunshine, it could stay dry all day because this rain is not really moving into the east. showery rain across northern ireland, the west of england and wales, heavier rain for northern of the rain beginning to turn heavier in the south west later. in the rain, temperatures about 17 or 18 degrees, sunshine further east and could be quite warm. uh—huh we've all see the rain turning heavier in the evening and overnight, spilling its way north and east through most of the country, south and east missing the worst of it and the heavier rain will be pushed away by tuesday morning. leaving us with some sunshine but perhaps some showers, heavier ones, possibly thundery in the east of england. those showers will decay during the


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