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tv   World Athletics Sportsday  BBC News  August 13, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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weekend for most has been a lovely weekend for most of us today. blue skies earlier, this picture was taken in the vale of glamorgan. we have seen cloud increasing, fairweather cloud across wales and the south west of england, more powerfor northern ireland, a few showers in scotland, but a sunny enter the date for much of northern and eastern parts of england and a lot of the cloud elsewhere will tend to fade away. i cloud is coming away overnight, thickening cloud across the west to bring rain to northern ireland by midnight and by the end of the night into southwest:, west wales and the west of england. cloud increasing. the chance of seeing the meteor shower not quite as good as last night. some clearer skies earlier in the night particularly in the east. not clearer skies in the morning. quite wet for the rush—hour. outbreaks of heavy rain over the irish sea into the west of
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england. sherry rain across england and the south west of england. through the midlands, try to start the day. hazy sunshine. i could stay dry all day because this rain is not moving eastwards. showery rain across england, the west of england and wales, rain for northern ireland and wales, rain for northern ireland and signs of the rain beginning to turn heavier in the south west later on. quite warm in the south—east. the rain turning heavier overnight. south—east missing the worst of it. the heavier rain should have pushed away by tuesday morning, leaving us with sunshine but maybe some bands of showers, heavier ones, possibly thundery. those showers will decay during the evening. pretty unsettled week ahead.
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sunshine from time to time, but we can expect heavier showers, longer spells of rain and turning colour later on. this is bbc news. the headlines: a white house spokesman has defended donald trump, after the president was accused of failing to explicitly condemn far—right extremists, following the death of an anti—fascist counter—protester at a white supremacist rally in charlottesville. the chancellor philip hammond and international trade secretary liam fox have said that any brexit transition deal would be "time limited", and would not be a "back door" to the uk remaining in the eu. the kenyan opposition leader, raila odinga, has urged his supporters not to go to work tomorrow, in protest at the result of last week's presidential election. transport secretary chris grayling has said that by next year, learner drivers will be able to have lessons on motorways, to try to improve road safety.
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that is all from us for now. mairtin o'muilleoir cox all will be here at seven. let's go now for an update on all the action at the london stadium. it is sportsday. hello there. i'm live at the london stadium. this is world athletics championships sportsday on the final night of these championships. there are seven more gold medals to be won this evening. can lynsey sharp get anywhere close to caster semenya in the 800 metres final? canon robert —— can robbie grabarz grab a mad ——
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medel? he did five years ago in london. it all ends in tears for tom bosworth in the festival of race walks. also coming up, new signing rob lui lukaku also coming up, new signing rob lui lu ka ku scored twice also coming up, new signing rob lui lukaku scored twice to help manchester united go top of the table. —— romelu lukaku. and england score another ten try victory as they defend their world cup title. hello there. it's the final night of these championships. we have had ten pulsating days of competition at the london stadium. we might be hard pushed to match pure theatre of last night's session — usain bolt hamstrung in his final race, as great britain's four by four relay teams raised the roof, silverfor the women and that incredible gold. they are absolutely raised the roof,
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the british quartet. we will hopefully bring you that medal ceremony live here on bbc news. that will be a fantastic way to start this final evening. i think it is worth looking back at last night. it was a very emotional evening. it was always going to be first sir mo farah. his final tilt at a track gold. he came up short in the 5000 metres. disappointed to miss out on an 11th track title. his six year winning run at major championships ended by ethiopias mukhtar edris. farah has kept his media commitments to a mimnumum at those championships, partly because of the continuing scrutiny and questions about his coach alberto salazar and the us anti—doping agency investigation into his practices. he vehemently denies any wrongdoing, as does mo farah, who has never
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failed a drugs test. he faced the media this morning in a news conference, and was frustrated to have his performances questioned. what i have achieved is through hard work. sometimes you guys get to me at certain times because you never write the fact. the fact is over the yea rs i have write the fact. the fact is over the years i have achieved through my ha rd years i have achieved through my hard work, through hard work and pain. let's look ahead to this evening and some of those finals, with plenty of british interest. the women's 800 metres final. lynsey sharp goes in that. she will be hoping to get as close as she can, get in the slipstream of the great caster semenya, the south african whose
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stellar career has been dogged by debate about eligibility. she has got increased levels of testosterone. the iaaf went to the court of arbitration for sport two yea rs court of arbitration for sport two years ago to propose a rule change that those women with the condition should take therapy to lower their testosterone levels. they threw that out. all sorts of issues. lynsey sharp was castigated after the rio final last year, when she said it was just not fair having to race against women with those raised levels of testosterone. expect this to bea levels of testosterone. expect this to be a highly charged affair, the 800 metres women's final. a lot of interest in that. caster semenya going for her third world title. laura muir, another scot running this evening. she was denied a bronze medal. that was in the 1500
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metres. she is doubling up in the 5000. shejust got metres. she is doubling up in the 5000. she just got into the final of this. eilish mccolgan will also be racing in that. the 5000 metres final. laura muir squeezed through asa final. laura muir squeezed through as a fastest loser. expect ethiopia and kenya to content for the gold medal. —— content. expect them to be very strong. laura muir, somewhat expected of her for the future. that is the message we are getting. yes, it was a great night last night, but we are hearing from british athletics that this is a squat in transition, on course to do great things at the olympics in 2020. let's look ahead to another one of those finals. chris o'hare is in the
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final of the men's1500 metres. williams to get to a final on the final evening, especially the 1500, which will be so tough. —— brilliant to get to a final. kiprop is in that as well. if he can win, the kenyon will match the legendary hicham el guerrouj, who won four championship golds. rewind five years to that amazing london olympics in this very stadium. summoning echoes of london 20 to have come flooding back during the last ten nights. five years ago, robbie grabarz was one of those medallists in the highjump. he gave us medallists in the highjump. he gave us is scaring qualification a couple of nights ago when he left it to his lastjob. he had failed the first couple but cleared the very last. he
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said he got a bit overexcited, he was overextending himself. he got everything a bit wrong. watch out for him tonight in that final, which will be very tough. bondarenko is going to be up there as well. watch out for robbie grabarz‘s coach in the stand. a real character, an actor as well. he is very animated. this morning at buckingham palace we had four gold medals won in the festival of race walks. great hopes for tom bosworth in the 20 kilometres. but then this happened. he was disqualified. this happens so often in the walks. disqualified for raising your feet. often in the walks. disqualified for raising yourfeet. basically, you run. you are disqualified. great disappointment for him. that is it as we wait for the start of competition on the final night here.
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we will be back later with the men's medal ceremony in the four by 100. it has been a busy day of sport. lizzie greenwood hughes has all the details. thank you. after two days of shocks and drama, today's premier league fixtures went pretty much to plan, with manchester united and tottenham both winning their respective matches. we'll have spurs and newcastrle in a minute. but first, here's ben croucher with the story of the late kick—off, where united beat west ham 4—0 to go top of the table. when it comes to buying strikers from everton, manchester united have a bit of previous. wayne rooney turned out all right, what could romelu lu ka ku turned out all right, what could romelu lukaku offering his home debut against west ham? for £75 million, he gives you this. just over half an hour to open his account. rooney scored a hat—trick on his debut. the belgian got two thirds of the way there. the spearhead for united's title tilt.
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west ham's new signing marco arnautovic hit the woodwork. marcus rashford was inches away for united. his replacement, anthony martial, given the freedom of the west ham penalty area. goal number three. paul pogba didn't need to be that close. a strike to send united top of the table. could this be the season they finish there? in the earlier kick—off, newcastle's latest premier league comeback started in defeat, beaten 2—0 by tottenham after captainjonjo shelvey was sent off. joe lynsky watched this one for us. in these football heartlands, hope comes with expectation. after a season away, newcastle now seek premier league progress. but in this division, one wrong move can turn the tide. the man leading them out wasjonjo
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shelvey. a midfielder set on the unexpected. this stamp on dele alli was in front of the referee. now they knew what was coming. the home side had looked comfortable, but gaps were opening. when harry kane went close, tottenham sensed a breakthrough. alli was back on his feet and stamping his authority. no new additions have come to spurs this summer, but they can count on his quality. last season's runners—up were approaching their best. ben davies found himself in the box. three points sealed. for newcastle and shelvey, the lessons are in black and white. progress in this division never comes easy. england won their second straight 10 try victory in the women's rugby world cup. the defending champions beat italy 56 points to 13 in dublin, england won their second straight 10 try victory as maz farooki reports. england's women have continued their
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defence with an emphatic ten try victory. there were ten changes to the side. this is not the package we we re the side. this is not the package we were expecting. the world champions ran in ten tries. the second successive time they have done that. they topped their pool with one more round of games to go. wales and ireland are playing now. wales need a result against canada to make the last four. the finalists from the last four. the finalists from the last world cup have the lead.
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