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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 13, 2017 6:45pm-7:01pm BST

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progress in this division never comes easy. england won their second straight 10 try victory in the women's rugby world cup. the defending champions beat italy 56 points to 13 in dublin, england won their second straight 10 try victory as maz farooki reports. england's women have continued their defence with an emphatic ten try victory. there were ten changes to the side. this is not the package we we re the side. this is not the package we were expecting. the world champions ran in ten tries. the second successive time they have done that. they topped their pool with one more round of games to go. wales and ireland are playing now. wales need a result against canada to make the last four. the finalists from the last four. the finalists from the last world cup have the lead. ireland drawing 14—14 against japan.
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the us pga is into its final day. america's kevin kissner is still leading, as he looks to win his first major. apart from a wobble last night, he has been so consistent at quaill hollow, leading or: leading every round. if we look at the leaderboard, kistler is seven under, just ahead of fellow american chris stroud. disappointment forjason day and jordan spieth, as well as rory mcilroy. paul casey is the best britain so far, even for the tournament. that is the rest of the sport. let's get back to the athletics. ollie foster is at the london stadium. many thanks indeed. we havejust had the medal ceremony for the women's four by 100 metres. the final last
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night. that was the penultimate race on the track in which great britain delivered a silver medal macro. it was won by the americans. there we can see the british quartet. they include gina ashley smith who just missed out on a bronze medal in the individual 200 metres. their silver medal last night was a precursor for what was to come a few minutes later. that was that astonishing men's four by 100 metres final. the final event on the track. it was the final event on the track. it was the final track race for a usain bolt. they are in the centre of the track, pulling up with cramp. hamstrung. watching the rest of the field blitz away from him. those celebrations from nathanial mitchell blake said it all. --
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from nathanial mitchell blake said it all. —— nethaneel mitchell—blake. you have to go back to 2004 when great britain did it at an olympics. they waited so long. and many times have they dropped the baton? they didn't last night. they were absolutely perfect. they just didn't last night. they were absolutely perfect. theyjust beat the americans on the line. that roar right now is for those four men coming out now onto this stadium floor once again to take the addy elation of the crowd. we can bring you those pictures. pristine and white. cj ujah, adam gemili, danny talbot and nethaneel mitchell—bla ke, who anchored the team in the race of his life. they are going to enjoy getting that gold medal. the
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americans with justin getting that gold medal. the americans withjustin gatlin, christian coleman in their midst, the two men who pushed usain bolt down the podium when he won bronze on the opening weekend. they spoiled his party there. bold pulling up with cramp, finishing outside the medals forjamaica. —— bolt. he ends on 19 gold medals in his career. japan absolutely delighted with their bronze medal. i will hand you overfor their bronze medal. i will hand you over for the closing moments of this medal ceremony. we will hear once again, as we have done with mo farah on the opening evening, the national anthem. this crowd will love this for the four by 100 men's team, who w011 for the four by 100 men's team, who won that amazing race last night. gold medallists and world champions,
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great britain. cheering. cj ujah, adam jim neilly, danny tolbert, nethaneel mitchell— blake. — — adam danny tolbert, nethaneel mitchell—blake. —— adam gemili. cheering. ladies and gentlemen, the national
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anthem of great britain. # god save the queen. cheering. ladies and gentlemen, please
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acknowledge your world championship medallists. cheering. an absolutely wonderful moment to start this final evening of athletics at the world championships. we have had ten days of all sorts of dramas and twists and controversies. but that is the finest moment in their careers. cj ujah, adamjim eadie, danny talbot and methanol —— nethaneel mitchell—blake. and methanol —— nethaneel mitchell—bla ke. —— adam and methanol —— nethaneel mitchell—blake. —— adam gemili. just nipping mitchell—blake. —— adam gemili. just pipping the united states by 0.5 of a second. japan getting bronze. the race that saw be great usain bolt poll up with cramp and an injury and just fall short of 20 gold medals in his career. a wonderful moment for the british relay team clutching
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their gold medals. each of those are actually inscribed with their names as well. so they will remember where they won it. they are on the top tier with the americans and the japanese. we just hope that of the seven finals we have tonight here at the world athletics championships, they can be another british medal. let's have a quick look. there is the highjump let's have a quick look. there is the high jump final, let's have a quick look. there is the highjump final, the discus final and the women, the 800 metres final, the 5000 metres final and lynsey sharp hoping she can get in the south african caster semenya's slipstream. i think the best chances for great britain this evening again are going to be in the relays. the men and the women both in the final track events here at the london stadium, the four by 100 metres relays. probably the best chance for
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the men, because there is no jamaica, now botswana and no bahamas either. they will go toe to toe with the team from the usa yet again. we are about to get koppite is an underway in the next ten minutes. we will have updates furred you throughout the rest of the evening. we leave you with one of the defining images of the day. that is sirmo farah. defining images of the day. that is sir mo farah. this is what he was doing at half past six this morning. he didn't finish this track career on top of the world, just on top of the london eye. sir mo farah, ten gold medals. over and out for him. and it is over and out from cross at the london stadium. nice and warm here. here is the rest of the weather. hello there. there is rain in the
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outlook but it has been a lovely weekend for most of us. blue skies. this was taken in the vale of glamorgan. we have seen fairweather cloud increasing across wales and the south of england. cloud in northern ireland. showers across scotland. a sunny and across northern and eastern parts of england. a lot of the cloud elsewhere will fade. high cloud coming away overnight. thickening cloud across the west. rain by midnight to northern ireland. and south—west scotland, west wales and the south west england by the end of the south west england by the end of the night. it will not be as cold as it was last night. the chances of seeing the metres —— meteor shower is perhaps not as good as last night. there will be some clearer skies earlier in the night. particularly towards the east. not clear skies by the morning across scotla nd clear skies by the morning across scotland and northern ireland, outbreaks of rain. the wettest weather is pushing further into scotland. wait for the russia are in the south—west. heavy rain over the
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irish sea into north—west england. showery rain across wales and the south—west of england as well. through the midlands, eastern england, it will be dry to start the day. some hazy sunshine. it could stay dry all day because the rain is not moving east yet. showery rain in northern ireland, western england and wales. heavy rain for northern ireland. signs of rain turning heavier and the south—west. temperatures 17 to 18 degrees. sunshine for the race. —— for the east. rain spelling north and east through the country overnight on monday. the heavy rain should have pushed away by tuesday morning, leaving us with sunshine, maybe some showers. possibly thundery. a better day in scotland and northern ireland. those showers will decay
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during the evening as this brief bump of high pressure comes in. low pressure coming across the atlantic towards the uk. pretty unsettled this week. sunshine from time to time. we can expect heavier showers. maybe longer spells of rain. turning cooler. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm: president trump is accused of being too soft on the far right, after violence at at a rally in virginia left one person dead and many more injured. the white house hits back, saying the president's statement condemning the violence in charlottesville included all extremist groups, including the kkk and neo—nazis. here, the chancellor and the international trade secretary say the government will seek a transition period to help businesses adjust after brexit. in nepal, the number of people killed in the floods and landslides caused by the torrential rain reaches 49. learner drivers will be allowed to have lessons on motorways
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for the first time from next year. the women's sprint relay collect their silver medals in the london stadium.
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