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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  August 16, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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since her drugs ban ended as she's given a wild card for this month's us open. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with footballing news from the champions league play—off round. five—time european cup winners liverpool will take a 2—1 lead into next wednesday's second leg at home against hoffenheim. the german's were the better of the two teams early on as they created chances but missed a penalty when simon mignolet hardly had to move to make the save. liverpool then struck with trent alexander—arnold's wonderful free kick and a first goal for the local product who's been at the club since he was six. james milner‘s deflected curling shot saw his side score a second vital away goal. jurgen klopp wasn't completely happy after his side conceded a late consolation but he'll take it heading back to anfield. if somebody would have told me we would win tonight, i would take each
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result eight, seven, so i am happy about the result. no, i am not only happy about how they scored but i think they deserved to go over the line, 90 minutes, with all the effo rts line, 90 minutes, with all the efforts they did. the real madrid coach zinedine zidane has been talking of his anger at a five—game ban handed to cristiano ronaldo for pushing a referee following his sending off against barcelona in the spanish super cup. madrid hold a 3—1 lead going into the second leg against barcelona on wednesday. but they'll have to do without ronaldo. the world player of the year was controversially shown a second yellow card for diving on sunday and handed an extra four—game ban for a push on the referee after being shown the 10th red card of his career. we are all very upset. but as usual, i will not say anything about the referee but when you see what happened, thinking that he will not
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play the next five games for us, there is something better, yes, so yes, iam there is something better, yes, so yes, i am upset, there is something better, yes, so yes, iam upset, he there is something better, yes, so yes, i am upset, he is upset, eve ryo ne yes, i am upset, he is upset, everyone is upset because in the end, for a few things, this is a lot and that is it. everton have agreed a deal to sign swansea city midfielder gylfi sigurdsson for a fee believed to be around $58 million. the icelandic international will have a medical at goodison park on wednesday and will become the club's record signing, beating the $38.6 million they paid sunderland for goalkeeper jordan pickford last month. maria sharapova is set to play in herfirst grand slam since her is—month drugs ban expired in april. the 30 year old russian has been handed a place at this month's us open in new york. the 5—time grand slam champion was denied a wildcard for the french open and pulled out of qualifying for wimbledon. currently ranked 148th in the world she won the 2006 us open and reached the semi finals in 2005 and 2012. sharapova's won 35 singles titles in her career and first became world number i in august 2005.
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nick kyrgios is through to the second round of the cincinnati masters after a comfortable 6—2, 6—3 victory over the ninth seed david goffin. after nearly losing the first game of the match, the australian secured three breaks of serve against the belgian who took a medical time out for a knee injury during the match. kyrgios plays alexander dolgopolov in the second round. argentina'sjuan martin del potro made a winning return to the tournament after a four year absence — del potro, who reached the last four in 2012 and 2013 got the better of the 10th seed thomas berdych, beating the czech player in three sets to set up a meeting against the american qualifier mitchell krueger in the second round. in the second round of the women's event, romania's world number two and second seed simona halep was too good for qualifier taylor townsend. the 21—year—old american did lead 4—2, but halep fought back with a run of four games
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to snatch the opener 6—4. the french open runner—up will next face either italy's roberta vinci or anastasija sevastova for a place in the last eight. number seven seed yohanna konta is through to the third round following a 6—3, 6—3 victory over kiki bertens of the netherlands. the british player will face either slovakian number 11 seed dominika cibulkova or alize cornet of france in the round of 16. england play their first ever day night test match against west indies at edgbaston on thursday. the ball will change from traditional red to pink which has been done before in australia and dubai. so, why pink? welljoe wilson can explain it all to us. when it comes to playing a test match under floodlights, one key issue is the ball. this is a red dux, one that has been used for many years in test matches in england, you can see its colour and a prominent seam and that will deteriorate as the day goes on which is part of test cricket.
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but under lights, too dark. no good. so what do you do? you go over to the pink. this is a compromise. visible under lights, also durable so it will last for several hours of play and won't have to be replaced like a white ball when it gets discoloured. you can see the prominent seam, this is a dux pink ball and to keep that sheen, there's an extra layer of protective plastic coating. some batsmen say it feels different when you hit it and under lights when you are bowling, the evidence of england practising last night, as far as i'm aware, it did a lot. it is very difficult to bat against. if you're an all—rounder with bowling, getting this in your hand under floodlights has to be a good idea. i think so. i haven't experienced it except to train last night and it did move a bit in the twilight period. i suppose that is the time to bowl. it isn't easy to say, yes, we will bowl in that period, you might have to bat in those
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conditions as well. i suppose the more we can get used to using it in practice sessions the better. it is a little unknown as to how it reacts. i know england players love to come here. will it be more like a twenty20 atmosphere, one or two spectators may have had a beer or two. it will be like a different test match atmosphere. you hope for that? of course we do. the crowd are always brilliant here, whether a day game or an evening game or twenty20, whatever. the hollis stand is always on fire. with a few drinks down them at 8pm, it could be entertaining. it is exciting for the players to be involved in that. and day—night cricket here is away is exciting, no matter what format it is. the fact it's new, it will be different, but the atmosphere will be fantastic.
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we are looking forward to that. at least one player will hope that the ball behaves impeccably. mark stoneman will be trying to solve england's opening batting problem this week. as we saw in practice today, he can certainly catch. joe wilson, bbc news, edgbaston. golf's solheim cup gets underway on friday at des moines golf and country club in iowa. defending champions the usa will take on europe for the 15th time. sweden's annika sorenstam a 3—time vice captain leads the europeans. the 10—time major winner told seth bennett she wasn't always comfortable in the spotlight. i've always been a shy person and i still am quite shy and being in the situation i am, in the golfing limelight, you've got to open up a little bit and do a few interviews here and there is i've learnt a lot about myself and to face my fear but just try to be yourself and be as natural as you can, that has taught me the most and as a little girl, i
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did not feel that comfortable. i would miss shots on purpose if i needed to and mr green and i would make a bogey, finish second or third and still get a prize but i don't have to give a winning speech. i was terrified of being on the podium and having all eyes on me and just felt very uncomfortable and eventually, in my mind, just being very competitive and leaving a tournament knowing i threw it all away, that wasn't going to last forever so eventually, i won a tournament and my dad said, why don't you bring your five iron up my dad said, why don't you bring yourfive iron up on stage my dad said, why don't you bring your five iron up on stage and hold the golf club and it might make you feel more comfortable and it did and that's when i realised if you want to achieve something in life, you just have to deal with the uncomfortable parts. looking at you, you seem comfortable. was that a changing point in your own career? we all have areas where we need to
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improve and that is an area i had to work on. i still work on it. public speaking is not my favourite thing to do but i do some of it due to golf and to do but i do some of it due to golfand in to do but i do some of it due to golf and in a position i have been in see how to embrace it but i think it's important to grow as a person and mature. stepping up their kind of taking it by the horns and doing the best you can. the cup in iowa goes from friday through to sunday. speaking of the website, you can go to this. liverpool defeating hoffenheim, they have won that game survey will take that lead back to anfield and hopefully, they can get through on their behalf to the champions league proper but from me, tulsen tollett and the rest of the team, goodbye. well, we've got a bit of rain on the way on wednesday,
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particularly across western areas of the uk. but at the moment out there, it is dry. a lot of clear weather. and also quite nippy, particularly across northern areas of the uk. in the countryside code temperatures will be down to the single figures. perhaps 5—6. even on the south coast, about 8—9. but that is in the countryside. here is wednesday's weather map. here is a low pressure approaching. that is going to upset western areas. but the morning could look sunny for many of us in the east, in england and scotland. south wales will be decent enough too. through the morning, rain does increase and the winds, too. things will get greyer and greyer and then there will be outbreaks of rain. rain getting to cornwall, northern parts of wales, northern ireland, certainly into the afternoon. but it will be fine and bright in many parts of england, especially in the east. 20 in newcastle, low 20s in london. wednesday night,
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the rain moves through. some of it might be heavy, but it is out of the way by the time we get to wednesday — thursday morning, that is. early on thursday, still a bit of rain around. then it clears out into the north sea. thursday afternoon is looking bright. fairly brisk. some showers around — most will be across the north—west. hit and miss rain. temperatures will get to 2a in london. 21 degrees in newcastle. to get into friday, low pressure is close to our neighbourhood, essentially spelling further showers on the way. so not much change to our weather pattern. still a bit of a breeze out there. most showers will be across the northern half of the uk. so anywhere along the south coast will have a mostly dry day. and then saturday is looking quite breezy. there will be some sunshine and showers. and interesting things happening in the atlantic at the moment. right now, there is hurricane gert, which is churning off the eastern
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seaboard of the united states. what is going to happen with this storm system, it is going to accelerate into the north atlantic. it will get mixed up with our normal weather patterns, and then that mess will come our way. we will get wet and windy weather at times. so i think a blustery weekend on the way. and before i go, a quick look at the weather across europe on wednesday. and there's a lot of hot sunshine out there across the mediterranean. temperatures in some spots will be around about a0 degrees or so, and some thunderstorms rumbling through central europe, as well. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: "blame on both sides" — president trump says anti—fascist protesters were partly responsible for the lethal violence in virginia. i think there's blame on both sides.
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you look at both sides, i think there's blame on both sides and i have no doubt about it. 400 now confirmed dead in sierra leone and rescuers fear many more still lie buried under the mudslide. columbia's fa rc rebels columbia's farc rebels hand over their weapons, ending almost a century of violence. once it would have been impossible, but will climate change allow these yachts to sail to the north pole?
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