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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 18, 2017 5:45am-6:00am BST

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steve bannon, and his chief economic adviser, gary cohn, are in a power struggle, as defenders of trump's response to white nationalists face off against the administration's moderates. in the south china morning post, three prominent pro—democracy student leaders are jailed for six to eight months after an illegal protest in 2014. the prison sentence means the trio are disqualified from running for the legislative council for five years. five years after being shot by the taliban, malala yousafzai has won a place at oxford university. the nobel prize winner is pictured here in "the times" and quoted as saying she's "so excited" to study philosophy, politics and economics. in the business section of the south china morning post, it says this. "unicom revamp gets mass support," as private and state sectors back a mixed ownership scheme. but the rush to execute the plan raises problems. now to look at those stories.
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with us is richard griffiths, who is communications adviser at richard griffiths communications. barcelona, of course, dominating all the headlines today. we have had a second operation in cambrils since the barcelona attack. a familiar pattern over the last year with similar attacks all over europe. yeah. no one would expect to see this as front—page news this morning. as soon as this happened, eve ryo ne morning. as soon as this happened, everyone started talking about it. this, yesterday, was a global news event. this is an evolving situation. spanish police have fooled another attack further down the coast in cambrils. on the front page of el pais this morning, they are talking about the intelligence,
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saying they are linking the attack in cambrils with barcelona yesterday. the key point is that they got warning something terrible was going to happen somewhere in spain. spain has not seen an attack of this magnitude since the train bombings back in 200a. so, a real shock for everyone. millions of people know barcelona, who have taken that walk down las ramblas. many people around the world will feel the effect of this. in the last few hours i have seen on my social media feed people all around the world, business contacts, social media contacts, people from the us, australia, they will no someone who was there, they will have been there themselves. —— know. it reflects the strategy of islamic state. they have
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been defeated in iraq and syria turkey where do you go? the soft targets in europe. it is a terrible thing. clearly, what struck me was the potential complexity of the network, given that you had what looks like another one down in cambrils, a man driving a van in barcelona still at large apparently, a house lowing up apparently full of canisters of propane... —— blowing. there was clearly much more being planned. a lone wolf is possible. but lots of people involved will present problems for security services. yeah. a lot of planning. it is another example of detailed planning. this white van going down las ramblas went half a mile or so.
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sadly and tragically the basics worked to some extent. one interesting angle is the outpouring on social media. people are urging each other to not only offer homes and transport for those affected, but also posting quite banal pictures of cats, for example, to make sure people are notjust posting pictures of the police investigating so these potential attackers and terrorists can find out where the police are. we don't wa nt to out where the police are. we don't want to impede the police investigation. so they are posting pictures of cats. it is odd, cheeky, and just a part of this grim story. we saw after the vehicles used on westminster bridge, you know, the barriers went up on westminster bridge. you cannot barrier every
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pedestrian path. you can block of some, but if they are determined, they will find another. two things on that, i was driving across a london bridge yesterday, and i saw how quickly does barricades went up. that is a real positive. —— those. you are right. you cannot protect everything. you want to walk down las ramblas and enjoy the churros and beers. the white house. i guess it is not news that there is a power struggle going on in the white house. but it seems to have burst out into the open between one of the strongest personalities, steve bannon, and gary cohn, the economic adviser to donald trump. there are so adviser to donald trump. there are so many stories. it is a greatly dysfunctional administration. the
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article on the front of the financial times reflects that. that is before we even talk about the lack of consistency externally in donald trump's message. what we are seeing is a conflict in strategy. steve bannon, the chief strategist for donald trump, to remind everyone, don't forget, we talk about his nuclear ambition, and we worried about that in the past ten days, the economic threat from china. in the meantime, of course, you have donald trump with conservatives and business leaders deserting him. he has given some support to steve bannon so that the financial times reports this morning on tuesday the president stood up for his adviser, saying, quote, he is not a racist, but adding, we will see what happens with steve bannon. i don't know if i want support. see what happens with steve bannon. i don't know if i want supportm was steve bannon talking to a left—leaning magazine. whether this is him feeling like he is on the
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back foot and had to come out fighting, or whether, actually, back foot and had to come out fighting, orwhether, actually, his feelings are involved, you never quite know. yeah. what is clear is that he will not go without a fight. he will go down shouting loudly. that he will not go without a fight. he will go down shouting loudlym may be a case of wanting to keep your enemies close. very possibly. the south china morning post. these student leaders being given tougher sentences. we touched on this issue before. it shows the new political reality in hong kong in many respects. three of the pro—democracy leaders jailed being a victory for the government. for many of us and the government. for many of us and the rest of the world, it shows the tricky balance arrears. for those of us tricky balance arrears. for those of us doing business in places like
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hong kong, it is tricky. how do you square that requirement for openness with the fact that this is, you know, what feels like increasingly tougher regimes politically. one interesting element is one of the protesters, a 20—year—old, a guy called joshua wong, he ended a series of tweed yesterday with a brief see you soon. they cannot stand for office for five years if they have done to jail for three yea rs. they have done to jail for three years. that seems to be the motive. the regime will get tougher, but you will not silence these people for the time being. we will do it on good news. we could do with some on a grim day. malala yousafzai. years after being shot by the taliban, coming to the uk after that. it is
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after her recovery. now she is going to university. one of the most inspirational people of all—time. many people know about malala yousafzai. she got cracking results yesterday. i have not seen what the results were. three as. just a cool three as. she is starting to make studying at lady margaret school, studying at lady margaret school, studying at lady margaret school, studying at the same place as the pakistani prime minister. we will see what she does after three or four years studying. a career in politics, one hopes. congratulations to her. that is it. we have to go. banks, richard. goodbye. -- thanks. hello there. friday is looking a bit cooler across the board, and there'll plenty of showers around, too, some of them merging
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together to produce longer spells of rain, particularly across the north and the west of the uk. we start the morning off, though, with sunshine and dry in the south and eastern areas. there will be plenty of showers from the word go, particularly across scotland. some merging together to bring longer spells of rain in the north—west and eastern areas as well. a little bit of sunshine to the south. some sunshine and one or two showers for northern ireland. temperatures around 12 degrees in belfast to start the day. england and wales, most of the showers in northern and western areas. whereas for the midlands eastwards, it should be a largely dry start. temperatures around 15—17 degrees, but quite breezy, particularly close to the irish sea. in fact, irish sea coasts will be windy through the day. it'll remain wet in the northern half of scotland. and this feature across ireland will push towards wales and western parts of england later in the day, to bring more prolonged rain here, too. the south—east should see plenty of dry weather. top temperatures — 21 or 22 degrees, so cooler than what we saw on thursday, certainly across northern and western areas. during friday night, it stays blustery, further pulses of rain, showers moving through.
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but it does tend to turn a little bit dryer by the end of the night. and a few cooler spots, as well, in rural places, central and northern parts. saturday starts off fine and dry. in fact, we're in between weather systems, so it's looking pretty good through the country. still quite a windy day, but far fewer showers, and they'll be much lighter, as well. staying dry, especially in northern and western areas. 20 or 22 the high, around the mid—to—upper teens celsius across the north. this area of low pressure hurtling across the atlantic towards our shores will contain the remnants of what was hurricane gert. so it's going to bring a surge of rain, strengthening winds to south—western areas on sunday. northern and eastern areas actually starting off dry, with some sunshine. a bit of uncertainty as to how far and heavy this rain will spread north and east. but what it will do is also introduce a brief surge of warmer and more humid air to southern parts of britain as we head on in towards the start of next week. but, again, a bit of uncertainty depending on how much sunshine there will be.
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we could be looking at temperatures reaching the mid—20s. but cool air lurks behind that weather front, where we could see rain as it slowly starts to spread southwards. hello. this is breakfast with louise minchin and charlie stayt. spanish police say they have shot dead five suspected terrorists, thought to be linked to the van attack in barcelona which killed at least 13 people. gunshots the suspects, who were wearing explosive belts, were killed in the seaside resort of cambrils overnight.
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police are still searching for the driver who carried out the attack at las ramblas. three days of mourning have been declared. good morning. it's friday, the 18th of august. we'll be live in spain for the latest shortly.
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