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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:41pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 6pm... spanish authorities say the jihadist cell behind the two deadly attacks in catalonia has been broken up. however, a major manhunt is still underway to find younes abouyaaqoub — the man believed to have driven a van into crowds in barcelona, killing 13. a british man is among those hurt in yesterday's finland terror attack — he tried to protect two women from a man wielding a knife. president trump has thanked steve bannon for doing a greatjob, despite firing him as his chief strategist less than 2a hours ago. there's intense security in the us city of boston, where thousands of people have gathered to oppose a rally expected to attract the far—right. also in the next hour, we'll get the latest on the growing death toll cased by major floods sweeping across south asia. more than 16 million people have been affected and nearly 600 killed by seasonalflooding in nepal,
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bangladesh and india. this could get more dramatic with paul pogba! and it's four more for manchester united — they continue their great start to the season with a convincing win over swansea. good evening and welcome to bbc news. spain's interior minister says the terror cell behind the two vehicle attacks on thursday and friday, which left 1a people dead, has now been "dismantled." officials believe the cell consisted of 12 young men, most of them moroccan nationals. however, the hunt is still on for one man — younes abouyaaquob — who police believe may have been the driver of the van which killed
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13 people and injured 130 more in barcelona. james reynolds has sent this report. this morning in barcelona, the mayor opens a book of condolences. the city has lost residents of its own and visitors from abroad. the attacks here surprised barcelona. it is the first time the city has been hit in more than 30 years. barcelona now follows the same rhythm of mourning familiar to so many other cities on this continent. this footage from a museum security camera appears to show part of the attack. the van goes at great speed through las ramblas. passers—by run for their lives. the police tied this attack to the one in the town of cambrils in which five suspects were shot dead. at first, investigators believed that one of the cambrils suspects was also the barcelona attacker
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but now they are investigating the possibility that 22—year—old younes abouyaaqoub from morocco may have carried out the attack. he is currently at large. seven—year—old julian cadman from britain got separated from his mother, who was injured. his family are trying to find him. of course, i'm really worried. iwant to... i cannot hear anything with them. i want to hear what's happening. the authorities are keeping victims‘ bodies at the city's medical institute. the king of spain has visited the injured recovering in hospitals. it may take some time for all those killed to be identified and publicly named. we will take you to las ramblas, the
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sight of that awful tragedy, the site where the attack was taken out. you can see the king and queen of spain laying a floral tribute to the site, one of many tributes that have been made by members of the public, spaniards, travellers, tourists, who have come to las ramblas to pay their respects and many candles, as you can see there, being laid on the ground. many candles also lit, that started immediately after that attack on thursday. so that is king felipe vi with his wife. we have been busy today, earlier some of the injured that are in many of the hospitals right across barcelona. 14 people were killed,
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hospitals right across barcelona. 1a people were killed, 13 on las ramblas itself. 130 people have been injured and just to remind you that there is a manhunt on for the man suspected of being the driver of the white fiat van, younes abouyaaqoub. it is he the suspect of driving that white fiat up las ramblas as he purposely targeted the tourists who we re purposely targeted the tourists who were enjoying one of barcelona ‘s many and most famous and busy thoroughfares. so, king felipe vi and the queen mixing with mourners on las ramblas, paying their respects to those who have been injured or killed. you can seejust how quickly that tribute has been growing. as they walk away. we can bring you more now. well, our correspondent, gavin lee, who's in barcelona, told me a little earlier how people have continued to turn out in large numbers
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throughout the day to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in thursday's terrorist attack. it is, the exact point is catalunya square and by las ramblas, this is the area where the white van mounted the pavement. behind me you can see lots of different tributes, candles, flowers at the places where either the van started or where people were found and where people went to help, and down here for 500m you will see different shops and shacks, different tributes, there is a huge floral artwork by one artist and the candles have started to emerge. one thing for me that strikes me, i spoke to you from paris and brussels and london and nice after similar attacks and there is a feeling in which people come
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together, stay quiet, have minutes of silence and sing out in defiance and we have heard that in other places but it is quite a flighty feeling because it can be talking to you one minute and suddenly, last night, for example, there was a noise and thousands of people came running up, people thought there was another terror attack. it is just a case of right now people are getting on with things, it is busy but there is a nervousness as well, it is quite tense. the government has said that the security level will remain at four, which means that police will continue to govern the streets in spain, what has the police presence been like, what have you noticed, gavin? it is really subtle. you can see in las ramblas, it is extremely heavy but around barcelona i think there is an effort to suggest, and we have seen this pattern in europe, to try to avoid having a presence because on one hand you are reassuring but on the other hand
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you are reminding people. the other thing that strikes me, we have seen police blocking las ramblas, go back to november 2015 and the paris attacks and we know that the government were in talks with the catalan government as to whether there would be roadblocks here, some kind of street furniture. ultimately, they decided not to put up roadblocks and there will be conversations now about that. we know that there is one chief suspect in the manhunt, we do not know whether he was the driver, that has yet to be confirmed, but this is abouyaaqoub. this is where the second attack happened. they are not confirming any more than that but police sources and spanish media are currently reporting that this is someone who may
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have influenced this group, this terror cell of 12 men between 17 and 2a, but at the moment the police are telling us that that manhunt continues. security officials in finland say a british citizen was injured in the knife attack in the city of turku yesterday, in which two people were killed. police are treating the attack as a terrorist incident, saying the 18—year—old moroccan suspect, appeared to have targeted women. earlier i spoke to our correspondent andy moore and asked him what we know about the brit who was caught up in the attack. he is a man who was born in the uk in dartford. he lived in the uk for some time before moving to sweden, where he has lived for some time. originally the finnish authorities said he was a swedish citizen but we know he is a british national. he has an incredible story to tell. he remains in hospital and has been briefly communicating with the bbc via facebook, despite his injuries.
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he said he is in pain so the responses we have got from him are short, but we understand why. briefly, he said he was not a hero but dead was not a hero but did what he was trained for — he is a paramedic. he said he did his best and no more. yesterday he gave an interview to the swedish newspaper via the telephone telling the story of what happened and he said he was on holiday in the area with his girlfriend when this attack started. the first terror attack that there has been in finland. he said he went to the square and suddenly heard screaming, he turned around and saw a man with a knife hitting a woman on the ground and he said he tried to help the woman using his knowledge as a paramedic, tried to stop the blood flow. whilst doing that he was attacked, he was cut about four times. he said he returned to the woman lying on the ground, he saw that the woman was dying and he said that the woman
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was so badly injured she actually died in his arms. he did sustain injuries, we believe he was cut or stabbed four times. initially it was thought that he might lose the use of his hand because his nerves were damaged, but we understand his injuries may not be quite so significant now, not life—threatening. he has said that he will give a press conference tomorrow when he will tell the world the whole story. seven people have been wounded in a knife attack in the russian city of surgut. the attacker was then shot dead by police. the man apparently stabbed passers—by on the street at random. the islamic state militant group has said it was behind the attack. but russia's investigations committee said it wouldn't comment on the possibility of terrorist motives, calling the attack "attempted murder". donald trump has thanked his former chief strategist, steve bannon, for his service
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after he was fired from his job at the white house. mr bannon — who was seen as the architect of mr trump's right—wing agenda — has vowed to continue to fight the president's opponents. he'll return to a role at the ultra—conservative website, breitbart news. david willis reports. steve bannon, widely credited for helping steer donald trump to victory, he was one of the most powerful men in the white house. if you think they will give your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. every day — every day, it is going to be a fight. steve bannon has now returned to right—wing website breitbart news, which he ran before leaving tojoin the trump campaign a year ago. he has said that he intends to keep fighting on the president's behalf, but in an interview with the conservative magazine
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the weekly standard, he has said that the trump presidency that they fought for and won is now over. he is not a racist. i can tell you that. he is a good person. he actually gets a very unfair press in that regard. but we'll see what happens with mr bannon. by the time donald trump had made that less than ringing endorsement of his special adviser earlier this week the die was cast. steve bannon‘s clashes with more moderate forces in the west wing coupled with renewed accusations following the violence in charlottesville that he harboured white nationalist sympathies helped seal his fate. all of which leaves the president an increasingly lonely and isolated figure. while steve bannon‘s departure is a victory for those who wanted to see an end to the more extreme elements in the west wing, whether it will lead to a better functioning white house remains to be seen. david willis, bbc news. we can now speak to the journalist and scholar on authoritarian regimes sarah kendzior. shejoins me on webcam from st louis. thank you very much, i hope i
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pronounce your name correctly, i do apologise. fantastic. we are hearing all about steve bannon, the barbarian and going medieval, should donald trump be scared now that he is outside of the white house? not really, because the two sheer velocity which is a white nationalist agenda, the sheer backers in the mercer family that has been propping both of them up and they are not exactly at odds. steve bannon is at odds with certain people in the white house, donald trump is to some degree at odds with those people because they want to control the more extremist elements of his agenda, that could end up destabilising the donald trump administration but one other thing that both men have in common is the desire for the us to be destabilised, they have both talked about that plenty of times. steve bannon frames it as the
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construction, trump has talked about riots being good and necessary and that america will be great again when it all goes to hell and he can come in and fix it. so even if things go wrong for america, in some respects, they could go right for trump and steve bannon. so do you think that steve bannon was really fired or was there some sort of agreement, because there has been talk of him leaving a good week before it actually happened? yes, this book a bit choreographed to me, especially because steve bannon did an interview with a liberal magazine the day before when he tried to kind of advertising sales as a moderate, emphasising economic issues instead of racism and discouraging people from talking about what he deems identity politics, which is really civil rights, and that is what people are fighting for. and so, yes, this does seem staged to me. i think he is most likely to cheer on donald trump from a perch over at
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right back where he has returned. so this is not necessarily bad for trump, it is bad for the us by taking the two are still ideologically linked and i think that they do have some kind of arrangement. but what about attacks that breitbart has made on members of the trump family, so jared kushner and ivanka trump. do you think if they continue to go after them, they will cross a red line for donald trump? it is difficult to tell you because breitbart has attacked them before and trump was co mforta ble attacked them before and trump was comfortable working with steve bannon and more importantly, ivanka trump and jared kushner have shown no rejections against the younes abouyaaqoub agenda, even though they have thatjewish connection, and it has been damaging for the country, they have managed to personally benefit, they have financially benefited, all of the trump businesses have been propped up and
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thatis businesses have been propped up and that is what they are looking at and as long as it does not get in the way of their financial ambitions, i do not think that they will be particularly concerned. you said that steve bannon and donald trump are that steve bannon and donald trump a re closely that steve bannon and donald trump are closely aligned, how likely is it that donald trump will continue with this nationalist, economic nationalist movement that steve bannon used to talk about so much without steve bannon in the white house backing him because he is certainly not in that line up at the moment on his twitter page? well, trump never pursued this in a genuine week, he talked on the campaign about wanting in infrastructure plan and economic programmes that would benefit americans that are down on a lot, but he has done nothing in office to actually help people economically. what he has done this talk about economic populism as a pretext for endorsing anti—muslim, xenophobic,
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and guy black, other repressive policies. you know, these guys do not have interest in what the average american is going through. i actually agree with trump that the economy was in bad shape when he took office, but guess what? it is still in a bad shape and all he is suggesting is that he has fixed that while people in regions like the midwest continue to suffer. this is quite a victory for generaljohn kelly, he is by the nature of his work and his background, a team builder, that is not the way that trump operates, surely one of the greatest and biggest wild cards, mina collations and distractions in the white house is donald trump himself? yes, i do not and how much of the victory this is for kerry because trump and steve bannon remain aligned and i think both will be working against kelly and i think that steve bannon can do so friendly. kelly can also be quite
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extreme, he has some of these xenophobic and and how muslim views but it is preferable to donald trump and steve bannon but i do not their so would think he is good for america and i am not sure that he is able to keep these extremist elements in check the me that a lot of people are hoping that he will. sarah, very quickly, many people, democrats, more moderate republicans have said that following on from everything that has happened, particularly charlottesville, and support from doctor david duke, saying you only got there because of the white vote. do you think they are correct in saying that the position of donald trump is irredeemable? i think it was a redeemable for the day that he lodged his campaign by calling mexicans rapists and murderers. in terms of his prospects, i think there are cracks in the linear and i think people are realising that he
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isa think people are realising that he is a white nationalist and is as bad as he says and they are sick of it, thatis as he says and they are sick of it, that is why people in boston are protesting against white nationalists and nazis and he will have that to contend with. thank you very much for speaking to us from sainsbury‘s. —— st louis. tens of thousands of anti—racism demonstrators have gathered in the us city of boston they are protesting against what's been billed as a "free speech rally" featuring far—right speakers. the crowd has surrounded a fenced—off area where the event is due to take place on boston common. we can speak to a reporter from the boston globe newspaper. please describe what is happening for us? absolutely, right now we have counter protesters gathering on charles street and union street,
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where they are kind of listening to speakers and getting out their frustrations with the fact that they have had problems with this rally. they were supposed to be two speakers, including one man who was that it charlottesville rally. 30 minutes ago, people associated with that rally came off of the bandstand and that was met with applause from what appears to be tens of thousands of protesters, who surrounded the area, the barricaded area, chanting at then all time. what is the others rely? i do not know if you were hard cha rlottesville rely? i do not know if you were hard charlottesville itself, everybody worried about the tension overflowing into violence, how would you describe the atmosphere at the moment? sure, at the moment it is
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joyful, people were happy to see the participants at the raleigh walk away. some of the participants in the rally were trying to get to the staging area, they had to walk with counter protesters and i were standing there and they were counter protesters who were shouting angrily right in peoples faces and shouting at them, them nazis. we have seen one person arrested so far. thank you very much for your time and do stacey, thank you. at least ten people have been killed after a train derailment in india, according to reports.
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the incident happened near muzzaffarnagar, in the northern state of uttar pradesh. around 30 people have been injured. rescue operations are under way. a short time ago we spoke to our correspondent who gave us this update... the latest is that ten people have died, the authorities have been speaking about their concern of the nature of this accident and more than two dozen are being treated in hospital and some people are said to be in a critical and serious condition. the prime minister has tweeted about the incident, the rail minister has rushed to the accident site. this is another serious railway accident that has happened in india in the last two months and this is a big cause of concern, not only for the passengers and the travellers
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but also for the government. officials say more than 16 million people have been affected by severe flooding in parts of nepal, india and bangladesh. 500 people are thought to have been killed, with conditions expected to deteriorate further over the weekend. the red cross and red crescent say it is becoming one of the worst regional humanitarian crises in years. the physicist, professor stephen hawking, has accused the health secretary, jeremy hunt, of "cherry—picking"
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evidence to support his policies. he has praised the nhs, but attacked the provision of private health care in england. speaking at the royal college of medicine, professor hawking agreed with the need for a seven—day nhs, but that it would require careful research and implementation. this has been very frustrating for me. a better service to be of benefit to patients. however, any change like this must be properly researched. the benefits over the current system must be argued for and the evidence presented and implementation properly planned, costed and the necessary resources provided. that is professor stephen hawking. let us find out how the weather is looking. hello, it has
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been another day of sunshine and showers. 0ne been another day of sunshine and showers. one of our weather watchers photographing this hugh muir numbers cloud that brought down a hefty damper into the highlands. there have been frequent showers into scotla nd have been frequent showers into scotland today and they will continue overnight. 12—mac showers for england and the north—west, but continue to feed and in the night—time the clouds will break up and the weather will be dry. temperatures between 11, 13 degrees in towns and cities but cooler in the countryside. for sunday, i would like to show do this, few days ago we had hurricane garrett travelling on the eastern side of the united states, since then it has passed underneath a jet stream where it has been ratified by the powerful winds but the remnants of tropical area sure she did with that hurricane is embedded in this weather system that is working in on sunday. after a bright start on sunday, we will start to see clouding forging across parts of wales and the south—west of england. this card will rise quite late in the day and we will probably
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see some outbreaks of drizzly rain working on, the rain is pouring heavy as you get to the evening time across parts of wales and south—west england. the majority of uk will be left with drier conditions and sunday is the better of the two days of the weekend. in the sunshine temperatures pushing up nicely into the high teens to build 20s. cooler than that in scotland but pleasant enoughin than that in scotland but pleasant enough in the sunshine and far fewer showers than we have seen today. a better kind of day. for sunday night, the rain will get heavier across wales and southern counties of england, with some hefty bursts mixed in with that tropical air. for northern ireland, rain arrived later in the night and that could be heavy as well and through monday, this band of rain will push further northwards, behind this one front, thatis northwards, behind this one front, that is poorly one year is across wales and the southern counties of england and even if we do not see a great deal of sunshine, it will feel humid with temperatures in the low 20s, further north, that is where we are is that bit cooler. early next week we will get that early warm air
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moving in from the south—westerly winds. it will feel quite humid and the temperatures will be surging upwards on tuesday, some uncertainty how much cloud there will be but given some decent sunshine temperatures could reach 29 degrees across parts of southern england. that is your latest weather, goodbye for now. the spanish government says they've dismantled the terror cell which carried out the two deadly attacks where1li people died. as new pictures emerge of thursday's atrocity in barcelona, the hunt continues for the man suspected of driving the van. the spanish king visited some of the people in hospital. we report from the small spanish town where at least 7 of the 12 men involved in the attack had lived. also tonight: a war of words between professor stephen hawking and the health secretary, jeremy hunt, over the state of the nhs.
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and at edgbaston, england pile on the pressure as the west indies wickets keep falling. good evening. spain's interior minister says the terror cell behind the twin attacks has been "dismantled." officials believe the cell consisted of 12 young men, most of them moroccan nationals. however, the hunt is still on for one man, younes abouyaaquob, who police believe may have driven the van which killed 13 people and injured 130 more in barcelona on thursday. from there, james reynolds reports. barcelona, for so long free from attack, now has to rewrite its own
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history. today, the mayor made the first entry into a book of condolence was stop others followed. icame to condolence was stop others followed. i came to express my sympathy with the victims, this man said, i also wa nt to the victims, this man said, i also want to show that we're not afraid and will carry on. the ataxia surprised barcelona. it's the first time the city has been hit for more than 30 years. barcelona now follows the same rhythm of mourning so familiar to other cities recently. as the van goes by, people run for their lives. police have connected this attack to one in another town. no new attacks are imminent. they believe that they have largely broken up the network responsible
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for the attacks in barcelona and the coastal town. at first, investigators believe that one of the suspects was also the barcelona attacker, but now they are investigating the possibility that 22—year—old younes abouyaaqoub from morocco may have carried out the attack. he is currently at large. translation: to confirm, there is an arrest warrant against the person that has been recently named by the media, as i'm sure you know. the police are still looking for that person. spain's king felipe have been on their own rounds. they have visited victims still recovering in barcelona's hospitals. the injured come from more than 30 countries. there is still no confirmed word on the whereabouts or condition of seven—year—old julian cadman, but
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the local police say that everyone caught up in the attack has been accounted for. tonight, residence cheered taxi drivers who gave free ride is on the day of the attack. this city, like so many others, now has to choose howard lives. —— how it lives. several of the men behind the attacks grew up in the small town of ripoll, north of barcelona. most were the children of moroccan immigrants. among them younes abouyaaqoub, now on the run, who may have driven the van in the barcelona attack. our correspondent, wyre davies, has been to ripoll, to speak to people there about the extremists who lived among them. the small chocolate but brown thinks down —— chocolate box mountain town
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of ripoll. the last place you would expect extremists who would commit mayhem and murder. police checking lorries and cars following the terrorist attacks. the governor said the cell that carried out this attack has been dismantled. little is known about the men, who came radicalised and planned these attacks in the most unlikely of places. seven young men from this small town either died during the attacks or have been arrested since thursday. three men were killed on friday morning. also from ripoll is younes abouyaaqoub, who is still on the run. ata abouyaaqoub, who is still on the run. at a small mosque in ripoll,
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where the young men sometimes prayed, but were not devout, the community leaders are distraught by what happened. translation: we didn't truly know the boys or what they were up to. this man has been charged is the imams left two months ago. they sometimes came, but if we had known what they were up to we would have gone straight to the police. in the last two days, several suspects and known associate of the attackers have been arrested. no one in the town can quite believe what has happened. it was a shock. in a big town, it is easy to find isolated communities, not a small town like ripoll because most of these young
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people would participate in many of activities. one son of this town is one of the most one son of this town is one of the m ost wa nted one son of this town is one of the most wanted people in spain. after what this group of young men has been accused of doing, it will take ripoll years to recover. a british man was among those injured in yesterday's terror attack in finland — in which two women died. hassan zubier, who now lives in sweden, was on holiday in finnish city of turku when the attack took place. he was repeatedly stabbed in the neck and chest as he tried to protect his girlfriend and other women from the attacker. he told a local newspaper that, despite his efforts, one of the women died in his arms. a war of words has broken out between a one of the world's most famous scientists and the health secretary — over the nhs. professor stephen hawking accused jeremy hunt of "cherry picking" favourable evidence to justify the creation of a seven—day nhs. mr hunt rejected that, and hit back. he called professor hawking's other claim that the government wanted a us style insurance system "a most pernicious falsehood". sarah cambell is at
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the royal college of medicine where professor hawking has been giving a speech. professor hawking acknowledged that he would not be here today were not for the expert care he had received at the hands of the nhs, but he is concerned at its future. he didn't pull any punches, it using the health secretary of abusing science, cherry picking studies in order to win the argument over weather levels of care in hospitals at weekends we re of care in hospitals at weekends were dangerously low. speaking as a scientist, cherry picking evidence is unacceptable. citing some studies but suppressing others, supporting they the of
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policies they wanted to support and not others, it was of a political nature. it was at the heart of many of the recent strikes which led to cancelled operations. in 2015, jeremy hunt stated that 6000 people die each year because of a monday to friday culture in the nhs. he wanted more senior staff on shift at weekends. one study was widely quoted, showing death rates were higherfor people quoted, showing death rates were higher for people admitted at the weekend. 60% for those admitted on sunday, compare it to 11% for those admitted on a wednesday. the underlying reasons were disputed. responding to the accusation, mist and hunt said that... professor hawking said that he saw the nhs moving towards an american style insurance system. jeremy hunt said it was a pernicious falsehood
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and continued, is it too much to ask professor hawking to look at the evidence? jeremy hunt has never shied away from taking on the medical profession, and it seems he's not shying away from taking on arguably britain's greatest living scientist. floods have affected south asia. monsoon storms have been sweeping across the region. it is facing its worst humanitarian crisis for many yea rs.
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