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tv   World News Today  BBC News  August 20, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today, i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: spanish authorities have confirmed that the seven—year—old british—australian boy, julian cadman, was among those killed in the barcelona terror attack. police are investigating whether the arm ofa police are investigating whether the arm of a moors directed the barcelona terrorist cell and whether he was killed when their bomb factory blew up. the next stage in defeating so—called islamic state, thousands flee tal afar as iraqi forces tried to retake the city. and the king of comedy, film starjerry lewis, has died in las vegas, he was 91. it's been confirmed that a seven—year—old boy who'd been missing since the barcelona attacks on thursday is among the dead. julian cadman, who held joint
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british and australian nationality, he became separated from his mother when a van was driven into the crowds on las ramblas. his family said they would remember his smiles and hold his memory dear to their hearts. 14 people were killed in that attack and a second one in nearby cambrils. the police have revealed extremists had planned to detonate three huge gas bombs. the bbc‘s james reynolds reports. this morning, barcelona's sagrada familia basilica — monumental, unfinished — gave the city a place in which to mourn all the victims. renato was one of the first in the queue. it is... enormous sadness. it is incredible sadness. because this city is a symbol of freedom. of tolerance.
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between religions, races. what is happening is unbelievable. the people of barcelona now realise that they are as vulnerable as everyone else. and they now face a choice. change the way their city lives or carry on as before? choir sings the archbishop of barcelona asked the city to unite against fear. and he offered consolation to the bereaved. the cadman family now mourns seven—year—old julian, the youngest named victim of the attack. he and his mother were together on las ramblas when they were struck. in a statement, his family says...
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the street in which he was struck has been taken back by residents, visitors and mourners. the ramblas avenue has become its own memorial. spanish police say the attackers planned to detonate three huge bombs, revealing that more than 100 gas canisters were found at what's thought to have been a bomb factory near barcelona. the father of two attackers shot dead by police on friday has told the bbc he blames the imam at their local mosque for their radicalisation. our correspondent wyre davies reports from the town of rippol, where most of the suspects lived. captured by cctv and mobile phone, the horror and panic of the attack in barcelona.
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as a white van hurtles down las ramblas, killing 13 people and injuring more than 100. but we now know it could have been much worse, if the attackers had carried out their original plan to detonate three massive car bombs. this is the small town of rippol, in the foothills of the spanish pyrenees, where at least eight, perhaps all 12, of those accused of being involved in the attacks came from. most were of moroccan origin and prayed at the local mosque. the name of the one attacker still at large, younis abouyaaqoub, written on the wall with others who contributed to mosque funds. but police are asking if this man, abdelbaki es satty, the imam at the mosque, was the cell leader and mastermind of the attacks. this was his tiny flat at the top of a building in the town. his bedroom has since been emptied of everything by police.
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according to people at the mosque, he left two months ago to go on extended journey to morocco, but we know from his flatmate here — who won't be filmed — and others in the town that he left as recently as last tuesday, very suddenly. all that's left here is his small koran and his empty bedroom. today, i spoke to hechami gasi, the devastated father of two of the attackers from ripoll, mohammed and omar hychami. the last time i saw my youngest son, he told me, was at 3pm on thursday, just hours before the attacks in barcelona and cambrils. he did not come back. hechami roundly blames the imam for radicalising his sons and the others. translation: he took his young, impressionable minds. messed around with their brains, and now they are dead.
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my sons and the others, it's all the imam's fault. it's believed the imam was killed in the explosion that destroyed a bomb factory in the town of alca nar last wednesday. it was there that police found 120 large gas canisters, which they say were to be used to make three car bombs. but the explosion at the house forced the gang to change their plans. here in ripoll, whose sons carried out these horrific attacks, there is a determination that, however brutal, what happened must not be allowed to tear apart as tolerant and peaceful community. the united nations says 14,000 people have fled from the the iraqi city of tal afar, where government forces have launched a major offensive against so—called islamic state. about 2000 militants remain in the city, which has been bombed by us and iraqi warplanes.
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the iraqi prime minister, haider al—abadi, said the militants have no choice other than to leave or be killed. anisa kadri reports. fighters take their positions in the battle against so—called islamic state for tal afar. the city is the iraqi government troops‘ next target, five weeks after they declared victory over the militants in mosul. exposures could be seen as the iraqi forces advance on the outskirts of tal afar. the us says it carried out air strikes to support the troops. in a televised speech, the iraqi prime minister said thejihadists speech, the iraqi prime minister said the jihadists have a speech, the iraqi prime minister said thejihadists have a choice will stop translation: said thejihadists have a choice will stop translationzlj said thejihadists have a choice will stop translation: i tell daesh, you either surrender or die. as we promised before, we promise now, we will continue the liberation process. thousands of civilians have
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fled tal afar at that has been controlled by so—called islamic state since the 2014. it has been a very difficult journey and a very difficult climate and circumstances. the closest areas where people can get any support or be received in the screening sites where humanitarian organisations like 0xfam are present, providing emergency food surprise and jinking water, is ours. it is ours and hours of walking through desert under a temperature of 50 degrees. transition mag thank god we fled. the situation over there is dire. they have no food or water anything to drink. several areas around tal afa r to drink. several areas around tal afar was taken in the first days of the offensive, according to reports in the country. meanwhile, in a statement, i have said it had destroyed several vehicles baloney to shia military groups.
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the south african government has granted diplomatic immunity to zimbabwean first lady grace mugabe. the decision cleared the way for her to leave the country without answering to police over an allegation that she assaulted a model. sophie ribstein reports. grace mugabe and her husband, president robert mugabe, landed in the capital harare in the middle of the capital harare in the middle of the night. the first lady as barclay managed to go back home without facing criminal charges. the south african government granted her diplomatic immunity, saying she was in the country on official business. president mugabe has been attending a regional leaders‘ conference in pretoria on sunday. his wife was supposed to make an appearance, but didn‘t show up. this african authorities insist that their decision was motivated in order to
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maintain good relations with zimbabwe. for the victims‘s lawyers, justice needs to be served. this is the 20—year—old model who is accusing grace mugabe of assaulting her with an electric extension cord. she claims she was offered a blank check to make the matter go away. they may she wants the first lady to be prosecuted, and now her legal tea m be prosecuted, and now her legal team is planning to challenge the decision to grant immunity. in zimbabwe as well, opposition members a grace mugabe needs to apologise. you cannot go on and beat somebody‘s child. i think this needs a lot of introspection. i want to say that she certainly needs to go for anger management. mrs mugabe has become a
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dominant figure in the ruling party. with elections scheduled for next year, she has publicly urged her 93—year—old husband to name a successor. it remains to be seen in the events of last week will damage her chances in the battle for power. thousands of people have marched through the streets of hong kong in support for pro—democracy activist who last week. the men were originally given non—custodial sentences for their involvement in mass demonstrations in 2014. the hong kong government has pushed for harsher sentences. a court in bangladesh has sentenced is almost militants today. it was for a plot
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to assassinate the then opposition leader, now prime minister at a rally. the accused said they would appeal. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: the afghan pop star, aryana sayeed, on the challenge of performing in a country where music concerts haven‘t always been allowed. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines: spanish authorities have identified three more victims of the barcelona attack, including julian cadman, a seven—year—old boy with australian—british nationality. the usa's australian—british nationality. the usa‘s thousands of civilians are fleeing tal afar as iraqi forces look to liberate the city from islamic state. let‘s stay with that story, joining me on skype from erbil is bruno geddo , he‘s the representative in iraq for the united nations high commissioner for refugees. thank you for talking to us here.
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can you tell us what is the situation for those still trapped in tal afar? the situation is extremely tired. we don‘t have much information filtering out of the city. people are surviving on water, dirty water, and bread for almost three months. there is no electricity, no health care. hardly any food to go around. this constant terror of being killed by sniper fire or by landmines if they tried to flee, because the policy forbidding people to flee the caliphate. anybody trying to flee will be immediately executed. it is a question of terror if you stay and terror if you try to flee for your life. and get some civilians are managing to flee. are they telling you what that journey managing to flee. are they telling you what thatjourney is like? managing to flee. are they telling you what that journey is like? the
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journey, they are telling us, is awful, terrible. because they have to track for up to 20 hours, basically with very little food and water, in temperatures that in daytime go up to 48 celsius. they arrive, they are completely exhausted at the mustering points, where they are then taken to our counts. a sinister reach these points, many of them are winded, from gunshot wounds, and need immediate medical care because there isa immediate medical care because there is a risk being caught by sniper fire when they tried to flee from tal afar. in fire when they tried to flee from talafar. in terms fire when they tried to flee from tal afar. in terms of those camps, do you have enough in terms of capacity, equipment, food and water? we are prepared for what we saw in
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west mosul. we have spare capacity, but this is not enough. this is a conservative number which may still have to flee. we have received thousands in the last two weeks, but we could receive another 40,000 in the next week. we need more capacity to receive people around the clock. right now we have capacity to host an additional 28,000 people, especially for those being tal afar. we have to rush against the clock goals we have to leave it there, we‘re goals we have to leave it there, we‘re up against the clock. thank you for talking to us. 0ne one of afghanistan‘s biggest pop stars, arya na sayeed one of afghanistan‘s biggest pop stars, aryana sayeed has held a concert in car despite threats will stop amid tight security, she drew a crowd. miss sayeed is not displaying her long hair and displaying figure
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hugging outfits,. she wanted her female fans to defy those who are against it. a p0p a pop concert in the heart of carville. aryana a pop concert in the heart of ca rville. arya na sayeed a pop concert in the heart of carville. aryana sayeed is entertaining herfans. carville. aryana sayeed is entertaining her fans. it carville. aryana sayeed is entertaining herfans. it was held to mark afghanistan‘s independence day. hundreds of young men and women waving afghan flags dance to the tune. they wanted to send a message. despite the threats, i didn‘t think such a big number of girls were detained here. for so, the number of women is bigger than men. i asked some of the girls, why are you here? they tell me they were here to defy those who were against the concert. it is rare in afghanistan for a female star to hold a concert. ms
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sayeed, described by herfans female star to hold a concert. ms sayeed, described by her fans as afghanistan‘s kim kardashian, is known for her long hair and figure hugging outfits will stop the music isa hugging outfits will stop the music is a combination of traditional and folk songs, rendered as music. she highlights women‘s issues in her songs. clerics oppose her show, saying it was against afghan culture. she has received a number of death threats for her outfits and public appearances. a day before the concert, ms sayeed city was determined to go ahead with the concert, despite the threats. there are certain people in a canister and in the afghan community have been against music, celebration, even new year. they are against everything, all the time. and year. they are against everything, allthe time. and i year. they are against everything, all the time. and i feel like today, we need to stand together and fight against them. her concert was
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originally scheduled to be held in a stadium in aryana. they know it was ata stadium in aryana. they know it was at a different location due to security concerns. ms sayeed said you wanted to highlight that afghan women were still not free, 98 years after independence. she says she will fight for the freedom of her music. let‘s ta ke let‘s take a look at this point now. less time with this evening‘s football, heading to la liga first, where emotions were high of barcelona‘s match against rail betis. tributes were paid to the victims of 30‘s terror attack, with the barca players wearing message of solidarity on their shirts. in the match itself, the catalan side took the lead early on. surgery roberto got the second as buster winer 2—0.
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this evening sees real madrid away to deportivo. tottenham was mcilroy is at wembley continue, they were beaten two by chelsea. marcus alonso scored both for chelsea in tottenham boss might first league match at the national stadium. mauricio pochettino‘s side played with real viral but currently get a goal through michy batshuayi‘s foneblog. alonso got the winner as he slipped the ball under hugo lloris. for sure, a big when, in his not easy to play away and to win. i can see that totte n ha m play away and to win. i can see that tottenham are a very strong team, and for us, it was very important, this win. i think an amazing performance, for character, for will
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to fight, from my players, and this is important. i think we deserved more. they were very clinical, able to shoot on target. we created a lot of chances and i think we were better. but football is funny, you can be better, but if you are not clinical in front of the latter, you can lose. huddersfield made it two wins from their first two games in a premier league and currently sit second in the table behind manchester united. aaron mooy‘s second—half strike saw of newcastle united. the australian‘s palazzo one of the highlights of a disappointing match. the first premier league home game in the club‘s history, and the clu b game in the club‘s history, and the club is more than 100 years old. it is especial day and a successful day
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as well. i think we have seen a game where both teams are very strong and the defence. they are very organised. we knew we had happy if we wa nted organised. we knew we had happy if we wanted to be successful today. i was very happy with the performance of the defence and we had this one great moment from aaron mooy where we scored the winner. this was enough today. there is a good workload together in the defence to keep them away from our palazzo and be successful. credit now and in beat sri lanka by nine wickets in their first beat sri lanka by nine wickets in theirfirst one—day beat sri lanka by nine wickets in their first one—day international on sunday. chasing 217 for victory, indian put together an unbeaten 197 stand to reach their target in less than 98 overs. india lead the series 1-0. than 98 overs. india lead the series
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1—0. finally the belgian rider has won the first stage of the wealth as i near. he won over a flat stage which has a sprint to the line. that‘s all the sport for now. the american actor and comedianjerry lewis has died at the age of 91. from his long—time double act with dean martin in the 1950s, he went on to a solo career in films, tv and musicals. he also spent many years campaigning for research into muscular dystrophy. nick higham reports. here, enjoy yourself. jerry lewis‘ goofy comedies made him the world‘s best paid movie star. aah! with their visual gags, the cartoonlike nature of his films left some people cold but they were immensely popular. i wrote the joke thinking, wouldn‘t it be marvellous if the elastic face that we have, that can do so much, would it not be marvellous if our bodies were elastic
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so that we could do just as much with them in animation? he was bornjoseph levitch in 1926 into a family ofjewish entertainers in newjersey. following his stage debut at the age of five, he went on to play — to great acclaim — to audiences throughout new york. aged just 20, he teamed up with dean martin... i‘m not going to do it. no, forget it, i‘m not going to do it. what's all this noise? their combination of sophistication and slapstick brought a decade of success, during which they starred together in 16 films. i wouldn‘t lie. i wouldn‘t lie to you, rupe! now, look, this weekend would be a perfect time for you to come out to the house, if you care to... he thrilled as the talk show host stalked by robert de niro in the king of comedy. ..but we can still work. what do you say? it sounds great. doorbell rings. 0h...
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the french, who considered him a genius, awarded him the legion of honour. but it will be his manic comedy performances for which jerry lewis will be best remembered. jerry lewis, who died at the age of 91. in world war ii warship has been found in the pacific ocean, ready two years after it was sunk by a japanese submarine. the uss indianapolis was discovered 18,000 feet beneath the surface by an expedition crew, led by microsoft‘s co—founder. that‘s the way it‘s looking, stay with us here on bbc 0ne. your impression on sunday very much driven i suspect by where you spend the day. some got some work done, some got some play done as well. into the southwestern quarter, some signs already of the cloud
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thickening and eventually in came the rain. miles and moist air coming in from the atlantic, all over the southern counties. stretching away to northern ireland too. further north and east, the skies clear, some will see temperatures falling away single figures. when news of monday? as i say, miles, moist air, and the cloud will sit right across the moors and into the pills of wales. get to the eastern side of the pennines, the top end of east anglia, and quite widely across scotland, dry, dry, sunny start. a good deal better than the ball in northern ireland, where it will be a wet start to the day. that rangers keeps on coming. the band of whether eases its way towards the north, getting towards the eastern side of
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the pennines. the eastern border or sustain driver a good portion of the afternoon. so too, the north and east of scotland. if the sun comes out, as it may do, temperatures could get up to 26. ahead to choose a comet same combination of france there, trying to ease their way towards the top end of scotland, the rain taking a long time. again, in the south, all this mild air, and potential of the sun comes out to see a temperature of 27 degrees. here we are again, choose the into wednesday, same low—pressure driving these weather fronts into the western side of the british isles. moist air to be had there across the southern part of britain. as the sun comes out, we could see the temperatures rising. further north, a disappointing day for any time of year, but especially in august. he will, warm up for a time through the
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coming week, driest weather in the south, further north, periods of rain. spanish authorities have confirmed three more deaths. police are investigating whether an imam at a local mosque directed the attackers and whether he was one of two people killed when a bomb factory blew up before the attack on las ramblas. the united nations says thousands of civilians are fleeing this is the city of temp tee, the only city... jerry lewis has died in las vegas, he was 91. he acted with dean martin before going
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