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this is bbc news. my name is lukwesa burak. the headlines at 11pm: officials confirm that 7—year—old british—australian boy, julian cadman, was among those who died in the barcelona terror attack. police say the terror cell had collected more than 120 gas cannisters in the house which exploded in alcaner. a minute's silence at the nou camp ahead of barcelona's match, the players wearing shirts with the city's name on their back. bangladesh suffers the worst flooding for 30 years. across south asia, millions of people are affected. we hearfrom the british paramedic injured while trying to help victims of the suspected terrorist attack in finland. the legend of comedy, jerry lewis, dies at the age of 91. also in the next hour:
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the countdown begins to a total solar eclipse. millions of americans are preparing to see this once in a lifetime spectacle. it will be the first to cross the usa from coast to coast in 99 yea rs. we have been talking about it for, actually, years. it has been building up all this year. we are excited. this is just building up all this year. we are excited. this isjust wonderful. the final chapter! the final win for mo farah! and it's farewell from farah in his final uk track race. a very good evening and a warm
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welcome to bbc news. police in spain now believe that the men responsible for the thursday's terrorist attacks were planning a series of huge gas bombs. they've released details of the investigation as it emerged that a seven—year—old british child missing since the barcelona attack was among the dead. julian cadman became separated from his mother when a van was driven into the crowds on las ramblas. his family said they would remember his smiles and hold his memory dear to their hearts. the king and queen of spainjoined mourners in barcelona today to remember the 1a people who died there and in the second attack in nearby cambrils. ourfirst report is from james reynolds. the sagrada familia basilica — monumental, unfinished — this morning gave this city a place in which to mourn all the victims. renato was one of the first in the queue. it's...
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no more sadness. it's incredible sadness. because this city is a symbol of — of freedom. of tolerance. between religions, races... what is happening is unbelievable. the people of barcelona now realise that they are as vulnerable as everyone else. and they now face a choice. change the way their city lives or carry on as before? choir sings the archbishop of barcelona asked the city to unite against fear. and he offered consolation to the bereaved. the cadman family now mourns
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seven—year—old julian, the youngest named victim of the attack. he and his mother were together on the ramblas when they were struck. in a statement, his family says... he was so energetic, funny and cheeky. always bringing a smile to our faces. we are so blessed to have had him in our lives and will remember his smiles and hold his memory dear to our hearts. the other victims include bruno gulotta from italy, on holiday with his wife and two grandchildren. ian moore wilson was from canada. his family says he loved a debate and a proper sized pint. jared tucker from the united states was on honeymoon with his wife, heidi.
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and tonight, barcelona's unofficial cathedral, the nou camp, fell quiet. before kick—off, the stadium remembered the attack victims. in tribute, the names on the players‘ jerseys have each been replaced by the name of this city. james reynolds, bbc news, barcelona. spanish police revealed today that they believe more than 100 gas canisters found in a suspected bomb factory would have been used by the attackers to set off gas bombs. the father of two attackers shot dead by police on friday has told the bbc he blames the imam at their local mosque for their radicalisation. 0ur correspondent wyre davies reports from the town of rippol, where most of the suspects lived. the small simple mosque in the town of ripoll, where many of those involved in the attacks on barcelona and cambrils came to pray. the name of the one attacker
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still at large, younis abu—yaqub, written on the wall with others who contributed to mosque funds. police are asking if this man, abdelbaki es satty, the mosque imam, masterminded the attacks and led so many young men from this town into jihad. this was his tiny flat at the top of the building in the town. his bedroom has since been emptied of everything by police. according to people at the mosque, he left two months ago to go on an extended journey to morocco but we know from his flatmate here, who won't be filmed, and others in the town that he left as recently as last tuesday very suddenly. all that is left here is a small koran in his empty bedroom. today i spoke to hechami gasi,
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the devastated father of two of the attackers from ripoll. the last time i saw my youngest son, he told me, was at three o'clock on thursday, hours before the attack in barcelona and cambrils. he did not come back. he roundly blames the imam for radicalising his sons and the others. translation: he took these young, impressionable minds. messed around with their brains and now they are dead. my sons and the others, it is all the imam's fault. it is believed the imam was killed in the explosion that destroyed a bomb factory in the town of alca nar last wednesday. it was there that police found dozens of gas canisters, apparently primed to make three massive car bombs. but the premature explosion forced the gang to change their plans. destructive events like this can often tear fragile communities apart, but here in ripoll, there is a determination that that must not be allowed to happen.
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wyre davies, bbc news. a little earlier our europe correspondent james reynolds explained how certain the spanish authorities were that they have managed to find everyone who was involved in this week's attacks. baidu said that they have largely neutralised the group, the network responsible for the attack, here and the one in cambrils. they say they have arrested the more count them in the dead. but there is a problem with. two the suspected members of the network, they can't work out the fate of those. the first, eunice abballa group, the suspected of carrying out the attack on this group, they don't know where he is. better note he is still in the country or if he has fled to france. —— and then the man responsible for
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directing the attack, they do to where he is, either. they have to result is fate. —— resolve. and we'll find out how this story, and many others, are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 11:30pm this evening in the papers. our guestsjoining me tonight are the former fleet street editor, eve pollard, and thejournalist and columnist, yasmin alibhai—brown. hope you can join hope you canjoin us hope you can join us for that. bangladesh is grappling with the worst flooding for thirty years as this year's monsoon rains take a huge toll on parts of south asia. the floods are now known to have claimed more than 700 lives and driven more than a million people from their homes. as well as bangladesh, large parts of nepal and india have been affected, with some areas cut off by the water levels. in the worst hit areas of bangladesh, food supplies are running low and the relief effort is being hampered by the extent of the disaster. our correspondent sanjoy majumder reports from kurigram in the north of the country. a third of bangladesh is now under water.
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people here are used to floods. but not on this scale. entire villages have been washed away. those left standing are abandoned. there used to be a village here — now almost all of it is underwater. there were houses, lanes, even a small playground, and i can hear the call to prayer from the village mosque, which is over that side. now, the only way to get around is by boat, and the villagers are simply trying to salvage whatever is left. when you've got nothing left, every little possession is invaluable. in this case, a mattress floating in the water. this used to be nur hussein's home. he tells me how the water rose without warning at night, swirling through his house. translation: i saved my brother and his wife and came back to get some clothes and blankets, but by then it was too
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late for me to get away. i spent the night on a tree. for some, however, leaving was not an option. this woman was heavily pregnant when the flood waters rose. her baby was born a day later. delivered inside their home, surrounded by water. translation: there was water inside our room, all the way up to the bed. we put some paper on the bed and put the baby on top, to keep him dry. the rising waters in part are a result of overflowing rivers, which enterfrom neighbouring india. itself reeling under floods. bangladesh is paying the price for being downstream. there is now a sense of desperation among the survivors. aid workers bring in supplies of fresh water and are soon surrounded. but there's simply not enough to go around, leaving many angry and frustrated.
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people are now squeezed into every inch of dry land. and with no sign of the floods abating, they could be here awhile. sanjay majumder, bbc news, kurigram, bangladesh. a british paramedic, who was injured while trying to help victims of a suspected terrorist attack in finland, has denied he's a hero, and spoken of his sadness that he could not save the life of one of the victims. hassan zubier is in hospital in the city of turku in finland, after being wounded in a knife attack that killed two women. our correspondent anna holligan has been speaking to him. this wasn't a typical tourist destination or a capital city. finland's first suspected islamist militant attack brought terror to a market square in turku and chose women as his targets. two days ago, hassan was strolling on those cobbles. i heard a scream, a really heartbreaking scream.
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so i turned around and there was a man standing over her, stabbing her. the father—of—two was stabbed multiple times as he tried to defend his girlfriend and save a stranger's life. i ran immediately straight to her. i tried to stop the blood. he tried to stab me and i kicked him off, he was standing right opposite me and i kicked him off and he ran away. he came back and i did not see him. i just felt that someone hit me on the back side of the head. and i thought, ok, something has happened, i am stabbed. i told my girlfriend to get away, run off. he then gave me, i do not know if it was one or two stabbings. i went back to the girl but her injuries were too severe. it was really bad cuts. so yeah, we lost her.
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the suspect, an 18—year—old asylum seeker from morocco, who arrived in finland last year, was shot in the leg by police, and is now in hospital. an attack described by finland's president as shocking and cowardly has been met with courage and defiance. hassan says he would do it again. i am not a hero, i am just a person that just can't look away. anna holligan, bbc news, turku. one of the greats of american comedy, jerry lewis, has died at his home in las vegas. he was 91 and found fame in the 1950s, after teaming up with dean martin. they collaborated on 17 films, including the stooge, living it up, and three ring circus. jerry lewis went on to star in his own series of slapstick comedies. nick higham looks back at his life.
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here, enjoy yourself! jerry lewis' goofy comedy made him the world's best paid movie star. with their visual gags, the cartoon—like nature of his films left some people cold. but they were immensely popular. i wrote the joke thinking, wouldn't it be marvellous if the elastic face that we have, that can do so much, wouldn't it be marvellous if our bodies were elastic? so that we could do equally as much with them in animation? he was bornjoseph levitch in 1926 into a family ofjewish entertainers in newjersey. following his stage debut at the age of five, he went on to play to great acclaim to audiences throughout new york. aged just 20, he teamed up with dean martin. i'm not going to do it! what's all this noise? their combination of sophistication and slapstick brought a decade of success during which they starred
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together in 16 films. i wouldn't lie, i wouldn't lie to you. now, look... this weekend would be a perfect time for you to come out to the house, if you cared to... he thrilled as a talk show host stalked by robert de niro in the king of comedy. what do you say? it sounds great. the french, who considered him a genius, awarded him the legion of honour. but it will be his manic comedy performances for which jerry lewis will be best remembered. jerry lewis, who's died at the age of 91. the headlines on bbc news: seven—year—old, julian cadman, who had dual british and australian citizenship, has been confirmed as one of the victims of the terrorist attack in barcelona. police investigating the attacks say they've seized more than 120 gas
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cannisters in the house which exploded in alcaner on wednesday. and jerry lewis, the comedy legend who teamed up with dean martin before starring in his own series of slapstick movies during the 1950s, has died aged 91. sport now. and for a full round—up from the bbc sport centre, here'sjohn watson. hi, john. good evening. tottenham lost their first home game of the season at wembley, beaten by the champions, chelsea, 2—1. two marcos alonso goals either side of a michy batshuayi own goal sealed it for antonio conte's side. spurs will play all of their home games at the national stadium as they redevelop their white hart lane ground. but having remained undefeated there last season, this defeat means they've now lost seven of their past ten games at their temporary home. for sure,
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forsure, a for sure, a big forsure, a big win. it is for sure, a big win. it is not easy to play against tottenham away and then to win. i consider tottenham a really strong team. it was important, this win. i think the character of the side, for my players, we had to be strong. premier league new boys huddersfield have a 100% record after their two opening games in the top division. david wagner's side followed up their opening weekend win against crystal palace with a 1—0 victory over newcastle today. the terriers became just the third side in premier league history to win their first two games following promotion. aaron mooy, who moved permanently to the club this summer from manchester city scored the only goal in today's game. for ourselves, we were excited. we
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we re for ourselves, we were excited. we were not sure it would work. but it worked. the first games with two clea n worked. the first games with two clean sheets. everyone knows how difficult it is to get a clean sheet in the premier league with so much high—quality and defensive players. it is great. the usa have won golf‘s solheim cup after a comprehensive 16.5 to 11.5 victory over europe in iowa. the americans had taken a commanding five point lead into the final days singles and it proved too much despite a spirited europe performance. lizette salas holing the winning putt. the united states have now won five of the last seven competitions. mo farah has won his last ever track race in britain, with victory in the men's 3,000 metres at the birmingham diamond league meeting. the 34—year—old took his sixth world championship gold in the 10,000 metres at this month's london world championships, adding to the four olympic titles he holds as well. he's switching to road racing in 2018 and will run his final track race next week in zurich.
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great britain won the team gold medal at the european eventing championships in poland. nicola wilson also took individual bronze. riding bulana in the showjumping, wilson could afford two penalties to secure the team gold but managed a perfect round. that confirmed britain's triumph, and her own bronze individual medal. germany claimed team silver, with sweden finishing third. i can't put it into words how impressed i am by how the riders rode and stuck to the system. i cannot be more proud. i said to them stick to the system. just run inside the time. if they run to the system, they can only do their best. they all ran exactly as i trained them. that they are capable of. and chris froome has moved up
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to ninth in the overall standings at the vuelta a espana after today's second stage. it's one of the only flat stages on this year's race, and it was won surprisingly by belgium's yves lampaert. froome finished eight seconds behind that group that included rival vincenzo nibali but he's still looking strong as the race hits the hills for the first time tomorrow. that's all the sport for now. it is time to go back to you. thank you. the population of africa is going to double to two and a half billion in the next 30 years, a change that could mean greater migration or provide a huge pool of workers to transform african economies. of the world's ten most populous countries, nigeria is the fastest growing. it currently has 191 million people, projected to increase to a10 million by 2050. that would mean overtaking the united states in terms of population. in the first of a series of bbc reports this week on population change in africa, alastair leithead examines how the city of lagos, with its 21 million people, is coping. lagos is africa's largest city.
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an ever expanding mega—city of more than 21 million people. across the continent, people are pouring into towns and cities, and many end up in slums. lagos has always had that mixed blessings of having to deal with the influx of people. unfortunately for us, in the last two or three years, it has been a deluge. this is what an african mega—city looks like. it's crowded, it's chaotic and it's crumbling. lagos is already struggling to house, to look after, and to educate the way over 21 million people already living here, let alone the millions more that
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are predicted to crush into this city. but there's an incredible energy about the place and it is a matter of tapping that and using creative thinking to turn it into an opportunity. this festival celebrates the historic old lagos, the masquerades represent the spirits of the dead, returned to cleanse the streets of evil and to pray for its prosperity. emerging from the downtown slums is one answer to the festival's prayers, building tower blocks, building up. lagos has no choice but to go up. how are we going to accommodate all the population? we have to go up. this man spent 25 years as an urban planner in los angeles. now he's brought his skills home. the air space is useless. nobody is using it. now, being able to use it to accommodate as much
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of the people in the community, has really transformed the area. it's expensive and not new, but lagos needs a way to retrofit the city without moving people out. the government has cleared slums by force. opponents say 300,000 people in a0 communities are now threatened with eviction. it's forced eviction. we know it makes slums. if you demolish it, it is a slum. naturally, two or three slums will spring up. they suspect it is to make way for bigger plans. many based on luxury, waterfront living. lagos will be a financial hub for nigeria and the whole of west africa... it is great. we are in the east end of the site and then between here and the cafe... this man has great views of the new development from his penthouse. lagos has to balance a modern vision against inequality. there will always remain the super—rich and there will always remain the people who are just simply below the poverty line.
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but the hope is, over the next few years, you will see that gap bridged, as more people get morejobs. nigeria's first electric railway is nearly finished. but the people keep coming and the city will need electricity, services, jobs and a better plan for them all. and this is happening across africa. alistair leithhead, bbc news, lagos. and there's more on that story in a special report on—line. that's on our website. go to the countdown has begun to a total solar eclipse which takes place tomorrow, with millions of americans preparing to see this once—in—a—lifetime spectacle. it will be the first eclipse to cross the usa from coast to coast in 99 years. people in the uk will be able to see a partial eclipse at about 8pm tomorrow as long as there are a clear skies. the town of hopkinsville in kentucky is along the path of the eclipse,
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and thousands of people have gathered to enjoy the spectacle. people used to say where areas hopkinsville? now nobody says that. the greatest thing to us.|j hopkinsville? now nobody says that. the greatest thing to us. i love it. it is cool. it is bringing out the best in everybody and everybody is together. i love it. i am best in everybody and everybody is together. i love it. iam very excited. it is fine. i have just been here a year. it it is awesome. i will be here watching. been here a year. it it is awesome. i will be here watchinglj been here a year. it it is awesome. i will be here watching. i am 0k with it stop you whatever happens, happens. solar eclipse! thank god i am here with my daughter. the moon is going to cover the sun for like two minutes and 37 seconds. we have been talking about it for actually years. it has been building up all these years. it is incredible, it
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really is. exciting stuff. that is tomorrow. the wreckage of a us naval ship sunk by the japanese towards the end of the second world war has been discovered in the philippine sea. the uss indianapolis has been located more than three miles below the surface by a search vessel funded by the microsoft co—founder, paul allen. it was destroyed returning from its secret mission to deliver parts for the atomic bomb which was later used on hiroshima. now it's time for the weather with phil avery. thank you. another day of mixed fortu nes thank you. another day of mixed fortunes across the british isles. some of you ended up with a lot of cloud and some rain as well. and you can see first being it is still that way. mild as you step out. if you are anywhere near that weather front, that is. not all doom and
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gloom. scotland, the east of the pennines, east anglia, fine and dry and sunny. make the most of it. eventually, some of this cloud will work its way further north, spilling in over the pennines, and eventually robbing you of sunshine across the southern parts of scotland and throughout. it will be one of those days for northern ireland. the afternoon, i am days for northern ireland. the afternoon, iam hopeful some sunshine will break across the southern counties of england and wales. where it does, i think we will get better than 21 degrees. it could be 24. i am not sure of the rain goes across the pennines or further north in the scotland. northern ireland, rain through the day. it becomes an increasing player in the south—western corner of scotland. slow progress, this rain. not completing its journey into the far north of mainland scotland until lunchtime early afternoon on tuesday. it ends up being a little
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bit like monday. not as murky in the southern part of england and wales, but come the afternoon, a greater chance of sunshine. and where the sun comes out, it is not a scorcher, but possibly a27. certainly a dry prospect for northern ireland. —— a 27. their risk potential, given the air has come from the tropics up and across the british isles, for us to see the 25 or so until the cold front goes across the british isles. for some in the south—east, the last day we see 25. further north in the england and scotland, one of those days, iam england and scotland, one of those days, i am afraid. are a lot of rain in the top end of the weather front wrapping around and back into northern ireland during thursday. elsewhere, thursday and friday, a
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mixture of sunny spells and showers. quite a bit going on if you want it at your place as ever. it is right there at the bbc website. hello there. this is bbc news


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