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tv   Newsday  BBC News  August 22, 2017 1:00am-1:31am BST

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i'm rico hizon, in singapore. the headlines: the us navy temporarily suspends operations worldwide, after one of its destroyers collides with a tanker near singapore. unveiling america's latest plan for it's troops in afghanistan — president trump will shortly announce his new strategy. i'm babita sharma, in london. also in the programme: spanish police say they have killed the main suspect in the barcelona terror attack. and a magical moment — the first time in a century americans get to watch the total eclipse of the sun. good morning.
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it is 8:00am in singapore, 1:00am in london, and 8:00pm in washington, where us defence secretary james mattis has confirmed a broad investigation will take place, after a collision between a us destroyer and oil tanker near singapore. ten american sailors are still missing, with a sea rch—and—rescue operation ongoing. the ussjohn s mccain is the second us navy ship to be involved in a serious collision in as many months. 0ur asia correspondent karishma vaswani has been to see the ship, which has now docked in singapore. this is what happens when a massive oil tanker collides with a us warship. a gaping hole in the side of the ussjohn s mccain, an american destroyer with more than 300 crew on board. it was on its way to singapore when, just before dawn, it collided with this merchant vessel, the liberian—flagged alnic mc,
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an oil and chemical tanker much larger than the warship. it is still not clear how the collision happened, but ten american sailors are still missing, and five were injured in the incident. an international sea rch—and—rescue operation is under way, involving the us, singapore, and neighbouring malaysia. this is not normal, no. this is an international disaster for them. it's possible that some combination of poor seamanship or some combination of things going wrong with the ship, actually things physically going wrong with the ship, that could have led to this. this collision couldn't have come at a more awkward time for the united states. it is in the midst of its annual military drills with south korea, that was launched this week, and it follows another collision with another us warship earlier this year, with a merchant vessel. this trend demands more forceful action. as such, i'll direct an operational pause be taken in all of our fleets around the world.
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i want our fleet commanders to get together with their leaders and their commands to ensure that we're taking all appropriate, immediate actions to ensure safe and effective operations around the world. and the us defence secretary, james mattis, says there will be a wider investigation into us naval operations after the collision. the chief of naval operations‘ broader inquiry will look at all related accidents, incidents at sea, that sort of thing. he is going to look at all factors, notjust the immediate ones, which will fall rightly under the fleet commanders‘ investigation. all of this is raising questions about just how effective the world's most powerful navy is in this part of the world. karishma vaswani, bbc news, singapore. we will be getting some analysis on the next steps for the us navy
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a little later in the programme. let's take a look at some of the day's other news: president trump is to announce the us‘s latest approach to its war in afghanistan, after 16 years in the country. in a rare prime time address, he will talk to us troops and the american public about the number of forces deployed there and the policies his administration now plan to implement. the bbc‘s aleem maqbool in washington said trump has not previously directly addressed the war since becoming president. well, not in an address like this. he has tweeted about it occasionally, talking about the fact that he had inherited a mess in afghanistan, and saying he was going to make it a bit less messy. so let's see what he is going to announce today. what we are likely to hear is a couple of things. an increase in troop numbers, which is certainly something of a departure from the way he saw things in the 0bama years,
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and even during the election campaign. but the other thing we are likely to hear, potentially, is more pressure being exerted on neighbouring pakistan, saying that that country, that does of course receive american aid, needs to do much more. now, on the first point, about troop numbers, there are around 8,500 american troops in afghanistan still, and donald trump is likely to increase that, we hear, by a few thousand. he has left this decision somewhat to military experts, to the generals, against the wishes, i have to say, of others in his team. those he campaigned with on their strategy of america first meant that they want to donald trump to focus much more at home, and be less of an interventionist, less of a world policeman. 0n the second point, about pakistan, of course, the pakistani military says it has
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been doing everything it can, it has made lots of sacrifices when it comes to fighting militants. but there is a sense among the american military that it has to do much more. and don't forget you can watch live coverage of president trump's speech in just a few hours‘ time here on bbc world news. also this hour: the iraqi army says it is advancing on the town of tal afar, the latest stage of a major offensive against the islamic state group. it says it has taken a number of villages on the outskirts of the town. the military are being urged to rescue people from the minority yazidi community, who the militants may be holding as slaves. an earthquake with magnitude of a5 has hit the italian island of ischia, off the coast of naples. at least one person has been killed and more than 20 injured. residents and tourists on the island ran out onto the streets from homes and hotels.
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several buildings have collapsed. the bangladeshi movie star abdur razzak has died at the age of 77. in a decorated career, the actor appeared in more than 500 bengali—language movies. he was born in the indian state of west bengal, but later migrated to bangladesh to pursue a career in film. he died after suffering a cardiac arrest. let‘s get more now on our top story: ten american sailors are still missing after a collision between a us destroyer and oil tanker near singapore. the us defence secretary, james mattis, has promised a broad investigation into what happened. leisha sa ntorelli is on the singapore coast. it has been more than 2a hours, what more can you tell us? the authorities said the search and
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rescue efforts continue through the night. it is a wide—ranging operation involving us singaporean and malaysian vessels. in the past oui’ we and malaysian vessels. in the past our we have been here, we have heard planes and helicopters in the sky. this is one of the world ‘s busiest waterways. some of the ships behind me are only have only metres beside them. they are to look for any people in the water. the malaysian navy said conditions can be challenging in the search and rescue operations because waves can reach 1.5 metres and if the ten missing sailors did not have life jackets it would be challenging for them. it does not make it easy for the families. in the ussjohn s mccain.
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we have not had any names released but we have had our pores of support on social media hoping for the best but also a lot of questions about how a warship could have got into a collision with an oil tank given that the warship has gps systems and eyes on board. how could they have missed such a large ship. what more can you tell us about the collision? as far as we know, it was not intentional. that comes from the head of us navy operations but they are examining every possibility. there have been questions about cyber interference or jamming there have been questions about cyber interference orjamming of the raiders. they do not believe it is intentional. —— the radars. this
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will be done in a staggered timeline, the investigation, to assess what could have caused this instance. this is one of several insta nces instance. this is one of several instances that have happened. seven sailors died when the uss fitzgerald collided off the west coast of japan. either way, the questions will be taking place is to what they can do to prevent something like this happening again because it has damaged the credibility of the us navy. spanish police say they‘ve shot dead the main suspect responsible for carrying out last week‘s terror attack in barcelona. authorities say the man appeared to be wearing a suicide belt. the bbc‘s tom burridge is in subirats, where the operation took place. the hunt for a young man who murdered so many ended here. a normally tranquil part of the catalonian countryside this afternoon swarmed with armed police.
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in the sky, officers checking for accomplices. but, hunted for days, younes abouyaaqoub died out here, on his own. the catalan police have shot dead younes abouyaaqoub, driver of the van and perpetrator of the attack in barcelona on thursday, causing the death 01:14 people. it all happened up in the hills above barcelona. "it is shocking for a terrorist to be in the village," this man told us. "everyone knows each other here." locals say abouyaaqoub was spotted by a woman this morning, who tipped off police. he apparently ran off into a field. in the space of four days, younes abouyaaqoub had travelled right out into the countryside here, tens of kilometres away from barcelona.
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when confronted by police, he revealed he was wearing what appeared to be a suicide belt. one report says he shouted "allahu akbar," god is great in arabic, before officers shot him dead. earlier today, the man—hunt moved up a gear. cctv released of abouyaaqoub‘s movements, after he drove a van indiscriminately down las ramblas, new images of a man motivated to kill as many as he could. we think this video, filmed by a local woman, shows the car he stole after the las ramblas attack. the owner was stabbed to death. they got out of their cars with all their guns. lots of police suddenly arrived, in seconds. the police believe that abouyaaqoub was part of the larger network, which they have now dismantled. five suspected members were shot dead when they tried to carry out an attack last thursday
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in the town of cambrils. four more have been arrested. the authorities are hoping to gain valuable information from them. and two were killed in an explosion in the town of alcanar. they include abdelbaki es satty, an imam, and the network‘s suspected leader. the bbc has learned that he left brussels last year after being reported for his radical teaching. it was in the sleepy town of ripoll where he preached, where it is reveal he filled young minds with hate, among them younes abouyaaqoub. his murderous mission ended here. born in morocco, at 22, he became a killer in spain. you are watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme: a mystery at sea. the investigation into the disappearance of a woman
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who took a trip on a submarine, and was never seen again. also on the programme: hundreds of millions around the world watch one of the greatest wonders of the universe — the total eclipse of the sun. washington, the world‘s most political city, is today assessing the political health of the world‘s most powerful man. indeed, i did have a relationship with miss lewinsky that was not appropriate. in fact, it was wrong. in south africa, 97 people have been killed today, in one of the worst days of violence between rival black groups. over the last ten days, 500 have died. chanting: czechoslovakia must be free! russia is observing a national day of mourning for the 118 submariners who died on board the kursk. we‘re all with them now, within our hearts.
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the pope has celebrated mass before a congregation of more than 2.5 million people, in his hometown of krakow. "stay with us, stay with us," chanted this ocean of humanity. "well, well," joked the pope, "so you want me to desert rome?" this is newsday on the bbc. i‘m rico hizon in singapore. thanks forjoining us, i‘m babita sharma in london. the top stories: the us navy temporarily suspends operations worldwide after one of its destroyers collides with a tanker near singapore. president trump is due to make a prime—time address to the american people to outline his vision of the
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us role in afghanistan. let‘s take a look at some front pages from around the world. the international edition of the new york times analyses the us decision to conductjoint military exercises with south korea. the paper says that a debate is building in the us over a possible strike on north korea and the white house is determined to leave the impression that the military option is real. philippines inquirer is dominated by a story on the dark side of president duterte‘s drugs war. it claims that the autopsy of a teenage drug suspect shot by the police contradicts official accounts and show that it is an extra—judicial killing. the strait times of singapore reports on that collision of the us navy destroyer with an oil tanker in the region. a 250—strong singaporean team has joined efforts to find ten sailors who have gone missing after the incident. babita, what‘s trending online?
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0ne one of my favourite songs of the 19805. one of my favourite songs of the 1980s. are you going to sing it for us, rico? do you want me to? turn around, bright eyes. and i need you tonight... a total eclipse of the heart. that‘s not quite the song how i remember it going but quite that‘s the whole song, babita. that was more of a medley than the original. we can have a little 0lesen to how it really sounded. —— listen. 0nce
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once upon 0nce upona once upon a time there was light in my life, now there‘s only love in the dark. nothing i can say, a total eclipse of the heart. , and! /, and! i eclipse of the heart. , and! /, and! ——, one! 0nly bonnie tyler has that voice. she sounded amazing. she was doing that rendition of the classic tune from the 1980s when the eclipse is taking place in america on monday and when the song was made famous in the 1980s, today was a perfect day for it to return to number one. thousands of troops, aircraft and naval vessels from the us and south korea are embarking on a major military exercise. thejoint operation,
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which has taken place regularly since 1976, takes place at a time of rising tension on the korean peninsula. north korea has condemned the operation as a highly provocative rehearsal for war. jatinder dhillon reports. south korean and us forces began computers in related military exercises on monday which will run for two weeks in the south. nearly 18,000 us troops and 50,000 south korean troops are taking part in the exercise. the joint wardens korean troops are taking part in the exercise. thejoint wardens happen every year and are described as defensive in nature, but this time round there taking place after unprecedented periods of tension with the north. after pyongyang tested two intercontinental ballistic missile isles last month. the south korean president, moon
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jae—in, warned north korea not to use the exercises as an excuse to further aggravate the situation on the pennant chiller. translation: north korea must understand these brett repeated provocations are forcing south korea and the us to conductjoint defensive drills and so conductjoint defensive drills and so this keeps the visuals cycle going. but north korea's official news agency denounced the exercises. china, north korea‘s main ally, has said it wants the us and south korea to stop the large—scale annual exercises altogether. translation: we think that holding joint drills isn‘t beneficial to easing the current tensions, nor do they help effo rts current tensions, nor do they help efforts by all sides to engage in talks. the war of words continue. pyongyang has warned that it could still press ahead with its threat to fire missiles into waters near the
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us military base on the pacific island of guam qualm. that threat came in response to donald trump‘s warning that the us could rain fire and fury on north korea if it acts against the united states. the surge in regional tension and un sanctions show no sign of inducing north korea to change its behaviour. it‘s a case that‘s gripped, and now shocked denmark. a well—known inventor takes a journalist on his self—built submarine only for her never to be seen again. catriona renton has more. since kim wall went missing, the waters around sweden have been searched for her. now a female torso has been found. police said a cyclist saw a body in the sea and alerted them. translation: it's obvious that the police, the media, and everybody else wonders if it is the body of kim wall. it‘s too early to say anything. we really don‘t know. when we get an id, if it is kim wall or somebody else, we will announce it. but we don‘t know at the current time. this was kim wall and peter madsen
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on his submarine, the nautilus, pictured on the 10th of august. she was going to write a feature about him and a a0 ton submarine he built himself. she has not been seen since, and was reported missing by her boyfriend, with divers, helicopters, and boats out looking for her. peter madsen was spotted on the nautilus again the next day. his submarine sank, but he was rescued. he initially claimed he had dropped kim wall off on one of copenhagen‘s islands, but now he says there was an accident, that she died, and he buried her at sea. but he denies any wrongdoing. translation: my client has not confessed anything. my client still pleads not guilty to the charges against him. now police believe peter madsen sunk his own submarine and has been charged with negligent manslaughter. a total solar eclipse has swept
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across america. for the first time in 99 years. power players joined the watchers in oregon. —— pallara ghosh. they came in their tens of thousands, like pilgrims, to the tiny town of madras. they came to witness one of nature‘s greatest spectacles. it is 10:15am in the morning, but it seems like night—time. we are just a few seconds away from the total eclipse, and the moon has almost completely covered the sun. it looks like a smiley face in the sky. the sun dims to an eerie, pale light. up above, a thin smile in the sky. and then a flash, a diamond ring, and then... the moon blocks the sun‘s bright disc. its atmosphere, normally washed away by the solar lights, now appears as a halo around the moon. it seems like a shimmering black pearl, hanging in the sky. it was like a religious
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experience to me. i photographed it, ivideotaped it, i got some successful pictures, i cried. this is definitely something you have to see in person. it's something that you can't describe unless you've been here and actually seen it. the eclipse crossed the entire us, ten states, a distance of 2,500 miles, injust 90 minutes. from coast to coast, it seemed, everyone was interested. people were dazzled by the spectacle. the last time an eclipse crossed the country was nearly 100 years ago. even american football pitches have been turned over to science. all across the us, astronomers collected data, which they will send to nasa. we would like to learn more about how these eclipses affect
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the planet, and how they affect the atmosphere, if there is any atmospheric disturbance, if it causes wind changes, or temporary climate changes in the area. for two incredible minutes, the tiny town became the centre of the universe, as those here became the first in america to witness one of the great wonders of the solar system. palla ra pallara ghosh, bbc news, madras. before we go, london had to say a sad goodbye today. big ben has said farewell until 2021 for the next four years the bills will only sound for important events while it undergoes important researchers, refurbishment. see you again soon. hello.
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it looks as though many areas are going to start off with a mild but murky start to the new day on tuesday. the weather front that‘s introduced this fare is just lurking there across the top half of scotland, still producing the odd bit and piece of rain. following on behind, a lot of low cloud. if you are in the high ground of the pennines, for example, you could have some conditions that will not be great, so take it easy first thing. it will take a time for the day to really get going. but we get some heat, pop some of that cloud, so i think the sunshine will break through the cloud and the temperatures will respond. i need to put into the mix this little feature ganging the showers togetherfor a time in northern ireland and the far south—west of scotland. some heavy downpours, there. dribs and drabs to be head across the north of scotland. the odd isolated but heavy shower there across parts of the north—east of england, coming down towards the sort of top end of the pennines, and then further south of that, a lot of fine, dry weather to be had after that dull start. still quite a bit of
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cloud around for some. i‘ve shown widely 22, 23, 2a, but with sunshine in the right place, we could well be looking at 26 or 27 degrees, and we haven‘t been there so far this august. the humid air is ahead of this cold front. during wednesday, that front will work from west to east, bringing fresher conditions from the atlantic. but that is going to take some time. there the band of cloud, and that is all it will be, in the south. ahead of it, that‘s where we boost the temperatures. the top end of that weather front will be quite active. so it‘s one of those days, or certainly one of those mornings, for the greater part of scotland. the rain becoming increasingly confined to northern isles as we move into the afternoon. widely into the teens across the western side of the british isles, with the last of the heat holding on in the south—east and east anglia. and then come thursday, pretty much we‘re all in this fresher run of atlantic air will come in moving from west to east.
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that area of low pressure will still be close to ireland. that pushes the front back and across northern ireland, so that is not a shower there, but persistent rain, and will be in the north part of scotland. elsewhere, a pretty reasonable day. temperatures coming back to the seasonal norm. but with a bit of sunshine, it will feel pleasant at about 21 or 22 at best. friday, similar sort of fare. still got the low pressure right there, still throwing the chance of some pretty hefty showers across the northern half of britain. it i‘m babita sharma with bbc news. our top story: the us navy has temporarily suspended operations worldwide after one of its destroyers collided with a tanker near singapore. ten american sailors are still missing. the ussjohn s mccain is the second us navy ship to be involved in a serious collision in as many months. president trump‘s due to make a prime—time address to the american people to outline his vision of the us role in afghanistan. is expected to occur in half an
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hour. an increase in numbers is expected. earlier this month he said he‘d inherited a mess and he was going to make it a lot less messy. it was a sight to behold. hundreds of millions of people have watched the first total solar eclipse to sweep across america from the pacific coast to the atlantic in almost a century. stay with bbc news. we will have live coverage of president trump‘s address in half an hour. and the top story here in the uk...
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