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welcome to bbc new, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: a special report from yemen, where millions face starvation because of a saudi—led blockade. protests in arizona ahead of a speech from president trump, a day after a u—turn on his policy on afghanistan. as suspects in the barcelona attack appear in court, police reveal much bigger assaults were being planned. "numb and confused": princes william and harry talk to the bbc about the days after their mother's death, 20 years ago. hello. leaked documents from the united nations, obtained
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by the bbc, suggest both sides in yemen's war are violating international law. they say that both parties are killing and maiming children and that the saudi—led coalition is blocking the delivery of food and medicine. yemen is now in its third year of war, which has created the world's most urgent humanitarian crisis. the bbc‘s nawal al maghafi reports from the houthi—held area of hudaydah. a warning, you may find some of the images disturbing. many of yemen's children have only ever known war. child coughing and hudaydah central hospital is full of them. victims of a conflict that has left their country battered, broken and starving. i first met dr abdullah al zuhayri a year ago. he tells me things are now much worse. translation: we have started to see so many more cases of malnutrition. now, it's not only
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the poor bringing their children here, we are seeing cases of severely malnourished children from middle—class families too. he takes me to meet boy, just three years old, his immune system is failing. he needs intensive care, but there are no beds available. his family stay by his side. as we talk, the doctor interrupts us. a bed has been freed, and he is rushed to intensive care. this is one of the area's last functioning hospitals, but it's on the brink. all these people have spent
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all the money they have to get this far. now the electricity is off, so all the machines are off, all be incubators are off, all the oxygen has stopped. and this happens all the time. the war between the saudi—backed government and the houthi rebels is now in its third year. the region's richest nation bombing its poorest. it's killed thousands and left millions homeless. we head across town. wherever you go, displaced people line the streets. with all borders closed, there's no escape. even the refugee camp offered no protection for mohammed and his family. hudaydah is yemen's main port city —
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it should be a lifeline, but now it's barely operating, after the saudi coalition bombed the cranes and blocked their replacements. food should not be a weapon of war, food should be a weapon of peace. 95% of all the food that we need to feed the innocent people comes through this sport. if this port is bombed and completely made useless, literally hundreds of thousands of children will die and millions of people will die along with it. but it's notjust starvation that the war is causing. yemen now faces the worst cholera
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outbreak in the world has seen in decades. this 13—year—old caught it along with 18 members of his family. in the intensive care unit, we get a desperate call from his mother. he's taken a turn for the worse. we arrive, but it's too late. as his father says goodbye, the family asks us to carry on filming, to show the world these
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heartbreaking images. another child born into a war that has now taken his life. nawal al maghaf, bbc news, yemen. america's secretary of state has acknowledged that the united states may not be able to win the war in afghanistan, in contrast to president trump's speech on monday. rex tillerson told reporters in washington the taliban couldn't win either and at some point there would have to be peace talks. he said pakistan could play an important role in bringing the taliban to the negotiating table, but would have to change its own long—standing policy. i think the president was clear: this entire effort is intended to put pressure on the taliban, to have the taliban understand, you will not win a battlefield victory. we may not win one, but neither will you. and so at some point,
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we have to get to the negotiating table and find some way to bring this to an end. we have witnessed terrorist organisations being given safehaven, inside of pakistan, to plan and carry out attacks on us servicemen, us officials, disrupting peace efforts inside of afghanistan. pakistan must adopt a different approach. well, 2a hours after his speech, president trump is in arizona. let's go live there now. he's just coming out onto the stage. music plays # i love this land # god bless the usa # and i'm proud to be an american
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# where at least i know i'm free # and i won't forget the men who died # and gave that right to me # i love this land... the president isjust the president is just about to speak but soaking up the love of the crowd. i think it feels the need to buoy himself up. many supporters in arizona. wow, what a crowd. what a crowd. chanting: trump!
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trump! and just so you know, from the secret service, there aren't too many people outside protesting, 0k? that i can tell you. a lot of people on here, a lot of people pouring in right now. yet they in, whatever you can do, fire marshals, we appreciate it. i want to thank mike pence for the introduction. as well as my friend dr ben carson. and thank you toa friend dr ben carson. and thank you to a very, very special man,
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franklin graham, for leading us in prayer. and thank you to alveda king. denise of martin luther king. —— denise. it really shows that we are nation with faith. i'm glad to be back in phoenix, in the great state of arizona. where so many thousands of ha rd—working state of arizona. where so many thousands of hard—working american patriots leave. i would love if the cameras can show this crowd because it is rather incredible. it is incredible. it is incredible. as
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everybody here remembers, this was the scene of my first rally speech, right? the crowds were so big, almost as big as the night, but the people said right at the beginning, you know, there's something special happening here and we went to centre stage almost from day one in the debates. we loved those debates. but we went to centre stage and we never left, right? all of us, did it together. you were there at the start, you've been there every single day since and i will never forget, believe me, arizona, iwill never forget. and forget, believe me, arizona, iwill neverforget. and i'm here tonight to send a message, we are fully and totally committed to fighting for
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oui’ totally committed to fighting for our agenda and we will not stop until thejob is our agenda and we will not stop until the job is done. this evening, joined together with friends, we reaffirm our shared customs, traditions and values. we love our country. we celebrate our trip, we embrace ourfreedom, we respect our flag, we are proud trip, we embrace ourfreedom, we respect ourflag, we are proud of oui’ respect ourflag, we are proud of our history. we cherish our constitution, including by the way the second amendment. cheering chanting: usa! usa! we
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fully protect religious liberty. we believe in law and order and we support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. and we pledge oui’ of law enforcement. and we pledge our legions to one nation under god. you always understood what washington, dc did not. our movement isa washington, dc did not. our movement is a movement built on love, its love for fellow citizens, its love for struggling americans who have been left behind and love for every american child who deserves a chance to have all of their dreams come true. from the inner cities to the
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rural outposts, from the sunbelt to the rustbelt, from east to west and north to south, our movement is built on the conviction that every american from every background is entitled to a government that puts their needs first. it is finally time to rebuild our country, to take ca re of time to rebuild our country, to take care of our people and to fight for theirjobs our great care of our people and to fight for their jobs our great american workers deserve and that's what we're doing. after our amazing election victory,
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the forgotten men and women, do you remember we used to talk about the forgotten men and women before the election, guess what, they are not forgotten, ever, anyone. no, they are not forgotten any more, folks. in fact, they are trying to figure you out. they are saying, the instructions, how do we get them to vote for us? i don't think that is going to happen any time soon. we believe that every american has the right to live with dignity. respect for america demands respect from all of its people. loyalty to our nation requires loyalty to each other. we all share the same home, the same dreams, and the same hopes for a
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better future. a wound dreams, and the same hopes for a betterfuture. a wound inflicted on one member of our community is a wound inflicted upon us all. you saw last night. you saw last night. did anyone watch last night? yeah. when one part of america hurts, we all hurt. and when one american suffers injustice, all of america suffers together. we are all together. it is time for us to follow the example of oui’ time for us to follow the example of our brave american soldiers... i was with a lot of them last night. fort myers. no matter where they come from, no matter what fate they practise, they form a single,
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unbreakable team. —— faith. that is what we are. we are a team. we are all united by devotion to the country and mission. it is time for all of us to remember that we are all of us to remember that we are all on the same team, we are all americans, and we all believe, right now, in america first. and it's happening, and it's happening fast. i see all of those red hats and white hats, it is all happening very fast. it is called make america great again. you see what is going on. it is coming back very fast. we wa nt every
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on. it is coming back very fast. we want every child to succeed, every community to prosper, and every struggling american to have a chance for a better life. what happened in cha rlottesville for a better life. what happened in charlottesville strikes at the core of america. and tonight, this whole arena stands united in condemnation of the thugs who perpetrate hatred and violence. but be very dishonest media, those people up there... booing. so, the... and i mean truly dishonest people in the media and
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the fake media. they make up stories, they have no sources in many cases. they say a source says, there is no such thing. but they don't report the facts. just like they don't want to report that i spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry, and violence. i strongly condemn the neo—nazis, the white supremacist, and the kkk. i openly called for unity, ceiling, and love, and they know it, because they were all there. —— healing. so, what! did... so, what i did, is, i thought, i am did... so, what i did, is, i thought, iam really did... so, what i did, is, i thought, i am really doing this more than anything else, because you know where my heart is... ok? i am really doing this to show you how damned dishonest these people are. so, here
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is my first statement when i heard about charlottesville, and i have a home in charlottesville. a lot of people don't know. here is the first... i can't believe they have not figured this out yet. now they finally know. i don't want to bore you with this, but it shows how dishonest they are. most of you know this anyway. here is what i could really fast. here is what i said on saturday. we are closely following the terrible events unfolding in charlottesville, virginia, this is me speaking, we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence. that is me speaking on saturday. right after the event. so, i am condemning in the event. so, i am condemning in the strongest possible terms this
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violence. 0k? the strongest possible terms this violence. ok? you don't care about that too much. but then when they talk, . .. that too much. but then when they talk,... he did not say it fast enough... he did not do it on time. why did it take one day? he must be a racist. it took a day! booing. dishonest people. so, here it is... here is me, i hope they are showing how many people are in this room, but they won't, they don't even do that! the only time they showed the crowds is when there is a disruptor, an anarchist, in the room, believe me, they have plenty of them, they don't want to talk about them. this is me! they have no place in america, i am talking about hatred, bigotry, and violence. it has no place in america. what is vital now
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isa place in america. what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and a protection of innocent lives. no citizen should ever feel afraid to ever go outside and play, be with their parents, have a good time. this is me speaking. here is further... this is on saturday. the first time. i did this three times! we have to come together as americans with love for the nation and true affection. really, and i say this so strongly through affection for each other. i did not say true affection for you and you, isaid say true affection for you and you, i said for each other, all of us, all of us, all of us. but they don't report it. they don't... theyjust let it go... president trump in phoenix, arizona. he said we are the
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dishonest media. he also got the crowd to boo the people with the cameras, claiming again he forcefully condemned the white supremacists in charlottesville. returning to his speech 2a hours ago, he said we are all together. when one american suffers, we are all suffering. words of unity. he said the entire arena stands united against thugs who promote bigotry and violence and hatred. he said there were very few protesters outside. that is not true. there are quite a few across from the convention centre in phoenix. despite what he is saying, the arena he is speaking to is not full to capacity. we will go back to that, but more international news. one of the suspects from barcelona
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told a court that they were planning a much larger assault targeting monuments. tom burridge reports from barcelona for us. in the wake of the deadliest terror attack in spain in years, four men moved from barcelona last night. one by one, they were led into a high—security prison outside madrid. the four men in court today are all linked in different ways to last week's attacks and a wider plot. mohamed houli chemlal, this morning taken to court in his hospital pyjamas. last wednesday, he was badly injured in an explosion in the town of alcanar. he admitted in court the group was planning a larger attack. he will remain in prison, and faces terrorism charges. driss oukabir‘s passport was found in the rented van which was driven with such deadly effect down las ramblas the following day. he has also been imprisoned and charged.
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the man driving the van, younes abouyaaqoub, was shot dead by police yesterday in countryside outside barcelona. another suspect, salah el karib. he owned an internet cafe in ripoll and tonight remains in custody pending further enquiries. there have been police raids tonight in ripoll and elsewhere. and the fourth man in court, mohamed aalla. he denied being the owner of the audi a3 used in the attack in the coastal resort of cambrils on friday morning. today, he has been released without charge. it's now been confirmed that a speed camera clocked four of the attackers as they drove to paris in that very car a week before the attacks. police in catalonia say their investigation is far from over. in las ramblas, five days on, there is a palpable sense of defiance. spain is a country where much of life is lived outdoors, and no amount of terror will change that.
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but, of course, many lives have been cruelly touched forever. brave british tourist, harry athwal, held a young boy after he had been hit by the van. much more news at any time on the bbc website to be thank you so much for watching. —— website. hi there. yesterday was a pretty humid day, wasn't it? we did have some sunshine coming through. the best in southwest england, temperatures climbing to 25 degrees in bute. it was not sunny everywhere, a couple of inches of rain in northern ireland, 15 millimetres in just four hours in county tyrone. rain not just heavy but also thundery. thunderstorms rumbling north—east across northern ireland through the night. to the start of friday, the band of rain has moved away from northern ireland and into scotland. a soggy start with some wet weather swinging into north—west england. mild and muggy to start for many of us, 16—17 degrees. wet weather still with us for a good part of the morning across scotland. for eastern areas, low cloud with fog patches around the coast and hills.
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an improving picture in northern ireland. cloud breaking to give some sunny spells. starting to see things a bit brighter nibbling in across south—west of wales and south—west england as well. time to see what happens through the rest of wednesday. this area of cloud and rain is tied in with this weather front. slowly pushing eastwards across the country. ahead of that front, warm and muggy air across east anglia and south—east england. if the sunshine comes out through the cloud, it could become very warm. generally, the weather turning a bit fresher from the west as the day goes by. temperatures getting into the low 20s, perhaps even mid— 20s in the warmest areas in the west. further east, we could see highs of 27. to get that, we need some sunshine. 27 would be the hottest
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day of august so far. wednesday night, rain taking a while to clear from north—east scotland. through the night, showers from north—western areas. a fresh night, temperatures 13—14 fairly widely. the picture through thursday, a north—west, south—east split. a flat ridge of high pressure in the south, keeping weather largely dry for southern areas on thursday. close to the low pressure in the north—west, seeing a number of showers affecting northern ireland, scotland and the north—west of england. the driest and sunniest weather across southern and eastern areas. that's your forecast.
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