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tv   The Papers  BBC News  August 24, 2017 10:45pm-11:01pm BST

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‘ are at the back to europe. they are at the lowest level for three years, and the express is sort of celebrating this, and it is saying now we have to leave you... of course, more than half of aggression was from the eu in the first place. we could have stopped that altogether, it was nothing to do with the eu, but there isa nothing to do with the eu, but there is a net migration figures, because pa rt is a net migration figures, because part of the reason for the dissatisfaction that led to believe what was probably to do with the number of people coming to this country. they express has patched a story in a particular way, edward nominally emphasise that this was their first evidence of brexit, even though we haven't looked yet left, and it also contradicts some of the claims being made that it will be
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difficult to get staff, and there might be star sorted is and so on until poor. and it points out that migration from the eu is higher than it was for the eastern european states key men and things like this. you hang that there might be other ta kes you hang that there might be other takes on this. take us to the ft. they have a different take. and in my opinion, a more balanced it. it covers my opinion, a more balanced it. it cove rs it my opinion, a more balanced it. it covers it more comprehensively, the point about overseas students that ros mansion. it points out that it was believed that 100,000 overseas didn't overstayed, in fact the actual figure is 4600. that is greater dramatic fall. it is quite interesting that in the express the same story is presented the government closing down bogus colleges, largely, thisjust seems a long piece of counting summer. you'd bridges that many overseas student ofa saint
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bridges that many overseas student of a saint by closing down bogus colleges. inmates also the point that already there has been a 17% fall in farm workers applying to, during the summer, and for people wanting to take upjobs in nursing, so wanting to take upjobs in nursing, so there is quite impact there of the people not staying on, wanting to leave, and therefore the impact on the economy. it could be quite, tip. i think the most important thing for me in this story is that employers are becoming seriously concerned. this ebi and enterjudah directors have both expressed concerns today. serious concerns about struggling to recruit enough workers to do the work that needs to be done if business is to be able to continue as it has been. there is a real downside to the emigration story, which is every can't get enough skilled workers coming in, or
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enough skilled workers coming in, or enough workers coming and to do the jobs that we needed doing, then that will have a real serious impact on the economy, potentially. and employers are saying that eu citizens seem to be very nervous about overcoming here sting here and about overcoming here sting here and a way that they haven't seen before, and they want the government to clarify what eu workers' rights are going to be, and of course that is what the government and a ee were trying to do. the figures are that the unemployment rate is a loss since 1975. brexit supporters would say that is as law, but that sell theseis say that is as law, but that sell these is significant number of people without a job, so why can't those vacancies be filled by british people? they haven't got the skills. you are not going to get to 0%. this is an important one, actually, because the prime minister has come
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under a great deal of pressure from people with an reina party to exclude students from the numbers of net migrants. and she wants to count them still. she has insisted so far that they should be counted, but this story is that the way in which the government has tried to justify keeping the numbers of students included has been exposed as a bit ofa mad. included has been exposed as a bit of a mad. even nicky morgan they think that the reasons given gone ring true. for example, the government has said that it believed up government has said that it believed up until now that about 100,000 stu d e nts up until now that about 100,000 students who have come here to study don't go back after full stop in fa ct, don't go back after full stop in fact, the latest figures suggest that the true number is only a600. if we can be sure that the students coming here do actually go back, then they are not truly emigrants at
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all, and infact... then they are not truly emigrants at all, and in fact... the problem again is that fewer students are gradually coming and. 27,000 fewer students have applied to study at british universities. this is the central question. yes, you don't wa nt central question. yes, you don't want students to oversee, but what about those who want educated here, because that dividend is a generational dividend. the local home, they will have been linked with this country. that is what other highly developed societies do, thatis other highly developed societies do, that is what america does. every don't take that into account, we are paying a curious numbers game which actually can be various misleading. it is also crucial for the universities, because the universities, because the universities rely on overseas stu d e nts universities rely on overseas students coming in to help their budget. let's talk about those who might be going to university in the future and those who have done their gcses. girls outperforming boys. they kind of do every year. this is
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the new grading system. we have gone away from the old one. nine to me suggest to me that somebody gets 9%. what is and testing is that the girls that have done well have got 60% on grade nine, but at the same time, the overall pass rate has sank to their lowest level in nearly a decade, so i think this is a system that has been, if you like, tested, andl that has been, if you like, tested, and i think these results don't actually give us eco—as to how well it is working. which is how bound to be the case. that is what they headteachers are saying. reversing this sheer scale of the changes means you can't really compare the results this time than with the previous results, and the whole system has got to bed down. only three subjects have changed. everything else has been the same.
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it is only endless language, english literature and maps that have got the new gradings. —— english language. it is important to say that the a—level results as usual that the a—level results as usual that buys had overtaken girls. we're catching up. in the mail, page,. —— page two. this is also something that the prime minister has been signalling for quite some time, which is that she once too, if you like, havejustification which is that she once too, if you like, have justification for the extremely high—level paid for some top executives, so forcing companies top executives, so forcing companies to publish the ratio for top bosses‘ paid to the pay of the average worker. also, greg clark was together workers more say in the
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boardroom. i actually think that thatis boardroom. i actually think that that is a really good idea, it is something that germany does very well. they have unions and workers represented on their board, it much more collegiate, collaborative approach, and actually that could be very good for british business, i suspect. but they have backtracked from that. the prime minister's original proposals were more far reaching. i think this is a very good thing if they can do it, but they need to do it, because our accounts historically have not presented much information on what people are boardroom level down. they have given it in a very cryptic fashion, you would have to be quizmaster to figure it out. as you know, and this is part of the unease in our society, that the disparity in income between those who are well of and those who are not well of, we are not using that fresno from the prime minister balances that it is going, and that is a bad thing for society. and also, reward for
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failure is something that people can accept. very often you see that failing companies are still banking huge sums. let's go to the roads, and the front of the telegraph. driverless lorries to hedge uk roads. this is going to be lorries in convoys. protruding, it has been called. the first lorry will have a driver, the next two will not have a driver, the next two will not have a driver, but there will be a driver setting and niqab. they will be going along, and it is worrying the motoring industry. they are worried that this could cause an enormous amount of problems, because it might have skewered the exits. this will be quite interesting. there's might involve football formation. hybrid at work, i don't know?|j
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involve football formation. hybrid at work, i don't know? i am glad you have introduced some sport! are you feeling uneasy about this? i we have to be mindful about what the motoring organisation say, they are the experts. apparently they can't bite would be about the length of half a flip up edge. you might not be able to see road sign. this has already been done in america. yes, but american motorways are very different. and them to raise are not as crowded, say you cannot necessarily say that it is fined over there so it is ok already are. i think we have to be cautious. drivers who use their mobile phones as sat nav is no rest being banned from the road. i think this is really frightening. people do need to use their sat nav is, and the point is that even if you are touching the screen to change your route, and you attach your sat nav
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if you needed to change at it, you will get six points. surely you should start before you touch it? the phone sat nav 's are much better sometimes than the other ones. that is the problem. if you are driving ona is the problem. if you are driving on a motorway, that is the problem. true. on that note of uncertainty, thank you both very much. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, seven days a week at... and if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, ros and mihir. goodbye. asa
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as a result, it will be feeling a little cooler. the wetter weather is adnan office, because we are closer to this area of low pressure. eventually, it will head out into the sea this weekend and take a more savvy then. we still have more rain to come after the overnight rain. we have already had some flooding during the week, and shelley read across scotland. farther south and east, the best of the sunshine. not a grey deal of sunshine for scotland and northern ireland. get some sunshine across the north—east of scotland, and it could trigger some heavy showers in the afternoon. workload across northern england. could bring rain as well. most of wells could be dry, more cloud during the afternoon. sunnier skies on friday for the south—east, and it
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will be warmer. to the north, we have low pressure, and it gives the rain coming across scotland overnight. it does tend to become a little drive across northern ireland. clueless guys in the south. temperatures around ia or 15 degrees. quite a lot of clouds as we head into saturday, and the wet weather still around in scotland. i'd will take a while to clear, but a much better data on saturday for western scotland. there could be more showers drifting south, temperatures ranging from 1819 in glasgow and belfast. a lot of those showers will have pulled away on sunday, and if you do catch a shower on sunday, you're going to be quite an lucky. for the most part, it will be fine and dry. towards the north—west on monday, this weather front will spoil things on the bank
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holiday across scotland and northern ireland. the wind will be quite a bit stronger, so it is going to move that rain into northern england and wales later on. it will be sunnier and warmer and the saudis. —— in the south—east. this is bbc news. the headlines at 11pm: homeward bound — net migration is down to its lowest level for three years. many feel they're no longer earning enough here. sterling is going down, you know, and so we want to go there because we can find good jobs for the same money. the number of teenagers gaining the highest gcse grades has fallen, as the biggest shake—up of exams in england for a generation gets under way. the husband of the woman killed by a cyclist riding a bike with no front brakes calls for new laws to prevent another tragedy.
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and on newsnight what do today's migration statistics mean for theresa may, and what lessons can the uk learn from the


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