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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  August 25, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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-- all of the news in sport today. —— all of the sport news. hello, i'm steven wyeth. live from the bbc sport centre, this is sport today. coming up: reaction to the champions league draw, including a tough start to their defence for real madrid. unfinished business: zlatan ibrahimovic agrees to rejoin manchester united. and bowing out with a victory: four—time olympic champion mo farah wins his final race on the track. welcome to programme. the elite of european football now know who they'll face in the group stage of the champions league. they don't come much bigger than holders real madrid, who are part of what looks the toughest group. joining the spaniards in group h are german powerhouse borussia dortmund, and tottenham, runners—up in the premier league in may. monaco went all the way to the semi—finals last season, as well as winning the french title, and they'rejoining in group cheaper champions league
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debutants, rb leipzig. manchester city and napoli look the favourites to qualify from group f, although city's director of football doesn't think it's quite that straight forward. they are always able to be a good team. they know their south american market and are always able and capable to do a greatjob. for me, napoli is playing the best football in italy. they have a wonderful coach, a wonderful squad with a lot of pace in front, so very competitive. they like to play and are able to create problems. i think it will be a good group. five—time winners liverpool are in the group stage forjust the second time in eight seasons and will be satisfied with their draw.
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spartak moscow and slovenia's maribor are two of the lowest ranked teams in the competition. in the other half of the draw, europa league winners manchester united are another premier league side returning to this competition and are favourites to go through with one of benfica, basel or cska moscow. group b contains two teams who'll expect to go deep into the competition. big spending paris saint—germain and german champions bayern munich. i think both teams, paris and also us, we have the chance to go through. but especially the two matches against paris will be very tough. it's a tough club, a strong club. the historic club, big
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players. a big coach. it is fantastic what they've been doing for football and four bayern munich. it will be a privilege to play against bayern for the first time since we bought the club. it looks like any two from three to progress from group c. chelsea, atletico madrid and roma all have aspirations of making a big impression. finally, last season's beaten finalists juventus will aim to go one better from group d, alongside a team they beat en route to that final, barcelona. everton are among those to confirm their place in the europa league group stage draw, which takes place on friday. the premier league side took a 2—0 lead to hajduk split for the second leg, but they got a fright whenjosip radosevic‘s thunderous strike reduced the deficit two minutes before half—time.
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butjust 14 seconds intp the second half, everton's gylfi sigurdsson marked his debut with an even better goal, lobbing the home team's goalkeeper from close to the halfway line. so confirmation everton progress 3—1 on aggregate. elsewhere, athletic club of bilbao are through after beating panathinaikos i—nil on the night, and 4—2 on aggregate. valere germain scored twice for marseille as they beat the slovenian side domzale 3—nil, 4—1 overall. dutch giants ajax, already beaten in champions league qualifying, are out of europe altogether after a 3—2 defeat at rosenborg saw them lose 4—2 overall. and milan are through after winning i—nil in macedonia, 7—nil on aggregate. one other football story. gareth southgate has congratulated wayne rooney, after the everton
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striker announced his retirement from football. gareth southgate that he hoped to pick wayne rooney fully up he hoped to pick wayne rooney fully up coming qualifiers against malta and the bikie. i was evidently thinking of including him in the squad. his form has been brilliant. i thought there was a role he could play for the squad, but at the same timei play for the squad, but at the same time i fully understand his rationale and it would be a good moment to recognise what an outstanding player he has been for england. i've seen debate about whether he is or isn't a legend. if you are the most capped football player and record goalscorer, i'm not sure what else you have to do to bea not sure what else you have to do to be a legend. so he has been somebody that has served england brilliantly and with enormous pride. manchester united have re—signed zlatan ibrahimovic on a one—year contract. the 35—year—old former sweden striker scored 28 goals in 46 games for united last season, before it was cut short by a knee injury. ibrahimovic, who was released by the club injune, is expected to be fit again in december. west indies captainjason holder has
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urged his team to show unity ahead of the second test against england. the first test humiliation has led to fierce criticism from some of west indies‘ cricketing greats. austin halewood reports. embarrassing and pathetic. the thoughts of the west indian bowling great cu rtly thoughts of the west indian bowling great curtly ambrose as his former side lost 19 wickets in a day and crumpled to an innings defeat against england. five days on the second test is just around the corner and after receiving a whole host of criticism, the west indies arejust host of criticism, the west indies are just trying to focus on their cricket. it is a professional sport and everyone is entitled to their opinion. i can't change or control that, so i just opinion. i can't change or control that, so ijust urge the guy is not to focus on it. some guys use it as motivation, but every individual is different. we can't control it. you
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have to go back 17 years since the west indies last won a test in england and they haven't won a series away from home against the team, other than bangladesh and zimbabwe, since 1995. but england will have to be wary of a fightback. we know that there is talent, desire, a lot of want to prove people wrong and we don't want to be on the end of... the other end of that. we come in on friday morning and wherever it may be we are putting in a strong performance and the effort will be unquestionable. as the england, selection is the main issues surrounding their side. the hosts made one change, with chris woakes returning from injury in the place of toby roland jones. at question marks around some of the newer members still remain. this is another opportunity for them and as isaid another opportunity for them and as i said they are desperate to stamp
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their mark on test cricket and it's a different pressure all the time. there are different things that you have to overcome, but i fully expected that they'll be able to do that corrupt the series. with this being england's penultimate test match before they head to australia for the ashes, they will hope the west indies are more competitive at headingley. the four—time olympic champion mo farah ended his track career in thrilling fashion with victory in the 5,000m at the diamond league finale in zurich. 34—year—old farah is switching to road running. he clocked 13 minutes, 6.05 seconds, to beat paul chelimo of the usa and muktar edris of ethiopia, with chelimo later disqualified. farah‘s win was particularly sweet as edris beat him in the 5,000 metres final at the world championships in london two weeks ago. it feels amazing to win. i've really
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enjoyed my career. it's been a long journey, but i've enjoyed it. i've missed the track and the people. this is a new chapter of my life. going onto the roads and seeing what ican do going onto the roads and seeing what i can do on the roads. i'm sure there will be big marathons but i just have to enjoy it and take time off and enjoy it. in the men's 100 metres, there was a shock defeat for the world champion justin gatlin. the american was beaten into fourth place and it took a photograph to separate the first three. the winner was cj ujah of great britain, in 9.97 seconds. botswa na's isaac makwala, who was forced to miss the 400 metres at the world championships after being diagnosed with the norovirus, was a popular winner over that distance in zurich. he celebrated with his now customary press—ups at the end. finally, thomas marczynski has won the sixth stage of the vuelta a espana. a long and lumpy 204km stage to sagunt. the polish rider led home a group of three riders — pawel poljanski and
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enric mas of spain. as for chris froome, he still wears the race leader's red jersey and he's increased his lead to 11 seconds. that's all the sport today for now. i'll be back in the next hour. goodbye. hello there. there's not much movement of our weather at the moment, so it's a familiar theme as we head to the end of the week. the best of the weather towards the south—east of the uk, where temperatures should be a bit higher than they were on thursday. head towards the north—west and here it's much more unsettled, showers and maybe some longer spells of rain. as a result it will be a bit cooler too. the wetter weather is in the north—west because we're closer to this area of low pressure. now, eventually that will push across scotland out
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into the north sea and take the wetter weather away this weekend. but for the moment we've got more rain to come both overnight and into friday across northern ireland and into western scotland. some showers further east across scotland, one or two for northern england and wales as the cloud increases, sunnier skies further south and east. so a lot of cloud to come across northern ireland, already we've had some flooding earlier on in the week, this rain isn't going to help. a lot of cloud across scotland and if we get some sunshine in the north—east of scotland that could trigger one or two heavy showers in the afternoon. by then a little more cloud coming into northern england and perhaps some showers here, one or two in wales. most of wales will be dry, we will see the cloud increasing here and in the south—west. the sunnier skies through the east midlands, east anglia and the south—east were temps are a bit higher, probably around about the mid—20s. it's not going to be as warm as that in headingley. it will feel quite chilly actually as the cloud increases through the day and there's just the small chance of one or two like light showers.
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most of the wet weather continues to be further north close to that area of low pressure, and that will push the wetter weather generally clear from northern ireland across scotland. further south, some drier conditions, one or two showers perhaps and temperatures of 1a to 16 degrees. into the start of the weekend then and we've got rain mainly in scotland but it's going to be pushing out to the north sea, it's going to take a while for things to improve across eastern scotland but a much better day in western scotland and northern ireland, generally dry with some sunshine. some sunshine for england and wales, maybe one or two more showers drifting further south and you can see the difference in temperatures, again peaking in the south—east around about the mid—twenties. a lot of those showers will have moved away as we head into the second half of the weekend. so if you do catch a shower you're going to be quite unlucky, a lot of dry weather around and some sunshine at times and temperatures near average for the time of year. as we head into monday, a bank holiday for many, we're back into the north—west south—east split with weather fronts driving into the north—west together with some stronger winds. so rain for scotland and northern ireland but the wind
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will move things on into northern ireland and wales later. to the south—east, it's going to be sunnier here and also warmer. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. i'm mike embley. our top stories: a verdict is due for yingluck shinawatra. thailand's former premier could face jail if she's found guilty of authorising illegal subsidies. rescue workers intensify their efforts to find eight hikers missing in a landslide in the swiss alps. geologists are warning more could follow. billionaire samsung boss lee jae—yong's corruption trial reaches a conclusion as he awaits a court verdict. the biggest single win in american lottery history, a hospital worker from massachusetts scoops $750 million on the powerball.
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