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this is bbc news. i'm geeta guru—murthy. the headlines at 11.00pm: several people have died after a crash involving a minibus and two lorries on the m1 in buckinghamshire. hurricane harvey batters the coast of texas with winds of 130mph — the most powerful storm to hit the us mainland for 12 years. the heart of hurricane harvey smashed into the sure not far from here a short time ago. the winds are intense and it is difficult to stand up intense and it is difficult to stand up at times and it is already causing damage. the view from space shows the scale of the storm. record flooding is predicted across texas. counter—terrorism police investigate after two officers were injured while arresting a man with a knife outside buckingham palace. also in the next hour: the countdown in vegas begins. conor mcgregor vows to knock out the unbeaten floyd mayweather, millions of fans are set to tune in. has the blizzard of policy papers
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days londoners? dateline london will discover more. police say several people have died, and four people taken to hospital, after a serious crash involving two lorries and a minibus on the m1 in buckinghamshire. the incident occurred near newport pagnell in the early hours of this morning. two men have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and are in police custody. the m1 southbound is closed between junctions 15, the exit for northampton east, and junction m for milton keynes. thames valley police and the fire service are continuing to work at the scene and the carriageway
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is likely to remain closed for several hours. this looks pretty bad. yes, thames valley police were called to the scene at around 315 eight and this morning. it was betweenjunctions 15 and 1a on the m1 southbound. two lorries and a minibus were heading in the same direction, southbound, around newport pagnell. the collision appears to have taken several lives and four people have been taken to hospital. the key thing for motorists on the m1 is that they are advised to avoid the area if they can. some cars are being released from the m1 who have been caught between those two junctions already and there will be further updates. we have a statement from thejoint further updates. we have a statement from the joint operations unit for roads and policing who is in charge. emergency services are currently on the scene responding to this collision and road closures are in place. we would ask all motorists to please avoid the area, use alternative routes and await further updates before attempting
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to travel on this route. we appreciate motorists' patience while we deal obviously a very busy road weekend. never a good time to have a tragic accident like this but it coincides with so much stuff that is forcing people onto the road this weekend, along bank holiday weekend, as you know. apart from premier league matches up and down the country today and tomorrow you have silverstone race ting as well. crucially there is a huge amount of rail repair going on, extraordinary rail repair going on, extraordinary rail repair, that has shut down huge number of stations in the south—east, including euston station, waterloo station, and many of the tracks are unusable there. karen —— charring cross and cannon street at liverpool street station, a lot of trains are not running and thatis a lot of trains are not running and that is forcing people onto the roads. you have this tragic incident as well. thank you for now. the most powerful storm to strike mainland america in more than a decade has made landfall in texas.
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hurricane harvey has brought winds of 130mph to coastal areas and is expected to move on to louisiana in the coming days. some residents are reported to be trapped inside collapsed buildings. the emergency services say it's too dangerous to respond to some calls. david willis reports. harvey hit texas hard overnight, bringing with it high winds and heavy rain. a category four hurricane, capable of causing catastrophic damage. billed as the most powerful storm to hit the us mainland in over a decade. this is going to be a very major disaster. this is harvey from above, a malevolent storm system ten miles wide, capable of dumping up to a0 inches of rain. corpus christi, a city in the eye of the storm, had seen a rush to evacuate. fears of a power outage forcing the sickest babies at a children's
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hospital to be moved out of the hurricane's path. the national weather service warned of winds that could leave homes uninhabitable for weeks or even months. among those heeding the local mayor's advice to get out of dodge, this woman and her three children. i try to be strong because i don't want my children to see. they get scared and i don't want to have them scared. i have to be a strong mother for them. briefed earlier by his advisers, president trump is facing the first national disaster of his term in office. the lessons of hurricane katrina 12 years ago still serve as an indelible reminder of the political cost of underestimating a weather system such as this. the president urged texans to heed calls to evacuate, but, with several days of storm force winds and rain ahead, it's likely many of those who leave may not have much to come back to. david willis, bbc news, washington.
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earlier i spoke to don champion, a reporter for the cbs network in the us. he's in corpus christi, texas and described what it was like there. hurricane harvey is still showing little mercy on this part of the texas gulf coast. the storm is already making two land falls, the first one last night around 10pm last local time and the second one just a few hours after that. the storm is now just just a few hours after that. the storm is nowjust to the north of us and will basically be stalling out through the weekend. folks here are not expecting rain in inches but rather in feet through the next two, three, four or even five days in this region. this is a slow—moving disaster that is far from over. already, even in the dark of night,
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we are getting damage reports from around the region, including in the town of rockport which is about 30 miles zero of where i am standing, which is where the category four hurricane made landfall. we have possibly some senior citizens were trapped in a senior citizens home there and collapsed buildings there as well. certainly the sunrises here $0011 as well. certainly the sunrises here soon and in the next few hours the initial damage will be visible but there is still a lot more storm to go. would you say most people there have tried to protect themselves somehow, or have theyjust left the area? that somehow, or have theyjust left the area ? that is somehow, or have theyjust left the area? that is right. thankfully it appeared that a lot of people did head for inland areas in the days before the storm but yesterday, quite frankly, the governor here in texas, and a lot of other local officials were concerned that a lot officials were concerned that a lot of people were taking chances with this storm. you have to remember
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that this was the first hurricane to hit this part of the texas gulf coast in nine years and so they felt like some people were staying behind and certainly we have heard from some people needing help overnight at first responders have not been able to reach them because of the conditions out here. matt taylor from the bbc weather centre told me this is one of the most serious storms to hit this part of the us in years. it is the strongest storm to hit texas since 1961, so for a good 50 yea rs. texas since 1961, so for a good 50 years. it arrived on show as a category four storm. we had recorded winds of around 130 mph, very close to there anyway. those winds have only is just to there anyway. those winds have only isjust a to there anyway. those winds have only is just a little bit at the moment. if you look at the satellite imagery, that is from when the storm arrived. it looks beautiful, but see that little core, the circle in the middle, the more defined that is the
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stronger the storm, and it is around that that we see the strongest of the winds as they came onshore and we saw a storm surge as well which is easier little bit but the flooding is certainly not done. the storm has since moved inland and this is the latest radar shot from the national weather service in the us. we still have that well—defined core. it is still a hurricane status and it will produce very destructive winds. the storm surge will either little bit but beyond that the story just keeps on going and going. what happens next? nxt becomes a rain full story. in the next few days we can see the graphics on the forecast chart and normally storms moved to the yeast but this storm willjust hang around the same part of texas for a good few days with up to one metre of rain. if you can imagine 12 or 1a months of rain in the uk or condensed into about three or four days, catastrophic flooding is certainly expected, and for some of the major cities as well, including huston.
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in terms of people who are over there and might be worried or who might be travelling over there, is there a defined area where it will move to? it is still very unpredictable. it will circulate around the same sort of areas, staying in the areas it is at the moment and it may ease a bit from the south but it is best to avoid the area for a good few days yet. the impacts of this story will go on for many months yet. a man has been arrested under the terrorism act after two police officers were injured near buckingham palace. the officers were hurt while taking the 26—year—old into custody when he was found with the large knife in a vehicle near the palace last night. simonjones reports. concerned crowds look on as police investigate a possible terror incident outside buckingham palace. the met says just after 8:30pm yesterday a man stopped his car near a police vehicle.
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officers then spotted a large bladed weapon in the car and went to arrest him. two police officers suffered minor injuries to their arms and were taken to hospital for treatment. the met has praised their brave and swift action that meant the suspect was detained very quickly. no members of the royal family were in buckingham palace at the time. cordons were quickly put up around the palace. the suspect, a 26—year—old man, was also taken to hospital and arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and assault. during the night, he was further arrested under the terrorism act. no members of the public were hurt. the met‘s counter—terrorism command is now investigating. security remains tight in london for the bank holiday weekend. a ring of steel is being promised around the notting hill carnival to protect people from a barcelona style attack. a spokeswoman from buckingham palace said they would not comment on security issues. millions of travellers on the move this bank holiday this weekend
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are facing disruption because of major rail engineering works. the south east of england will be badly affected with station closures at charing cross, euston and liverpool street. there will be limited services at other stations. in the north west of england engineering work will affect stations in manchester, preston, blackpool and bolton. our correspondentjenny kumar has been monitoring the situation at king's cross station in central london. it is pretty crowded on the concourse. this morning there have been a few cancellations and minor delays but trains are pretty much running to time. it is expected to get quite busy here because they are expecting a knock—on impact with london euston being closed and that is affecting services between the midlands and the north and scotland so midlands and the north and scotland so they expect more people to get their services to scotland from here. over the weekend there will be
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disruption across the country. this is because network rail is carrying out what has been described as one of its biggest engineering works. it is costing £130 million and 17,000 staff are involved. the aim is to improve services. you may wonder why it is happening now when network rail say there is never an ideal time but actually fewer people travel over the bank holiday weekend. if you were thinking of avoiding the trains and getting in your car then be aware it is very busy on the roads. there are problems on the m1 where there has been an incident and the advice is that if you are going to travel, check your journey and expect some delays and allow extra time for your journey. a man has been shot and killed by security forces in brussels after attacking soldiers with a knife. prosecutors are treating the incident as terrorism. soldiers have become a familiar sight on the streets of the belgian capital since the terror attacks which killed more than 30 people last year. north korea has fired three
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short—range ballistic missiles, according to the american military. two of the missiles failed in flight, the third blew up almost immediately after it was launched. the latest firings come during a joint us—south korea military exercise, which has been strongly criticised by pyongyang. us president donald trump has pardoned the controversial former arizona sheriff, joe arpaio. he had been convicted of criminal contempt, after he defied a court order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected immigrants. ben schreckinger is a staff writer with poltico magazine. he explained why the pardon will be seen as controversial. sheriff arpaio had been convicted of contempt of court. a federaljudge had ordered him to stop a practice that had been deemed racial profiling of hispanics, in his attempt to crack down on illegal immigration. obviously trump was elected on a promise of cracking down
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on illegal immigration. arpaio endorsed trump's campaign way back at the very beginning, back around july of 2015. so politically, this is on message for trump, but obviously this is going to be controversial — if not explosive. the headlines on bbc news: several people have died and four others taken to hospital after a crash involving a minibus and two lorries on the m1 in buckinghamshire. hurricane harvey slams into texas with winds of 130mph, it's the most powerful storm to hit the us mainland for 12 years. counter—terrorism police investigate after two officers were injured while arresting a man with a knife outside buckingham palace. there will be extra police on duty at this weekend's manchester pride event,
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with thousands of people expected to attend. following the manchester arena bombing in may security will be increased, though the police stress there's no evidence of a specific threat. andy gill reports. well before the official start of manchester pride, the party for many was in full swing. gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people from all over europe getting together to celebrate who they are. 50 years ago this would not be allowed so it is a great way to celebrate this. we can celebrate what those people have done for us and we still have a long way to go. everyone has different issues through the year. it is one chance to relax a bit. out of this world. it is the only one to talk about. if you want to do pride, it has to be manchester pride. the organiser is promising a four—day feast of fun. it is a fantastic time for everyone.
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it isa it is a fantastic celebration. we still face discrimination and pride events like this are key to show we can all stand together united as one to work towards eradicating discrimination. there is a serious side to the pride this year. police say there is no specific intelligence of a terrorist threat to the lgbt community or greater manchester, but after the attack in may and more recent atrocities in europe, they have reviewed security. we will look at a number of security measures around the site. and wider areas in terms of any threats or risks. there are events across the bank holiday weekend, ending in a candlelit vigil on monday night to remember those lost to the hiv virus. a teacher at eton has left the school after he was found to have circulated an exam paper to other teachers before students had sat the test. an investigation by the cambridge international examinations board found the member of staff had been in possession of a leaked
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economics pre—u exam — an equivalent to the a—levels sat by most sixth formers. eton college says it deeply regrets the incident. nearly £500,000 will be given to community projects in england to help develop new technology to tackle littering. it's hoped the money will go towards creating new apps and smart bins which will alert rubbish collectors when they're full. the government claims this new approach to litter could save taxpayers money. what we are hoping to do with this innovation fund is seed fund some new ideas that are coming through and really test them out. whether it is bins overflowing like the ones behind me, is that a smart way to report that to the local council or, indeed, that the bins themselves can report it. the national trust has accused some visitors to the lake district of treating the landscape like a pop festival site. the organisation says the increasing popularity of wild camping, where people pitch a tent away from organised areas, is threatening the beauty of the region.
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dave guest reports. wild camping is about getting closer to nature and getting away from civilisation. it's about spending a night high upon the hills, away from civilisation, often away from other people. and spending that night with nature under the stars in a self—sufficient, low—key manner. responsible wild campers like these make sure they are discreet, do not cause damage, and take everything home with them when they leave. it is traditionally something done on the high hills. what is the change you've noticed? i think new audiences have come aware of wild camping and are treating it in a different manner. there seems to be a more disposable culture coming into what people perceive to be wild camping. that is now coming within 500 metres of car parks and carrying in as much as they need. and as for taking everything home, this is what national trust
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rangers are finding frequently in the lake district. ranger simon hill is spending more and more of his time chasing off and cleaning up after clueless campers. in this area, we have pulled out countless tents and inflatable mattresses, batteries... so, this is evidence of the remains of a fire site. it is quite often the sort of remnants that we will come across. we have had experiences where we have taken trailer loads of rubbish out. it has become commonplace for festival—goers to abandon tents and camping clutter at the end knowing someone would clean it up. but this is not a festival site. the national trust say they are not trying to stop all wild camping in its traditionalform.
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they are just trying to be responsible. if you want to find out how, go to the national trust website. sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's olly. this time tomorrow, the big question will have been answered, can the mixed martial arts superstar, connor mcgregor, in his first pro—boxing match actually beat the greatest boxer of his generation, floyd mayweather? they are both going to earn a fortune in finding out, mayweather will make at least $200 million. macgregor about half that. the weigh—in overnight in vegas for the junior middleweight contest — that's an 11 stone limit — was raucous. thousands of irish fans have travelled to las vegas to get behind their man. mayweather at a0 is 11 years older, but is unbeaten and has come out of retirement looking for his 50th win. macgregor says the fight won't go the distance. that is the worst state i have ever
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seen that is the worst state i have ever seen in. he is blown out of shape andi seen in. he is blown out of shape and i will breeze through them, trust me on that. there was a lot of trouble you had making weight. how tough was it? i am a professional and a makeweight. the dissatisfaction and process and i make it and i am dissatisfaction and process and i make itand i am in peak dissatisfaction and process and i make it and i am in peak physical condition and i put in the work as eve ryo ne condition and i put in the work as everyone can tell and i am ready. condition and i put in the work as everyone can tell and i am readym will not go the distance, mark my word. ijust want to thank the fans. lam not word. ijust want to thank the fans. i am not really worried about the scale of the last time, this will be colin mcgregor 's last fight also. apologies for that, that was david hay saying how the fight would go and he said he thought mayweather would take it. you can listen to mcgregor v mayweather tomorrow morning from 4.00am on bbc radio 5live
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and the bbc sport website and app. this evening in belfast the red roses play in the final of the rugby world cup. but standing in the way are new zealand, the number one ranked team in the world. the black ferns are four—time champions, and beat england in three finals in a row between 2002 and 2010. england are champions though, which makes tonight's match at the kingspan stadium a fitting climax to the tournament. pretty excited by the goal that we have waited for so long and the ambition for three years on was to get to this final again. it has been our goal all season with the squad of players and we are finally here. it's one of the biggest days in the rugby league calendar, the challenge cup final at wembley. hull face wigan this afternoon. for one of the most prized pieces of silverware in the sport. hull are looking to retain the trophy after that thrilling victory against warrington last year, their first wembley win. the warriors have their name on the cup more than any club. victory for them would be their 20th. the match starts at 3.00pm and is on bbc one. the summer transfer window
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shuts next thursday, we've seen some massive signings, neymar leaving barcelona for paris st germain for £200 million tops them all, but how about this on the offical real madrid twitter feed early this morning that caught everyone by surprise? welcome messi, seeming to announce the barca superstar as a new arrival. far fetched? well, it is. hackers were behind the spoof and they followed that up with posts about how bad real‘s internet security is, but not before the original post had gone viral with 27,000 retweets. plenty of football over the weekend, manchester united and huddersfield will be looking to make it three wins out of three. united are at home to leicester, newly promoted huddersfield host southampton. the lunchtime kick—off is on the south coast, bournemouth are yet to pick up a point and have got a tough match against manchester city in just over an hour. so much sport going on today and the second test at headingley has already resumed. an early wicket has already resumed. an early wicket has already been lost. the windies are now 31—2. i will have an update for
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you in the next hour. now he was all your weather with max taylor. there may be a few showers and splashes of rain here in the uk the next few days but given the fact it isa next few days but given the fact it is a weekend and an extended weekend at that for many of you and what we have had so far this august, the prospects are looking good. it will feel warm. cloud in southern areas compared to yesterday and a few showers here and there, mainly to the east. a few showers in scotland as well. heavy to the east. most of you will stay dry this afternoon and once the sun is out temperatures should certainly reach the low 20s. a day for sunscreen and some hats rather than raincoats at headingley and that will be the case all the way through to monday for the second test. rain late in the evening on monday but hopefully the rain will stay clear of belfast this evening for the women's world cup final
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between england and new zealand and for many of you it will be a dry evening with clear skies and sunny spells and isolated showers in scotla nd spells and isolated showers in scotland that will fade away through the night. a few showers in the far west, particularly for the islands of northern scotland. temperatures in rural parts of eastern scotland and northern scotland —— northern england will be the lowest. fog patches tomorrow morning but they will clear and more clout in western scotla nd will clear and more clout in western scotland throughout the day, particularly in the highlands and islands, patchy drizzle. early showers should fade away and it will bea dry showers should fade away and it will be a dry day forjust about all and feeling warm once the sun is on your back. temperatures may be higher than today. good news for the notting hill carnival and it will be hotter by monday. dry for the leeds carnival but more clout for you on monday. the reason of these weather fronts. they are pushing into the west. a few mist and fog patches. a
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lovely start for england amway is. it clouds over later with a few spots of rain in the evening. outbreaks of rain and a gusty wind spread through scotland and northern ireland. the wettest weather on the western hills and not too much rain to the east of high ground. sunshine returns later to the north. some of the warmest conditions of august so farup the warmest conditions of august so far up with the warmest conditions of august so farup witha the warmest conditions of august so far up with a high of 28. hello and welcome to dateline london. i'm shaun ley. this week: with brexit talks about to restart, has the blizzard of british policy papers dazzled or dazed the europeans? is china open to discussion or is the mood darkening for free speech there? and could there be regime change in the gulf state of qatar? my guests this week: henry chu, international editor of variety, the writer and broadcaster isabel hilton, editor of china dialogue, the portuguese writer eunice goes, and abdel bari atwan, writer on arab affairs. a warm welcome and thanks for being
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with us. british laws made by britishjudges — one of the themes those who wanted britain out of the european union campaigned on. yet, the government said this week it may not be quite so straightforward to free us from the european court ofjustice after all. when the negotiators reconvene in a few days' time after their summer break, they'll have before them a series of position papers from the british team to absorb, on subjects including immigration, the irish border and the court. eunice, have the europeans been impressed ? well, they have been somehow optimistic about a sudden outbreak of realism from the british government. on the other hand, these position papers were strange because they were dismal position papers without positions, just kind of scenarios and the british government has no position. but there are some signs of well, realism, in the sense
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that the british government is ready to continue to contribute to the budget of the european union for as long as it is a member of the eu. there has also been movement, welcome movement in the area of the
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