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this is bbc news. the headlines at eight. six men and two women have been killed in a crash involving a minibus and two lorries on the m1 near milton keynes. the scene facing officers who attended was complex and recovery operations particularly challenging. tragically, eight people have lost their lives and it is our duty to discover what happened. counterterrorism police are questioning a man who drove at officers outside buckingham palace before reaching for a four—foot sword. warnings of "catastrophic" flooding for parts of texas as tropical storm harvey moves inland. the king of spain joins thousands in barcelona on a march of defiance against the recent deadly attacks in the country. also in the next hour, england's captain says the best is yet to come, as her side bid to retain the women's rugby world cup. the reigning champions are facing world number ones new zealand in tonight's final in belfast.
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they're they‘ re currently they're currently leading 9—0. lewis hamilton equals michael schumacher‘s all—time pole position record at the belgian grand prix. and coming up in half an hour, join us and coming up in half an hour, join us for weather world. why heatwaves hits it is the hardest. —— why heatwaves hit cities the hardest. good evening and welcome to bbc news. eight people have died and four others have been seriously injured after the minibus they were travelling in, was involved in a crash with two lorries on the m1 motorway. it happened on the southbound carriageway near newport pagnell this morning. a five—year—old girl
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is among those who have been taken to hospital — police say she has "life—threatening" injuries. the two lorry drivers have been arrested, one of them on suspicion of driving while over the alcohol limit. ben ando reports. crushed almost beyond recognition. the minibus carrying around a dozen people, many believed to be from the same family, was travelling from nottingham towards london. also involved in the accident, two large trucks. images suggest the minibus was crushed between the two huge lorries and broken up into at least two pieces. it happened in the early hours on the m1 motorway southbound carriageway between junction 15 for northampton and junction m for milton keynes, and caused huge delays for drivers heading south. fresh marks on the road reveal the desperate attempt to avoid the collision. the six men and two women who were killed were all travelling in the minibus, as were four others who were seriously hurt, one of them a five—year—old girl.
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all but one have life—threatening injuries. both lorry drivers have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. one is a 53—year—old man from stoke—on—trent, and the other is a 31—year—old man from worcestershire, who is also being held on suspicion of drink—driving. police say some of the victims may not have been from the uk. some of those involved were visiting the uk from india. we're working to keep the families abroad informed. the scene facing officers who attended was complex and the recovery operation was particularly challenging. tragically, eight people have lost their lives. it's our duty to establish what happened. the m1 motorway, one of britain's busiest sections of road, was closed here for ten hours on a bank holiday weekend that was always going to see high levels of traffic with people visiting friends or family or major events like the notting hill carnival or the british motogp at nearby silverstone racing circuit. both lorry drivers remain in custody.
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it is not known if the driver of the minibus is among the dead. exactly what caused this devastating crash remains under investigation. earlier, i spoke to our correspondent laura tra nt, who was near the scene on the m1. this is the bridge overlooking junction 1a of the m1. in the this is the bridge overlooking junction 14 of the mi. in the early hours of this morning, the emergency services were called because eight people work ill, including two women and six men when the minibus they we re and six men when the minibus they were in that work is carrying 12 people crashed with two lorries. four people were injured, a man, a woman and a five—year—old girl have serious, life—threatening injuries. they are being treated at coventry, milton keynes and birmingham. the little girl is at birmingham children's hospital. the incident
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happened on the southbound carriageway of the mi near newport pagnell between junctions 15 and 14. the drivers of the lorries have been arrested in connection with the incident. a 31 your old man from worcester a nd incident. a 31 your old man from worcester and a 53 old man from stoke—on—trent. both have been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and the 31—year—old, also for being over the legal alcohol limit. police have said that they thought the minibus and was travelling from the nottingham area and it was completely crushed in this incident. people are asking anybody who might have seen anything to get in touch with any information. laura trad there. and we'll find out how this story — and many others — are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30 and 11:30pm this evening in the papers — our guests joining me tonight are kevin schofield editor of politicshome and journalist rachel shabi. scotland yard says a man
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who attacked police officers close to buckingham palace last night drove directly at a police car before reaching for a four—foot sword. the 26—year—old man from luton is said to have shouted "god is great" in arabic as he launched his assault, which left three officers injured. chi chi izundu has the details. concerned tourists looked on after reports of a terror incident at one of the country's most high—profile destinations. london's metropolitan police say that around 8:30pm last night a blue toyota prius was deliberately driven into a marked police car in a restricted area near buckingham palace. the car stopped and when officers went to investigate they were attacked by a suspect with a four foot sword. cs gas was used as part of the arrest. and during the struggle the individual repeatedly shouted the words "allahu akbar". the individual was quickly brought under control. he's a 26—year—old male from the luton area. i'm glad to say he is now in custody at a central london police station.
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detectives believe this was an isolated incident, but confirmed there are searches going on at an address in the luton area. we now know that three police officers were injured in the attack here last night. no members of the royal family were present in the palace at the time, and an official has confirmed it is business as usual with the summer open tours. two of the officers involved have been treated in hospital and have since been discharged. there is heightened security across the capital over the bank holiday weekend, particularly for events like the notting hill carnival, where a ring of steel has been promised to protect people from a barcelona style attack. meanwhile, police are still appealing for information on last night's incident. chi chi izundu, bbc news. two men have died after their tiger moth biplane crashed near an airfield in dorset. the historic plane came down near compton abbas airfield near shaftesbury. police said the pilot and his passenger were both in their 60s. the air accidents investigation
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branch has been informed. the head of economics at eton college has left the school after an investigation into claims he had circulated questions from an upcoming exam to other teachers. the public school said it deeply regrets the incident involving mo tanweer — who was also deputy headmaster of academics. it says the pupils who took the a level—equivalent exam have had their results amended accordingly. hurricane harvey has hit the texas coastline with winds of 130 miles per hour. it's the most powerful storm to hit the us mainland in more than a decade. it has now been downgraded to a tropical storm fitow. ——. the high winds have caused dozens of injuries with some residents feared to be trapped in collapsed buildings. tens of thousands of homes are without power and there are warnings of flooding in several areas.
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0ur correspondent james cook is in the city of corpus christi. are you in there? this is what a category four hurricane means in reality. searching in the wreckage to find out if your neighbour is dead or alive. it seems like darren got out in time but others likejudy stage a ride out the storm. did you get any sleep? no, i stayed in my shaking bed, waiting for the roof to come. and then later quietened down and there was a tree in my yard and the house is completely gone. on the shore front of rockport, in the eye of the storm, these men who live in their boat are lucky to be alive. were you in your boat last night? yes, we were. how was that? this is
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a really poor neighbourhood and a lot of people say they do not know how they will rebuild their lives. this is what they endured through the night. 130 mph winds which left nearly 250,000 homes and businesses without power. it was the strongest hurricane to strike texas since 1961. it is still too early for a comprehensive assessment of the damage, but it will be costly. what is your worst case scenario here? well, h — a— r— the — e is your worst case scenario here? well, h —a— r— the — e —y. is your worst case scenario here? well, h — a— r— the — e — y. that is the worst—case scenario. we never seena the worst—case scenario. we never seen a forecast for that amount of rain, the worst forecast we have ever seen. the danger is not over yet. the storm is inching inland, bringing huge amounts of rain. the flooding has begun and the
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information is that it will get a lot worse. this disaster is still unfolding. earlierjames sent us an update looking at the aftermath of the storm. the power of a storm is fairly clear from the damage it caused to the homes. we are in the place where the eye of the hurricane swept ashore. a man came here to check out the house and the did know whether the man was 0k. and the did know whether the man was ok. but he obviously managed to get out, which is good news apart from the fact that he will come back to find his home in ruins. a number of other homes in this area are like this. you might ask why would anybody stay and ride out the storm? people here say two things. first of all, they didn't expect it to be as ferocious as it was in the end. it bring up very fast and picked up our very quickly in the gulf of mexico.
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secondly, people say that they don't have much money, they don't have the resources . have much money, they don't have the resources. a woman was saying have much money, they don't have the resources. a woman was saying to us that she couldn't afford to get out, she had nowhere else to go. that feeds into what will happen now and the problems for this area. how will people rebuild their lives? the other problem is flooding. there is a bit of water on the ground here the moment but this is really a fraction of what the concern is going to be in the coming days. the feeling is that this storm is going to stall over texas and perhaps louisiana and devastating flooding could follow and that could come over the next week. in the last half—hour, the texas governor, greg abbott has held a press c0 nfe re nce governor, greg abbott has held a press conference with an update. the state and various other agencies remain very active in the search and rescue remain very active in the search and rescu e process remain very active in the search and rescue process and that will be the foremost task that we undertake in
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the coming days. we have focused on working with and supporting evacuees, especially from around the corpus christi area, now expanding to some larger areas. in barcelona thousands of people are marching through the city to demonstrate their defiance after the recent attacks that left 15 people dead. flowers in barcelona's red, yellow and white colours were handed out to the marchers, who werejoined by king felipe. 0ur correspondent tom burridge is in barcelona and told us there's an atmosphere of defiance following the deadly attack. hejoined the march near las ramblas. this main avenue has been changed into a kind of las ramblas because it is close to traffic. you can see the crowd stretching back into the distance that way and that way, too. people are chanting in
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catalan, iam not way, too. people are chanting in catalan, i am not afraid. way, too. people are chanting in catalan, iam not afraid. this way, too. people are chanting in catalan, i am not afraid. this is about remembrance. some of the families of the 15 victims are here in the crowd. it is also about defiance, in the wake of those terror attacks. but there is political tension here, too. there are some spanish flags behind me. and in the context of catalonian politics, that is creating some tension because there is a referendum due to be held by the autonomous catalan government in a month and the spanish government says that referendum will be illegal. yesterday, the spanish prime minister, mariano rajoy, calling for political unity in the wa ke calling for political unity in the wake of the attacks. the atmosphere isn't upbeat, but it isn't downbeat 01’ isn't upbeat, but it isn't downbeat or sombre, either. north korea has fired three short—range ballistic missiles, according to the american military. two of the missiles failed in flight, the third blew up almost immediately after it was launched. the latest firings come during a joint us—south
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korea military exercise, which has been strongly criticised by pyongyang. after victory in mosul, iraqi forces have been trying to re—take the city of tal afar, one of islamic state's last strongholds in the country. and it seems that victory could be in sight. tal afar is in the north of iraq, near the syrian border. elite forces are believed to have raised the iraqi flag in the centre of the city. rylee carlson reports. after six days of fierce battle in the is holdout of tal afar, the iraqi army has raised its flag from the top of the citadel. commanders here say they have cleared 70% of the city from militants, forcing them to be behind weapons and evidence of how they tried to escape.
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—— forcing them to leave behind weapons. the resistance of snipers, there also be the chance, mortars. they have been defeated. tal afar lies in a strategic position, sitting on a supply route from the former is stronghold of mosul to syria. us and iraqi military say as many as 2000 militants are still in the city. the iraqi army is fighting neighbourhood by neighbourhoods to clear the final pockets of resistance. reminders of the terror the group left behind in graffiti, but troops tied down the symbols where they can. —— troops tear down the cymbals. the offensive here follows weeks of coalition air strikes, while visiting soldiers in the area, the iraqi defence ministry said victory is close. the enemy is no longer able to face up to our troops. the enemy has completely collapsed. 0ur troops are advancing steadily. god willing, the liberation of tal afar shall be announced soon. between 10,000 and 20,000 civilians are still thought to be in tal afar. even in this battle is swift,
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it won't be the last. there are still more cities near the syrian border where is is holding out. we are bringing you breaking news here at the bbc. concerning hurricane harvey. now downgraded to a tropical storm fitow. it is being reported from rockport, one of the worst hit town so far we understand that one person has died as a result ofa that one person has died as a result of a house fire. that is as much information as we have at the moment. it has been confirmed by the mayor of rockport. so one death as a result of a house fire during la ndfall result of a house fire during landfall at rockport in texas. in reminder of our headlines. six men and two women have been
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killed in a crash involving a minibus and two lorries on the m1 near modern keynes. two lorry drivers have been arrested. counterterrorism police are questioning a man who drove at officers outside buckingham palace before reaching for a four foot sword. and there warnings of catastrophic and life—threatening flooding for parts of texas as tropical storm fitow we moves further inland. —— harvey. sport now — and a full roundup from the bbc sport centre. we will have the latest from the women's rugby world cup final shortly. but in the last few minutes, we have heard that andy murray will not play at the us open due to its ongoing hip injury. he says the hip is too sore to win a tournament and that is his aim. we
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have yet to hear about the rest of his playing career. we will give you more on that story as we get it. england new zealand women's rugby world cup final in belfast. england are looking to retain their crown but new zealand got the first goal on the board. the early try for the black firms. yeses black firms. england are leading 10—5 with around 25 -- england are leading 10—5 with around 25 —— ten minutes played. hull have retained rugby league's challenge cup following an absorbing match at wembley, beating wigan by 18 points to 1a. there was little to separate the sides with both running in three tries each, but it was the goal kicking of mark sneyd that proved the difference. adam wild reports. in the wembley sun, rugby league's day to shine. no club has won the cup more times than wigan, but it is hull's to lose. cup holders against record holders, an intriguing contest. a game that
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could turn on something as small as the bounce of a ball. wigan were the wigan were the first to read it right, john bateman with the opening score. the lesson then, don't let it bounce. fetuli talanoa didn't, and hull were ahead at half—time. 0n the other wing, mahe fonua, he will leave hull at the end of the season. here he was leaving his legacy. the narrowest gap was all he needed for his second try. the gap on the scoreboard growing just a little wider. still, wigan have a proud wembley heritage. joe burgess‘s try adding extraordinary late drama. just a minute left and it was burgess again who thought he had won it, only for the referee to call a forward pass. inches in it, but for hull it was enough.
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0n rugby league's biggest stage, once again it was the black and whites who shone the brightest. adam wild, bbc news. manchester united have maintained their 100% start to the season with a 2—0 win over leicester at old trafford. jose mourinho's side have now scored ten goals this season and have still to concede. hannah lupton reports. manchester united have looked united. perhaps inspired by their fast fan. this goal was offside, just. why matter again denied. the pressure was building. the old trafford crowd a re pressure was building. the old trafford crowd are used as stunning schmeichel saves. goalless at half—time but after the break, handball from a fox in the box. if the decision seemed harsh on danny simpson, the debate was over quickly. romilly lukaku could not ta ke quickly. romilly lukaku could not take advantage. lester's defence remained resolute until they were broken by marcus rashford, the
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substitute making it crucial contribution. he was not the only one making an impact from the bench. maren fellaini sealed all three points. not a perfect goal, but the start of the season for manchester united remains perfect. in the day's other premier league matches a 97th minute goal from raheem sterling earned manchester city a 2—1 win at bournemouth. crystal palace are still without a win this season — they were beaten 2—0 at home to swansea. it was goalless between huddersfield and southampton. newcastle secured their first win of the season over west ham — 3—0 the score at st james's park. miguel britos was sent off for a terrible tackle in the goalless draw between watford and swansea. in the scottish premiership, celtic were held to a surprising 1—1 draw at home to saintjohnstone. kilmarnock and hamilton shared four goals whilst there were wins for motherwell and aberdeen. the west indies are in control of
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the second test. centuries for kraigg brathwaite and shai hope ensured that the windies reached 329 for 5 at the close of play at headingley, a lead of 71. the pair put on 246 for the fourth wicket until stuart broad bowled brathwaite late in the day as england toiled. lewis hamilton will start from pole for tomorrow's belgian grand prix after smashing the lap record at spa. it's the first race back from the summer break, but the three—time world champion was quickly into his groove, pipping championship leader sebastian vettel who'll start from second. it's the 68th pole of hamilton's career, equalling the great michael schumacher. we're just hours away from the multi—million dollar superfight between conor mcgregor and floyd mayweather. it's taking place in las vegas in the early hours of tomorrow morning.
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here's our sports reporter. this will be one of the richest fight in boxing history. floyd mayweather is set to earn over 100 million, colin mcgregor will get 60 million. the build—up of this fight has been a bit of a circus because of colin mcgregor‘s lack of boxing experience. that has not been —— stopped at going in on him. a boxing betting man —— a most —— most of the money has gone on floyd mayweather. can they be the biggest upset in sports history? will find out later. that's all from me, more later.
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president donald trump has pardoned the controversial former arizona sheriff, joe arpaio. he had been convicted of criminal contempt because he defied a court order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected immigrants. mr arpaio said the pardon was a great honour. he's a big supporter of law enforcement. i know it came from his heart. two years ago, i supported him, first rally, and i always said, regardless of pardon or no pardon, i'll be with him till the end, and i say that. arizona lawmakers have found to fight the president's decision. he made a cowardly and pathetic move, and let me say that again — it was a cowardly and pathetic move, by a cowardly and pathetic man, to wait a few days while we're in the midst of a hurricane,
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where people's lives are in danger, to try and slip this part in under the radar. this is about as far under the radar as he can possibly get it, and it should be under the radar, because he's ashamed of it. he should be ashamed of it. the national trust has accused some visitors to the lake district of treating the landscape like a music festival site. the organisation says the increasing popularity of wild camping, where people pitch a tent away from organised areas, is threatening the beauty of the region. dave guest reports. wild camping is about getting closer to nature and getting away from civilisation. it's about spending a night high upon the hills, away from civilisation, often away from other people. and spending that night with nature under the stars in a very self—sufficient, low—key manner. responsible wild campers, like these, make sure they are discreet, do not cause damage, and take everything home with them when they leave. it is traditionally something done on the high hills.
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what is the change you've noticed? i think new audiences have come aware of wild camping and are treating it in a different manner. there seems to be a more disposable culture coming into what people perceive to be wild camping. that is now coming within 500 metres of car parks and carrying in as much as they need. and as for taking everything home, this is what national trust rangers are finding. this is in the lake district. ranger simon hill is spending more and more of his time chasing off and cleaning up after clueless campers. we have pulled out countless tents and inflatable mattresses, batteries... so, this is evidence of the remains of a fire site. it is quite often the sort of remnants that we will come across. we have had experiences where we have taken
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trailer—loads of rubbish out. it has become commonplace for festival—goers to abandon tents sleeping bags and camping clutter at the end of a festival knowing someone would clean it up. but this is not a festival site. the national trust say they are not trying to stop all wild camping in its traditionalform. they want people to be responsible. if you want to find out how, go to the national trust website. nick miller has all the latest weather news for us. there shouldn't be any grumbles about tomorrow. the fine weather continues for most of us. showers are fading. leftward mainly dry and clear whether that the almost —— the
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odd mist and fog patch. not a cold night. tomorrow, not clear blue sky but some warm sunny spells with a mixture of cloud and sunshine. a dry day with light winds for the majority. the north west of scotland will have more clout in breeze and some patchy rain. for monday, a band of rain pushing south across scotland, northern ireland, with strong winds reaching parts of northern england and north wales. the rest of england and wales warm sunshine. even warmer in south—east england on monday, some reaching the upper 20s.
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