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it"a so mr w mt “mr wit ii‘ul‘ei it"arwr'wgit ii‘ul‘ei if‘ai‘ii lllrler il-‘lfie l‘lfisl : lllllllllll lllfie il'le'il : eh channel throughout the that is all from us. there will be more on the news channel throughout the evening. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? a splendidly mixed bag. we have detroit, which is the new movie by kathryn bigelow. we have logan lucky, which i keep wanting to call lucky logan because it looks like the look words should be round that way. and tom cruise is back doing what he does best in american made. i'm glad you've got a logan lucky issue because i have as well. i keep wanting to say lucky logan. detroit, i've seen many rave reviews already. i'm a big fan of kathryn bigelow who won an oscar for the hurt locker
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and directed zero dark thirty. the film is set in 1967 in the detroit riots, it begins with a broad canvas and the film slowly focuses in on a particular event. at the beginning, a speak easy is raided, rioting breaks out, the state troopers and national guardsmen are sent in, the rioting continues. we then follow a particular character played by a musician who is denied his moment in the spotlight because the riot is breaking mout. he takes refuge in the algiers motel. the police then discend on the motel where they believe there is a sniper. the police are led by a character called krause played by will poulter. who is described by writer mark boal as a character who is inspired by the recorded deeds of a detroit policeman, although he is a fictional character. meanwhile john boyega who is such a brilliant actor, is a security guard who finds
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himself in the middle of an impossible situation. he's somebody who is distrusted by both sides and attempts to make peace with both sides. here is a clip withjohn boyega. hey, fellas, melvin dismukes. i'm with united security, i'm guarding that grocery store across the street. i come bearing gifts. oh, thank you. ain't this nice, boys? hey, all things considered, this is pretty good. thank you. i don't have my usual appliances. got any sugar? don't push it, man. you can see from the clip the film is shot with that very, sort of, distinctive documentary—like style. barry ackroyd is a brilliant cinematographer. he's done what bigelow has done before. turning fact and fiction, working with mark boal, turning something into a drama based on real life but there's dramatic contrivance. the film narrows its focus down until it gets to a single corridor
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of the algiers motel where this terrifying interrogation and worse takes place under the auspices of this cop played by will poulter. the thing i like about this is that kathryn bigelow is extremely dextrous and the movie seems to move through different genres. it starts off as a social document then moves into something almost a musical at one point, when it is in the hotel it becomes a horror movie. some people have taken issue with this but you remember kathryn bigelow directed near dark, which is a vampire western. i think it's a brilliant horror movie. and later it becomes a courtroom drama. i think those shifts are its strength. its greatest strength, beyond the way it's put together, the brilliant editing job which leads you through it... it's like jostling through a crowd of people, different stories, different genres, until we're finally focusing on one central event. but it's the performances that carry it. john boyega is brilliant, he has a way of telegraphing really strong emotions through the tiniest of facial expressions.
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will poulter is fantastic. he plays a character which has a malevolence hidden under a facade of innocence. it's a tightrope that could easily fall over into caricature but it never does. the experience was thoroughly immersive. it's very, very gripping. it's often terrifying and kathryn bigelow is a fine film—maker. it's an urgent film, despite it having a period setting, it feels urgent and contemporary. that's definitely on the list. what of logan lucky? neither urgent nor contemporary. steven soderbergh is back and it's a heist movie. it's described in one moment of dialogue as ocean's 7—11. channing tatum is the mastermind behind this plan to rob the charlotte motor speedway during the coca cola 600. it's a nascar racetrack. he was going to carry out this heist with his brother adam driver. it's a heist caper movie,
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so it's an impossible job, it can't be done. but they have figured out a way to do it with tunnels under the track. and getting this guy, joe bang, who is an explosives expert played by daniel craig. looking for all the world like a beenyean—paul gauthier. getting him out of prison to do thejob, then getting him back into prison. it's written by rebecca blunt who nobody has heard of before, and some people have taken it to be a nom de plume for the director. but they say no, it's someone we've heard before. there is a certain amount of satire, some american flag—waving for memorial day, and there's a line in it one person says, "nascar is like america, you're making us harm america". but the fact is all that satire is very much like nascar, it goes past you and then we're back. i enjoyed it, it's fun, it's flippant and flimsy. it doesn't really stand up. i have a sense you thought about it deeply since you saw it. i have to say, after i finished smiling my way through the movie, i moved to the next
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thing pretty swiftly. the fact is, it's not easy to make a film that is fun and flippant. there are enough bad movies out there trying to do that. this does it rather well. take us to tom cruise and american made. the thing that tom cruise does best is flying, wearing aviator shades and smiling in a way that says, "trust me, i'm tom cruise". this is directed by doug liman. it's inspired by a real life story and some is true and not true. a twa pilot, who became a drugs and arms smuggler claimed to work for the cia. ended up providing evidence for the dea. he is recruited by a mysterious shadowy figure played by donald gleeson, who never puts a foot wrong. ever. he says i know you are smuggling cigars, and you need to work for us now. we will give you this airline. here is a clip. cia owns this?
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no, no. independent aviation consultants. iac. yeah. you'd run the company but after hours you can work for us. takes pictures? the work is covert. cove rt. so anyone finds out about it, family, friends, even lucy. it's lucy, right? yeah, that's right. that'll be a problem. all this is legal? if you're doing it for the good guys, yeah. just don't get caught. i'm backing tom already. but there's a lovely moment of threat there when donal gleeson says it's lucy isn't it? suddenly you see the harder edge. what then happens is, he starts off allegedly working for the cia filming the communist insurgents, then gets mixed up with pablo escobar, flying cocaine to the us, then has to run drugs.
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the whole thing has a chaotic momentum. meanwhile, money is piling up everywhere. so much so they don't have anywhere to put it anymore. it reminded me of a lot of films, things like air america, war dogs, catch me if you can. the latter is a much more substantial movie which bears up to much greater scrutiny. it has that accelerating pace of something like goodfellas, but none of the depth. if you think of things like the mummy and think, was i ever bored? no. did i think a character was ever properly three—dimensional? no. was it fun while it was on screen? yes, it was. it's a movie that seems to be based around an understanding of, there is a thing that tom cruise does. you can like or dislike tom cruise, but there is a thing he does which is he can do that... that big slightly crazy smile and you buy into it. again, i thought it was enjoyable fun. detroit is a movie with such substance and so much going for it, and in the case of american made
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and logan lucky, not lucky logan, they are fun but they won't stick in the mind like detroit will. one that will stick in the mind is the one you will pick as the best one. dunkirk, have you seen it? i haven't, and it's high on my list. you need to see it in imax if possible. it is an overwhelming experience, it's christopher nolan. he is such a great champion of film. i saw this in imax 70 millimetre. the interesting thing is, it's very complex. it is three time structures, one week, one day, one hour. all intertwined. if you have been a fan of nolan since memento, you know he's interested in travelling time. but it's a straightforward story. it's the story of dunkirk. as a piece of cinema, it's terrific. i've seen it twice now and both times, the end of the screening, everyone has been silent. people have literally
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been like that. that's a testament to how powerful it is. but see it on the biggest screen possible. a brief word about your dvd pick? lady macbeth. florence pugh is brilliant in this adaptation of the story. the script is by alice birch. the tale of a woman who refuses to confirm, refuses to be down—trodden, is vilified by society as a result of it. really powerful. fantastic sound design. that sounds like something only a film critic would say but believe me, it's the film you watch with your ears and it's a fine piece of work. good stuff. a quick reminder before we go that you'll find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at and you can find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. that's it for this week though. thanks for watching. goodbye. halloo. it has been a fine sunday
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across much of the british isles. plenty of sunshine hello. it has been a fine sunday across much of the british isles. plenty of this is a picture from cornwall. we have seen some cloud running into parts of northern the rest of england and wales, plenty of very warm sunshine. it isa wales, plenty of very warm sunshine. it is a fine evening out there, we will see overnight, some outbreaks of trains running from west and east, the breeze continues to freshen here, keep a fair amount of crowd from northern ireland. clear skies into england and for the rest of england and wales, plenty of very warm sunshine. it is a fine evening out there, we will see overnight, some outbreaks of trains running from west and east, the breeze continues to freshen here, keep a fairamount of continues to freshen here, keep a fair amount of cloud from northern ireland. clear skies into england
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and temperatures a little bit lower in rural spots. not everyone keeps the fine weather for monday, because there is a weather front approaching, england and wales it will brighten up going into the evening, one or two showers to the north and west of scotland. for clark into the afternoon, the rain clearing, blustery day warm sunshine, for scotland and northern ireland, a band of rain moving south, quite windy, not much rain for the east of scotland, but as it clears, it will brighten up going into leaving, one or two showers to the north and west of scotland. for clark into the afternoon, the rain clearing, in the outbreaks of rain, not much in scotland, but quite wet for a time not much in scotland, but quite wet fora time in not much in scotland, but quite wet for a time in glasgow, the rain will move into belfast as cloud in the north—west of england, cloudy at times into the west of wales, where is the of england will get to 29 degrees and anything above 28.3, it will be the warmest bank holiday in august on, long sunny spells, it will feel even warmer than today, and some spots in the south—east of england will get to 29 degrees and anything above 28.3, it will be the warmest bank holiday in august on spots of rain move this is monday
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evening and a little bit of black cloud and rain starts to filter towards parts of northern england and north wales, but later in the evening, we go. on tuesday, that cloud and spots of rain —— south, it will work towards the south—east, by one ahead of that, breezy day in scotla nd one ahead of that, breezy day in scotland and through england and wales but thursday into freddie, high pressure is building back again, from the south west, wednesday, we could see some outbreaks of rain affecting parts of england and wales, something to work on the details, but thursday and friday, it is sunny spells, one or two this is bbc news. the headlines at 7:00. two lorry drivers are charged with causing death by dangerous driving, after eight people were killed in the mi crash. a change in policy on brexit, labour says britain should stay in the single market and customs union for a period after the leaving the eu. the government that has confusion,
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it restarts the negotiations tomorrow and it seems to me they are in danger of wandering into a cliff edge brexit. ours is to protectjobs and working conditions. "beyond anything experienced", the assessment of the us national weather service as thousands of people are rescued from rising floodwaters in texas. emergency services warn people near the east sussex coast to stay
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