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this is bbc news. the headlines at 7:00. two lorry drivers are charged with causing death by dangerous driving, after eight people were killed in the m1 crash. a change in policy on brexit, labour says britain should stay in the single market and customs union for a period after the leaving the eu. the government that has confusion, it restarts the negotiations tomorrow and it seems to me they are in danger of wandering into a cliff edge brexit. ours is to protectjobs and working conditions. "beyond anything experienced", the assessment of the us national weather service as thousands of people are rescued from rising floodwaters in texas. emergency services warn people near the east sussex coast to stay away from beaches and to keep doors and windows closed after a "haze" appeared. a minute's silence has been held at the notting hill carnival in west london to remember
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the victims of the grenfell tower fire. lewis hamilton celebrates his 200th formula one race with victory at the belgian grand prix, halving sebastian vettel‘s championship lead. liverpool produced a devastating display of attacking football to claim a comprehensive 4—0 win over arsenal at anfield. good evening. welcome to bbc news. two lorry drivers have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving, after eight people in a minibus were killed in a crash on the m1 near newport pagnell yesterday. four others, including a five—year—old girl are still in hospital. the driver of the minibus who's among the dead, has been named as cyriacjoseph.
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he was 52. his family and friends attended a church service today in nottingham. spencer stokes reports. a church service held this morning to remember cyriacjoseph. the minibus driver lost his life yesterday morning in a crash on the m1 that left six men and two women dead. today, his wife and two children were at the church where tributes were paid. he was such a family orientated man. a genuine and friendly person. he was a good friend of mine, just like a brother to me. friends wanted to share memories of this well—known churchgoer. as a community we stand firm. this is the concern we have, we have actually lost a very good friend. cyriacjoseph lived on this quiet cul—de—sac on the edge of nottingham. today, local people have
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discovered their neighbour lost his life while at work. 0ne described him as a lovely man. another neighbour said he occasionally saw mrjoseph in the front garden playing cricket with his children. he was driving a minibus from his company abc travel when the collision happened near newport pagnell on saturday morning. two lorries, one from fedex and another from aim logistics were involved in the accident. both companies have expressed sympathy for those who lost loved ones and to the four people, including a five—year—old girl, who were taken to hospital. today, an it company confirmed three of its employees died in the crash and another member of staff is seriously ill. both lorry drivers have been charged with eight counts of causing death by dangerous driving and four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. one of them, who is 31 and from evesham, has also been
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charged with drink—driving. he has been remanded in custody to appear in court tomorrow. the other driver, david wagstaff, who is 53 and from stoke—on—trent has been bailed to appear before magistrates next month. for the first time, the labour party has committed to keeping the uk in the single market and customs union, during any transitional period, after britain leaves the eu. the shadow brexit secretary, sir keir starmer, says withdrawing from both, at once, would be too risky. the shift in policy does mean the uk, continuing to accept the free movement of people. 0ur political correspondent iain watson reports. labour's leadership have always been clear. they respect the result of the eu referendum, but they have been less clear about what sort of brexit they want.
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now the shadow brexit secretary and the labour leader have agreed on a direction of travel in the transitional period immediately after we leave the eu, our current relationship will basically stay in place. writing in the observer, keir starmer says... never mind talks between britain and brussels, as i understand it there has been intense negotiations with the labour's ranks to clarify their position. what does abiding by eu rules mean? it would mean the continuation of free movement of labour, making it difficult to control eu migration. how long would labour's transitional period actually last? the government is thinking in terms of two years, but we would not put a time limit on it. we need to reach an arrangement which protects the long—term trading relationship between britain and europe and jobs in this country.
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we have to look at trading arrangements with the rest of the world. jeremy corbyn, speaking at the edinburgh festival, but behind—the—scenes in labour there has been pressure on him to go further and commit to permanent single market membership. what people would now like to see, building on this important step forward, is for the labour party to commit to sink all union membership after the uk has left the european union. but some mps who voted to leave, disagree. jeremy is on a journey. where did he start and what is he saying today? i have not been on a journey, i campaign to come out. i campaigned to come out. people can keep the faith with those of us labour mps who campaigned to come out and to know that we're not doing any ratting or u—turning or anything else.
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at the last election, jeremy corbyn managed to pull off a delicate balancing act, appealing to both remain and leave voters. this might be more difficult for him to repeat as he clarified his position on brexit. and iain is with me now. how much more clarification have we got? a bit more on the transitional period. the reason we have got that is negotiations begin again tomorrow between the european union and the uk. a lot of pressure onjeremy corbyn to clarify labour's position, what would we do immediately after leaving the european union if labour we re leaving the european union if labour were in power. he has said, we will not do much at all, we will accept the rules of the single market acts set paying money into the iain
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butcher. it means keeping mass migration rules. keir starmer says it will be a short as possible but not two years. beyond that, it is as clear as mud on a foggy day. you hinted at the difficult balance they have always had to strike over this, because there are a lot of labour held seats where the majority of people voted to leave? it is a complex picture. 0n people voted to leave? it is a complex picture. on one hand, although many seats did obviously have a big leave vote, largely, labour party members and labour mps wa nted labour party members and labour mps wanted to remain. many labour voters in their seats, voted to remain. but the sizeable number voted to leave and some of the people who came from ukip and were expected to defect to
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the conservatives, went back to labour underjeremy corbyn‘s leadership. there is a danger people like frank field is saying labour could lose these voters if there is anything but a short—term deal done that keeps us in the european market. and the a0%, which surprise some, but the 40% they got at the last election, would be peak labour and there is danger going backwards and there is danger going backwards and not forward if there was another election given rehab a minority conservative government. thank you very much for that. and we'll find out how this story and many others are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30 and 11:30pm this evening in the papers, our guestsjoining me tonight are the political commentator and journalist, daisy mcandrew and tim stanley, lead writer at the daily telegraph. in america, more than a thousand people have been rescued from rising floodwaters in houston in texas. the heavy rain has been described as "catastrophic" and a major emergency has been declared, with hundreds still stranded. 0ur correspondentjames
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cook is in houston. thanks very much. across this city right now, an unprecedented crisis is unfolding. hundreds of rescues are taking place at this very moment. we havejust heard are taking place at this very moment. we have just heard this weather event is on a scale never before recorded in history, with the possibility of rainfall reaching up to 50 inches, the most ever seen in this state. harvey arrived in houston with a vengeance, no longer packing the full force of a hurricane, but still deadly. in 2a hours, more than two feet of rain fell on the fourth largest city in the united states. the results are devastating. it appears to be one of the worst floods houston is ever had. we are measuring it not in inches, but in feet. houston has ground to a halt and with the rain
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still coming down, the waters keep on rising. police are urging people not to venture out, not to risk their lives. this is why. pedro told us their lives. this is why. pedro told us he was almost swept away. my truck got stuck so i had to find a way to come home. i had to walk all the way there and the rescue boat is over there and the rescue boat is over there but i was helping somebody else. there are rescues happening just up there? yes. the storm has crippled transport and let people struggling to go about their lives. right now it is hard to imagine this is the richest nation on earth. you get a sense how quickly this situation is unfolding. the flooding call these drivers by surprise and the rain is coming down with no sign of it stopping. the authorities are struggling to cope and are calling for more boats to be sent in. more than 2000 people in need of rescue have called in the emergency services and the mayor is trying to stem a sense of panic. we are coming
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to you. we want people to know in the city, if you are there, there is a need, we will get to. i simply ask you remain calm, remain a little patient, 0k? you remain calm, remain a little patient, ok? but, we will get to you. 16 years ago, this city was devastated by the most serious flooding in its history. already, this is looking worse. sussex police is investigating reports of a suspected chemical incident at beachy head in east sussex. they are trying to identify the cause, but say it is hazardous and some people are suffering sore throats and eyes. footage shared on social media show people on the crowded beach are affected by a cloud. with me now is our correspondent, adina campbell. sussex police are investigating reports of a suspected chemical
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league in east sussex. they were made aware of this this afternoon. a 50 people have reported problems with their eyes or throats, some sort of irritation. we have just had the statement from sussex police and it says hayes is causing some kind of discomfort for people living along the eastbourne coast. emergency services are at the scene. they are asking people to stay away from the area, keep their doors and windows closed. police have no idea what is causing this, but it is coming from the sea. but the source, as of yet, hasn't been identified. they are treating people currently at birling gap. they are clearing the area. details still coming in, but it is hazardous and police arsenal trying to find out what is causing the problem. there is a strange smell. some people on social made media say they have left that
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national trust cafe because the problem is affecting the whole area. so the advice is to stay awake and keep doors and windows closed. busy weekend, sunny day, bank holiday, people would have been in the area. with it being so warm, not ideal for this kind of incident to happen. thank you very much. we can bring you more on this because on the line is roy page, who was at birling gap near to beachy head. what have you experienced? we were just on the beach. my dog was in the water, came out of the water and started rubbing his eyes on the pedals. —— pebbles. within minutes my eyes were irritated and my wife's and my daughter. i looked around and everybody was starting to rub their eyes, especially people further west of the beach, which is where the
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cloud was coming from. it looked like a sea mist, and i experienced a little bit before and i said, we are out of here. by the time we got to the ladder, the steps which go up the ladder, the steps which go up the beach by the cafe, no more than four or five minutes, the the beach by the cafe, no more than four orfive minutes, the lady at the cafe said they are evacuating the cafe said they are evacuating the area. that is when it became serious. walking back to the cart we saw people clambering up the beach and trying get. 0n the way back, when we left, we passed incident vehicles, ambulance, fire brigade teams, along the road which isjust about wide enough for two cars. so the chaos down there now must be reasonably bad. a lot of people would have been caught up in this? absolutely, the one on the beach, 600 yards away from the stairs were the ones to get the mist. they had
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to make their way back to the stairs. that was at both ends of the beach, so it was over a mile of beach, so it was over a mile of beach full of people. to have a0 or 50 people with slight irritation, i would have thought that number in the car park washing their eyes out with water when we were there within the first five minutes. he describe the first five minutes. he describe the symptoms that you and other family members felt, how long did they last for? i wouldn't have thought we had it very bad because we got off the beach very quickly. it took us until we got to polegate, about half an hour, before my wife, her eyes started to feel better. 0ur eyes streaming all the time. washing them with water helped, but not a great deal. you were just describing you had gone half an hour's drive away from the area now? yes, it took
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about half an hour to clear up. as you have heard, it was coming from the sea, so where it has come from, old chlorine cylinders that have suddenly exploded. it is a gas that sits at ground level, it doesn't disburse in the air. it disburses at ground level, so it would just come in andjust ground level, so it would just come in and just sit. we will no doubt hear more clarification on what caused this in the coming hours, but thank you very much roy for that. he was affected, as were other family members by the mysterious mist on the beach. 50 people reported at this stage to have been affected. the headlines on bbc news: two lorries have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving
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after a crash on the m1. labour has committed for the first time in keeping england in the single market after leaving the eu. the american weather service says flooding from tropicals to harvey is beyond anything they have ever experienced as thousands of people are rescued from rising waters. police responding to reports of a domestic disturbance have discovered the body of a toddler in a house in manchester. police say a man is now being questioned on suspicion of murder and a woman is being treated in hospital for serious injuries. naomi cornwell reports. it was here the body of a toddler was found alone in an empty house. police were called just after midnight following reports of a domestic incident. when officers arrived, they were told a man and woman had left the house and gone to hospital. but when they went in, they discovered the body of a young boy. it is a harrowing case.
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there is a clear impact on the local community and sympathies are with the friends and family and the community. we are working hard with the family and the community to provide reassurance and support. neighbours said they are devastated. sick to find out it was a child. i have onlyjust found out through the press on the internet it was a child. it is horrible, horrible feeling. i am sure everybody shares the same views. shock more than anything else. it's not known how the boy died. the woman is being treated in hospitalfor serious injuries. a 31—year—old man is being questioned on suspicion of murder. this afternoon, greater manchester police said they had been called to a domestic incident at the same house on friday. the force is expected to refer
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itself to the independent police complaints commission because of the earlier contact with the household. a second man has been arrested by police, investigating friday's attack outside buckingham palace when three police officers were injured. detectives say they've now detained a 30—year—old man in west london on suspicion of being involved in the alleged terror incident. on friday, officers arrested a 26—year—old man, who was brandishing a four foot sword and repeatedly shouting "allahu akbar". police have arrested a man on suspicion of aggravated burglary after an elderly woman was badly beaten in lancashire. the 88—year—old was asleep at her home in chorley in the early hours of saturday morning when she was woken by a man who attacked her and demanded money. five climbers have died and a sixth has been injured in an accident in the austrian alps. the accident happened at a height of more than 6000 feet. authorities have said that the exact cause is unclear but it appears that the six climbers were roped together when they fell. a self—styled indian guru,
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gurmeet ram rahim singh, is due to be sentenced on two charges of rape tomorrow. his conviction sparked violence in north india on friday. 38 people were killed and more than 200 others were injured. 0ur south asia correspondent, justin rowlatt is at his headquarters in sirsa and sent this report. behind this wall is the vast temple complex that is the headquarters of the sect run by the man who became known as the guru of bling. as well as this cinema, there is a hospital, hotel and a vast auditorium. but today, his followers were in no mood to welcome visitors. 0therjournalists have been attacked and their vehicles burnt. guru ram rahim is a flamboyant and controversial figure who stars
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in his own movies but he commands extraordinary support. his claim that he has 60 million followers worldwide, may be an exaggeration, but one army officer told me he thinks there are at least a0,000 devotees inside the compound at the moment. driving away from the temple complex, you get a sense of how tense the atmosphere is. the local town has been under a strict lock down for days. the shops are closed and there are many roadblocks. we were turned back when we asked for permission to pass. guru ram rahim is due to be sentenced on monday in a town about two hours drive from here. the fear is, it could
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spark yet more violence. all day, there has been a steady stream of devotees leaving the complex. translation: we knew they would make a victim, the court forced them to do it. we all love him, god has gifted him with special powers. these guys have all left the compound. they are heading away, getting into vehicles and heading out of town. i asked them if they are going to the town where the sentencing of the guru will be held? they said no, but whether it is true or not, i don't know. local people have retreated into their homes, and with good reason. there is a huge military presence. the authorities have ordered the guru's assets, including the temple complex, be seized. but the devotees don't look ready to give it up without a fight, leaving a very dangerous stand—off. the notting hill carnival is in full swing in west london.
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it's the 51st time the event has been held, although this year it has been overshadowed by the grenfell tower tragedy. earlier this afternoon at 3:00pm a minute's silence was observed in memory for those killed in the fire which broke out injune. some of those who marked the silence were local firefighters. the route of the carnival passes the site, in west london. more than1 million people are expected to attend the carnival today and tomorrow. 0ur correspondent chi chi izundu is on the parade route in ladbroke grove and sent us this update a short time ago. it has been a mixed day of celebration and marking tributes for those affected by the grenfell tower because the tower looms ominously over the parade route. thousands of people have been walking the parade route with a lot of floats, playing a lot of music. at 3pm there was a minute's silence held and just
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around the corner, firefighters stood outside to mark tributes to their colleagues who had been fighting the fire injune. we are joined by a local resident, melvin. how has today been for you?m joined by a local resident, melvin. how has today been for you? it has been mixed emotions. earlier this morning when we have the remembrance service and our faith leader spoke and rereleased some dubs into the sky. it was very tearful to honour the dead and remember the tragedy. is it important for the tragedy to have been marked, as a date that is renowned for such festivities? absolutely, grenfell renowned for such festivities? absolutely, gre nfell is renowned for such festivities? absolutely, grenfell is less than half a mile from the carnival route and a large part of the residents from that the state would have taken pa rt from that the state would have taken part in the carnival normally. they are unable to because of what has happened. it is important for those who have survived to have a release of motion and also have something to
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help with healing. this isn't going to do it completely but it is part of the process and it is important for everybody to come together and honour the dead and two mother —— arne grenfell. this is the largest street party and you are wearing green, which the organisers encourage people to work to remember the grenfell victims. have people paid attention to what happened, as you say, only half a mile away?m is impossible to ignore. i have been round the entire carnival route and i have seen a large number of people wearing green. whether it was t—shirts with the word grenfell on it, or trousers orjust something that was green to show their solidarity with the residents and the victims of grenfell tower. but going back to the campaign, it was started by some kids in a primary school. primary schools all over the
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country wore green for grenfell and that has snowballed. it is something we want to do every year, june ia, maybe everybody wears green for 6 re nfell maybe everybody wears green for grenfell to rememberand maybe everybody wears green for grenfell to remember and in solidarity for people who lost their lives to remember that terrible event. thank you forjoining us. tomorrow is day two of the carnival and at three p:m., there will be another minute's silence where people can remember those affected by the blaze. the queensferry crossing which links the lothians and fife in scotland will be officially opened by the queen next week. the bridge cost £1.3 billion and is the longest crossing of its kind in the world. 0ur scotland correspondent, lorna gordon has been to see it, as the finishing touches are made. rising out of the waters of the forth, the queensferry crossing linking edinburgh and fife. the construction of this bridge took six years to complete and its design means it should stay open to traffic
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no matter how strong the winds get during the often bad winter weather. it's a very technical bridge and a lot of the technical aspects are invisible, you can't see them. the foundations, for example, are probably the most dramatic and the most difficult to achieve on the whole project and i think people don't see that. they do see the magnificence of quite a beautiful bridge. the narrow crossing has a striking cantilever design, which catches the light while the bridge soars above the landscape below. it is the tallest bridge in the uk, as well as the longest of its type in the world. 15,000 people have been involved in this huge construction project. last—minute work is continuing to get the motorway crossing ready for traffic which in just a few days' time will start using this, the third bridge on this part of the forth. lorna gordon, bbc news, at the queensferry crossing.
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lets get the weather forecast now. this is a picture from cornwall. we have seen some cloud running into parts of scotland. northern ireland has been cloudy throughout and into parts of north—west england and north wales as well but the rest of england and wales, plenty of warm sunshine. we will see overnight, outbreaks of rain running from west to east across mostly northern scotland. the breeze continues to freshen up here. cloud into northern ireland. clear skies into northern wales and england. not everyone keeps the good weather from monday because a weather front is
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approaching from the atlantic. it is england and wales most favoured with the one sunshine and monday. but in scotla nd the one sunshine and monday. but in scotland and northern ireland, will ta ke scotland and northern ireland, will take the reins southwards during the day. not much rain in eastern scotla nd day. not much rain in eastern scotland and as it brightens up behind it going into the evening, one 01’ behind it going into the evening, one or two behind it going into the evening, one 01’ two showers behind it going into the evening, one or two showers in northern scotland. at four p:m., the rain clearing north—west scotland at this stage. a blustery day, our breaks a rain and not amounting to much in eastern scotland but wet for a time in glasgow and the rain will move into belfast as well. quite a bit of cloud in the north—west england and cloudy times into north—west wales and the east. it'll feel warmer than today and some spot in south—east england could get to 29 celsius. it will be about 28.3, the warmest lake bank holiday in august on record. so keep watching and see if that number is beaten. 0n keep watching and see if that number is beaten. on monday evening,


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