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this is bbc news. the headlines at 10pm: beyond anything experience. thousands of people i rescued from flood waters in texas. a change in policy on brexit. labour says britain should stay in the customer market for a period after leaving the eu. in eitherfew in either few minutes viewers from
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bbc one willjoin us. police are investigating after a haze came off of the sea, leaving people with sore eyes and throats. residents have been told to keep doors and windows closed. write page was at nearby beachy head and describe what is. we we re beachy head and describe what is. we were on the beach and my dog was in the water and he came in from the water and that is when he got something in his eyes. after a couple of minutes, my eyes started to irritate and then my wife and also my daughter. everyone was starting to rub their eyes, especially people who were further west u p especially people who were further west up the beach. it looked like a sea mist. i had experienced some of this before and i said we are out of
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here and got out. by the time we got to the steps to the cafe, just 45 minutes, the ladies says we are evacuating the whole area. it became serious and rocking to the car we saw people who were clambering up the beach to get off and then on the way back when we left we passed incident vehicles, the ambulance, fire brigade and all the lot. the chaos down there now must be reasonably bad. a lot of people would have been caught up in this presumably. the ones on the beach who were five or 600 yards away from the stairs where the first ones to get the most. they had to make their way back to the stairs and at both ends of the beach, 1.5 mile beach,
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it was full of people. to have a0 or 50 people with slight irritation in their eyes would be a huge understatement. that number in the car park washing their eyes out with water. he described the symptoms that you and others felt. how long did the last for christmas i would not have thought we had it very bad. —— howdon they last for? we got for half an hour before my wife started to feel better. the eyes we re wife started to feel better. the eyes were streaming all of the time. washing with water helped but not a great deal. you were just describing that you were half an hour from the area now eyes—mac yes, it took us on ourfor it to area now eyes—mac yes, it took us on our for it to clear area now eyes—mac yes, it took us on ourfor it to clear up. i think as you heard, it was coming from the
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sea. you heard, it was coming from the sea. where it has come from, old chlorine cylinders that are rusting out and exploded. it is a gas that sits at ground level. it disperses at ground level. it would just come in and sit. parts of texas face unprecedented flooding as tropical storm hardly danced 2a inches of rain in one day. in houston more than 1000 people have been rescued from the rising waters. hundreds of others are stranded in their homes. we prayed a lot and we praised god and we were rescued. we are very grateful. president trump has praised the relief effort. we will have the very latest. some of the victims of yesterday's m1 crash have been named. they include minibus driver cyriacjoseph, who was 52.
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a change in policy on brexit. labour says britain should stay in the customer custom market for a period after leaving the eu. the notting hill carnival gets underway in west london, with a tribute to the victims of the grenfell tower disaster. and after all the hype, floyd mayweather sees off ireland's conor mcgregor, in the 10th round, in vegas. more than a thousand people have been rescued from flooding in one of america's most populous city's, houston, in texas, as a huge storm continues to batter parts of the state. forecasters there say the conditions are "unprecedented," and warn that the waters are still rising. 2a inches of rain fell in one day, and emergency workers are still trying to reach hundreds of people stranded in their homes. our north america correspondent james cook is in houston for us tonight. the white house has just announced that the president will visit texas on tuesday. he will find a state struggling to cope with one of the
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most serious natural disasters in living memory for this country and here in houston, this flood water is creeping ever closer to the heart of the city. it arrived in houston with a vengeance. no longer packing the full force of the hurricane but still deadly. in just 2a hours, more than two feet of rain fell on the fourth largest city in the united states. the results are devastating. this appears to be either the worst or one of the worst floods houston has ever had. we are measuring it not in inches but in feet. the flooded city's streets are difficult to navigate. the currents area difficult to navigate. the currents are a swift and treacherous. in these conditions making the wrong turning can quickly become a matter of life and death. we prayed a lot
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and we praised god and we were rescued. we are very thankful. houston has ground to a halt and with the rain still teeming down, the waters keep on rising. police are urging people not to venture out, not to risk their lives and this is why. pedro told us he was almost swept away. my truck got stuck. i had to find a way to come home. i have to walk all the way there and the rescue boats are over there but i was helping somebody else. there is a rescue happening up there? yes. the storm has crippled transport and left people struggling to go about their lives. right now it is hard to believe that this is the richest nation on earth. you get a sense of how quickly this situation is unfolding. the flooding clearly caught these drivers by surprise and still the rain is coming down with no sign of it stopping. the authorities are struggling to cope. they are calling for more boats to be sent in. more than 2000 people in need of rescue have called the emergency
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services and the mayor is trying to stem a sense of panic. we are coming to you. we want people to know in this city. if you are there and there is a need, we will get to you. i will simply ask that you remain calm, remain patient and we will get to you. tonight the city and its citizens are isolated. getting in and out is becoming harder and harder and with nightfall approaching and the waters rising, this is a disaster in the making. it is difficult to see how this city could host a presidential visit as early as tuesday. the authorities are struggling to cope with the extent of this unfolding disaster. it seems clear that more people are trapped tonight and still are waiting to be rescued. that number is likely to increase because
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the waters are still rising. the re m na nts of the waters are still rising. the remnants of the hurricaine harvey stock across the state and the rain is likely to continue for days. thank you for that. some of the eight victims of yesterday's minibus crash on the m1 near newport pagnell, have been named. they include the driver of the minibus involved cyriacjoseph, who was 52. two lorry drivers have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving. spencer stokes reports. a church service held this morning to remember cyriacjoseph. the minibus driver lost his life yesterday morning in a crash on the m1 that left six men and two women dead. today, his wife and two children were at the church where tributes were paid. he was such a family orientated man. a genuine and friendly person. he was a good friend of mine, just like a brother to me. friend spoke of their memories of
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him and said that faith would help them support each other. he was active in the church and she was friendly. he was always there for someone friendly. he was always there for someone and always there for all of us. someone and always there for all of us. he was driving his minibus when the accident happened. two lorries, one from fedex and another from aim logistics were involved in the accident. both companies have expressed sympathy for those who lost loved ones and to the four people, including a five—year—old girl, who were taken to hospital. today, an it company confirmed three of its employees died in the crash and another member of staff is seriously ill. grief also being felt at the church
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service that brought together friends and worshippers, all with their own thoughts of the man they knew. around 50 people on a beach in east sussex, have been treated for eye and throat irritation, caused by a suspected chemical leak. it happened at birling gap, with people reporting painful, stinging eyes and difficulties breathing after what was described as a mist appeared. sussex police say the unknown haze is coming in from the sea, affecting the coastline. people living nearby are advised to keep their windows and doors closed. our correspondent adina campbell joins me now, what's the latest? as you say, dozens of people have reported problems with their eyes and throats as a result of this suspected chemical leak. what we do know is that 50 people have been treated by the emergency services. it is not clear at this stage what has caused this. it is an unknown
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haze coming from the sea. the area isa haze coming from the sea. the area is a popular holiday spot. lots of people call their during the summer. tonight it is being completely evacuated. the rnli have sent lifeboats to check that people are safe. one of those has a doctor on board. the emergency services are seeing people in the area should keep doors and windows shut and surrounding roads have been closed. hanky. —— thank you. jeremy corbyn has defended labour's policy shift, in advocating the uk remain in the eu's single market and customs union, during any transitional period after brexit. he says it's the best way to safeguard jobs and the economy. the move would mean the continued free movement of people, and ongoing payments to brussels, after eu membership officially ends in 2019. our political correspondent iain watson reports. labour's leadership have always been
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clear. they respect the result of the referendum but they have been less clear of what sort of brexit they want. now the shadow brexit secretary and the leader have agreed ona secretary and the leader have agreed on a direction of channel for the period after we leave the eu nothing much would change. writing in the observer, eurostar says we would seek to remain in the custom union and the single market during this period. it means... it also restricts our ability to make independent trade deals. being inside the single market means goods and finance can move freely but so too can people. never mind talks between uk and brussels, there has been tense negotiations within
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labour ranks to clarify their position. what does abiding by eu rules mean? the continuation of free movement of labour making it difficult to control eu migration. just how long would labour's transition period actually last? the government is thinking in terms of two years. government is thinking in terms of two yea rs. we government is thinking in terms of two years. we are not putting a time limit on it. we need to reach an arrangement that protects the long—term trade relationship and jobs in this country. jeremy corbyn was in edinburgh today talking about brexit that behind the scenes some of his own mps want him to go further and commit to permanent single market membership. what people would now like to see, building on this important step forward , building on this important step forward, as for the labour party to commit to single membership. some labour mps who backed brexit do not wa nt to labour mps who backed brexit do not want to see the leader living
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further in that direction. jeremy is ona further in that direction. jeremy is on a journey. i have not been on a journey. i think people can keep the faith with those of us, labour mps who campaigned to come out, and to know we're not doing any ratting or u—turns or anything else. know we're not doing any ratting or u-turns or anything else. it is a difficult balancing act to appeal to remain and leave voters. jeremy corbyn did it at the last election but that may be difficult to repeat as he clarified his position on brexit. a 31—year old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder, after the body of a young child was found in a house in wythenshawe in south manchester, early this morning. a man and a woman who'd also suffered serious injuries had left for hospital before officers arrived, following reports of a domestic disturbance. it isn't clear how the boy died. the 51st notting hill carnival has opened in west london, with the release of doves and multi—faith prayers in memory of those who died in the grenfell tower disaster in june.
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firefighters and paramedics were among those who bowed their heads in tribute. carnival—goers have been asked to wear something green, to remember those affected by the tragedy. from notting hill, elaine dunkley reports. # when you are down and out. # when you're on the street... it started with a song to heal broken hearts. a promise of strength. grenfell, be united. amen. and then... with the joyous sounds and vibrant colours of carnival, they celebrated the lives of those taken by tragedy. many wore green for grenfell, a colour for growth and renewal. it is to honour the victims. my own relatives died. we love the carnival
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and she loved the carnival. we participated every year, go to their house, people would come from europe. her house would be full up, 16 people sleeping on the floor. we are bringing back, life. at times, those watching were overwhelmed, sad for those who once had a front row seat for the biggest carnival. with laughter and love, carnival paid respect in the way it knows how. to bring us all together in a sharing community that we are one love and one community and together we are much more successful and together we celebrate the best of britain. there have been moments of reflection, stillness and solitude as well as gratitude for those who saved lives. carnival has always had its roots firmly within this community. it started in the 1960s by west indian immigrants who were facing racism, inequality and poor housing. much of this still resonates
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on the streets of notting hill today. especially for grenfell, it is important we have it is important we have a sense of unity. we have had a minute's silence for them. in the moment of madness, everyone heard that minute. it is a good spirit right now. notting hill carnival will always symbolise celebration but in the shadow of grenfell it has a new purpose, the voice of a community trying to heal. it is one of the busiest commuter routes in scotland, and later this week drivers will have a new bridge to cross the firth of forth, between edinburgh and fife. the queensferry crossing, will sit alongside the iconic forth rail bridge, as well as the current road bridge, and is the longest of its kind in the world. with more details here's our scotland correspondent lorna gordon, and her report contains some flashing images. rising out of the waters of the forth, the queensferry crossing linking edinburgh and fife.
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the bridge's design catching the light of the landscape below. 15,000 people worked on this huge construction project. the bridge came in under budget but delayed. it was not without its difficulties with those involved in its build. the big challenge was the weather for a start. this is a perfect day but some days you cannot walk on the deck. you have to clear the deck because the wind is so bad. you have got to come down from there. then you have the horizontal rain that goes with it. it has been quite wild. it has taken six years for this structure to take its final shape. it is britain's highest bridge. the most visible part of a complicated engineering process.
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the nature of this bridge is such that there are nojoints in it. that means the amount of maintenance required is reduced. the other thing is the shape of the bridge. it is to reduce the surface area. this mean a limited amount of painting for the future. we want to make it weather proof and hence these wind shields behind us. when this bridge opens to traffic, this road will become a motorway tens of thousands of vehicles will use it every day. this has been described as the biggest infrastructure project here in scotland for a generation. the queensferry crossing the longest three tower cable bridge in the world is now finally about to open. and with three bridges spanning three different centuries now standing side—by—side, what of the view from the shore? it surprises me how the new bridge complements the other two. it is very different. the cables stays are like
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sails, static and solid. the other bridges have different visual qualities. you have the redness and geography. there is quite a minimal quality to the 1960s road bridge. the old and new as the queensferry crossing gets ready to carry travellers through the centuries to come. with all the sport , here's john watson at the bbc sport centre. floyd mayweather says he's retired for good after victory over conor mcgergor in their super fight in las vegas. despite appearing in his first professional boxing bout, mcgregor lasted until the tenth round. as richard conway reports. 50 wins and no defeat. with many believing this fight to be a mismatch, floyd mayweather was made to work in confirming his position as one of boxing's all—time greats.
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a sense of hope and excitement for mcgregor‘s prospects have built with irish fans turning this desert city green. if you can land on his left hand shot, he can do it. floyd mayweather was not without support as well. 49, it is going to be 50 tonight. it your money where your mouth is. when the bell rang for the first round, it was mcgregor who came with all guns blazing. the irish man had claimed that he was ready to shock the world. an upset looked possible but the speed and skill rounded the irishman darren. mcgregor was in deep trouble. he was reduced to clinging to the ropes for survival. the end soon followed for a fight that has intrigued but repulsed many, given the language and behaviour of the men in the
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build—up. and behaviour of the men in the build-up. after 21 years in boxing, i have had some great fights and boring fights. at the end of the day, i will always be read and it as a winner. some believed it would be a winner. some believed it would be a farce but it was far from it. the controversies remain. so is the deep unease that was unapologetically put on primarily for the money. it was a very enjoyable experience and a great learning experience. very enjoyable experience and a great learning experiencelj very enjoyable experience and a great learning experience. i am very happy with it. i would have loved to have one. but with the cheques cashed and the height at an end, the circus has now left town. match of the day 2 follows the news so if you want to wait for today's scores, look away now. arsenal slipped to their heaviest premier league defeat in almost two years as they were beaten a—0 by liverpool at anfield. the win moves them up to second in the table
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behind manchester united, as arsene wenger‘s side slipped to a second straight league defeat. elsewhere, the champions chelsea beat everton two nil. in the scottish premiership, it finished one all between dundee and hibernian, and rangers won 3—1 at ross county. england captainjoe root helped steer his side to a two run lead over west indies at the end of the third day of the second test at headingley. whether he can steer them to victory remains to be seen. patrick gearey reports. cheap runs. england had not found any offer on wickets. they have spent a long time waiting. sunday morning, by one, get one free. next ball for none. jimmy anderson just three from 500 in test. jermaine blackwood nearly threw himself in. england could not afford mistakes, not with the leading away from them. they were bowled out and held the lead. a figure that england must follow. rather that than the alarm
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which jolted alistair cooke. he follow. rather that than the alarm whichjolted alistair cooke. he made eight. mark had worked hard for 50. not much she could do with this one. england were reliant onjoel root who was alive or a fortune. he survived but at headingley it can fall apart without warning. lewis hamilton has trimmed the gap to championship leader sebastien vettel after winning the belgian grand prix. the mercedes driver won his fifth race of the season, holding off a late challenge from the german driver's ferrari to win on his 200th formula one race. chris froome has extended his lead in cycling's vuelta a espana after winning stage nine. the team sky rider attacked with 500 metres to go. he now leads the race by 36 seconds with 12 stages remaining as he looks to win both the tour de france and vuelta in the same year. and details of the day's other sports stories are on the bbc sport website. now it is time for the news where
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you are. have a very good night. this is a picture from cornwall. we have seen some cloud that running into parts of scotland and northern ireland has been cloudy throughout. parts of north—west england and wales as well. plenty of very warm sunshine. a fine evening out there. we will see overnight some outbreaks of rain from west to east. could be one or two mist and fog patches. temperatures lower in rural spots. everyone keeps the fine weather for monday. fine weather from the atlantic, england and wales most favoured for the warm sunshine on monday. scotland and northern ireland will
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take a band of rain through the day, quite windy as well. not much rain into eastern scotland, it will brighten up as it clears. one or two showers in north—west scotland. at apm and the afternoon, the rain clearing at this stage. a blustery day, outbreaks of rain, not amounting to much in east scotland but wet for a time in glasgow. rain moving into belfast as well. a bit of cloud ahead. cloudy at times in west england and wales, where as east wales and the rest of england will have long, sunny spells. it will feel even warmer than today. some spots in south—west england could even get to 29 degrees. everything above 28.3 and it will be the warmest bank holiday in late august on record. keep watching that number. monday evening, a bit of cloud and rain filtering towards northern england and wales. later in the evening, and on tuesday that band of cloud move south. hardly any rain left once it gets to the south—east. still quite warm.
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a breezy day in scotland and northern ireland, sunshine and showers, heavy in western scotland. an area of low pressure moves to england and wales, but friday the high pressure will build back. wednesday we could see some outbreaks of rain affecting mostly parts of england and wales. keep watching for more details. thursday and friday, sunny spells.
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