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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 29, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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yes. oh, i expect so. what is it? a mango, your majesty. one moment, your majesty. it's off. sir henry, this mango is off. of all the things you've done, of all the parts you've played, which has been yourfavourite? i loved playing cleopatra because, when i said i was going to do it, people were openingly quite rude. you know, they said — "cleopatra, is that your part?" i never thought that i'd be in a bond film, and i had the most glorious time bossing him about and sitting behind that desk. i loved it, loved it. absolutely. victoria and abdul is based on a true, if little—known story. a slice of victorian history about class, race and religious intolerance that speaks to today's multi—cultural britain.
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he's an indian, your majesty. and i'm the queen of england, i will have whatever help i require. will gompertz, bbc news. that's almost it from us. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here's emily. tonight, hurricane harvey becomes a test for the president. donald trump lands in texas as the floodwaters rise. and we ask if the knives are now out for boris johnson. join me now on bbc two. here, on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. good night. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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i'm leah boleto — so much to get through tonight. the west indies ray of hope — another century from shai who steers the windies to a famous test win at headingley. is sanchez bound for city? there's a £50 million bid on the table tonight but arsenal reject it. first konta, now kerber — the defending champion is dumped out of the us open in round one. we'll start with cricket and an historic day at headingley where the west indies won their first test match in this country for 17 years when they beat
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england by five wickets to win the second test and level the three—match series. described as pathetic after their defeat in the first test, this was a spectacular comeback for the tourists. it was also a special day for their young batsman shai hope. patrick gearery was watching in leeds. a remarkable test match ends with a five wicket victory for west indies in the closing overs of the final day with gloom all around us in leeds. this was a victory very few people expected of them before the test match. very few people expected before this fifth day. england had set them 322 runs to win and took two wickets in the morning session, kieran powell and kyle hope. then kraigg brathwaite, who had been dropped in the morning session, went about things with shai hope.
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things got pretty flat here. england did get brathwaite before the tea break, caught off the bowling of moeen ali, brathwaite five short of his century. they couldn't back it up with any more quick wickets. they got roston chase thanks to a great catch from substitute fielder mason crane. thenjermaine blackwood set about attacking the england bowling, trying to get the runs before the west indies ran out of time. shai hope got his second hundred of the game, the first man to ever do that in a test match at headingley. fittingly it was hope to score the winning runs to secure a famous victory for west indies. this series goes to the final test at lord's. if it's half as good as this, it will be some game. we can now hear some of the reaction from a memorable day's play at headingley. we are test cricketers for a reason. we came here to play cricket. we had the fight and belief and players to do it. we just needed to execute.
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at no point were we complacent. we looked at the conditions, it was spinning. the fifth day, we took the positive option of wanting to win the game. we're a positive side that wants to win test matches. unfortunately, we couldn't do that today. if we were right on it and we took all our chances then it might have been slightly different, but credit to the west indies, they played fantastically well today. so a day to rememberfor shai hope and a historic one as there's been 534 first—class matches at headingley and incredibly hope is the first batsman ever to score two hundreds in the same match at the ground — that really puts his achievement in context today. and you have to go back a few years for the last west indies test match win in this country. that was back in 2000 when courtney walsh took eight wickets at edgbaston as the west indies won the first test of their tour.
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in new york it's been tipping it down much of the day which has meant officials have had to cancel most matches. but there was some action and another major shock at flushing meadows. after britain'sjohanna konta was dumped out of the competition — world number 45 naomi 0saka from japan beat defending champion angelique kerber 6—3, 6—1 injust over an hour. it was the first time for 12 years that the champion was knocked out in the opening round. the number one seed nadal is into the next round after a straight sets victory. the spaniard needed a tie—break to take the first set but took the next two ticks— two. —— 6-2. and took the next two ticks— two. —— 6—2. and now onto football.
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is alexis sanchez about to join manchester city? city have made a £50 million bid to to sign the chile international from arsenal this evening but we understand that bid has been rejected by arsenal. the chilean is out of contract next summer and hasn't agreed a new one at the emirates yet. sanchez scored 2a league goals for the gunners last season. and it's looking increasingly likely that alex 0xlade chamberlain will be leaving arsenal to join chelsea. the england midfielder‘s contract expires next summer, but he's so far turned down the chance to commit his future at the emirates. the two clubs have agreed a fee of £40 million for the england international. arsenal want any deal to be sorted as quickly as possible. and now to possibly the best clip you'll see all day from republic of ireland assistant manager roy keane. he's been talking about the mind—boggling fees for what he calls average players. he also went on to say former team—mate ryan giggs would be worth £2 billion in today's market. which players were you talking about? you played with some great players. van nistelrooy. ..
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0n the market now ruud would probably be worth £1 billion. david beckham ? £1 billion. ryan giggs? £2 billion. roy keane ? £3.75 billion! britain's chris froome has maintained his 36 second lead after stage ten of the vuelta a espana. after 102 miles in the saddle italy's matteo trentin held off spain's jose joaquin rojas to claim victory. froome crossed the line four and a half minutes later alongside his main rival esteban chaves. although the colombian is nowjoint second with ireland's nicolas roach who made up time on the final descent. british boxer peter mcgrail is guaranteed a medal from the world amateur championships in hamburg after he won his ba ntamweight quarterfinal today. the liverpudlian european champion beat leonel de los santos from the dominican republic 4—1 to reach the last four which means he'll win a bronze medal even if he loses. but there were defeats
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for the other british boxers in the quarterfinals. ben whitaker, cheavon clarke and pat mccormack. a year on from being a part of team gb‘s bronze medal winning the 4 by 400 metre relay team, anyika 0nuora has told the bbc how she'd overcome life—threatening malaria before the rio 0lympics. the liverpool athlete competed at this year's world championships in london but admitted the situation was far worse than she realised at the time. i remember them telling me if i'd left it a day or two days it could have been fatal. i always look back and think, gosh, if i was just a random person or regular person i would have just taken paracetamol and thought it was just a cold or whatever and i would not have known that it was malaria. i'm thankful that i caught it
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so early because ijust remember them saying if you'd have left it one day longer it could have been fatal. its been a busy day for england's cricket and rugby union teams this afternoon a trip to downing street to meet the prime minister theresa may who describe this summer as a watershed for women's sport. now badminton — it's a sport that's currently unfunded and won't receive any cash for tokyo 2020. but could that be set to change? could there be a lifeline for the sport? well dame katherine grainger — the chair of uk sport — will be meeting with british olympic and paralympic national governing bodies tomorrow. uk sport said they'd had to "prioritise resources towards the strongest medal potential".
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while the funding body says sports without investment will be able to present a case at an annual review. tomorrow's talks will be a chance to show whether the sports have training environments capable of delivering medals. she knows what the problems are and she will do everything to make sure that every international player has a future on the world stage and the funding that is in a sorry. —— that is necessary. its been a busy day for england's cricket and rugby union teams this afternoon a trip to downing street to meet the prime minister theresa may who described this summer as a watershed for women's sport. england's rugby union team narrowly lost the world cup final to new zealand on saturday but the cricketers, led by heather knight, went one better and lifted the world cup after a dramatic final win over india at lord's. the prime minister described the players of both teams as wonderful ambassadors. i've been fortunate to come here couple of times with previous prime ministers but it is always a great honour to be invited here. i understand that theresa may is a fan of cricket so hopefully she can enjoy coming out here and having a chat with a view of us and the rugby girls as well. —— with a few of us. that's all from sportsday on a day where the west indies gave a reminder they can still be a force in test cricket. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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before we get into the papers, we have some breaking news. kezia dugdale has resigned as the leader of the scottish labour party. that has taken people by surprise. she says the party needs a new leader with fresh energy, drive and a new mandate, apparently. she is talking about the party needing to prepare for the next holyrood elections in four yea rs' for the next holyrood elections in four years' time with a new leader, and in an interview with the bbc scotla nd and in an interview with the bbc scotland political editor, kezia dugdale said she was not going before she was pushed. the poor showing of the labour party in scotla nd showing of the labour party in scotland at the last election probably did not help matters for the leader of the labour party there but she has now decided to stand
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down and resign as leader of the scottish labour party. any more on that and we will bring you that when we get it. and now as build the papers. —— as build, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are kate mccann from the telegraph and kate forrester from the huffington post. tomorrow's front pages. president trump makes the picture lead on the front of the financial times, as he's briefed on the relief effort for tropical storm harvey, by the governor of texas. "melania to the rescue" is the metro's take on how the us first lady jets off
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to a flood disaster zone. in stilletos. that's alongside its main headline ‘korea on the brink‘, where it reports on the international hue and cry prompted by north korea's latest missile launch. the korean crisis is also the lead in the express, which reports on how president trump has warned kim jong—un that ‘all options are on the table'. the guardian claims that weaker sixth—form pupils, are being dumped by a leading grammar school, to improve overrall results. while another education story features in the telegraph, with the headline: "teachers shift blame for cheating". the paper says exam boards must introduce stricter guards to counter the ‘temptation‘ to cheat. and the sun reports the court case where a man on a motorbike with a gun allegedly tried to rob the west ham striker andy carroll. i have two political correspondence with me both called kate. we have got to have a quick chat about kezia dugdale, that is a shock? yes, definitely. definitely. you have the
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same name and you said the same thing at the same time for the what made her go? we both looked at each other and shook our heads in surprise, it's a shock because i did not see that coming. there have been rumblings about her relationship with jeremy corbyn rumblings about her relationship withjeremy corbyn and activists and whether they think she is the right person for thejob, whether they think she is the right person for the job, and whether they think she is the right person for thejob, and maybe whether they think she is the right person for the job, and maybe there is something in the idea that she went before she was pushed but i thoughtjeremy went before she was pushed but i thought jeremy corbyn thought went before she was pushed but i thoughtjeremy corbyn thought she was doing a good job. the results in the local elections in scotland were less than they wanted but in the general election labour have made some decent games, winning seats backin some decent games, winning seats back in glasgow from the snp. sol did not see that coming. still an underwhelming performance. did not see that coming. still an underwhelming performancem did not see that coming. still an underwhelming performance. it was, and there is a lot of ground to make up, but she is a charismatic and young leader and i'm surprised and she will be difficult to


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