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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  August 30, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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coming up on this programme: at the us open defending women's champion angelique kerber is out after being beaten in the first round byjapan's naomi osaka. arsenal reject a bid of $65 million from manchester city for chile forward alexis sanchez. and west indies batsman shai hope breaks records as his side beat england in a thrilling second test in leeds. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with tennis news from day two at the us open and the shocks keep on coming. defending women's champion angelique kerber has been beaten in the opening round by japan's new york raised naomi osaka. the german's serve was broken with blistering returns like this from osaka, who then went on to again break on match point and claim a 6—3, 6—1win and a first victory ever over a player ranked in the top ten.
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i was always believing until the end that i can turn around the match because i turned around a lot of matches but yeah, she played good, especially also at the end of the match and i'm always trying to go for it when i have the chance and today, i mean, shejust went for it. i think she took her chances and she played a very good match but for me for sure it wasn't the best day and not the best match. the player kerber beat in last year's final is through to the second round. number one seed karolina pliskova saw off poland's magda linette 6—2, 6—1. she'll face us qualifier nicole gibbs or paraguay‘s veronica cepede royg in the second round as the czech remains in the hunt for her first grand slam title. in the men's draw, five—time champion roger federer plays in the evening session where arthur ashe stadium will see the only action with poor weather cancelling all outside court matches on day two. someone who has featured already is the man who returned to world
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number one last week, rafael nadal. the 31—year—old spaniard secured his passage to the second round after a sluggish start to his match against serbia's dusan lajovic that saw him in danger of losing the first set. but he struck back to take it in a tie—break before cruising through the next two sets. today, here i am, 3—1, if you told mei today, here i am, 3—1, if you told me i was here being number one in the world especially 7—6 ten years ago i wouldn't believe you so i'm trying to enjoy every day without thinking much about what happened and what can happen. ijust go like that day by day, week by week and i'm happy doing what i'm doing today. west indies led by history maker shai hope secured a tense five wicket victory late on the final day of the second test against england. hope became the first batsmen ever in a first class match at headingley to score centuries in both innings
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as his side levelled the series at one apiece with one to play, and patrick gearey was watching in leeds. soa so a remarkable test match ends with a five wicket victory for west indies in the closing overs of the final day with gloom all around us here in leeds. this was a victory very few people expected before this test match and very few expected before this fifth day. england set them 322 runs to win and took two wickets in the morning session, ciaran powell and kyle hope, who was u nfortu nate to ciaran powell and kyle hope, who was unfortunate to be run out at the non—striker‘s end. then england ran into a non—striker‘s end. then england ran intoafamiliar non—striker‘s end. then england ran into a familiar problem, braithwaite, dropped the morning session and shai hope, they both scored big in the first innings and they set about doing it again in the second innings. everyone they scored hit england's morale pretty hard, things got pretty flat here. england got braithwaite just before tea,
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court off moeen 95, five short of his entry, but they couldn't get any more quick wickets and eventually they got chase thanks to a great catch. that brought in blackford and he set about attacking the england bowling, trying to get the runs before the west indies one out of time. he was alongside shai hope, his second 100 in the game, the first man to do that at headingley and he scored the running, winning i’u ns and he scored the running, winning ru ns to and he scored the running, winning runs to score a famous victory for the windies. this goes to the final test at lord's. if it's half as good as this it will be some game. david warner hit an unbeaten 75 for australia as his side now hold the upper hand in the opening test of their series against bangladesh. the vice captain has put his side in sight of an unlikely victory with two full days remaining in dhaka. the visitors moved to 109—2 at stumps on the third day, still needing another 156 for victory. nathan lyon earlier claimed 6—82 to dismiss bangladesh for 221 in their second innings united arab emirates kept
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alive their hopes of qualifying for next year's world cup in russia with a 2—1victory over saudi arabia in their qualifier in abu dhabi. saudi arabia took the lead after 20 minutes when nawaf al—abid scored from the penalty spot. but goals from ali ahmed mab—khout and ahmed khalil meant the saudis stay second in the group behind japan. australia are third with a game in hand, with uae in fourth place. arsenal have rejected a $65 million bid from manchester city for forward alex sanchez. the 28—year—old chile international scored 2a premier league goals last season and with the transfer deadline closing at 2200 gmt on thursday any deal could also see raheem sterling leaving city for arsenal in part payment for the sanchez transfer. meanwhile, arsenal midfielder alex oxlade—chamberlain has turned down a move to premier league champions chelsea. the clubs had agreed a $51 million fee, but it's understood the england international was unhappy
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with chelsea's positional plans for him. oxlade—chamberlain may now have talks with liverpool. britain's chris froome has maintained his 36—second lead after stage ten of the vuelta a espana as he bids to become the first rider since 1978 to claim this race and the tour de france in the same year. after 164 kilometres in the saddle, italy's matteo trentin held off spain'sjosejoaquin rojas to claim victory. froome crossed the line four and a half minutes later alongside his main rival esteban chaves. the colombian now shares second place with ireland's nicolas roche who made up time on the final descent. earlier this year, south african rugby scrum half joost van der westhuizen passed away having suffered with the debilitating condition of motor neurone disease. last year former scotland player doddie weir was diagnosed with the illness. the bbc‘sjohn beattie, also a former scotland international, has been talking to him about how he's coming to terms with life now and about his worries for the future. beautifully fed onto doddie weir...
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in his 61 caps for scotland, doddie weir proved to be one of this country's most popular sportsman. when he goes like that he's like a mad giraffe but he's got great skills. a carolling figure on the field he now finds himself in the biggest fight of his life. the emotion... you almost want to try and grow up with your kids, don't you? our eldest is now 16 one half, 17 in september. will you be able to drive and help him? will you not? when did you start, when did it move to something changing? probably 18 months to maybe two years ago. caught my left hand in a door on the farm and being an old rugby boy come farmer you go how it's a bit tender and i've lost a bit of poll in the hand andi and i've lost a bit of poll in the hand and i thought it's ok, maybe broke a little bone but it will be
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0k, it will broke a little bone but it will be ok, it will soon mend and fix but during the winter it got progressively worse and i'm not a lot of power in the left—hand. that it's not too bad. if i were to go and try and squeeze you could put a sponge... that's as far as i could get. aren't got a few programmes on concussion. when i was in boston, the surgeon there had a big graft of head injuries, cde and motor neurone disease, did you get some head knocks? i think you always do and the way that we played, definitely. not the way that we played, definitely. n ot ofte n the way that we played, definitely. not often concussed but certainly a few bangs on the head. there's a lot of people in scotland, 1%, a50 to 500 sufferers of mnd in scotland, and quitea 500 sufferers of mnd in scotland, and quite a large majority wouldn't have played rugby. i don't think there's any connection to it.|j don't think anybody in the game ever had a bad word about you. what's the reaction being, the international
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reaction being, the international reaction from people you don't even know? it's been outstanding. the reaction from everyone really, rugby players especially that we know and we played with, some we know and some we don't know. the support‘s been very unbelievable, very humbling. it's the rugby public and the bigger public as well. he's now channelling all his energies into finding a cure. it's not accept double in today's environment to have a condition for which there is no cure and with any luck we can find a cure and i'll be here to know you for many years yet. you're a great man. i've tried to be nasty to you but i can't, you're a loved man, so you but i can't, you're a loved man, so thank you so much for talking to me. thank you. the new zealand winning rugby team at the rugby world cup have been welcome home with the trophy. they received traditional greetings from theirfans, friends received traditional greetings from their fans, friends and families. they beat england a1—32 in belfast against england and it was their
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fifth world cup triumph. some celebration indeed! that's all we've got time for. from me and the rest of the marvellous sport today team. goodbye. hello. for some of us, wednesday looks set to bring a major cooldown. on tuesday, parts of south—east england had temperatures into the mid—to—high 20s. but for wednesday, not so. 15 or 16 degrees is the very best we can expect, with some outbreaks of rain. it may even feel like the end of summer. the cooler weather comes courtesy of this strip of cloud that has been working its way slowly southwards and eastwards. cooler air already in place across scotland, northern ireland, and northern england. here, the day ahead will bring a mixture of sunshine and showers.
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some a mixture of sunshine and showers. of those sh0w( the some of those showers could be on the heavy side. fairly breezy in the far north—west. but the further south and east you are, the greater the chance of being stuck in the areas of cloud, with some outbreaks of rain. where this rain turns heaviest and most persistent, you may be at 12 or 13 degrees at times in the afternoon. if you get a dry or brighter spell, you could possibly add a few degrees to that. for the south—west of england, wales and the north of england, things brightening through the day, some spells of sunshine. just a few showers by the afternoon. showers across scotland. 16,17,18 degrees. it looks like we could see some heavy showers working to northern ireland later in the afternoon. 17 degrees in belfast. a soggy end to the day in east anglia and the south east. but then that should pull away to the east as we get into the early hours of thursday. with clear skies and fairly light winds, it's going to turn chilly. 10—11 degrees for some towns and cities. in the countryside, down to single
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digits. so a cool and fresh day for the most part on thursday. a day of sunshine and showers. some of those showers could be heavy. they could be thundery. quite hit and miss. good dry spells in between the downpours. top temperatures ranging from 16 in glasgow to 21 degrees in london. on friday it looks like we could see one 01’ on friday it looks like we could see one or two showers down towards the south. the vast majority, it should be dry with spells of sunshine. again, temperatures no great shakes. 15—21 degrees. pleasant enough in the sunshine. the weekend starts fine, but on sunday, we could see more cloud. before i go, a quick update on tropical storm harvey, which has once again over the last 2a hours being feeding huge amounts of rainfall into texas. some areas of scene well over a metre of rain. the wettest weather is sliding further east and north. so across those flood hit parts of texas, the rain will start to ease. however, the floodwaters won't subside for quite sometime. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: the un
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security council condemns north korea's testing of a missile overjapan, describing it as an outrageous threat. president trump travels to texas, where rescue efforts continue following tropical storm harvey. 11 people have died and thousands are forced from their homes. the cassini probe is transmitting its final burst of data before plunging into the atmosphere of saturn. and giving notre dame a facelift. why the french cathedral needs millions of dollars‘ worth of renovations.
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