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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 30, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines... tropical storm harvey has made landfall for a third time in the us, as the country's south—eastern region grapples with an ongoing natural disaster which has left more than 20 dead so far. residents of the texan city of port arthur were forced to take refuge in a bowling alley after more than 20 inches of rain fell overnight. the first section, three babies also lost their lives. three babies in the building? yes, ma'am, in the first section, in the second section. they were trying to get out. north korea says its firing of a missile overjapan is "the first step" of its military operations in the pacific. president trump says talking is not the answer when it comes to responding to the missile tests. theresa may says britain stands shoulder to shoulder with japan in the face of north korean aggression. she's in the country to discuss trade deals post—brexit. the chair of the independent inquiry
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into building regulations following the disaster at grenfell tower says she believes it is inevitable there are failings in the system. and princes william and harry visit a memorial garden for their mother on the eve of the 20th anniversary of her death. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. we will have the latest in regards to tropical storm harvey. this time in louisiana with storm surge warnings in effect along hundreds of miles of coastline. and we'll be crossing over to springfield in missouri where president trump begins a tour to sell tax reform to americans. and we'll discussing the concerns that some parents in england could miss out on 30 hours of free
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childcare for their three and four year olds because of administrative problems. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm hugh woozencroft. the main headlines this evening... liverpool and arsenal agree a fee to take alex oxlade—chamberlain to anfield. chris froome is also staying in red — he's extended his lead at the vuelta a espana. and is a saliva test the key to properly assessing concussion in rugby union? good evening, plenty to come as you can see, but it's that time again...
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we're quickly approaching the end of the summer transfer window tomorrow evening. our sports reporter david ornstein is here to help us as clubs anxious try to wrap up some late business. plenty going on with arsenal. it has been a difficult window for them. we would love to talk about players coming in. it seems like some are going out. alex oxlade—chamberlain? some are going out. alex oxlade-chamberlain? he is set to sign for liverpool in a deal worth up sign for liverpool in a deal worth up to £40 million. we know that chelsea had agreed a fee with arsenal of £40 million but 0xlade—chamberlain comes down the move because he did not want to play in the same addition he has played at at arsenal, right wingback. liverpool is the club he grew up supporting. they were also offering him a central role that he craves. the club has entered negotiations. in the last half an hour, they have reached an agreement. £40 million. alex 0xlade—chamberlain needs to undergo a medical and agree personal terms but the proposition is a
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six—year contract. it will be the biggest fear arsenal have ever received from a player and it is my understanding they do not intend to replace them. they could be losing other player as well. they will not wa nt to other player as well. they will not want to see alexis sanchez go. he could join manchester city? alexis sanchezis could join manchester city? alexis sanchez is entering the final year of his contract. we know that manchester city want. we know that he would like to leave arsenal. but are resisting that as strongly as they can. manchester city had a £50 million bid rejected yesterday. arsenal will only countenance a huge offer, much higher than £50 million, and with a player, preferably to them, raheem sterling, coming in the opposite direction. man city don't wa nt opposite direction. man city don't want any players to leave but arsenal will let deal happen if i replacement comes. they have signed a left—back this year and let one go. kieran gibbs. kieran gibbs has spent over 11 years at arsenal and signed a four—year contract with
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west brom for a fee in the region of £7 million. we mentioned chelsea. they are looking for midfield reinforcements. danny drinkwater from leicester, he could be going to sta mford from leicester, he could be going to stamford bridge? it could be a busy final day forjersey. danny drinkwater has omitted a transfer request that leicester despite signing a contract last summer that heat sink at the king power stadium until 2021. now he wants to join chelsea and chelsea one tim. a couple of bids rejected. leicester holding tight but they could meet in the middle before the iipm cut—off. 0ne the middle before the iipm cut—off. one player we have not yet seen on the pitch this season is ross barkley. could he be going to jersey? barkley. could he be going to jersey? ross barkley is nursing a serious hamstring injury. we have yet to see in a peer for everton. everton have an asking price of around £50 million for ross barkley, even though you may has one year remaining on his contract. chelsea have bid in the region of £25 million. quite like danny drinkwater, they have to meet
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someone drinkwater, they have to meet someone in the middle. and everton, if they do not get the feeling they want, will hold ross barkley to the final year of his contract. it is a big 24 hours for you and i was here that the bbc sport centre. thank you for joining that the bbc sport centre. thank you forjoining us. the window shuts at iipm tomorrow evening. all the dt is —— details on the bbc‘s board website on bbc at. we're going to be talking about the whole nation is looking to secure their places in next summer's world cup. the england squad fly out to malta tomorrow for the first of their two world cup qualifiers. that match is on friday night before they face slovakia at wembley on monday — looking to secure top spot in group f. jermain defoe is one of the veterans in the squad now following wayne rooney's retirement from international football. defoe says the absence of the country's all—time leading goal—scorer will take some getting used to. for me, it feels strange because i was in the squad with wayne for a number of years. someone i got on well with. such a nice guy. humble.
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and nice to have around. good spirit. and a lot of experience. but, i mean, i have said it before, you have to respect his decision. in terms of international goals and records and stuff like that, years at the top. —— he is. you can understand it, in a way. he has done so understand it, in a way. he has done so much for england and has had a great career. ye is a great guy and i wish them the best for the future. —— he is. scotland's assistant manager mark mcghee says they need to win all four of their remaining qualification matches. scotland are four points behind slovakia, who are second in group f, going into the game against lithuania on friday. the first match between the sides ended in a draw, but mcghee thinks his team have improved since then. they will roll their sleeves up. they will roll their sleeves up. they will roll their sleeves up. they will maybe be more familiar with our players. they will be
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playing for pride as much as anything. i don't think we can underestimate them. but i don't think anything has changed, particularly, to say that they have gotan particularly, to say that they have got an awful lot better than they we re got an awful lot better than they were one year ago. whereas, ifeel were one year ago. whereas, ifeel we have. aaron ramsey has been passed fit for wales' crucial world cup qualifier against austria in cardiff. the match on saturday is three days before a trip to moldova. wales defender james chester says they'll have to win all of their remaining games to make the finals in russia next year. no wonder he is smiling. after missing the last mattresses benching, gareth bale has returned to international duty and today, aaron ramseyjoined to international duty and today, aaron ramsey joined him to international duty and today, aaron ramseyjoined him in training. that was after receiving a kick to scatter the weekend. it is a much—needed boost. there is little room for error in the last format games. nothing but a win against austria will do. the next four games are must win. the experience we have
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had at the cardiff city stadium against the opposition, i think austria on saturday makes for a really good game and one we're really good game and one we're really excited for. wales seller have ground to make up. a win on saturday would keep them in contention. anything less and even the optimistic fan would concede that reaching the finals in russia is unlikely. chris coleman's team are four points adrift ofjoint leaders serbia and republic of ireland. 0ver leaders serbia and republic of ireland. over the top team are guaranteed altercation. second place is not likely to be good enough for the play—offs. since making his full baby one day regale, chris gunter has not missed many games. —— his full debut one decade ago. he is going to be only the sublet a beach 80 caps. 0nly gary speed and neville southall had reached more. today, he backed the managed to stay in a job long term. coleman said last week he would be open to discussing his
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future, having previously said this campaign would be his last. he has done a really good job for us. as long as he wants to stay, if you ask every player, we would say we would love him to stay. definitely. good news that aaron ramsey is back in training but there will be selection issues ahead for manager chris coleman. neil taylor the suspended, so coleman. neil taylor the suspended, so isjoe allen. 0ther midfielders, dave edwards and andy king, have had limited game time this season. plenty to ponder ahead of two potentially defining matches, after which wales' chances of reaching the world cup will become clearer. it could be a defining weekend for northern ireland as well. northern ireland face san marino on friday night, before the czech republic next week. but are going very well indeed. they have a 4 point cushion in second place so back to back wins could put them well on the way. here's more from joel taggart. o'neill and his players spend a week here just o'neill and his players spend a week herejust outside o'neill and his players spend a week here just outside manchester. tomorrow morning, they fly to san
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marino. the big question is, will jonny evans beyond the flight? will he be completing a transfer deadline day move to manchester city, arsenal oi’ day move to manchester city, arsenal or leicester? everyone is waiting to see what happens next, including the manager, michael 0'neill. see what happens next, including the manager, michael o'neill. everyone thinks i have some kind of authority in this situation. i don't really. i am not going to be a barrier on his transfer. it is notjustjonny 0ther transfer. it is notjustjonny other players have known situations are other situations that may arise. we just hope it can be done in a way that if something does happen, we can facilitate the club situation so it is not disrupted yourselves. can facilitate the club situation so it is not disrupted yourselvesm is quite strange that i am training and man city's training ground. he has been getting a lot of builders. i won't say what has been said. but it has been good banter and has made for a good conversation around training. he will channel and well, as he does with everything. he is a great professional. it is important
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for us younger lads in the squad to see how the top performance operate. it is no surprise, really, and if anything, it is a surprise did not, few years earlier. whether he com pletes few years earlier. whether he co m pletes a few years earlier. whether he completes a move or not, jonny evans is expected to be fit for the first of two crucial world cup qualifiers against san marino on friday night. awin against san marino on friday night. a win there and a draw against the czech republic in belfast on monday should be enough to secure runners—up spot in group c. lots to look forward to in football, but let's switch and attention to some of the day's other sport stories. and chris froome has taken a big step to winning the vuelta a espana title as he opened up a one minute 19 second lead on the field after today's stage ii. froome increased his overnight 36 second lead after he finished second behind colombia's miguel angel lopez in calar alto. with overall second esteban chaves losing over two minutes today, froome now leads vincenzo nibali by 79 seconds with chaves in third. england have recorded theirfirst win of netball‘s quad series with a 49—45 victory
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against new zealand in auckland. england were behind heading into the final quarter, before kadeen corbin scored seven goals in nine attempts. it follows defeat to australia in their opening match. they will finish off the series on sunday against south africa. the ecb have announced that bowling coach 0ttis gibson is to leave england to join cricket south africa as head coach. gibson will move on at the end of the current test series against the west indies. and despite their dramatic five wicket defeat to west indies yesterday, england have named the same 13 man squad for the third test at lord's in a week's time. the series is level at 1—1, and the match will be the last test before the ashes. well with that ashes series on the horizon, australia have lost a test to bangladesh for the first time in their history. shakib al hasan claimed 10 wickets as bangladesh secured the historic victory. chasing 265, australia looked set to win but lost their last seven wickets for 73 runs. bangladesh had failed to win their previous five
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tests against australia. elina svitolina, one of the contenders to become the women's world number one, is through to the second round of the us open. the number four seed wasn't at her best against katerina siniakova from czech republic, but still saw her off in three sets — 6—0, 6—7, 6—3. kyle edmund, aljaz bedene and cameron norrie will carry british hopes later this evening. in the most powerful man in tennis — the president of the itf, david haggarty, has said there are concerns over player's the health, and that their needs to be "robust conversations" about their calendar. this comes as 5 top players — including 3 former champions — missed out of this year's us open ith injuries. is conversations —— the leaders we have a miss porter opened in these conversations about the health of tennis. we have stakeholder meetings
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together next week, i know that this is on the docket to be discussed and we will have read —— robust conversations. the players will play a role as will all governing bodies, the stakeholders. what would you personally like to see change about the schedule? i think the schedule isa the schedule? i think the schedule is a long season, no doubt about it. there are ways that we plan events, and we have talked about maybe one event having a combined final to have more teams playing but no extension to the season. there are things like that that need to be looked at. maybe formats. the way that players play, the size of the draw, that is something to be looked at. you can't please everyone with changes you want to make but you have to discuss them. you might come to the same decision and no changes are made but i think there are some things that need to be discussed. what did you make of maria sharapova's return the other night
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in new york? for the itf, integrity is one of the key pillars of our strategy and we take it very seriously. zero tolerance for doping. with that said, maria had a sentence, she filled her obligations of not playing. she came back. the match was quite a good match last night. she was able to prevail. but she was suspended, she fulfilled as then —— her sentence and came back. is she a good role model for the sport? maria is well-known in the sport. she has lots of fans and and plays great tennis. so, i think, u nfortu nately, plays great tennis. so, i think, unfortunately, she had this one incident that happened, the rest of her career has been quite stellar. soi her career has been quite stellar. so i think she is good for tennis. 0ur correspondent russell fuller with the questions. well, player welfare has is a key discussion across sport. now, a pitchside saliva test for concussion could be possible
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in the next five years if a new study into the issue is successful. throughout this season, players in rugby union's english premiership and championship will provide samples which will be analysed by a team from the university of birmingham. they're looking for biomarkers, tell—tale signs within cells which are released when the body suffers trauma. 0ur reporter patrick gearey‘s been to see how it works. welcome to the twickenham treatment room. it has seen more than its fair share of concussions over the years. this season, for the first big double—header fixture here, players will have their saliva taken if they suffered a head injury. it is part ofa suffered a head injury. it is part of a big study into concussion. here to tell us about it is a professor from the university of birmingham leading the study. what will happen ifa leading the study. what will happen if a player comes in with a head injury? the player will be removed for assessment, as they are now. they have ten minutes for that particular assessment. as part of
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that process for this season, during any premiership, championship match, they will also be doing an additional test. it is very straightforward. they will actually just be asked to collect about two millilitres of saliva into a special pot, which is actually a sophisticated piece of equipment. that bottle is collected and analysed in labs at the university of birmingham. with that data, the endgame is to have a hand—held device that would tell us instantly whether a player has been concussed? absolutely. the ultimate goal is to have a portable pitch side device because it is all very well and good having a biomarker if you want to test that can give you a diagnosis of concussion but still requires a lab to analyse it for a couple of hours, but ultimately, what we want is to have a portable, pitch side test that can be used by the doctors
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ina test that can be used by the doctors in a professional game potentially pavement, if this works as well as we hoped. potentially, this is a prototype of a device that we hope is going to be able to diagnose concussions. so the player would be providing, if you want, a drop of saliva. then the strip is inserted into a reader and the reader within a couple of minutes should be able to give you the diagnosis of concussion. confirming a concussion has called, removing the player permanently, or disproving the concussion, so the player can return to the game. fascinating. this trial will take place in all premiership and championship games this season. the results could begin changing. indeed. britain has won their first world judo championship medal for seven years as nekoda davis took bronze in the 57 kilogram category in budapest this afternoon. davis was leading the reperchage final against panama's miriam roper but the win was secured when her opponent fell awkwardly and damaged her knee.
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euan burton won britain's last world medal in tokyo in 2010. i think it will sink and later on when i have the medal round my neck. but, yes, incredible feeling and one of my dreams come true. u nfortu nately, of my dreams come true. unfortunately, the circumstances with how the contest ended were not the best. does that take anything away from the medal? not at all. i was two scores are “— away from the medal? not at all. i was two scores are —— up away from the medal? not at all. i was two scores are —— up and i feel


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