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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 5, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello. i'm nick marshall—mccormack, and this is sport today live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on the show: world number one, rafael nadal, shows brute force to overpower alexandr dolgopolov. joachim loew‘s loving it. world champions, germany, are set to win their world cup qualification group. and the american wins his fifth tour title! hi there. wherever you are around the world, welcome to sport today. world number one, rafael nadal, made it through to the us open quarter—finals for the seventh time on monday. he defeated ukrainian alexandr dolgopolov. and it was fast too. just one hour and 41 minutes from first serve to match point. the spaniard won 6—2, 6—4, 6—1. the 15—time grand slam champion hasn't made the us open last eight since capturing the 2013 title. he returned to the top world ranking last month for the first time since 2011. nadal will next face the russian
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teenager andrey rublev. he beat ninth seed david goffin 7—5, 7—6, 6—3, to become the youngest man to reach the us open quarter—finals since andy roddick in 2001. top women's seed, karolina pliskova, and last year's runner—up, needed just 46 minutes to sweep past usa'sjennifer brady 6—1, 6—0. it's pliskova's third slam quarter—final this year. i was just saying, like, i wasjust saying, like, my i was just saying, like, my first good match, my best this year. it was not the best today. she can definitely play better than today. she was kind of nervous. she didn't
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feel well. nothing has changed on my game to date is be so, it was really good. -- today. pliskova will next face us 20th seed coco vandeweghe. she advanced to her first us open quarter—final by defeating czech player lucie safarovain a tough two—setter, 6—4, 7—6. that is how that one finished. the world champions germany have thrashed norway 6—0 to almost certainly guarantee top spot in group c for next year's world cup. timo werner scored twice in germany's six—goal rout. they are now five points ahead of northern ireland.who beat the czech republic 2—0. translation: this evening here in stuttgart we experienced how much fun and how beautiful football can be. from the very beginning there was a great atmosphere and a great crowd that supported every one of oui’
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crowd that supported every one of our players. we did our path with how we played. in the first half we combined brilliantly and had lots of chances. top played bottom in group e. poland are now a step closer to qualification after a 3—0 win against kazakhstan. robert lewandowski got their third with a penalty. they lost 4—0 to denmark just three days ago. there's a real battle for second and that possible play off place, montenegro with what could be a crucial win over romania. denmark also won 4—1 away to armenia, both nations level on 16 points after eight matches. england top group f by five points after a 2—1win over slovakia at wembley. eric dier and marcus rashford with their goals. that leaves them within touching distance of next year's world cup. slovakia stay in second spot despite that defeat. scotland and slovenia both also won and are locked on 1a points each in third and fourth. pleased with lots of things. they
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had the belief to pick themselves up and go again. they believed in themselves. that was good. they put themselves. that was good. they put themselves in a position to go into themselves in a position to go into the final. hopefully they can get into the play—offs. the final. hopefully they can get into the play-offs. we are at wembley. gareth southgate called on his side to get on their feet. they did that, but it was not what he was inking in the early stages of the game. a mistake in the third minute gifted slovakia the early chance. it was taken very well. a cheeky flick
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by dyer in the corner made england level. some are saying he did not mean it. there was a lot of talent. it was a better performance in the second half. it needed to be. england got more space. marcus rashford amended for his mistake in the early half by scoring. it was the early half by scoring. it was the winner. england are five points clear in group f. if they beat their next opponents they will be on the plane to russia. the composure of marcus rashford to make a mistake and come back from it will make sure that all the papers are writing about him. after all of the talk of the pride and a shirt that has been going around recently, that is what people will be looking for. nigeria survived a late cameroon onslaught to draw 1—1 to move closer to the
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2018 russia world cup. the leaders are unbeaten. a home win on october the seventh will bring a six world cup appearance. guinea were edged out by tunisia. muhamed was red carded. the referee was the busiest man on the pitch. one red and ten yellows. the uefa president says the keyissue yellows. the uefa president says the key issue with european football right now is preventing the growing gap between rich clubs and the rest. the issue came to a head last year when uefa introduced changes to the champions league which will reduce the number of group stage slots allocated to teams from the smaller leagues in europe. the change was made among the suggestion of a breakaway super league. uefa says it
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will enforce financial fair play rules. there were investigations from last week about whether any rules were broken when $264 million we re rules were broken when $264 million were paid for neymar. the broadcast rights for the indian premier league for the next five years have been sold for more than $2.5 billion. it isa sold for more than $2.5 billion. it is a dramatic increase in the value of the 2020 competition and could have a huge impact on the game across the world. we have been covering tour of sri lanka. star india will pay four times the amount per match compared to what sony paid for the last decade for the next five years. it is a huge amount. we area five years. it is a huge amount. we are a billion strong cricket loving population. this is where the rights will go in the future. i think this
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is the way that cricket, sports entertainment, is going to go. why should facebook, twitter, the left back? even amazon was interested. it was no surprise facebook was in there, although they had such a huge bid. when the idea was formed, they probably did not know what they had on their hands. in the last ten yea rs on their hands. in the last ten years it was in is scandals and that fixing. —— was hit by scandals. but at the same time it reflects on the strength of the billion sized fan base. it is bullet—proof in that sense. we also had the de— monetisation from the government. the ad revenues from the 2017 season
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did not take a hit despite that move. it is bullet—proof in that sense. it will only get bigger. they finally decided they wanted to work on the media rights. they got almost double the amount. it is huge. indian cricket drives the world cricket economy. this is representative of that fact. a close battle between bangladesh and australia heading into the second day of the second test. bangladesh collapsed. but the hosts clawed it back, 253—6. justin thomas got his fifth title of the year in boston. jordan spieth was runner—up, but his a ccu ra cy jordan spieth was runner—up, but his accuracy slip here. klieshman had some trouble. he did his best on the
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18th. the cameraman needs some credit as well for this. jordan spieth takes the lead in the fedex cup standings. and that is it from sport today. thank you forjoining us. sport today. thank you forjoining us. goodbye for now. good morning. we've got some fresher air trying to push into the north—west of the uk today but for many, a mild and muggy start once again. the dividing line between that bit fresher air and something humid is this weather front which will be producing wet conditions across wales and northern england to start the day. to the south of that, like we saw on monday, extensive low cloud. there will be a few breaks allowing some sunshine and temperatures will shoot up in the morning rush hour. like yesterday, the cloud will produce some spots of drizzle. the best parts of brightness will be across the east. the west midlands, north wales, north—west england some heavy rain around, particularly on the pennines and the lake distric splashes of rain into yorkshire and the north—east. scotland and northern
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ireland, a bit of cloud and outbreaks of rain particularly across the west of scotland and northern ireland. they will become less prevalent through the day. sunny skies will develop here and there. few in the way of showers. stays wet across northern england and north wales and the rain eases off in intensity and outbreaks of rain coming and going across the midlands and southern england. in sunshine, temperatures 23 or 24. while we see something fresher to scotland and northern ireland later, you will see something a good deal sunnier. the fresh air gradually clears away the damp weather from england and wales as we go through the night and into wednesday morning. we start wednesday and it will feel a good deal cooler. these are the city temperatures but rural areas down into single figures, widely. a fresh start to wednesday but a ridge of high pressure is building in and while this weather front will bring a few showers to parts of scotland, one or two isolated showers in north—west england and northern ireland. wednesday is set to be the driest and brightest day overall. sunny spells. temperatures down on the start of the week. 15—19 degrees. similar on thursday. after a cool start, winds lighter to begin with and cloud amounts increasing.
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scotland and northern ireland a bit more wet. the rain spreads into northern england late in the day. many southern areas, a dry and bright day. as we finish the week, low pressure moves in and outbreaks of rain pushing into most parts of the country. we could see a zone of more persistent rain. a bit uncertain as to where that will be on friday. sunshine between blustery showers further north but temperatures in the mid teens for many. certainly a cooler end the week and we stay windy and cool into the weekend with further blustery showers as well. that's how it's looking. bye for now. a very warm welcome to bbc news,
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broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: the us accuses north korea of begging for war, and urges the world to take the "strongest possible measures" in response to the latest nuclear test. only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy. we have kicked the can down the road long enough. there is no more road left. as tensions rise, south korea simulates an attack on its neighbour. china calls for restraint and a return to talks. calm before the category 4 storm hurricane irma sweeps towards the caribbean and the southern united states. and the duke, the duchess, and the due date: william and kate are expecting their third child, sometime next year.
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