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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 7, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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which transfers thousands of pieces of eu regulation into british law. after weeks of deliberation, premier league clubs agree to close the summer transfer window before the start of next year's football season. and prince george starts his first day at school, with a little encouragement from his father. but first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. we'll have the latest on the destruction caused by hurricane irma and where it's heading next. residents stranded on the turks and caicos islands tell about us what they're doing to prepare for a direct hit. as the storm continues to move across the caribbean, the former international development secretary baroness amos willjoin us to discuss the impact it's having on british territories in the area and the government's response.
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and we'll have full analysis of the first day of debate on the so—called repeal bill and its implications for brexit. that's with jack blanchard of politico at 7.30. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. time for a look at the weather. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm will perry — the headlines this evening? it's that man again — six wickets for stokes as england skittle the west indies. the premier league votes to end the summer transfer window before the start of the season — we have the reaction. birmingham 1 liverpool 0 — could the commonwealth games be on their way to the midlands? and big hits, big touchdowns and big shoulder pads — the nfl is back! at one stage this afternoon, it looked likely that we'd be
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talking aboutjimmy anderson and his 500th test wicket, as england's bowlers took the third and deciding test against the west indies by the scruff of the neck at lord's. but not for the first time this summer, we're reflecting upon another brilliant performance from all—rounder ben stokes, this time with the ball. 0ur correspondentjoe wilson is there for us. joe, firstly, a pretty decent day for england's bowlers at least? yeah, absolutely. ithink yeah, absolutely. i think they out the about to come off now, because there is drizzle in the air. the floodlights have been on almost all day. we are in september and it has felt really autumnal. there was a concert sunshine this morning, though, and maybe that's why jason
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holder decided it was a good day to bat. but james anderson, holder decided it was a good day to bat. butjames anderson, with shiny red ball and gloomy skies, exactly the kind of day he likes. and it was anderson who started the wickets tumbling. first two went to him. alastair cook cop to catch but ba i rstow alastair cook cop to catch but bairstow made no mistake, taking two. at that stage we thought that anderson getting 500 was just a formality. he didn't, mainly because the other guys bowled well, in particular ben stokes, who bowled a long spell and came out after tea, getting it to swing. he was the man who couple of years ago trevor bayliss describe as anotherjames anderson, and with this kind of performance you can see why. we had thought that perhaps the bowling department of his game had suffered a bit with his injuries and maybe he was restraining himself with his action, but as all of these wickets
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we re action, but as all of these wickets were taken, anderson could not take his 500th and instead it was stokes who finish with his career—best figures. it seemed england were in control of the match. but of course, any time we looked at test match cricket, the other team has to bat and england came in and guess what? they quickly lost four wickets. tom westley needed a big score but did not get it. joe root came in at numberfour not get it. joe root came in at number four but he went as well. jason holder, the west indies captain, got two. and i think the covers a re captain, got two. and i think the covers are coming on now and that might be it for the day. big? 50 the england's batting, in particular tom westley a nd england's batting, in particular tom westley and mark stoneman, the new arrivals in the team? absolutely.
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they are running out of options come thatis they are running out of options come that is the bottom line. i spoke to joe root yesterday and said, have you seen enough from tom westley this summer to think that he could thrive in australia? he did not say yes or no but he did say that stoneman needed something in this match — sorry, westley, and i don't think westley has done enough. stoneman is earlier in his career and he might get on the plane perhaps. but who else is there? haseeb hameed has made a very encouraging innings for lancashire in the county championship this week. maybe even that might be enough if he makes a couple more decent innings before the championship finishes. maybe he will get on the plane. but they are running out of options. they have been giving opportunities to players who have done well in the championship, maybe they will have to think about putting in guys who
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just have the temperament and the big match experience comma maybe hails comes in in the middle order, i think that is looking increasingly likely. a major change in the way the domestic summer transfer window operates has been passed by premier league clubs today. from nextjune, clubs will only be able to sign players until the thursday before the season starts. the vote wasn't unanimous and clubs will still be able to sell players until the end of the normal window. we wa nt we want to get ourselves prepared, ready for the start of the season, all ready to go, match one, that's oui’ all ready to go, match one, that's our squad. that is where it came from and they don't want the risk of players moving within the league, but was the biggest reason for doing it. yes, you might be able to lose a player abroad they really don't want the 20 teams trading within each other, between each other come after
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the season has started. european leagues will still be able to buy and sell until 31st of august, while the football league's window also remains unchanged. 0ur sport news correspondent richard conway has been at the premier league's h0. all 20 clubs have the ambition of getting their hands on this trophy come the end of the season, but this decision to change the transfer window says something about their confidence. this is a bold decision to amend the summer transfer window, it shows that financially, they can resist the offers from the other clu bs, resist the offers from the other clubs, they can actually unilaterally to bring that day forward to the thursday before the start of the season in this country. the other big european leagues will sit up and take notice of this decision, they will have to decide themselves, perhaps after talks with u efa themselves, perhaps after talks with uefa and fifa, about whether they follow suit, as will be efl, the lower league clubs, will they also
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fall in line with the premier league? the premier league clubs have made their position very clear. they've decided that they want to stop trading and put all their attention on the season come the thursday before the big kick—off. arsenal manager arsene wenger says he has no doubts about the mentality of his striker alexis sanchez, with the chilean now back in the fold after a proposed deadline day move to manchester city broke down. sanchez has cut a forlorn figure lately but should feature in arsenal's match with bournemouth at the weekend. i have no doubt about alex's mind and mentality. people question it, but he needs to come back to full fitness, which he was not at the liverpool, it was his first game. and he had a negative experience
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with chile, but he's strong mentally and hopefully he will be back very quickly to his best. everton manager ronald koeman has been speaking for the first time about wayne rooney and his recent drink—driving charge — he says he's very disappointed in the former england striker. rooney was arrested and charged by police last week and will appear at stockport magistrates court on 18th september, the day after he's due to make his return to old trafford following his summer move from manchester united. i'm very disappointed about the situation regarding wayne rooney. we have spoken — that was last tuesday. and the chairman, bill kenwright, also spoke to wayne about this situation. and in line with any disciplinary matter, this will be dealt with internally by the club. birmingham has won the race to become the english candidate to host the 2022 commonwealth games.
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they were in competition with liverpool, but the government's department for digital, culture, media and sport has backed the city in the west midlands. here's the ceo of commonwealth games england, paul blanchard. the birmingham bid that they put together was really exciting and potentially inspirational. they had to meet a range of criteria, including the sports programme, the infrastructure, the venues, the athletes' experience and a range of other aspects, which they met absolutely perfectly. they also presented some really exciting proposals on how the game would benefit the city in the region but also the uk as a whole. and i think it will showcase the commonwealth movement in a very positive light. all of those things together made this a really, really strong and exciting bid. now, the government will assess the budget to make sure that it represents value for money. if that approval comes from the government, in association with the
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government, in association with the government, we will then present the bid to the commonwealth games federation at the end of the month. at that point we are in international competition against the likes of malaysia and australia. but we would expect a decision from the federation by the end of the year. we feel we're going forward with a really, really strong bid so we are with a really, really strong bid so we a re really with a really, really strong bid so we are really optimistic at this stage. so, victory for birmingham on the first step to hosting the commonwealths, but this was the reaction from the city of liverpool today. i'm really disappointed for the citizens of liverpool, who really fully embraced this bid sol citizens of liverpool, who really fully embraced this bid so i am really disappointed on their behalf. but good luck to birmingham, we will be there supporting them, we will offer a ny be there supporting them, we will offer any advice and support we can and they can take some of our brilliant ideas if they wish to. but obviously, we thought our bid was the best, we thought it was the most innovative and dynamic and forward—looking and would create the best opportunities. it's just a
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forward—looking and would create the best opportunities. it'sjust a pity they did not see it that way. britain's chris froome has bounced back from losing time yesterday to extend his overall lead at cycling's vuelta a espana. the tour de france winner looked more like his usual self as he attacked inside the final mile of stage 18 to claw back twenty seconds on his nearest rival vincenzo nibali. he now leads the italian by more than a minute—and—a—half. belgian sander armee finished more than ten minutes ahead to claim the first stage win of his career. things aren't going so well on the tour of britain for team sky. geraint thomas could only finish eighth on the individual time trial in clacton. that leaves him the highest placed briton at ninth overall, 19 seconds behind lars boom. the dutchman won the stage to take the overall lead from sky's elia viviani. 0nto tennis, and roger federer says he's looking forward to a rest, after being knocked out in the quarterfinals of the us open. he lost in four sets tojuan martin del potro and says that although he'd been suffering with back pain going into the tournament, that wasn't to blame —
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federer admits hejust didn't play well enough. of course it is a pity that he deserves it more and i feel like of course it is a pity that he deserves it more and ifeel like i have no place in the semis and he will have a better chance to beat rafa, to be honest, because the way i'm playing right now is not good enoughin i'm playing right now is not good enough in my opinion to win this tournament. so it's fair enough somebody else gets a chance to do better than me! tonight i played just three, i don't have nothing to lose against federer, sol just three, i don't have nothing to lose against federer, so i did my best game of the tournament tonight, andl best game of the tournament tonight, and i played a very smart game whole match. and this is so important to me, beating him anothertime in this amazing tournament. the women's semi—finals both take place tonight, and for the first time in any grand slam for 32 years, it's an all—american line—up. first up, 37—year—old venus williams takes on sloane stephens.
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williams is attempting to win her first grand slam title in nine years, while stephens is in only her second major semi—final. and in the other semi, madison keys is up against coco wanderweghe, who last night ended the hopes of world number one karolina pliskova. the last all—american grand slam semifinals were at wimbledon in 1985. coming up tonight on sportsday... a new look league at the top level of the women's game. it gets under way later this month and it comes off the back of the women's rugby world cup. 0nto rugby union and not for the first time, england won't be able to call on manu tuilagi for the autumn internationals after the leicester tigers centre suffered yet another injury in the first match of the premiership season. 0ur rugby reporter chris jones has more. it was only a couple of days ago that the england coach eddiejones said he would be prepared to forgive
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tuilagi for his latest bout of ill discipline which saw him sent home from the england training camp last month. but tuilagi's injury curse has struck again. he's been plagued by injuries for three or four years now and he had onlyjust come back from a long—standing knee problem and in his first competitive game since january, he strained his knee playing for leicester against laugh on sunday. he needs surgery and he will be out for about 12 weeks. it rules him out from england's autumn internationals, he may not have been involved anyway for a variety of reasons, because of his lack of game time and disciplinary lapses as well. the bigger question is, will well. the bigger question is, will we ever see this once destructive centre back to a sustained period of form and fitness? the advance of women's rugby union continued today with the launch of the premiere 15, a new look league. john watson has been at the launch for us. a new
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season been at the launch for us. a new season and today at twickenham, the launch of a new league, the premiere 15. it comes off the back of the recent women's rugby world cup. ten teams feature, largely those who featured in the top flight last season, with three new sites as well. waterloo ladies, gloucester women and loughborough lightning, who now have sarah hunter in their ra nks who now have sarah hunter in their ranks following her exploits at the women's world cup. from being involved in the old premiership to now this new tournament, already you can see the real shift now that there is ten teams, that exposure for the players, all vying to be competitive and to push the bar and for aspiring players to come through, ultimately this new league is about creating and improving the standard of the international team. with the standards that these club
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sides have got, that's undoubtedly going to happen. changes are largely financial following the involvement of the rfu, who will invest £2.11 million over the next three seasons. that's going to be a stronger approach to coaching, strength and conditioning and a more professional approach throughout top of the women's game. the rfu still wants to boost the numbers playing grassroots by boost the numbers playing grassroots rugby to 50,000 over the next four seasons. about a year ago were talking about moving things forward and hopefully putting the competition in place to close the gap from the development end of the game and the elite game. to do that we wanted to think geographically and make it competitive and so we embarked on our journey and make it competitive and so we embarked on ourjourney and the board were really supportive. and thatis board were really supportive. and that is how we have got to where we are. the new leader has not come without controversy. litchfield spent 15 years playing in the top flight
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spent 15 years playing in the top flight of the woman's competition and have been excluded from the new league, something they have called disgusting and disappointing. their appeals have been largely u nsuccessful, appeals have been largely unsuccessful, pointing to the 12 teams in the elite level of the men's game but only ten in the women's. they say there is a lack of transparency in the selection process. however, the league will get under way shortly and it starts with loughborough taking on harlequins. now — do you know your linebackers from your tight ends? your bengals from your bears? yes, it's the return of the nfl american football season this weekend. to herald the new campaign, my colleague reshmin choudrey met up with the main men who will be at the centre of the bbc‘s coverage this season. the new nfl season starts this weekend, so here to help me look ahead are the expert analysts from the nfl show, 0si umeniyora and
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jason bell. what can the viewers look forward to this season? this year they are being very lenient on touchdowns, so we're going to see some interesting dances. the physicality of the game as well. if you've never seen physicality of the game as well. if you've never seen it, you've never witnessed anything like that before, check it out, you're going to love it. last season produced one of the greatest sporting comebacks, something quite incredible. then you look at the super bowl final, the new england patriots beat the falcons and at one point it was 28three. how important is it for the profile of the sport to have a compelling storyline like that? absolutely. you always want the biggest game to be the best, on the biggest game to be the best, on the biggest stage, and that's what we had last year. if you thought the game was over and you went to sleep — you missed activity! it's the most watched game outside of the world cup. for a game of that magnitude to be so good, everybody could see
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something that we are all very happy about. it was quite incredible. there are four matches in london this season, which is something quite special. those briefs are taking place at wembley, and then at twickenham it's... taking place at wembley, and then at twickenham it's. .. how taking place at wembley, and then at twickenham it's... how important is it for those london games to be successful? huge. obviously, the nfl is trying to expand and it has invested a whole bunch into the english market. it is now four game, the english fans are demanding more games, so the english fans are demanding more games, so these things, if they succeed, it will lead to others. how big can this brand grow worldwide? it has nothing but growth potential. so many people have not been introduced to the game, they get a chance to see it and fall in love with it.


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