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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 7, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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he was dropped off by prince william, but the duchess of cambridge missed the occasion as she's suffering from severe morning sickness due to her pregnancy. the prince will be known to classmates as george cambridge. with the series level at 1—1, england bowled the west indies out for 123 before struggling to 16—4 in reply. james anderson began the match trying to reach 500 wickets in test matches, needing just three more, asjoe wilson reports. this man prepared for the match with no plans for retirement. this man arrived at lord's knowing it was his final test. henry blofeld of test match special, dressed to stop the traffic for his final commentary. very good to be here, old thing. will you hope for something of a west indies revival to continue? i do. it would be lovely if they won the series. it would do their cricket so much good, wouldn't it? there's widespread goodwill towards sportsmen representing the caribbean, especially at this
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time, but runs in a test match are hard earned, especially with james anderson bowling. test wickets number 498 and 499 came before lunch. surely historic 500 would follow? the thing is, there were other england bowlers excelling. ben stokes was making the ball swerve and swing like never before. repeatedly unplayable. as wickets fell to others, anderson was desperately trying to get one. well, how did that miss? the umpire didn't know. anderson helped stokes — nice catch — but before he could bowl again, west indies were all out for 123. ben stokes' best bowling, 6—22. the biggest compliment was that it reminded lords of anderson. very good but now it was england's turn to bat and in conditions which were floodlit and autumnal, you had to watch the ball very closely. england lost four wickets in reply, including cook and captainjoe root. they will resume 77 runs behind but guess who's now batting?
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no rest for ben stokes. joe wilson, bbc news, at lord's. before we go, let's try for a quick update on the damage caused by hurricane irma. laura bicker has managed to travel to antigua, one of the islands affected. tell us what the islands affected. tell us what the situation is there? in antigua, they have managed to keep the infrastructure intact but the real worry is the island that lies just off the coast, barbuda. when it came to hurricane irma, for many hours, people could not get in contact with the island and when finally they did, they heard of tales of massive destruction, 95% of the buildings on the island have been destroyed. people are now suffering without food, shelter and clean water. today, the red cross has managed to get some supplies in. they have been
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aired dropping it with helicopters and getting some boats in but they badly need more at the moment. they are trying to get people off the island but in your aftermath of the hurricanes, the weather has been too bad. —— in the aftermath of the hurricane. but the problem is still out in the atlantic basin. while they are still recovering, and other hurricane is forming, pose a is on his way —— jose is on hurricane is forming, pose a is on his way ——jose is on his hurricane is forming, pose a is on his way —— jose is on his way and they are trying to get people into shelter before that happens. thank you forjoining us. laura bicker, there, who has managed to travel to antigua with the latest on the hurricane. more on the bbc news channel and on newsnight on bbc two but on bbc one, it is time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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i'm will perry, the headlines tonight... england's cricketers stumble after ben stokes takes six west indies wickets at lord's. the premier league votes to end the summer transfer window before the start of the season — we have the reaction. and super league drama as st helens leave it late to beat wakfield in the super 8s. thank you forjoining us. england bowled the west indies out for 123 thanks to ben stokes, but then struggled in reply as 14 wickets fell on the first day
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of the deciding test at lord's. our sports correspondentjoe wilson rounds up the days play. that is the default position for ca pta i ns that is the default position for captains around the world but for england in september with a very autumnalfeel, england in september with a very autumnal feel, with dark skies, floodlights on drizzle, bowling is a good option and england enjoyed that opportunity to bowl first, especially james anderson with the shiny red ball and dark skies, he will excel. two quick wickets for him before lunch and his historic 500 it seems inevitable. the reason he did not reach that landmark was mainly because ben stokes bowled so well. among the other bowlers, he has the most similar skill set, certainly in these conditions. six wickets for him for 22 including a very good catch by james anderson wickets for him for 22 including a very good catch byjames anderson in the slips. england felt they were in control of the game. you always have
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to bat as well and very quickly, they lost four workers. there are ongoing issues with their batting. another failure ongoing issues with their batting. anotherfailure for ongoing issues with their batting. another failure for westley and a rare failure forjill route. i am sure jason holder felt better about his decision at the toss. this match and this series is still alive for sure. the ball was swinging like it was when we managed to bowl and it was when we managed to bowl and it was not too surprising when we saw how much the bowler was doing. great conditions, overcast, and the lights came on which helps for any swing bowling. a major change in the way the domestic summer transfer window operates has been passed by premier league clubs today. from nextjune, clubs will only be able to sign players until the thursday before the season starts. not all clubs voted in favour of the change — both manchester sides plus watford, swansea and crystal palace voted against while burnley abstained. we wa nt
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we want to get ourselves prepared. ready for the start of the season. all geared and ready to go, march one, that is our squad, that is where people came from and they do not want the risk of players moving within the late, that was the biggest reason for doing it. there is still a risk that you could lose a player abroad but they do not want the 20 teams trading after this season the 20 teams trading after this season have started. european leagues. the other to buy and sell while the window in the football league remains unchanged. richard conway has been at the headquarters of the premier league. all 20 premier league clubs have one ambition, to get their hands on this trophy come the end of the season. this decision says something else about their confidence. this is a bold decision to amend the summer tra nsfer bold decision to amend the summer transfer window and it shows that financially they can resist the offers from the other clubs and act unilaterally to bring that day
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forward from the end of august to the middle of the month, the thursday before the start of the season. the other big european leagues will take notice of this decision and they will have to decide, perhaps within talks with fifa and uefa whether they follow suit. so will the efl, the lower league clubs will have to make a decision about what they do, fall in line with the premier league and have a similar decision whereby they stop their trading, their purchasing certainly before the start of the season. certainly before the start of the season. premier league clubs have made their position clear, they are going to go it alone and they have decided that they want to stop their trading and devote all their attention to the premier league season attention to the premier league season come the thursday before the big kick—off. birmingham has won the race to become the english candidate to host the 2022 commonwealth games. they were in competition with liverpool but the government's department for digital, culture, media and sport has backed the city in the west midlands. here's the ceo of commonwealth games england, paul blanchard. the birmingham that it was really
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exciting and potentially inspirational. they had to meet a range of criteria including the sports programme, the infrastructure, the venues for the games would take place, the experience of the athletes and a range of aspects which they met perfectly. they also presented some exciting proposals on how the games would benefit, not just exciting proposals on how the games would benefit, notjust the city, but the region of the west midlands but the region of the west midlands but also the uk as a whole and i think it would showcase the commonwealth of movement in a positive light. all those things together made this a strong and exciting bed. the government will assess the budget to make sure that it represents value for money and if that approval comes from the government, we will then present the built to the commonwealth games federation at the end of the month. at that point we
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are in an international competition against the likes of malaysia and australia and we would expect a decision at the end of the year. we feel we have a strong bid and we are pretty optimistic at this stage. onto tennis and roger federer says he's looking forward to a rest, after being knocked out in the quarter—finals of the us open. he lost in four sets tojuan martin del potro and says that although he'd been suffering with back pain going into the tournament, that wasn't to blame, federer admits hejust didn't play well enough. 0f of course it is a pity. he deserves it more. ifeel of course it is a pity. he deserves it more. i feel i of course it is a pity. he deserves it more. ifeel i have no place in the semi—finals and he will have a better chance to beat rafael nadal. the way i am playing right now it is not good enough to win this tournament in my opinion. it is better i am out and someone else gets the chance to do better than me. tonight i play, i have nothing to lose against roger federer, sol did my best game of the tournament andl did my best game of the tournament and i played a very smart game
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during the whole match. this is so important to me, beating him in this amazing tournament. the women's semi—finals both take place tonight and for the first time in any grand slam for 32 years, it's an all—american line—up. first up, 37 year—old venus williams takes on sloane stephens. williams is attempting to win her first grand slam title in nine years while stephens is in only her second major semi—final. and in the other semi, madison keys is up against coco wanderweghe, who last night ended the hopes of world number one karolina pliskova. the last all—american grand slam semi—finals were at wimbledon in 1985. britain's chris froome has bounced back from losing time yesterday to extend his overall lead at cycling's vuelta a espana. the tour de france winner looked more like his usual self as he attacked inside the final mile of stage eighteen to claw back twenty seconds on his nearest rival vincenzo nibali. saint helens kept their top four
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hops lies with the dramatic late winner at wakefield. joni lomax with the try. mark percival converted it and saints are up to fifth place. and the nfl returns tonight — super bowl champions the new england patriots hosting the kansas city chiefs. onto rugby union and not for the first time, england won't be able to call on manu tuilagi for the autumn internationals after the leicester tigers centre suffered yet another injury in the first match of the premiership season. our rugby reporter chris jones has more. it was only a couple of days ago that the england head coach said he would be prepared to forgive manu tuilagi and his latest bout of ill discipline which saw him sent home from the england training camp last month but his injury curse has struck again. he has been plagued by injuries for the best part of four yea rs, injuries for the best part of four years, he had onlyjust come back
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from a long—standing knee problem and his first competitive game since january, he strained his knee playing on sunday. he needs surgery, he will be out for about 12 weeks which rules him out of the autumn internationals for england. he might not have been involved anyway, because of his lack of game time and his disciplinary laps as well but the bigger question is, will we ever see this once destructive centre back to a sustained period of form and fitness? finally, liverpool manager jurgen klopp has shown his support for a young everton fan who's suffering a muscle—wasting disease. 10 year—old noah cunningham's family are trying to raise funds to buy him a new wheelchair — and he received a special message of support from klopp who bumped into noah's aunty at a petrol station. . .. hi noah. we are at the petrol station and your auntie told me that you are not in the best shape at this moment, but that will change,
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soon, iam this moment, but that will change, soon, i am sure. i this moment, but that will change, soon, iam sure. i have this moment, but that will change, soon, i am sure. i have heard that you love everton, a huge evertonians, hopefully you injoy that. all the best and see you in the next derby! yes, where we when! 0f the next derby! yes, where we when! of course not! goodbye, all the best. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are asa bennett, brexit commissioning editor at the telegraph and the times columnist jenni russell. tomorrow's front pages...starting with... we start with the i which carries
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an extraordinary picture of the devastation caused by hurricane irma as it swept through the caribbean. the metro says the uk has promised £32m in aid to uk territories in the region, it also carries a picture of prince george on his first day at school. the times claims the prime minister is being pressured to sack a minister and an aide following their support for a letter urging mrs may to stick to plans for a hard brexit. the daily mail urgues brussels not to treat the uk with ‘contempt‘ saying the eu's lead negotiator michel barnier has unleashed a string of personal attacks on the brexit secretary david davis. the mirror says the royal navy was racing to the caribbean to help save stranded brits, including two sisters who it says are missing in barbuda. the express reveals the seven steps we all need to take to


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