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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 8, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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donation just a few days before she collapsed. when she died, they felt they had to follow the schoolgirl‘s wishes. she did specifically say that she wanted to be an organ donor. how did that help you make the decision, when you knew that she wasn't going to survive? it made that decision so much easier. it's like an automatic thing, "yes, absolutely, because that's what her wishes were". five years on, jemima's family have now been told that her organs, including her heart, lungs and kidneys, have helped more people than any other single donor. what kind of comfort does it give you to know that there are eight people out there whose lives have either been saved or changed byjemima? that's hugely comforting. and it is exciting to know that life is continuing because of her. she hasn't died in vain. freddie is one of those jemima saved. he'd been givenjust weeks to live before
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he received her liver in a transplant. this week, he started secondary school. his family's message... thank you, but that just doesn't seem enough. you're grateful that they actually stuck to jemima's wishes and let her donate her organs, which allowed our child to live. but obviously for our child to live, their child had to die. this month the two families will meet for the first time at a charity ball organised injemima's memory. her parents know that not everyone would make the decision they did, but with more than 6000 people waiting for transplants, they are now campaigning for more of us to register as donors. jon kay, bbc news, somerset. that's it. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. have a very good night. coming up in ten minutes, the papers
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ta kes a coming up in ten minutes, the papers takes a look at tomorrow's headlines, followed by all the main headlines, followed by all the main headlines in the 11 o'clock bulletin, and another chance to see tonight's newsnight at 1115. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'mjohn watson. coming up: james anderson becomes the first englishman to reach 500 test wickets. celtic‘s impressive domestic form continues with victory over hamilton. agony for hull fc — down to 12 men, they conceded a late try which gives wigan a dramatic win in the super league super 8s. welcome along.
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we start at lords. the ground where james anderson took his first test wicket 1a years ago. today he brought up his 500th against west indies, the first english cricketer to reach the landmark. and while he will almost certainly take tomorrow's headlines, the match remains in the balance and could go the way of either side. joe wilson reports. september test match requires patience. what begins with rain can end in sun. cricket is stretching the season. lord's needed electricity for the floodlights. there is an alternative source of energy. ben stokes. in terms of all—round cricket talent, stokes looks like the world leader, in front of the prime minister. the west indies could have got rid of stokes when he made 24. costly, because stokes was the only player in this match to actually make batting seemed straightforward. now, here comes a strange episode. on 60, stokes was out.
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except, look at the front foot of fast bowler gabriel. no ball. there you go, ben, you're back in. two balls later, he's out again. identical, except that this time, don't worry, your front foot was fine. the relentless kemar roach got rid of moeen ali for his fifth wicket. instead of the innings‘ ending, moeen had to watch the west indies stretch their lead. stuart broad enjoying himself. not so enjoyable for the bowler. and then it was his turn. just after 5:15pm, james anderson reached his everest. bowled him! if you could choose a way to reach 500 test match wickets, you would select something like this. kraigg brathwaite utterly dismissed, and nobody has done more with that ball over a career for england. he was also involved with some
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discussions with the umpire about transgressing on to the wicket. west indies will resume, and enthralling saturday awaits us here at lord's. milestones are nice, but that is not what drives me, i want to help england win games of cricket, that is my motivation and that is why i turn up every day, trying to improve myself, and that is what will keep driving me on. i'm loving playing cricket at the minute, i feel i'm bowling well, i'm feeling fit and strong, and really enjoying playing in this team, so hopefully that can continue for awhile yet. and what a run it's been forjames anderson. he's come a long way since he was packed off on one of his first tours with england as a fresh faced youngster. it's been 1a years since he took his first international test wicket, that of zimbabwe's mark vermeulen
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at lord's in 2003. he's just the third fast bowler on the list, behind the likes of the australian great glen mcgrath, he'sjust 19 behind west indies courtney walsh. he got his 501st later today as well. so where does he and con the list of all—time test wicket takers? he is sixth. underlining his status as one of the world's greatest test bowlers. he certainly fancies his chances of going on to take many more test wickets to come. celtic warmed up for their champions league tie with paris saint germain on tuesday, with a 4—1victory over hamilton in the scottish premiership. stuart armstrong curled in his side's first in the 17th minute. before scott sinclair fired home two
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more goals before half time, this his first. french forward 0dsonne edouard, who is on a season long loan from the paris club, scored on his debut, to make it four as the scottish champions warmed up for their european opener against the french league leaders in the champions league next week. who looked in ominous form tonight having assembled one of the most talented forward lines in european football, new signing kylian mbappe on the scoresheet alongside neymar and edison cavani as psg beat metz 5—1 in ligue un. mbappe, signed on a season long loan, grabbed his side's second. the french forward could become the second most expensive player in history when he makes his move permanent next season. neyamr, who tops that list, curled in the league leaders‘ third. they will teke some containing when celtic come up against them on tuesday. it's been a high scoring night all round and a sobering one at that for leonid slutsky‘s hull city
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who were thumped 5—0 in the championship at derby county. matej vydra opened the scoring with a thunderous free—kick, the czech was to double the derby lead. but hull's woeful night was summed up by this dreadful attempt at a penalty from seb larsson which cleared the bar by some distance. former hull defender curtis davies added a third and then two goals from bradleyjohnson rounded off a memorable derby performance which moves them to fourth in the championship table. the premier league returns after the international break. but there is no place for philippe coutinho in liverpool's squad to face manchester city tomorrow. jurgen klopp says he has no issue with the player, despite the forward handing in a tra nsfer despite the forward handing in a transfer request admit that interest from barcelona. the liverpool manager says that coutinho is not fully fit, and won't be risked with a long season ahead. it's not been a good night
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for the city of hull — as we've heard their football team lost 5—0 at derby and there was an agonising defeat for hull fc in the super league super eights this evening. they staged an astonishing comeback against wigan with just 12 men but couldn't see it out as adam wild reports. but they couldn't see it out. also tonight, castleford tigers increased their lead at the top 12 points with eight 38—24 win over leeds rhinos. as far as rugby union is concerned: newcastle falcons have gone to the top of the rugby union premiership — temporarily at least — after a dramatic late penalty try gave them a 13—12 win at sale newcastle were 12—6 down when machones was adjudged to have illegally collapsed a maul. in addition to nine points from the boot of sonotane takulua, it takes newcastle top after their opening weekend win over worcester. edinburgh and leinster both made
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it two wins from two tonight in the pro 1a. leinster beat cardiff 37—9 whilst sam hidalgo clyne scored the pick of the tries in edinburgh's 35—18 win over dragons. chris froome stands on the brink of history after safely negotiating today's 19th stage of the vuelta a espana. he maintained his lead, and remains on course to become only the third man to win the tour de france and vuelta in the same year. it was a day for the breakaway today, with belgium's thomas de gendt taking the win. it was a day for the breakaway today, with belgium's thomas de gendt taking the win. froome finished alongside his rivals in the peloton. with two stages remaining, one largely ceremonial, he leads vincenzo nibali by one minute 37 seconds. if he comes through tomorrow's stage then he will become the first man to win both grand tours in the same season since 1978. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are martin lipton, the deputy head of sport at the sun, and helen brand, who's the chief executive of the association of chartered certified accountants. hallen, it is lovely to have it here, thank you for coming in, and you, martin, of course. the front pages, the i carries a warning about
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the terror threat of drones. the daily telegraph says an investigation is under way into a massive cyber attack on us credit rating firm equis fax among fears that hackers may have stolen the personal data of up to 44 million british consumers. the independent leads on that up to half a million americans have been told to evacuate their homes ahead of hurricane irma hitting the us mainland the daily mail claims that english charities are given far less lottery cash than their counterparts in scotland. it carries a different story on the front of its scottish edition. the sun leads on allegations concerning a bride—to—be who it claims jilted her would—be husband at the airport. the mirror also carries those allegations on its front page. the guardian carries a warning from the nato chief, jens stoltenberg that the world is more a dangerous place today than it has been in a generation. the times reports that an influential tory donor has criticised theresa may
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for being "hopeless", "very indecisive" and leading a weak government, we can start with that litany of criticism from the times! top tory party donor accuses prime minister of mishandling brexit and alienating business. this is a carpet magnate, tell us a bit about this story. business. this is a carpet magnate, tell us a bit about this storym has descended quite quickly into the personal about theresa may, but at the heart of that is the increasing despair of business around the lack of clarity on brexit negotiations. since the day of the vote, business has been asking for clarity about the transition process, about access to the single market, and none of thatis to the single market, and none of that is coming through, so i think this has been pulled out here, but theresa may's leadership style and the way she is leading her party has been pinpointed by lord harris is one of the reasons that that is not coming through. he used to be a
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somebody in the conservative party, he was deputy treasurer, close to david cameron. i don't quite of happen to him! this is pretty nasty, aggressive stuff here. describing theresa may is hopeless, indecisive, leading a weak government, talking about her basically not being up to it, and also dismissing boris johnson is too lazy to be an effective prime minister, calling for ruth davidson to become tory leader. how would she do that? unless she gets ennobled and did what lord hume did back in 1963 to become prime minister, that is pretty unlikely. i can't believe that any senior conservative would say that they would prefer a strong labour government lead by somebody like tony blair... it's not sounding
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very futuristic. basically despite la st very futuristic. basically despite last week's attempt by may to say that she will go on and on ad infinitum, no one is buying it, and this is positioning again within, but i think as helen said, the bigger issue is people's doubts and criticism, critiques of the government policy. but why is she being clobbered in this way when she is not the one handling the brexit negotiations? it is david davis, liam fox who are supposed to be dealing with trade when it can finally happen. they are all members of her government, and people look to the prime minister for leadership. i think her injecting clarity from the very top, that style of leadership is incredibly important. she is supposed to be the first among equals, but that is the


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