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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 11, 2017 6:30pm-6:50pm BST

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hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: us authorities are assessing the damage caused in florida by hurricane irma. at least four people are thought to have died and up to six million homes are without power. having swept earlier along the north coast of cuba, irma left ten people dead and flooded many homes in the capital havana. mps have begun debating the government's brexit bill that would incorporate eu legislation into uk law. downing street said it's confident of winning the vote in the early hours of tomorrow. more than 300,000 muslim rohingyas have now fled myanmar — the un says they're victims of ethnic cleansing. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news.
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katty kay and christian fraser return with beyond 100 days at 7.00pm. they will be speaking to a former adviser to hillary clinton about the former presidential candidate's new memoir. we'll be live in the british virgin islands at 8.00pm, where people are trying to rebuild their lives amid the destruction caused by hurricane irma. at 11.00pm, join us for special coverage of that crucial commons vote on the government's brexit bill. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm will perry. the headlines this evening: frank de boer‘s sacked after 77 days at crystal palace. former england manager roy hodgson is set to succeed him. senior fa executives are summoned to a parliamentary inquiry about the two investigations that cleared england women's manager mark sampson of making allegedly racial remarks. anthony joshua has been speaking ahead of next
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month's world title fight against kubrat pulev in cardiff. we start with the big story of the day, and the first premier league managerial casualty of the season. frank de boer has been sacked by crystal palace afterjust 77 days in charge. he lost all four league games without even scoring a goal. the final draw for the palace board seemed to be yesterday's one nil defeat at burnley, with the dutchman uncertain of his future at the full time whistle. i don't know. the only thing i can control is to work very hard with the boys and that is what i am going to do until the last day and hopefully for a long period at crystal palace. four defeats, not a single goal
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scored, it's the worst start to a season in premier league history. his four games in charge are the fewest before getting the sack. les reed lasted seven at charlton in 2006. bob bradley 11 at swansea last year. chris hutchings managed i2 at bradford in the year 2000 with paolo di canio also surviving just 12 in 2013. let's take you to selhurst park, the home of crystal palace and speak we heard from temp one immediately after the defeat at burnley. what is he said today? the mood has changed ina he said today? the mood has changed in a short space of time. he said on social media today that he is very disappointed by crystal palace's decision to sack him. it went on to thank the players, staff and fans for their support. it was a brief statement. it will be a mixed reaction to this sacking. when he arrived in june on reaction to this sacking. when he arrived injune on a three—year contract arrived injune on a three—year co ntra ct to arrived injune on a three—year contract to replace sam allardyce,
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he was tasked with changing the of evolution not revolution. the chairman steve parish said this would be a long—term appointments. you would have to ask how much can you achieve in such a sport short space of time, just 77 days and four games? perhaps the club should have shown more patients. what have the clu b shown more patients. what have the club had to say? plenty of criticism for the crystal palace chairman, steve parish, for making this decision so quickly. the club released a statement today bidding on record their thanks for his dedication, his hard work. that was all they had to say officially. we understand they had serious reservations about de boer for some time. there was a meeting between the manager and the club's hierarchy
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on the 28th of august and the chairman, steve parish, was meant to have left that meeting with no confidence than de boer was the man to ta ke confidence than de boer was the man to take them forward. the reservations about the formation, how the squads were fitting into this new style of play. that was reflected in the dismal results we have seen from crystal palace. the first—team in nearly a hundred years in the top flight to lose their top four games without scoring a single goal. it really does underline how unhappy crystal palace weather and that has led to them taking this decision afterjust four league games. what else is being said today by managers and former players? and a number of press conferences have taken place today ahead of the champions league fixtures. antonio co nte says champions league fixtures. antonio conte says he feels sorry for frank
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de boer. jose mourinho says nothing surprises him" any more. harry redknapp is also commented saying it is beyond belief. alan shearer has said on social media that this was a panic appointment, and a panic sacking. in terms of games, this is the shortest managerial appointment in premier league history. crystal palace again are looking for stability but yet again they are looking for another manager. thanks for joining looking for another manager. thanks forjoining us. former england manger roy hodgson is expected to succeed de boer on a two—year contract. he hasn't managed in the premier league since leaving west brom to become in 2012. as patrick geary reports this would be his firstjob since quitting as manager of the national side after euro 2016, when england were knocked out by iceland. the world has seen little of roy
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hodgson since that night in nice. the england team spent four years building dispose exposed by iceland. that was the worst performance i have ever seen from an england team, ever. my contract was always up after the euros, sunlight is the time for someone else to oversee the progress of this young, hungry and extremely talented group. you'd forgive him for wanting to disappear from view, but roy hodgson has never been kept down for long. he led switzerland to a world cup, coach malmo and finland. he has recovered from the year before. even sure on the door at liverpool after only six months, then made a success at west bromwich albion. and with people who he pulled out of a nosedive towards relegation to reach the uefa cup final. a former palace defender also played and that team. what he would do is get the team really well
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organised and hard to beat and build from there. i think that is the kind of approach that crystal palace need. i think the playing squad there will suit him quite well so i think it could be a good match. roy hodgson has no shortage of experience. he has more air miles than most, but the eagles are now calling. is the boy from south london finally returning to the nest. the only club below crystal palace in the premier league is west ham they're at home to huddersfield tonight, and are desperate to also avoid a fourth straight defeat themselves. manager slaven bilic says he isn't concerned about speculation suggesting he could be sacked. myjob is to raise the performance of the team and we start with a game on monday night. that is a good opportunity, a good chance for us to start winning games and the comeback on the right track, and that is where i am putting my work and concentration. the olympic stadium, 60,000, this is
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something very special for us. we are excited about this atmosphere. we st are excited about this atmosphere. west ham is a popular premier league clu b west ham is a popular premier league club with a big—name, big history, good manager, good quality. we are totally aware what is in front of us, even if we will not change, we will focus first of all on herself and this means that we have to make and this means that we have to make a lot of our details right to be a strong competitor and this is our aim. turning attentions to tomorrow now and manchester united will be back in the champions league for the first time since 2015. they take on the swiss side basel, withjose mourinho confirming today
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he "feels weaker" without midfielder marouane fellaini — he'll be missing with a calf injury. simon stone reports fropm old trafford it is ten season since the manchester united side won the champions league. it is 9 cents entrance applied three of the competition's four semifinalists, but according to jose competition's four semifinalists, but according tojose mourinho, if any of england's five contenders are going to go deep into this season's competition, they will have to ove 1120 m e competition, they will have to overcome obstacles the rest of europe's big guns simply don't have to face. no winter break. in other countries, i winter break. to face. no winter break. in other countries, iwinter break. -- to face. no winter break. in other countries, i winter break. -- a winter break. i have to admit that i love it. i know that goes against us, but i have to admit i love the english christmas period for football. and then the facts that we
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have to play many times with two days before the big matches in europe. while other countries, they protect their clubs. the good news for united is that marijuana delaney, the player jose for united is that marijuana delaney, the playerjose mourinho says he doesn't want to be provided, has returned to training after missing saturday's draw at stoke with a calf injury. for him and united, after winning the europa league last season, tomorrow is about making a big impression on europe's major competition. chelsea return to champions league action tomorrow night after a one year absence with a home match against qarabeg. chelsea will be expected to do well against the azerbaijan premier league champions, who are the outsiders in group c. however, chelsea manager antonio conte is cautious about the challenge he faces, while his players are delighted to be back on the biggest club stage in europe. qarabeg is a good team and for them
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this is the first time to play in this is the first time to play in this competition. i know a lot about these players because i've played against azerbaijan when i was italian coach and we played them in oui’ italian coach and we played them in our qualification. there are a lot of players who can play in that team. this type of game, i like to call these games tricky games. must pay great attention. it is one of the best competitions to be involved in and to miss identical as season, when you watch the games you want to be involved, in that competition. chelsea's previous history is used to being
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competing in that competition. we feel we are back where we belong, which is among some of the very best teams, so we are looking forward to testing ourselves against that. the world's most expensive footballer is in glasgow tonight. neymar and the rest of the psg team are there to play celtic tomorrow in the first game of the champions league group stage. for the home manager, brendan rodgers, and his players, it's all a matter of "attitude", as kheredine idessane reports. a laugh and a joke between manager and captain celtic prepare to welcome europe's elite, the multimillionaires of paris saint—germain are on their way, their band of brothers includes the most expensive front line in world football. you look at the front players. barney is strong, powerful and always in the box to score goals. mbappe really took the world by storm last year. it is clear, his talent, his speed, his mobility, his
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touch, his movement. then you add neymar to that. it is an incredible array of talent. the man making all the headlines is a certain superstar from brazil. the arrival in scotland of the world's was defence football is big news. psg splashed out £198 million for him, by comparison celtic‘s was the expensive signing was just £4.5 celtic‘s was the expensive signing wasjust £4.5 million. celtic‘s was the expensive signing was just £4.5 million. no set them barely is reportedly valued at £30 million. you could buy all of celtic for £173 million. how did they compete? i have tojust for £173 million. how did they compete? i have to just play my game, like always. when you think you step on the pitch you are equal as soon as you step on the pitch, it doesn't matter how much money you cost? yeah. it doesn't matter because on the pitch, everybody has
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two feet, two hands. his move from barcelona in the summer was warmly welcomed in paris. the qatari owned clu b welcomed in paris. the qatari owned club have serious designs are winning the champions league. by contrast, cell pack weren't up for their arrival by as for goal win at hamilton. paddy step up in class will determine just how long their european adventure can last. liverpool will appeal in a bid to reduce the length of sadio mane's three—match ban after the forward was sent—off during saturday's 5—0 defeat at manchester city the senegalese was shown the red card by refereejon moss for raining his foot in an incident which left city keeper ederson injured. mane will receive a three match suspension but liverpool have the option to claim that the punishment was excessive. senior fa executives are to be summoned to a parliamentary inquiry to face questions about the two investigations that cleared england women's manager mark sampson of making allegedly racist remarks to former player eni aluko.
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the department for culture, media and sport select to in recent times have taken on some of the biggest issues in sports governance, the likes of sebastian coe, liz mccolgan, sir dave brailsford have all faced grillings in the last few months a night it appears it will be the turn of fa senior executives following the complaint that the former england striker eni aluko made about the england women's team boss. three weeks ago she told me that she had been the victim of bullying and discrimination. the fa into separate reviews cleared mark sampson of those allegations and said he was guilty of no wrongdoing whatsoever, but eni aluko told me she was unhappy with the way those two investigations had been
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conducted. she said they were flawed because key witnesses had not been interviewed. the fa said there was nothing wrong with those two reviews. they are happy with how they were conducted. mark sampson was cleared and he said he wants to move on and his conscience was clear. this will make it hard for the fa to move on because that select committee does intend to call fa executives to explain themselves. i understand that both eni aluko and anotherformer i understand that both eni aluko and another former player, leanne sanders, will be expected to give evidence at a hearing in october. time to round up some of the day's other stories now and the bbc is to stream women's super league one games across tv, radio and online when the new season begins later this month. five matches will be shown live on the bbc sport website, with a further four games to be aired on bbc radio five live. the merseyside derby between everton and liverpool gets the wsl campaign under way on friday the 22nd of september. there will be commentary of that on radio 5 live. a world 11 cricket team has arrived in pakistan ahead
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of a three—match twenty 20 series. it's hoped that the series will open the doors for international cricket's return to the country after eight years. pakistan has only hosted one international series since militants attacked a bus carrying the sri lankan cricket team in 2009. three russian cyclists are taking legal action against the world anti—doping agency and canadian investigator richard mclaren. kirill sveshnikov, dmitry strakhov and dmitry sokolov were banned after after mclaren's report into state—sponsored doping in russia. the trio claim, wada and mclaren, "unfairly implicated them in an alleged doping scheme". they all deny cheating. wada is yet to respond. boxing now, and anthonyjoshua has been speaking ahead of next
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month's world title fight against kubrat pulev in cardiff. the briton defends his ibf, wba, and ibo belts against the bulgarian, whose only defeat came against wladimir klitshko in 2014. joshua of course knocked out klitschko at wembley stadium in his last fight and wants to continue cementing his position in the sport... the goal still remains the same, the motivation remains the same. some of the old legends of the sport, guys have looked up to, i have seen positive comments and are saying that the sport has been brought back to life than they are enjoying the heavyweight division and bobby are doing for it. when i get that type of respect from those guys, it is phenomenal. no matter how many critics you get as long as the greats are giving you credit, that sits with me. that will sit with me for a long time. we are not taken for a long time. we are not taken for granted. it goes for anthony, joshua, for us, nobody is taking
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