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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 13, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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coming up: messi's on song for barcelona in the champions league, scoring twice to beat last year's runners—up, juventus. what a game in guangzhou! shangai sneak into the asian champions league semi—finals after going to penalties against evergrande. and we'll be in las vegas, where they are preparing for another huge fight this weekend. hello, and welcome along to the programme. so, the european champions league is back, and there were big wins for barcelona, paris st germain, chelsea, and manchester united on tuesday. 28 goals in eight matches. lionel messi scored two for barcelona in their three nil win at home against last season's runners up, juventus. our football reporter, john bennett, has more. barcelona and lionel messi, superb this evening. a brilliant performance. lionel messi got things
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under wayjust performance. lionel messi got things under way just before half—time, scoring for the first time in his career againstjan scoring for the first time in his career against jan bufon. barcelona, doing superb. a big win for paris saint—germain. 5—0 at celtic. mpabbe, cavani and neymar. there was an own goal in there as well. another team playing them off the park were chelsea. 6—0 against qarabag. no mercy. pedro on the scoresheet. many others also finding the back of the net. manchester
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united, they got a good win as well against basel. 3—0. marcus rashford on the scoresheet. his first ever champions league goal in his champions league goal in his champions league goal in his champions league debut. manchester united. paul pogba had an injury, possibly hamstring. he could be out for some weeks. that is worrying for manchester united on a good night for them. so, asjohn had said, there was a good win for manchester united on their return to the competition. they beat basel 3—0 at home, but their manager, jose mourinho, still thinks it's an open group. 3-0 3—0 against the wave of the game in this spirit. but as i was saying before, in fairness, this spirit. but as i was saying before, infairness, in this spirit. but as i was saying before, in fairness, in this group, any team can take points from another team. i think they can get
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it in moscow. anything can happen. it is an open group. shanghai sipg are through to the semi—finals of the asian champions league after an incredible game in guangzhou. elsewhere on tuesday, bayern munich saw off a io—man anderlecht 3—0 in their opening champions league group match. sporting lisbon had lost their last four matches in the champions league but they managed a 3—2 win away to olympiacos. there are full details on the bbc website. shanghai sipg are through to the semi—finals of the asian champions league after an incredible game in guangzhou. the top two teams in the chinese super league scored ten goals between them over the two legs, but it's shanghai who go through after beating evergrande 5—4 in a penalty shootout. austin halewood reports. with a 4-0 with a 4—0 all lead, you would have forgiven shanghai sipg for thinking that the hard work was done. but if
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evergrande needed an early goal, they got it. just 15 minutes later, a second. two goals in the first half down. it was time for shanghai sipg to regroup. but the one—way traffic continued. the hosts got a third through ricardo, and then another to level things. extra time. hulk got the first of the match for shanghai sipg and in style as well. but a dangerous tackle from wang was what shanghai sipg did not need. the side reduced to nine men. a hat—trick from the spot. the match came down to penalties. when ricardo could not keep his composure this time around, it was my turn to holding their nerve to score the winner. in tuesday's other match, a
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spotin winner. in tuesday's other match, a spot in the last four was anyone for the taking in dubai. 2—2. the visitors took the early lead after just five minutes. and then it was levelled after the breakthrough al amri. both sides reduced to ten men. the visitors to control. two goals in the final ten minutes sealing the match and their place in the semifinals. bbc news. pakistan took a giant step towards reviving international cricket at home with a 20—run victory over the world 11 in a t20 match amid tight security. it's only the second time pakistan has hosted an international match, since militants attacked the bus of the visiting sri lankan team in march 2009, killing eight people and injuring seven players and staff. a122—run second—wicket stand between babar and ahmed shehzad set the hosts on their way, before a quickfire 38 off 20 deliveries from shoaib malik set the world 11 a lofty target of 198. the tourists, led by faf du
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plessis, started brightly. du plessis and darren sammy both top—scored with 29. but the fall of regular wickets hampered their chances of victory as shadab khan and sohail khan picked up two wickets apiece. our reporter henna saeed is there. this has been an historic day for cricket lovers in pakistan. the first t20 match between the iis cricket lovers in pakistan. the first t20 match between the 115 has ended for pakistan's victory. how did you enjoy the match? it was very good. it has been a long time since any international team was in pakistan. it was a great experience. it has been a while, almost 5—6 yea rs, it has been a while, almost 5—6 years, since i have seen a live
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match. and we will talk about the feeling of the match. how did the girls enjoyed it? it was my first ever experience of a cricket match. it was very secure. it is a nice it thing to see cricket back here. that is definitely the message that pakistan wants to give with this t20 series in pakistan, it is a safe place for international players and teams to come and play. there were 25,000 spectators at this match today. it is very humid and hot out here. the security situation has been top—notch. more than 8000 police officers and security agency offices were here. no one could come
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in the area without a ticket in the past. it was really, really, really secure. the tie—breaker is world 11 wins tomorrow could be on friday. and we will see who takes the trophy home! we will indeed. the eyes of the boxing world will again be on las vegas on saturday when canelo alvarez and gennady golovkin face off in front of a packed arena and watched by millions around the world. the unbeaten kazakh golovkin will defend his wba, wbc, ibf, and ibo middleweight titles against the mexican in what is being billed as a potential fight of the decade. las vegas has only recently hosted the fight between conor mcgregor and floyd mayweather but former world champion oscar de la hoya is calling this a real fight. yes, i mean, a couple of weeks ago we had that spectacle taking place.
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and now this is a realfight. these are the two best middleweights in the division. if you were entertained by colin mcgregor and floyd mayweather, this will be 8—9 rounds from hell for these guys. it will not be a walk in the park for anybody. he is a machine, a monster. a knockout artist. they will not ta ke a knockout artist. they will not take a step backwards. they are the most skilled boxes out there now that floyd mayweather has retired. —— boxers. and finally... just days after winning his 16th grand slam title, rafael nadal has had a warm welcome from fans in majorca. the world number one, who grew up on the spanish island, was greeted by friends and family. nadal beat kevin anderson in straight sets in sunday's us open finalfor his second major of the year. and that is all the sport for me for
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the moment. we will be back soon. stay with us. hi there. wet and windy weather will continue to work its way eastwards, we've already had some fairly lively gusts of wind around our most exposed coastal areas around england and wales. gusts of around 50mph or 60mph typically, and the met office has issued an amber weather warnings, strong winds expected to reach 75mph in places. the warning across parts of north wales, north england, lincolnshire and norfolk as well. this is the first named storm of the season, eileen, and the strongest winds will be on the southern flank of the storm as it works out into the north sea before those very, very strong winds batter the north—west of europe. it will be blowy to start the day across a swathe of north—east england, across yorkshire, lincolnshire and across into norkfolk as well. the wind gusts, given the trees have fallen leaf,
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will bring down branches and maybe knock down a few trees so the potential for localised transport disruption, maybe some power cuts as well. through the rest of the day it will stay pretty blustery nationwide with those north—westerly winds dragging in plenty of showers across scotland, northern ireland and across the north—west of both england and wales, but nowhere is immune from catching a downpour. some heavy and thundery at times, feeling quite cool across the north of the uk, temperatures up to 18 degrees in london but feeling a bit cooler than that given the strength of the wind. then as we go through wednesday night, there'll be further bands of showers pushing southwards across the country. temperatures dropping away despite the winds, we could still see lows getting down to single figures. then for thursday, we're looking at another unsettled day with further showers coming in on those strong north—westerly winds. given the north—westerly wind flow, the showers always more likely across the north and west of the uk. the fewest showers likely towards the south and east but again, nowhere immune. temperatures still disappointing for this stage of september. we're looking at highs ranging from 13 degrees in the north of scotland to around 18 degrees in the london area. will there be any improvements towards the end of the week and the weekend 7 not really. high pressure builds to the west of the uk and thatjust sends more of a northerly wind
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flow down the uk. again plenty of showers, particularly flowing down the north sea, some of those could be heavy with some thunder mixed in at times. some chilly northerly winds feeding all the cloud in as well. now, we are approaching mid—september, is it too early for thermostat wars with your partner? well, maybe not. because on saturday we're looking at highs again reaching around 12 or 13 degrees, but cooler than that in the wind. even 17 in the south—east, there'll almost certainly be an autumnal chill in the air. that's your latest weather. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is ben bland. our top stories: struggling to get the power back on and an urgency to rebuild after hurricane irma.
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1,000 british troopsjoin recovery efforts in the caribbean. bangladesh says it's overwhelmed by rohingya refugees. the prime minister calls on myanmar to take them back. we have a special report from the border. a small fortune — apple rolls out its latest gadgets. but if you want the top of the line iphone, you'd better get ready to pay for it. also in the programme, tributes to sir peter hall — one of the giants of british theatre — who's died at the age of 86.
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