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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 14, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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the former drugs company boss martin shkreli has beenjailed in the us after a judge found that he posed a threat to the public. shkreli had offered $5,000 to anyone who could get him a strand of hillary clinton's hair. now, it is time for our newspaper review. what's making headlines around the world 7 we start with a rather fetching halo of stars. framing european union presidentjean—claude juncker on the front page of the telegraph following his state of the union address yesterday promising an ever—more powerful eu. the financial times has a piece on the bank of england's dilemma as jobless rates fall to lowest level in 42 years. but of course inflation is climbing.
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an energy story now in bloomberg as the saudi state—oil company ipo has been delayed. when it eventually happens, it could eclipse ali baba's 2014 ipo to become the biggest public offering in history. a few markets clamouring to get hold of that. 0n the front page of the guardian, a story in the continued football sex abuse scandal — former england coach graham taylor "failed to report paedophile." and finally, gymwear everywhere? not quite everywhere. i cannot remember the last time i wore very much. the new trend in wearing your lycras and trainers to work or even on a night out. the huffington post has an article on the rise of athleisure. so let's begin.
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with me is amrita sen, chief 0il analyst at energy aspects. let's start with how he was sticking his head of the parent as the little man trying to pick out will stop he strikes a victorian for me, they can't wait to get on, get rid of britain and get on. the only mentioned brexit once and he basically said it wasn't the best moment in our history, we will regret it but so will you more than anything. his main message has been catch the wind in our sales, there can me is picking up. also obviously the whole migration story that everything seems to be going in the right direction for let's focus on the positives. ina way, the positives. in a way, compared to wind the clock back 12 months when he delivered the state of the union, even a much
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stronger position now, even the date of that, how the european union is doing, how the eurozone is doing. they described as a dark eye of speech. he talks about an ever closer union. as he was talking, i wondered what the other 27 members we re wondered what the other 27 members were thinking, because many of the countries within the eu are saying we are not that happy about how things are going in brussels, we are also not completely comfortable with where it's going, how close together it's getting will stop talking about appointing a eurozone finance minister, things coming out. the finance minister also talking about every country... it is a must, but should adopt the euro, also getting romania, a way to other countries involved would have been contentious. i think the netherlands, the dutch by minister does say that a lot of what he said is correct and we agree with it, that he is a romantic, i am a realist and there are still institutional issues we need to sort
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out. i do things he doesn't address those at all. he can only go where the leaders will ultimately take the european union, i guess. the likes of emmanuel macron coming onto the scene, talking about a defence fund, 2025 for a defence union in the telegraph. he is pushing the boat in a certain direction, the big powers will want. new blood, and that is what he is capitalising on. that's the dilemma of the bank of england. no change in interest rates expect it today for short and maybe for many months to come. there is a lot of analysis in the papers throughout this week, actually. we have had inflation data this week, employment dato yesterday, a lot of economic news which shows clearly, starkly how difficult things are for the average uk earner. their income is worth less now than it has been for many months. the squeeze as it is called getting more and more acute. it is going to be something, i don't know how the bank of england is
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going to come up with the solution in the short term at least. unemployment is very low, yet wages are not rising and so now they need to fall even further, which is hard to fall even further, which is hard to see how that really happens. and only then will wages rise. we'll know the pound has collapsed to some extent and you can see it in a supermarket, food prices are rising. if that part of the problem? the colla pse if that part of the problem? the collapse of the pound, the fall has happened. there will be an adjustment. it is a momentary inflationary kick, isn't it? it's not as if that was a trend that will continue? it's very difficult when to go to press the button on in reach and rake. it is notjust here. every economy seems to be basically facing the same dilemma. absolute live. even in the us, the dollar has weakened and now you are seeing more there. the other thing is energy prices, oil prices are starting to rise back. that will be a very important one. you are right,
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it will go on for a year and then a base effects kick in and inflation goes away, but if energy prices are rising, you get that next year which is why it is going to be an ongoing dilemma. talking of energy, i picked this story specifically for you. the saudis prepare for possible delay, ipo being initial public offering. i wa nted ipo being initial public offering. i wanted to ask you what you could tell us about this. what are you hearing about this around the code listings? i think it is possible, very possible that it gets delay to 2019 because this is a huge ipo. it could because this is a huge ipo. it could be the biggest. part of the problem is there are a lot of things that need to be in place for us in terms of the listing, the only thing they have confirmed so far is it is good to be whether it is london, hong kong, new york nothing has been confirmed. the biggest issue with the valuation because we are oil
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are. one analyst to come out and said $2 trillion and then 5% ipo would give them a certain amount of money. with oil prices are $50, that is not happening right now. these quys is not happening right now. these guys were is not happening right now. these guys were expecting rice that 70 right now. is that the point of the delay? you wa nt to is that the point of the delay? you want to go when the market is that the most buoyant. there are those who think we'll is never going to get back up to where it once was, probably won't actually. i don't expect it to go back necessarily to $100 and stay there. this is still very, very low prices and we are to get the upward pressure. maybe it is another year of. maybe there are other issues, just getting all the reserved state and everything together is going to bea and everything together is going to be a problem. moving onto the next story. a lot of the papers are reflecting on graham taylor, he was the former england foot wall manager no less and the manager of aston villa among many other now premier league clubs, very
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well—known, much loved figure, now embroiled, he died of calls last year, now embroiled in that paedophile sex cover—up story which has dominated so much of the football scene. i suppose it is a reflection that this happens, it is looking back at the past, but again, disturbing and upsetting for many people who see this right back on the front pages. like you say, he is such a loved person, i think that is why it is so shocking because this has been going on for some time, the whole issue with langford and aston villa and the cover—up, but i think the point here is if he was really want he is alleged that he basically asked the young players to cover it up and say don't go out and say what happened to you, and then thatjust meant la ngford to you, and then thatjust meant langford stayed on in the club for two years, langford stayed on in the club for two yea rs, two langford stayed on in the club for two years, two seasons. that would be a reflection of the way fans might pay. that was the
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view taylor talk. we will come back ina view taylor talk. we will come back in a little bit. are you wearing your trainers this morning? i was. they are in the green room. having a lot of fun about leisurewear. are you a fan? look, to each his own but i do wear my trainers to work because i have a fairly decent walk or run of that is different because i will not where my for two kilometres. people are wearing them throughout the day and they keep it on. they change as soon as i get to work. we are not going to own up to it if we do. lovely to see you and thank you very much. thank you for your company. see we will see you soon. bye—by may. bye— bye. hi there. the weather's going to stay unsettled and showery for the next few days. certainly a bit cooler for the weekend, as well. the area of low pressure with the first named storm
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of the autumn season working across to europe. that's aileen. bring some very strong winds to north poland, latvia, lithuania and estonia, with gusts reaching 70m/h. a blustery start to the day for us, with showers around. if you are heading out early, temperatures will be about 9—10 degrees celsius. across the far south of england, especially towards the south coast, sunshine for a time. but there's a strip of cloud coming down across the midlands, east anglia, and across wales too that will have heavy showers in it, and that's going to be pushing southwards as the morning goes by. so the sunshine in the far south won't last long. to the north, for scotland and northern ireland, yes, there will be some sunshine to start the day. still, though, with that blustery wind making it feel cool around the coast. stornowayjust 9 degrees, but factor in the strength of wind, it will feel a little chilly. as we go through the rest of the day, that band of cloud and showers pushes across south
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of england before clearing. then the sunshine comes out across england and wales, that sunshine just triggering one or two heavy showers. some of the showers will turn thundery. when the showers come along, they'll really drop the temperatures for a time. it'll be quite a cool day, in any case, across the north—west, temperatures just 13 degrees or so in glasgow. showers across northern scotland could merge to form a lengthy spell of rain for a time. through the night—time, that band of showers will push south and across northern england and across wales, as well, all tied in with this when weather front that is pushing its way southwards. going through friday, this will push the showers southwards across the midlands, east anglia, and into southern counties of england. along that line, there'll a lot of cloud, and some heavier showers. the sunshine comes back out across the north across scotland, northern england and northern ireland. another cold day, though, across northern parts for this time of year. just 12 celsius. factor in the wind, it will feel that bit cooler. that low is sending northerly
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winds across the uk. this area of low pressure will continue to feed in showers. the majority of the showers this weekend will be across central and eastern parts of england. elsewhere, particularly through the weekend, the weather could become drier and brighter across the north—west of the uk. the winds continue to ease. we will have some cool weather, perhaps some overnight frost across sheltered parts of scotland this weekend. and that's your weather. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. the public inquiry into one of britain's worst disasters in recent times, the grenfell tower fire, gets underway this morning. the fire killed more than 80 people. over the coming months families will learn how it spread, and what role the authorities played in the tragedy. good morning — it's thursday 1a september. also, president trump will visit florida today,
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to see the damage caused by hurricane irma. the number of residents who died in a care home in the state has risen to 12. good morning. there's a new tenner in town — and it's the only english note with a woman on it alongside the queen.
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