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‘on he injury like that. he got back on the bike and battled on. he's had a substantial support team to try to ease the pain. so what's he most looking forward to? my four-year-old harry's already bagcied the first cuddle. he said mum's not going to get to me. i can't wait to see my two little girls. the only question [10w two little girls. the only question now is, where on earth does he go from here? jon donnison, bbc news. another hurricane warning has been issued across much of the eastern caribbean just a week after many islands in the area were devastated by hurricane irma. american forecasters say a storm that will hit the leeward islands tonight is strengthening into a dangerous major hurricane. hurricane maria is expected to affect the british and us virgin islands and puerto rico by the middle of the week. time for a look at the weather. here's matt taylor. maria's just been upgraded to a
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category 2, which isjust near martinique. damaging winds and it could have a direct impact in dominica today. it pushes towards the british virgin islands and puerto rico. more details on the bbc weather website. our real concern is whether you have got the central heating on or not. it's been a cool few days, particularly in the morning. this is the scene outside yeovil where temperatures are only around six or seven. there is a general trend there for what we'll all see in the next few days. by night, the temperatures are set to climb, so not quite as chilly perhaps for the morning commute. lots of showers across east anglia, the south—east, and a few lighter showers in england and a few lighter showers in england and waeltion. scotland and northern ireland seeing the best of the driest, sunniest weather today. not especially warm, but there are lighter winds. the strength of the
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sun should make it feel quite pleasant. the show, part south later on tonight —— the showers. mostly it will be dry with clear skies, patchy mist and fog and it's another chilly night, parts of rural scotland getting close to a frost once again in the countryside. a fresh start to tuesday. uk—wise, this week's driest, brightest day of the week, the mist and fog patches will clear, one or two very isolated showers. mostly staying dry throughout the day. good long sunny spells. more cloud in the west later on. with light winds, it will feel warmer thanit light winds, it will feel warmer than it has done recently, even though temperatures are 15—18. changes on tuesday night. low pressure systems to the west helping to drag up much, much milder air from the mid thanking. nowhere near as chilly as we start wednesday but the downside is, outbreaks of rain
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and stronger winds to come with that. scotland and northern ireland initially, then wednesday, northern and western parts of england and wales turn wet and windy too. driest and sunniest of all, a big change to what we have been used to, 20 in east anglia. pulses of heavy rain in western parts of england and wales, eastern scotland. mild air limited to the south—east. that is thousand is it's looking. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime. you're watching bbc news. it is time for the sport. of the england women's opening qualifier against
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russia tomorrow night, the manager says he's not alone the recent controversy surrounding the discrimination case to affect the tea m discrimination case to affect the team bus that preparations. the important thing is to be professional. we understand that there is a huge interest in the investigations but from our point of view the players have got a job to do. you're representing england tomorrow and they have worked incredibly hard given opportunity to represent england so we're focused on that. and make sure we can produce the best performance. i've made it clear where we stand on the allegations. the 24 hours away from an important world cup qualifier and we are asking people to respect the fact that as the place. despite £140 million and spent over the summer, it has been assisted that people need to be realistic about what everton can achieve this season. they season. they were beaten 4—0 yesterday.
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lindsay opened the story the back —— valencia opened the scoring. it is now four straight defeats for everton. 12 goals conceded and they are third from bottom. after their solitary 2020 match on saturday, england and the west indies begin their new series tomorrow. former england captain andrew flintoff says he believes the current england squad as the best ever. he is about the new captain who has already won two test series this summer against south africa and the windies. he has got the perfect team to do it with. i think that he is looking after us probably the best england and we have ever had the bloggers have a go at me when i say that. we've got to find consistency. joe is brilliant in the team is good. he is brilliant in the team is good. he is already more successful than i
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ever was. and it will be a tough winter for him with the ashes. heather watson's disappointing season has continued at the open. the british number two was knocked out in the first round after three sets. watson, who had moved back into the water's top 100 this year has now built to get past the first round in career on four attempts. the three—time squash world champion has announced that he will retire at the end of the forthcoming season. the former world number one could play his last event at the british open in the spring. ye aims to win a world title at the end of the year and another commonwealth games goal next april. retirement is a dirty world the word and sport. you get asked about it all the time. i wa nted asked about it all the time. i wanted to announce it, get it out in the open and then concentrate on what i do best. on what i do best for the next year at least. it is nice it is in my own hands. and that is all the sport for now. you can
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find more on all of those stories on the bbc sport website including that link drive charge for wayne rooney. i will have more in the next hour. a cyclist who was convicted for hitting a woman as she crossed the road in london has beenjailed for 18 months. charlie alliston — a 20 year old former courier — has been told he faces a possible custodial sentence, but was cleared last month of the more serious charge of manslaughter. kim briggs the 44 year old mother of two was killed; she was on her lunch break in february last year when she stepped out into old street and alliston collided with her at 18mph on his secondhand fixed—gear bike. the bike didn't have a front brake — which is illegal. her husband, matt, is now campaigning for a change in the law to bring cycling offences into line with those faced by drivers if they hit someone. outside court, the defendant's solicitor dale beeson read out a statement of behalf charlie's mother, karen alliston. in the heart of my son charlie and
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his family, we would like to express oui’ his family, we would like to express our christian condolences to the family for their loss. we know that they bear the heaviest loss of all in this case. my son charlie, was acquitted of the most serious charge in this case, has been sentenced appropriately. i would like to thank thejury appropriately. i would like to thank the jury with evident care they took on this landmark case. i would also like to thank the judge their way in which this case was conducted. a short time ago, matthew briggs, whose wife kim died after being hit by charlie alliston gave a statement outside court. this case has clearly and evidently demonstrated that there was a gap in the law when it comes to dealing with death or serious injury by dangerous cycling. to have to rely on either manslaughter at one end or a victorian law that doesn't even mention causing death at the other end, tells us that there is a gap.
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the fact that what happened to kim is rare is not a reason for there to be no remedy. i am pleased to say that we've made very good progress towards updating the law and i would like to thank the media, the british public, my mp heidi alexander, and also the transport minister for their support and commitment to resolving this matter. i would also like to use this opportunity to call on bike retailers and courier companies to help me get fixed weald and velodrome bikes were out front bra kes and velodrome bikes were out front brakes off the roads. whilst i would commend the five major retailers who have withdrawn products or alter their websites in response to my calls, iam their websites in response to my calls, i am still seeing too many retailers irresponsibly advertising these bikes. furthermore, the vast
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majority of people are dicey riding these bikes are careers. and i would now call on these companies to help me get these bikes of the road. they are illegal, and as we have seen, with my wife's death, they are potentially the thought. thank you once again to the media for your support and continuing to respect my family's privacy. and i will give further updates in due course. matt brakes, whose wife kim was killed last year. matt brakes, whose wife kim was killed last year. it is claimed that two men who were fostered by the same couple are being questioned by police. a 21—year—old was arrested after he finished as ships at a fight ticking shopin finished as ships at a fight ticking shop in hounslow in west london on saturday night, as part of the probe. one of the owners of the
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takeout has been speaking to reporters. they've just done a search, search of the lockers and that was it. we we re of the lockers and that was it. we were closed for four hours and then they went. what was he like? we don't know him very well. he was employed here but it was quite quiet. he was... does well to appear and that was it. how long was he here for? i don't know the details. i don't have the details of how long he is here. he is familiarand we details of how long he is here. he is familiar and we recognise a member of staff of the maxell yet he was here. what was he doing? mainly just making the what was he doing? mainlyjust making the chicken. where was he wrong? i believe originally he was from syria. so he was probably a refugee. i don't know the details. i don't know the details. oliver robbins, the top official leading britain's brexit negotiating team, has moved
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to the cabinet office to work more directly for the prime minister. the news comes as downing street insists the cabinet is united behind the government's brexit plan despite borisjohnson's intervention last week. let's cross to our assistant political editor, norman smith. why was he moved? well, the line from the government is he was moved because hisjob from the government is he was moved because his job was too big, from the government is he was moved because hisjob was too big, quite simply they say he was having to run that brexit department at the same time as he was having to lead the key brexit negotiations. far too big a job so they're moving into the cabinet office, where he will work as an adviser to theresa may. the second explanation is that in his new role he will be better placed to court in aids different government departments in getting their approach rights to brexit. under one level you can say, well, this looks like theresa may trying to strengthen her grip on the exits
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against nations by bringing the key figure under her control. the unofficial view is that relations has simply broken down with david davis, that the two had found the strained personal relations, they couldn't get on and it wasn't working. and it is pointed out incidentally about david davis, of course, has also lost another figure from his department. his special adviser has left. two ministers who are working in his department have also now gone. a suggestion that mr davies is a rather difficult figure to work alongside. but politically, the importance is more change, certainty, confusion, our people. call it what you will. in the middle of the brexit negotiations. and at a time another eu countries are pretty much banging the table, saying to britain, for goodness' sake, some clarity, please on what it is you wa nt clarity, please on what it is you want from brexit. we have decided to change the top
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man in the brexit department. we have decided to change the top man in the brexit departmentm terms of cabinet divisions number ten is putting on a united front but what impact has borisjohnson's intervention over the weekend had? i think it has exposed what is a marked the pride in the cabinet between those who favour, if you like, the status quo option, which is when we leave the eu in march 29 be pretty much carry on as we are. a transitional period in which nothing really changes. against that, we have figures like borisjohnson who are have figures like borisjohnson who a re clearly have figures like borisjohnson who are clearly deeply uneasy about the thought that we could carry on paying significant amounts of cash into the eu, to embark secure access toa into the eu, to embark secure access to a single market and are deeply uneasy that the transitional period really could go on considerable number of years. there was support from stands from figures like the former cabinet ministerjohn redwood. many of us don't think there was an
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more or political or legal reason to go on paying them once we have left. indeed, it would be illegal to go on paying them once we have left. and i find it very odd how many people there are around government, in official circles and advising government who seem to think that the british people want to pay a lot of money to the eu after we have resigned. so you accept... they just don't, so you accept... theyjust don't, i can assure you. why this matters particularly because of the timing is because we're on the eu goal the speech which theresa may hopes will break the deadlock in the brexit negotiations and yet the backdrop to it could hardly be frankly more messy, with borisjohnson's seemingly freelancing on brexit and is our top seemingly freelancing on brexit and is ourtop man seemingly freelancing on brexit and is our top man in the brexit department being shunted off to another area of government. that hardly creates a stable backdrop for what is meant to be an absolute pivotal speech to try and unblock the logjam on brexit.
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thank you. police are questioning two men in connection with friday's bomb attack. one is believed to be a 21—year—old. wayne rooney has been banned from driving for two years and sentenced to 100 hours of community service after he pleaded guilty to a charge of drink—driving. a former cycling career who killed a mother of two while riding a bike with no front brakes has been sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders institution. firms who fail to pay the minimum wage — predominantly employ women, according to a new report. the low pay commission — which advises the government on minimum wage levels — says women are also the least likely to complain about underpayment. ryanair is under pressure to publish a full list of the flights it plans
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to cancel over the next six weeks, amid growing anger among customers. the airline said this weekend that it would cancel 40—50 flights every day up until 20 september, after it "messed up" the planning of pilot holidays. but it's only published a limited list of affected flights. theresa may is in ottawa to intervene in a row between the us and canada over aircraft. in the canadian firm bombardier — which employs 4000 in northern ireland — has been accused by us rival boeing of unfairly receiving state aid. but since the uk government relies on votes from northern ireland to push through legislation, the prime minister is keen to make sure jobs are safeguarded. households are feeling the tightest squeeze on their finances in three years and the bank of england's signal that it is getting close to raising interest rates could put pressure on the purse strings. the monthly household finance index from ihs markit says uk families have been hit by rising inflation
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and weak pay growth . the survey says the amount of cash available to spend fallen at one of the steepest rates in three years. earlier i spoke to chris williamson, chief economist, markit and he explained the report findings. the server survey showing the tighter squeeze on household budgets for three years. that is predominantly because of rising prices alongside low wages. both are rising but inflation is rising at a faster rate than our pay is. said this has been going on for some time now. about one year. and it is causing us to have less pushing power. the pound does not by as much as it did before. a large element of this is because of the depreciation of the exchange rate, the weaker pound, has made it is more costly to
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import goods and that is feeding through to households. so that is the predominant squeeze that we're seeing at the moment. so the overall situation looked like one where finances are deteriorating. it is a worrying degree. it is the deepest deterioration we have seen for three yea rs. deterioration we have seen for three years. what we're seeing is that rising prices, combined with low wage growth, are really curbing the amount of money that we have two spent. so the cash available to spend on households deteriorating sharply. prices rising, utility bills rising, all hitting. the one aspect for we're seeing some growth is people are busy at work, if you are self—employed, for example, you are self—employed, for example, you are getting more work in. so there is some boost to incomes coming through that overall await growth is very muted, a combination of rising prices, it certainly squeezing and it is showing no signs of alleviating. if anything, it is showing no signs of alleviating. ifanything, it it is showing no signs of alleviating. if anything, it has got alleviating. if anything, it has got a little worse. if anything, it has got a little worse. more signs of a cooling housing market today. the website rightmove says there's no sign of the usual autumn bounce
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as asking prices fell by 1.2% in the month —— with london seeing a bigger 2.9% drop. miles shipside is rightmove's housing market analyst. i beg your pardon, he doesn'tjoin us now. but we have a recording. after the quieter summer period we've seen in autumn price the past three years but not this year. london and the southern regions all falling this month and that is dragging down national average. a real sign of stretched buyer affordability here. tempering what sellers are able to ask when they come to market and hopefully move before christmas. the biggest vice that we have seen. 2.9% compared to 1.1% of the whole market. actually those second homes. families don't stop growing, so demand is still there. what aristotle also showing is if the price is right and the properties
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right, then buyers are there. and sales are actually 4.8% ahead of this time last year but the critical thing is fizzing with that stretched buyer affordability. it is the northern regions that have steam left. prices have risen for the past six years. wages have gone up that much. london in particular has gone up much. london in particular has gone up more and therefore we're seeing a slowdown. more in london and the south and the benefits from a ripple effect yet. there are still a bit of head room in the north. interest rates still cheap, so if you can get a mortgage, obviously tighter regulations with the review which was designed to slowdown has price increases and i think we're seeing an effect of that here. and in other news: black, asian and minority—ethnic staff who work at pwc in the uk earn almost 13% less than other employees, according to figures provided by the professional services firm.
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the firm said its bame workers were statistically paid less because more of them worked in administrative and junior roles, rather than senior ones. general motors has been forced to recall two and a half million cars — according to china's top consumer watchdog. it's due to potentially faulty airbags made by the japanese firm takata. the defect has been linked to 16 deaths and multiple injuries worldwide and led takata to file for bankruptcy in june. and shareholders in the luxury shoe and handbag—makerjimmy choo are set to vote on whether to approve the company's takeover by michael kors. the deal is worth $1.2bn and would represent the fifth time the brand has changed hands since it was founded in 1996. the ftse is linked to the fate of
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the pound a little bit. itjumped up sharply at the end of last week because people were thinking that interest rates were going to go up faster than expected but that the pound has beaten just faster than expected but that the pound has beatenjust a faster than expected but that the pound has beaten just a touch against the dollar, largely. and the ftse up at 20 nine. and the ftse up at 20 nine. shares in insurer esure jumped by 5.67% to 277.50p that is the business news. i will be backin that is the business news. i will be back in an hour. it's a week and a half since hurricane irma brought destruction to large parts of the caribbean, with the british virgin islands badly hit. have regained maria has now strengthened to a category two storm with maximum sustained winds of hundred and ten mph. it isjust ten days after the british version islands were badly hit. residents there face a huge task, rebuilding their lives, and while aid is starting to get through, the possible arrival of a new powerful storm,
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threatens more problems. jeremy cooke reports from tortola. a landscape utterly changed by the fury of nature. two weeks ago this was a lush and green island. now it has been stripped back to brown. hardly a leaf on a tree for miles. and now misery on misery. tropical rain. if this is the island of the super rich, there is poverty as well. this woman and her nine children lived through irma and now her house is underwater. i lost everything, except my children's lives. desperate, frustrating times. families, british citizens, needing help. but international rules say overall these islands are too wealthy to qualify for the uk aid budget. if this is a rich country,
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i don't understand how me and others who have lost their roofs and everything still live in a poor situation. after the looting of the early days, it feels safe here now. british police helping the border. more than 200 british military on the ground as well. the royal marines are helping locals deliver whatever aid they can find. what struck it about being here? the sheer devastation of it all. absolutely. i have never seen anything like it. for now, all of this is still about survival. but once the people here have enough food and enough water, attention must shift to rebuilding
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all of this devastation, the getting these islands back to work. crucial will be tourism, but where do you start when confronted with this? the loss of income will cost the economy millions, but there is a determination to rebuild. in church today, the focus, not on what has been lost, but what has been saved. jeremy cooke, bbc news, on the british virgin islands. time for a look at the weather. it does look like the harry king is set to strengthen even further. it will get very close to the british virgin islands who mayjust avoid a direct hit. let's talk the weather across the uk first of all because here it has been a case of very quiet, cool but showery conditions across the country. the latest satellite temperatures shower a little more cloud across scotland and wales. speckled cloud across the
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channel islands and this is where we will see the heaviest of the showers this afternoon to take us to the evening rush hour. we the odd rumble of thunder. not especially warm. around 14 degrees. 18 to the south of london. west of that the showers much much lighter across england, wales and across the north. not as much sunshine in northern ireland. the same can be said prosecutor in scotland. any showers united isolated. western scotland and much of northern ireland, should be largely dry. with some sunny spells, lighter winds are not feeling quite as chilly as it is towards eastern coasts but the chill return tonight will stop chap showers across england and wales largely depart. one to once continuing but for many it will be a case of patchy clear skies. temperatures down into single figures. a touch of frost may be in rural parts of scotland. a fresh
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start tuesday for the morning commute but by and large uk wide it is going to be the driest, slightest day of the week. any showers very isolated. good long sunny spells. cutting over into the h one and fast temperatures looks alerted today, it should feel warmer given the fact we have got much lighter winds and that much more sunshine. changes tuesday and wednesday. no pressure at which the western that helps to drag in milder road towards the shores as we go into the middle part of the week. you can setback go into the middle part of the week. you can set back from the thermostat and central heating once again. we start on a milder with that comes much more cloud, outbreaks of rain. scotla nd much more cloud, outbreaks of rain. scotland and northern ireland with blustery winds. spreading into england and wales throughout the day. driest and brightest across the south—east and filling substantially warmer than it has done to recent days. but every of rain just hangs around as we go through wednesday night and thursday. get that bit heavy across wales, england and into the sun and east of scotland. this dividing affair between east and
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west. hazy sunshine on thursday. we could see temperatures get into the low 20s. west of that, raining and fresh conditions in the far west but only a few isolated showers. that is how it is looking. i will be back with you in around half an hour. this is bbc news. i'm simon mccoy. the headlines at 2pm. the government's top brexit official leaves his post to work in downing street — amid reports of tensions with brexit secretary david davis. police are still questioning two men arrested after the parsons green bombing — including a 21—year—old syrian refugee. former england captain wayne rooney is banned from driving for two years after pleading guilty to drink—driving. a cyclist who killed a woman while riding an illegal track bike pressure on ryanair to publish a full list of the flights it plans to cancel, amid growing anger among customers. also in the next hour — as the clean up continues after irma, there's new cause
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for concern in the caribbean. we'll have the latest from matt taylor on hurricane maria — as it gains strength heading towards the leeward islands.


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