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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  September 19, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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our top story on bbc news: 2 million children in yemen are severely malnourished as the country suffers from the fastest—growing cholera epidemic on record. 600,000 people have been infected and 2500 have died. the us and president trump have been speaking, saying that he needs to reform his comments. it comes as he addresses an assembly today. this story is popular online. prosecutors in switzerland are investigating why tens of thousands of euros were flushed down toilets in geneva. they were stuffed down the restrooms of various restau ra nts. the restrooms of various restaurants. new footage has appeared to show a bomb which was
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exploded last week, police want to question two men. time now for asia business report. brexit has some companies heading for the door, but one firm tells the bbc is remaining in the uk no matter what. in australia, channel ten‘s latest drama is not on screen, but in the boardroom. good morning. glad you could join us. in a major speech later this week, theresa may will try to break the deadlock on brexit negotiations. many companies are still in the dark about what will happen next. 0ne
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still in the dark about what will happen next. one of india's biggest companies tells the bbc it will remain invested in the uk. the ceo explains why. there is a lot of noise and concern around brexit, some of those concerns largely come out of uncertainty of what form the brexit would take, timing and so forth. where there is uncertainty, people put business plans on hold. they are watching and waiting before they make their next move. it definitely impacts. so far it has been on a sentiment level, we hope there will be clarity soon. surely there has to be a hard line, depending on what the shape of these negotiations looks like. what
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do you need to hear in these conversations for your business, tata communications, to continue and expand in britain? we would like to hear that the availability of talent from anywhere in the world will not be affected. we have been told that one in six people, talented people in the technology sector have come from outside of the uk. there will be some direct consequences on what oui’ be some direct consequences on what our customers do in the uk, how much activity they drive. that is something we have to keep a close eye on. what happens if the outcome of all of this is that there is a
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ha rd of all of this is that there is a hard brexit and the uk takes a hard line on immigration? what happens to your business? will you shift out of the uk and move to europe? the uk will be where we continue to operate from. regardless of whether it is a soft or hard brexit, we have to continue with stuff. is it —— if it isa continue with stuff. is it —— if it is a hard brexit, it will change our actions. it will take maybe 3—5 yea rs. actions. it will take maybe 3—5 years. during that time we will see differences that affect our customers and impact us. the channel ten network in australia is in the centre of a takeover tussle. creditors are meeting in under one hour to decide whether to accept an offer from the american network, cbs. media moguls have their sights
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set on channel ten as well. earlier, we asked why such big names are fighting over this channel. on the point of view of cbs, they have expanded into the uk, australia is the last major english—speaking country in which they can expand to. they are a major programme supplier, they supply movies and other products into australia and they wa nt to products into australia and they want to get a bigger foothold. laughlan murdoch and his father's company have a major investment, not only in australia where they dominate the media but in channel ten. they have a lot of risk in this process. cbs has raised its bid, do you think this deal is sealed with
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creditors? i don't think anything is a sealed deal. murdoch will keep fighting it. the murdochs have lost some $200 million in shareholder value. they own 50% of foxtel, they ——a major pay tv provider. they also own 15% of channel ten. they also had support arrangements. they want to combine and save costs. for murdoch and his company, this is a major issue. how do you think this will play out? i think we will go to the meeting today, as you havejust said, we have a rise in the value of the offer that cbs is making. that will be to match what laughlan murdoch and bruce gordon put in on friday. —— lachlan. iwould expect
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them to win the creditor's vote, they are the biggest creditor to the network and the staff get to bid. i think they would much prefer to have cbs than a continuation of the murdoch influence. that is the first stage. i would expect murdoch to appeal the decision that came down this week, the game is not over yet. in other news, china's central bank is set to hold an internal meeting to find ways to attract more investments from overseas. they are putting together a package of financial reforms. the financial services industry in china is worth
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around $40 trillion, one of the most valuable sectors of the economy. large chunks of it are off—limits to foreign investors. workplace messaging service slack is worth more than $5 billion. it has caught the eye of japan's largest technology fund. they have invested a quarter of a million us dollars into slack. there are reports that toys r us are close to filing bankruptcy, it could come as soon as today. 0thers bankruptcy, it could come as soon as today. others have said it could ta ke waste today. others have said it could take waste by the end of the week.
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toymakers mattel fell nearly 6%. the cashless economy is expected to double in the next three years. mobile phone companies are competing to capture internet share. google is the latest entrant into the ring. they are looking to help transfer money via mobile phones. how does it stack up against more traditional forms of payment. we went to find out. iam in iamina i am in a grocery store in delhi. i am here to show you how a transaction is going to change. what does this new application do to change the way we transact? we launched a product to make a payment
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from a bank account to another person. there is another phone here which the shopkeeper has. let's see how the transaction is done. which the shopkeeper has. let's see how the transaction is donelj which the shopkeeper has. let's see how the transaction is done. i type in my payment code, and it is pretty much done. 80% of in my payment code, and it is pretty much done. 8096 of consumers pay cash. i am carrying cash, let's see how fast it is if you pay by cash. i am out of change, often this is the issue. for small purchases, shopkeepers often don't have changed. but i also have a card with me. these machines are not available everywhere in india. there is
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another payment option. how do you compete in a market that is very competitive? we all need to be working hard. there are a lot of things to be done with this. there are many areas to look at, but right now we are very focused on india. thank you for investing your time with us, goodbye for now. the top stories this hour. yemen is in the grip of the world's worst humanitarian crisis — two million children are severely malnourished — and a cholera epidemic is spiralling out of control.
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president trump says the united nations is failing to fulfil its potential — and needs urgent reform. the former england and manchester united captain, wayne rooney, has been banned from driving for two years and ordered to do community service after pleading guilty to drink—driving. he was arrested near his home in cheshire earlier this month. our sports editor dan roan was in court. less tha n less than 24 hours after playing for his club, everton, wayne rooney arriving at the magistrates this morning over a drink—driving charge. flanked by police and security guards and the former england captain was exported through a media scrum and accompanied by his agent. he was arrested in the early hours of september one after being stopped by police, driving a car belonging toa by police, driving a car belonging to a woman he had met on a night out and who he was driving home from above. the court heard the 31—year—old had been three times the
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legal alcohol limit. wayne rooney spoke only to confirm his name, address and date of birth, issuing a guilty plea through his solicitor who said his client had genuine remorse for a genuine mistake. the districtjudge handed him a two—year driving ban and ordered him to carry out 100 hours of community work. wayne rooney had written a letter to the court exposing his remorse and his solicitor asked hebe sped community sentence because of his charity work. however, thejudge said he wasn't convinced it would have the same punitive effect following what he called a very serious effect. —— he asked to be spared. yesterday, wayne rooney made his first return to manchester united since leaving 0ld first return to manchester united since leaving old trafford to rejoin everton this summer. the coy —— court heard that boyhood club was
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expected to find his wages. he is country's record goalscorer said he accepted the sentence and punishment. —— his country's record goalscorer. an nhs trust has pleaded guilty to breaking health and safety laws in connection with the death in its care of an 18—year—old boy with epilepsy. connor sparrowhawk drowned in the bath in 2013 at a care home run by southern health, which treats mental health patients. the trust said his death had led to significant changes and improvements in the way it works. a cyclist who knocked down and killed a woman while riding an illegal 0lympic—style racing bike has been sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders' institution. charlie alliston, who was 18 at the time, was travelling on a bike with no front brakes when he crashed into kim briggs in east london last year. the judge at the old bailey described him as "an accident waiting to happen". time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello, this is sport today,
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live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme. former england captain wayne rooney is banned after admitting to drink—driving giro d'italia organisers announce details of next year's historic start injerusalem and as afghanistan's cricket side rise up the world rankings we take a look at how a home grown t20 tournament is getting attention from all over the world. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the news that the former england and manchester united captain, wayne rooney, has pleaded guilty to drink driving. the 31—year—old who now plays for everton has been banned from driving for two years and ordered to do community service. it's after he was arrested near his home in the north—west


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