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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  September 20, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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hello, i'm karin giannone, this is outside source. work continues to find survivors of mexico's devastating earthquake. children and teachers are still buried in their school. rescue workers are digging through the rubble. translation: i'm desperate, iwant them to get the children out, i want to see something. hurricane maria takes out the power across the whole of puerto rico as the category four storm pushes north through the caribbean. iran's president hassan rouhani has used his address at the un general assembly to fire back at donald trump, after the us president said the iran nuclear deal was an embarrassment. translation: it will be a great period of disagreement to be destroyed by road newcomers to the world of politics. —— rogue newcomers. and we'll have the latest on kenya's supreme court finally explains why it annulled last month's presidential election. more than 200 people are known
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to have died in the earthquake that shook mexico on tuesday. most of the casualties are in mexico city — the epicentre of the quake was to the south of the city, in puebla state, approximately 120 kilometres away. the rescue operation continues — most urgently at the enrique rebsamen primary school in the south of mexico city. these are some of the key pictures telling the story of this earthquake. this is the scene at the school where 20 children have lost their lives, and 30 people are still missing. -- 21 —— 21 children have lost their lives. these pictures taken by a drone show the extent of the damage all over mexico city. lots of volunteers are helping with the rescue operation, handing out water and clothes. many of the emergency workers use their bare hands to go through the rubble.
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it's the second earthquake to hit mexico in as many weeks and the deadliest in 30 years. with the latest here's the bbc‘s aleem maqbool. all over this part of mexico they are desperate for signs of life. here a terrified boy trapped under the remains of his classroom. this was his primary school. it collapsed just after lunchtime when the earthquake struck on top of so many of its young pupils. at least 20 are known to have been killed here. many more are missing. this school has become the grim symbol of mexico's loss. volunteers are doing what they can. sniffer dogs have been brought in to try to locate the children who might be trapped. the mexican president visited the school to see the rescue
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operation for himself. and there have been moments of hope. several have been pulled out alive. but the window to find others is closing fast. it is today that the full scale of the destruction in mexico city has been revealed and more buildings collapsed overnight. it is extraordinary that even though much of mexico city appears to be ok you can suddenly turn a corner and find something like this, a building that used to be apartments, or an office block, now it has been reduced to rocks and dust and where people lost their lives. but also all over the town, also lines of volunteers trying to help those who may still be alive. here the rescue workers raise their hands to ask for silence to hear any calls for help from under the rubble but no joy this time. this cctv footage is from a shopping centre as the roof begins to collapse.
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this woman getting out of the way, not a moment too soon. and on their mobile phones people recorded countless shocking videos of buildings collapsing. here, an office block. there is destruction and loss in mexico city, but the epicentre of this massive earthquake was some 75 miles away, and the full extent of the damage this tragedy has wrought in more remote communities is not yet clear. aleem maqbool, bbc news, mexico city. the bbc‘s rajini vaidyanathan is in mexico city. she told me the latest. well, i'm in a residential and commercial part of mexico city, you can see over my shoulder there is a building which collapsed in the earthquake, it was a residential building andi
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earthquake, it was a residential building and i have been told 20 people were killed as that building collapsed in the earthquake. as you can see now, there are rescue workers can see how, there are rescue workers now working around that area, trying to rebuild the area. large numbers of police as well and the military on the street. but what you can see on camera, which is on the opposite side of the road from where i am standing, are the hundreds of volunteers who have taken to the streets, they have arrived in this area with bottles of water and offers of food, many are just offering to help with the rescue efforts in any way that they can. it is amazing to see how the streets of mexico city, one of the world's most popular cities, are now filled with people flooding the streets to try to offer help. in the wa ke streets to try to offer help. in the wake of natural reserve —— disasters, resilience shines through, and that is something i have seen is i have been wandering through the streets of this area,
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which was badly hit by the earthquake. the mexican foreign minister, luis videgaray caso, is at the united nations in new york. he told the bbc that a lot of nations have already pledged to help his country. the world is embracing mexico, we are getting tremendous solidarity from countries all over the world and from our neighbours in latin america and north america, and all over the world. the thing we need the most right now is help with the rescue operations, particularly we need highly specialised equipment and cruise with the expertise to help us on that. the first group to arrive in mexico city was from el salvador, then a crew from panama. the world is getting to mexico in the moment that we need them. everything about the rescue operation, rebuilding will come later, but now it is about rescuing. hurricane maria has pummelled puerto rico as it
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continues its deadly path through the caribbean. let's take a closer look. the us territory took a direct hit, with the eye of the storm passing just south of the capital, san juan. you can see the us virgin islands here too, also blasted by the hurricane, with winds up to 250 kilometres per hour. the storm's full impact on both territories is currently unknown. these are some of the pictures that tell the story. here you can see the incredible force of the winds slamming in to the capital of puerto rico, san juan. the country hasn't experienced a storm like this in nearly 90 years, and you can see the damage it's causing. power is out across most of the country. driving rain and a storm surge is causing flooding in some areas. and we know people are hunkered down trying to ride out this storm. more than 10,000 headed to emergency shelters. as you can imagine, there were big efforts before the hurricane hit to prepare the island of puerto rico. this is what the puerto rico's governor said before the arrival of maria. my
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my administration has done everything within our power to prepare for this event and to protect the lives of everyone in the islands, including establishing over 500 shelters. we know this will be tough. but i have faith in our resilience and our capacity to rebuild. no matter what happens in the next 36 hours, puerto rico will survive. we will rebuild, we will recover and, with your support, we will come out of this stronger than ever. will grant is in sanjuan, and filed this a littler earlier. we've been trying to reach him live — but the situation on the island is making that very difficult. as you will see. hurricane maria is the most powerful storm to strike pledge to recover and half a century, already more powerful than
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hurricane irma. the devastation caused elsewhere in the region, we have seen, but here in puerto rico people are used to these storms, nothing quite like this, however. we have seen roofs ripped off nearby to where we are, satellite dishes come down, wires and electrical cables are down. it is very, very clear that this will be an extremely powerful storm and bring with it a lot of rainfall and heavy, heavy winds. lots of people have gone to evacuation shelters on the orders of the governor, but there are many still waiting to hear from family and loved ones in other parts of the island. there is still a long time for this storm to pass over the territory of puerto rico, and that is the big worry. it is moving very slowly, and over the next few hours it can still jump slowly, and over the next few hours it can stilljump a lot more rain and cause a lot more damage through these powerful winds. lets remind us of where it has been
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so far. hurricane maria first made landfall when it smashed into dominica on tuesday. since then, we've heard very little from the island where communications have been knocked out. but let's show you these pictures taken during a fly—over. it appears there is widespread damage. we have some reports of roofs being ripped off and flooding. more than 70,000 people live on the island. the french island of guadeloupe is right nearby. two lives were lost there — and two people are missing. you can see the devastation — flooding in some areas, trees falling on cars and power lines down. but already the clean—up is under way. there is a lot of work to come for all territories in this region. and it's not over yet. let's show you where maria is heading. the dominican republic has closed most of its ports and turks and caicos islands is on high alert. but as you can see, maria's centre is forecast to track slightly north—east of both. it has now weakened to category three, but is still a powerful hurricane.
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the red line here marks the path of hurricance irma just a few weeks ago. so the path veers up to the north, compared to where we saw them are going over florida. we will keep you posted. stay with us on 0utside source. still to come, we're going to take you to the un general assembly in new york, because iranian president hassan rouhani has responded to donald trump after the us president described the iran nuclear deal as an embarrassment. theresa may has tonight warned the un that the uk could withhold up to 30% of its funding each year unless it reforms. we'll be hearing from our correspondent who's at the un in a couple of moments. before that let's hear exactly what mrs may told un delegates in new york about there being a gap between the nobility of its purposes and the effectiveness of its delivery. the uk will remain committed to
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spending 0.7% of gni on development and humanitarian support. we will use our military to support peacekeeping and diplomats will continue to work to tackle conflict and support peace building. in turn, the un and its agencies must win our trust by proving to us and the people we represent that they can deliver. that is why we will remain generous in our funding deliver. that is why we will remain generous in ourfunding but set aside 30% to be paid only to those parts of the un that achieve sufficient results. this is 0utside source live from the bbc newsroom. 0ur lead story is... more than 200 people are now confirmed dead following a magnitude 7.1 earthquake in mexico, as the search for survivors continues. a lot of the focus is on a primary in the south of mexico city where more than 20 children have been killed and many
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others are trapped. pakistan's cricket board has banned leading batsman khalid latif for five years for involvement in a match—fixing scandal in the pakistan super league. the 31—year—old was one of a group of cricketers suspended after the t20 competition in dubai in february for suspected spot—fixing. jake lamotta, the uncompromising fighter portrayed by robert de niro in raging bull, has died aged 95. based on lamotta's 1970 memoir, raging bull shows an emotional fighter struggling with life outside the ring. robert de niro won a best actor award at the oscars for his portrayal. a baggage handler at singapore's international airport allegedly swapped hundreds of baggage tags, sending luggage to the wrong destinations. tay boon keh is reported to have been charged with 286 counts of mischief. if found guilty, he faces a year injail — or a fine for each charge. yesterday, donald trump
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used his first major speech to the united nations to take aim at a number of rogue countries as he described them. north korea, iran and venezuela were all on the list. today we got a reply of sorts from one of them — iranian president hassan rouhani. here he is talking about the iran nuclear deal after donald trump yesterday described it as an embarrassment. translation: i declare before you that the islamic republic of iran will not be the first country to violate the agreement, but it will respond decisively and resolutely to its violation, by any party. it will bea its violation, by any party. it will be a great pity if this agreement we re
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be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics. the world will have lost a great opportunity. hassan rouhani responding to donald trump at the un general assembly. we also heard from french president emmanuel macron on the iran nuclear deal today — "according to me we have to keep the 2015 agreement because it was a good one. it would be a mistake to annul the nuclear agreement without anything else." let's go to laura trevelyan at the un general assembly in new york, back to what we heard from the iranian leader hassan rouhani, how blistering was a response to donald trump? reporter: it was certainly a blistering counterattack, but remember that donald trump, as you said, called the iran nuclear deal and embarrassment and accuse the iranians of exporting terrorism. there is a key meeting on this iran deal happening in about 45 minutes,
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the foreign ministers from all the countries that signed the deal, and the iranian foreign minister, they will meet to discuss what happens now. president trump says he has made a decision on the iran deal, hinting strongly, as he did in his speech yesterday, that he will pull out, but the french are trying to rescue it at the last minute. french president emmanuel macron suggested various amendments that will go towards a concern to the americans have over nuclear deal. but it is real tightrope diplomacy at the moment. how viable might its future be if the us says it wants no part of it? it would be complicated. if president trump decided not to reset is by the iran deal, he would have to tell congress by october is by the iran deal, he would have to tell congress by 0ctober15. congress could decide to reimpose sanctions on iran. if that happened, the country is now trading with the run could technically be subject to new us sanctions. it would be a
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com plete new us sanctions. it would be a complete mess, which is why there is all the frantic back and forth meetings. president rouhani has met with the british prime minister, we have a meeting this evening with the foreign ministers. the us secretary of state deemed to suggest that maybe the agreement could be amended, but would the russians, chinese and indians accept it? it is not clear, but for iran, the impact of lifting sanctions has been huge, good for their economy, it is the last thing they would want to go back to and it would undermine the position of president rohani, seen asa position of president rohani, seen as a moderate, it would give the hardline as an excuse to say that america was never serious to begin with, that would undermine president rohani. you mention british prime minister theresa may, what did she have to say in her speech? she talked about the terrorist attacks britain has suffered this year, five in total, and about the importance of trying to combat extremism in general but specifically online extremism,
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terrorism perpetrated or encouraged online. she is having a meeting tonight with the french and italian leaders and with leaders of the tech world in which they will talk about her idea to try to bring down terrorist contact, take it offline within one or two hours of it appearing. she says it has to happen because it is how people are influenced about tech companies should have the capability to stop materials from being uploaded. that has been her plea at the un general assembly today. thank you very much, laura trevelyan at the un in new york. let's stay in the us for business news. the us federal reserve has kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged, but announced the gradual end to a crisis—era stimulus programme. here is the fed chairjanet yellen. —— let's speak this samir hussein. when can we expect interest rates to rise? we have said they will not
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raise interest rates at this meeting, but there is another meeting, but there is another meeting towards the end of the year and they made a hint that we will be seeing a rate rise come this year. there are many people who believe we will see that sometime in december. you touched on something that the federal reserve announced, that it will reduce its massive bond portfolio. in 2008 we had the financial crisis, the fed was like what do we do to stabilise the market? they bought bonds than treasuries as a way to try to secure the international market. it worked, but now their portfolio, they have $4.5 trillion of bonds they are sitting on. now the federal reserve says that beginning in october they will start to slowly withdraw that, they will slowly start to not renew those bonds. rides, and what can we deduce from this about the us
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economy as a whole? the federal reserve in its statement and remarks by janet yellen, the chair of the federal reserve, said the economy is looking good, that thejob market continues to do well, that there are signs of continuing growth in the economy. we have seen nine years of growth for the us economy. the problem is the pace of the growth, how fast it is happening, it is inching along. when you look at wages, how much people are being paid, there are other weaknesses that the fed is looking at. there are some good things but some less good things. tata steel and germany's thyssenkrupp have agreed to merge their european operations to create what will be the continent's second biggest steel—maker. it would employ about 48,000 people in 34 locations across europe. but there will also be around 4,000 job losses. thysenkrup‘s chief financial officer
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guido kerkhoff has been telling us why his company struck the deal. the european steel industry has quite a number of challenges, the processing situation, the weaker demand and the overcapacity is. with thisjoint venture demand and the overcapacity is. with this joint venture with justice4g re nfell this joint venture with justice4grenfell and thysenkrup, we will create a clear number two and will create a clear number two and will be a leader in technology in our sector. steel in europe, there are overcapacity is, they do not go away from the market, and that is one of the key reasons why we recently acquired another company, and in the consolidation it is much easier to address the issues of ogre
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tonne overcapacity. —— address the issues of overcapacity. kenya's supreme court has blamed the country's electoral commission for last month's annulled presidential election. the vote was won by the incumbent uhuru kenyatta on the left of screen but the result was successfully challenged by his opponent raila 0digna, on the right. it's taken several weeks for the supreme court to explain why they ruled the result invalid but today said the electoral process was neither transparent or verifiable. the bbc‘s alistair leithead was at the court and filed this report. when kenyans cast their votes, there was every reason to expect they would counter. but it was what happened to the results once they left the polling stations that invalidated the presidential election. the independent electoral and boundaries commission was to blame. so said the supreme court, in ruling that the presidential ballot was neither transparent no verifiable. i therefore wish to
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declare honourable and le roux can yet... when this declaration was made, thejudges explained, all the results had not commence and the vote had not been verified. so there was every reason for the opposition candidate, raila 0dinga, to have a smile on his face. his challenge annulled the result. a very good morning, lord chiefjustice. the candidates, the electoral commission and the country had waited two weeks for the detail, and it was damning. these violations of the constitution and the law call into serious doubt as to whether the said election can be said to have been a free expression of the will of the people. with a rerun due next month, the ruling will guide what needs to change, and the answer was, a lot. 0ur document supports to go back to
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the drawing board. 0n 0ur document supports to go back to the drawing board. on a similar dispute, this court would reach the same decision of the anomalies remain the same. can the electronic voting system be used again? will they be time to prepare? were the servers hacked, as the opposition claims? the iebc did not let the court investigate, hence a scathing declaration. it leaves us with no option but to accept the petitioner's claims that the iebc‘s it system was infiltrated and compromised. the supreme court has given a lot of reasons for its decision to nullify the result of the presidential election, that has been welcomed by opposition supporters gathered outside the courtroom. but by so squarely blaming the electoral commission and its chairman, it could give weight to suggestions by raila 0dinga that the second god
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should not be held until there is a real change of personnel and process. if the rerun is not completed by the end of october, it puts kenya in a constitutional crisis and brings a lot more uncertainty. let's recap of what is going on mexico, the desperate search for survivors from the powerful earthquake on tuesday is. emergency crews, volunteers digging through rubble with bare hands. there are 225 people now known to have been killed across the country, including at least 21 children at a school in mexico city. we will update you on what is going on in the next half hour on 0utside source on bbc news. backin hour on 0utside source on bbc news. back ina hour on 0utside source on bbc news. back in a few minutes. hello, i think your thoughts on the
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daveis hello, i think your thoughts on the dave is far, weather—wise, will be very much shaped as to how close you have spent the day to this particular band of code. this is a very slow—moving weather front, generally speaking, the further east you are, the drier and brighten your day has been. too close to the north and west of the british isles and there has been significant rain. we will continue with that through the course of the night. there will be plenty of rain for a good part of scotla nd plenty of rain for a good part of scotland and northern ireland, eventually becoming significant for parts of western england and wales, but with the air streaming up from the south in association, it will not be a cold night nor a cold start on thursday. however, it will be dank for a good pa rt however, it will be dank for a good part of mainland scotland. more cloud pushes towards the northern isles. pretty wet through the shetland isles. brighter skies creeping in towards the western side of northern ireland, having had the pain of the rain on wednesday you get the gain
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of some brighter skies eventually through thursday. much cloud to be had and simmering too across the south—west through wales. this is almost a slow motion day with regard to this weather front, it takes an eternity to limp that little bit further towards the east. eventually allowing somewhat brighter skies into the west of scotland and northern ireland, accompanied by a rash of showers it never makes it towards east anglia and the far south—east of england until really quite late in the day. it really is slow motion weather. eventually the weather front moves into the north sea, probably into the small hours of friday. just to make room for another set of weather fronts to work back into the west of scotland, the north—west of england, northern ireland, western england, northern ireland, western england and wales. generally speaking, the further south and east you are, the dryer and finally your day. friday into saturday, the remnants of the front will move away and just
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before you think it was wet and windy weather to ruin my weekend, the frontal system runs into an area of relatively high pressure across the continent, slowing the progress of the weather front. there will be rain across western scotland parts of northern ireland, but it will be a pretty weak weather feature once it gets further east. hello, i'm karin giannone, this is 0utside source. work continues to find survivors of mexico's devastating earthquake. children and teachers are still buried in their school — rescue workers are digging through the rubble. translation: i am desperate, iwant them to get the children out, i want to see something. hurricane maria takes out the power across the whole of puerto rico as the category four storm pushes north through the caribbean. iran's president hassan rouhani has used his address at the un general assembly to fire back at donald trump, after the us president said the iran nuclear deal was an embarrassment. it will be a great pity if this
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agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics.
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