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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  September 24, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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zis 1 is very exciting, 1 is very exci‘iing, l luck to them. it is very exciting. i think prince harry is turning into a critical by. and you don't normally say that other members of the monarchy. here's a guy, if you like, that you could have a drink down at the pub. he spoke inexpensively. he said this invictus games from scratch. he has spoken about, emotionally, his mental health pressures and battles. citing he's a good eight. good eight. good luck to him. and he is resisting pressure to propose to her from him. and he is resisting pressure to propose to herfrom certain people. and he is trained to keep away from too much in the spotlight as best he can. that is probably why she is sitting 16 rose bay. they are literally inching their way towards each other. might be ten feet next time. maybe it will, maybe it well. look whatjohn has done with his papers. he has turned them into scrolls on the desk. pc? i am not sure you can. trust me. where? just here. there. martin lipton says about like a conveyor belt, and
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scrolls. that is it for the papers at night. thank you for coming in. coming next, the film review. hello, a warm welcome to the film review. to take us through the releases, as ever, mark kermode. what have you been watching? borg vs mcenroe, centre court becomes big drama. kingsman: the golden circle. the secret service story continues. and on body and soul, described by its director as a shy love story. have you lost your voice?
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you were shouting at the screen, that ball was out? no ijust have a cold. i know nothing about tennis, what i know about it would not fill a postage stamp. i'm one of the few people watching the film not knowing the outcome. i think that makes it more fun! it's a showdown between bjorn borg and john mcenroe. he's on a record—breaking streak, john mcenroe is up there for the first time. they are played by shia leboeuf and sverrir gudnason. they are presented as fire and ice, polar opposites. one of them is almost mechanical, everything is calculated with no emotion. on the other hand, you have mcenroe, described as the super brat, fiery and hot—headed, spending a lot of time shouting at umpires.
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it is a duality that the public love and publicists want more of. can we touch it? can we push the button now? we can get them before the final? is it not simplistic? this is unique, tennis players are like rock stars. the tabloids are having a field day. the rivalry is forcing people to ask themselves, who am i? the gentleman or the rebel? the central question being asked, are they actually the same person or are they completely different? the thesis of the film is that there is more in common with them than anything. we see flashbacks to bjorn borg's childhood when he had a hot temper, that he had to be reined in. there is a point where he says everybody says he is an iceberg, he is a volcano. he's channelling at all. when the film moves towards the match, the tennis match,
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which you will see on the screen now, it does it in a way that is really gripping and engaging. for somebody like me that didn't know anything, i knew the tabloid headlines because i had lived through this, all i remember is that mcenroe had a habit of shouting at umpires, and borg was somebody that everybody loved. it is done rather delicately and intelligently. it leads you through a drama, you have seen these sporting rivalries before, things like ayrton senna in rush, it does it in a way that feels fresh. by the end of it, i thought it was really great, particularly, as i said, because i didn't know the end. you see, you have seen the adverts and the posters, i look at it and think, is somebody that is not a tennis fan really going to want to see this film? i am not a tennis fan, i am somebody who in the past has been very, very agnostic on shia labeouf‘s talent. in this case, i found it enjoyable.
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i thought he was really good and i really enjoyed it. i thought it was good fun. nobody was more surprised by that than me. that is good, i am a fan of tennis. but then i think for people that are not... you might know the things that are wrong, factual details. it says inspired by true events, which means we took some liberties. i guarantee you will enjoy it more than kingsman: the golden circle. the first movie felt like an anarchic jaunt. my fair lady meets james bond. real spirit and energy. this is a big disappointment. taron egerton‘s secret agent travels to america after the hq is attacked by a drugs baron. the vitality and wit of the original has been replaced by more of the leering, laddish humour that undermined the original. characters that are comprehensively killed in the first film reappear. so there is no threat. anybody can come back,
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it doesn't matter what happens. the action set pieces are bigger, but they don't have the bite or the edge of before. the story is sprawling and unengaging. it is quite dreary, despite the amount of stuff that is going on on screen. the overall air is one of naffness. that is surprising. i think matthew vaughn is talented, taron egerton is a talented leading man, there is so much potential. it really was disappointing. there were moments in it that felt like, for heaven's sake, really? what are you? a 13—year—old schoolboy? and the answer is probably yes. we will pass on that. i am fascinated by the next one. on body and soul, did well at the berlin film festival? the hungarian director, ildiko enyedi, she describes it as a shy love story.
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set against the backdrop of an abattoir, immediately interesting. but it is a sensitive story. a young woman comes as a quality control inspector, and she is very removed and detached. she doesn't seem to understand normal social interaction. she has a very clinical approach. she starts to develop a strange bond with her manager when she discovers they are sharing the same dream. this dream looks like it might be able to break through the isolation and form some form of connection. here is a clip. you can see that in the real world, very separate and clinical, but they are having these dreams in which they are dreaming of two deer going through a frozen forest and drinking in the stream. they are both having the same dream, and each one is a separate deer.
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it explores the idea that, firstly, it is a connection on a different plane, almost an astral plane. it's more to do with the fact there is a juxtaposition of the world they are living in, where animals are slaughtered and processed, and the freedom of the dreamscapes, where there is a sense of magical realism. although it sounds like the most ridiculous conceit, it works rather beautifully, despite the harshness of the abattoir setting. the film is very tender and sensitive, very touching. it's quite funny, often, in a strangely surreal way. i found it really engaging. it is hard to describe. it's hard to think of another film that is like it. like i said, the director's description of it as being a shy
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love story, it pretty much hit the nail on the head. i think you would really like it. i would be interested to know what you thought of it. i am looking forward to it and i have read plenty that says the abattoir scenes are not for vegetarians. that is an interesting conversation. i think they are handled sensitively, i am a pescetarian, i eat fish, you need to know they are there but they are not exploitative. as a mother, i say that the very premise of this, i can't face it. the notion of being in a house, being invaded by strangers, the very topicjust makes my skin crawl. i am not brave enough. it has proved massively divisive. people love it or hate it. you can read it in any numbers of ways, home invasion story, invasion of privacy, marital breakdown, a parable for the despoiling of mother earth, you can read it as a biblical parable. when i was in the cinema ifound it really oppressive. i did not like watching it. but every day i get further away from the experience of watching it i like it more. i do think it is really good. i think it is a really well crafted, full on sensory experience. i'm not surprised
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some people hate it. i kind of think that is the point. but i think it will stand the test of time. i think people that hate it now, give it some time. i think they might start to like it more. it took a good week for it to settle down for me. that is mother. dvd? red turtle. it has been on my list for so long, everybody says it is glorious. it is one of the best movies of recent years. a beautiful animation by a dutch animated that lives in the uk, michael dudok de wit. it was made in france and belgium, brilliantly universal. there are no words. there is sound, but no words. the universal language of film. the story about a man marooned on a desert island and then something magical starts to happen. it is melancholy, touching and profound, and wonderful. anybody can watch it. it does the thing that cinema at its very best does. it speaks the universal language of film. it is breathtaking. absolutely breathtaking. i was in floods of tears the first time i saw it. i saw it again thinking it would be different and it wasn't. if anything, it was more so.
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such a great film. the red turtle, the dvd of the week. thank you very much. a quick reminder before we go that you will find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online. all previous programmes are on the bbc iplayer. happy cinema going. we will see you next week. goodbye. good evening to you. rain pushing eastwards at the moment, it has got pulses of energy working along it. rain quite patchy overnight, not raining all mind but the risk of raining all mind but the risk of rain across a good part of england, wales and scotland. dry weather and clearer skies, at risk of some patchy fog developing, especially in
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western counties in the morning. some could be quite dense. once that fog is out of the way, skies brightening up with some sunny spells. further east, a lot of cloud, continuing to weaken. most of the rain clearing away by the afternoon. skies may brighten up in the east. temperatures 16— 20 celsius, still on the mild side. the front is with us on tuesday, this cloud across scotland, england and wales. not much rain left on it. it should then and break up, sunshine coming through on tuesday. relatively mild for this time of year. temperatures 16— 21 degrees. make the most of it. temperatures returning to normal by the end of the week as it turns wet and windy. and that's your weather. i'm kasia madera in london. the headlines: angela merkel is set for a fourth term as chancellor,
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but german voters punish her party at the polls. translation: let's not beat about the bush. of course we had hoped for a better result. but let's not forget we have had a difficult four years. a major breakthrough for the right—wing afd, as they enter parliament for the first time, pledging to hunt mrs merkel out of power. i'm rico hizon in singapore. also in the programme: kneeling to protest. more of america's sporting stars rebel against donald trump. and sharing the laughter here in asia. elmo is a long way from sesame street, and i will be talking to him in the studio.
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