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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 27, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello, i'm gavin ramjaun, and this is sport today from the bbc sport centre. coming up on the programme: ronaldo turns on the style as real keep up their winning streak in the champions league. england's ben stokes is out of their squad for their fourth one day international against west indies after being arrested. and the big names continue to tumble in china. world number two simona halep the latest casualty at the wuhan open. let's start with the european champions league, and real madrid came away with a what could be crucial victory in germany. goals from gareth bale with a superb first half volley and two from cristiano ronaldo sealed a 3—1 away win over dortmund. the result sees them lead the way in a competitive group h. ronaldo reached a10 goals for real with his contribution. it was a result that coach zinedine zidane hailed as perfect. translation: in the end of the most
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important thing is to play like we did today and score goals. we scored three goals today, two coming from cristiano and one from gareth, and i'm very happy for them. we also had more chances, especially in the second half, and in the end we got a very good result, a very important result at a very difficult stadium. we've never won here before and it important to get this result and how we did it, from the beginning to the end. tottenham are level with real at top of the group thanks to their 3—0 win over apoel nicosia in cyprus. they had hat—trick hero harry kane to thanks. his goals bringing up his tally to 11 goals for club and country this month. spurs are level at the top on points, and play real madrid in their next champions league game in three weeks time. year, something i'm very proud of, you know? to score a hat—trick in any game no matter the champions league is amazing so i'm very proud
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of that and proud to get the three points as well and we'll go into the next game full of confidence. his skills in front of goal, he something special. that's why he's one of the best. all the strikers that have this kind of level, they have something special in front of goal, they are killers. a good result for another english premier league side, manchester city beat shaktar donetsk, but they took their time to find the breakthrough. kevin de bruyne scored just after half time to ease them on their way against the ukrainians, who beat napoli in their first game. raheem sterling made sure of the win towards the end of the match. pep guardiola's side are top by three points. today we beat a tough, tough, tough team. a real tough team. of course i know that. we don't watch the ukrainian league. it's a team always playing in the champions league from a long time ago and always they have good players. they have seven, eight
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brazilian guys. they are good quality. it was good. i'm so happy. todayis quality. it was good. i'm so happy. today is one of my happiest days because we beat a tough team, a real tough team. let's take a look at how the result of the games went. a great result for porto away at last season's semi—finallists, monaco. vincent abouba kar with two goals in their 3—0 win. napoli are back on form in europe, convincingly beating dutch champions feyenoord 3—1. wissam ben yedder scored a hat—trick as sevilla beat maribor 3—0, but frustration forjurgen klopp and his liverpool side. they could only draw away at spartak moscow. after going a goal down. phillipe coutinho got their equaliser, with liverpool having by far the better chances. saudi arabia's al hilal took a huge step towards the final of the asian champions league on tuesday. they beat iranian side persepolis 4—0 in the first leg of their semi—final. on the half hour mark, omar khribin put the home side ahead with a powerful header. some poor defending from persepolis gifted al hilal another chance on goal.
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and yasir al shahrani doubled their lead with this shot from outside of the box. into the second half, despite going down to ten men, khribin got a second and then completed a hat—trick, leaving persepolis with plenty to do in the second leg in three weeks time. ben stokes, the england test cricket vice—captain, was arrested after an incident at a nightclub this week. the news comes as the england and wales cricket board announced he won't be available for selection, ahead of the one—day international against the west indies. our sports correspondent joe wilson reports. this is the most talented all—round cricketer in england and maybe in the world. ben stokes can win matches when he bowls and wins matches when he bowls and wins matches when he bats. his fame is global. in india, where cricket really matters and really pays, children in delhi want to be him. in the early hours of monday morning,
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ben stokes was in this area of bristol after england had played a match in the city. stokes is under investigation for causing actual bodily harm. then was arrested in the early hours of monday morning, 25th of september, following an incident in bristol. he was held overnight and released under investigation without charge late on monday. well, west indies are training here ahead of their match against england at the oval tomorrow but before that game begins, there is a major announcement. right here, england will name their squad to play australia in the ashes. now, they say they will pick players on the normal basis of form and fitness, therefore we can assume ben stokes will be the squad. ben stokes is a man in demand. talented, well paid, you will see his face on posters at the oval. one of the team's most marketable figures. well known to possess a
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passionate temperament that can at best compliment his talent. england will be desperate not to lose ben stokes. but his immediate future is in the hands of the police. joe wilson, bbc news, at the oval. four american university basketball coaches and a major sportswear company executive have been charged with corruption and fraud. it's alleged that coaches were caught taking bribes to steer nba—destined college stars toward certain sports agents and financial advisers. the picture painted by the charges brought today is not a pretty one. coaches and some of the nation's top programmes soliciting and accepting cash bribes. managers and financial advisers circling blue—chip prospects like coyotes and employees of one of the world's largest sportswear companies secretly funnelling cash to the families of high school recruits. the big names continue to fall at the wuhan open, with simona halep and caroline
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wozniaki both losing in the early stages. there were no worries for garbine muguruza. the current wimbledon champion and new world number one beat lesia tsurenko 6—4 6—4 to reach the third round, as austin halewood reports. simona halep is used to having things her own way on the court, but the first set against 20—year—old da rayya the first set against 20—year—old darayya kazakh tina was anything but on her terms. halep didn't hold her serve once in the first set and the russian continued to attack it in the second. too powerful, too good. a difficult proposition for kasaktina in the end turned out to be straightforward. halep crashing out without much of a fight. and the u psets out without much of a fight. and the upsets didn't stop there. qualifier maria sakkari of cyprus dominated the early exchanges of her match with world number six caroline
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wozniacki. after taking the first set it was sakkari in her second premier level tournament that secured her biggest win of her career. world number four career. world numberfour karolina pliskova has established herself as an ever present at the top of women's tennis. her game was powerful and dependable. into a decider against she made sure she was in the latest seed to be knocked out as her pursuit of the world number one ranking continues. the player occupying that spot is spain's garbine muguruza and she looked good for it. her dominance in all areas of the court powering her to an early lead against tsurenko of ukraine. and it was the same story in the second set. an burleigh brea ka in the second set. an burleigh breaka pro to propel a determined muguruza into the last 16.
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britain's joint most—successful olympian, the track sprint cyclist jason kenny, has told the bbc that he secretly decided to retire after the rio games because of the toll the sport had taken on him. however, he says a year off and becoming a father has breathed new life into him. he's now intent on competing at tokyo 2020, and overhauling sir chris hoy by winning a seventh gold. i ended up training againjust because i enjoy doing it and i kind of got to the point where we've got a gym set up at home so laura can train at home, she always intended to come back and she still does, and i thought, well, to come back and she still does, and ithought, well, i might try to come back and she still does, and i thought, well, i might try a bit ofa i thought, well, i might try a bit of a comeback myself. if laura can come back then why can't i? i did a few efforts, i felt fresh, they went amazing, but i felt like i was 18 again, really fresh, ithought amazing, but i felt like i was 18 again, really fresh, i thought it was an age thing, i thought i couldn't comeback, but i was always flattened by training and having
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that year out kind of breathed new life into me really. that's all we've got time for now. we'll be back later on. see you them. good morning. yet again, if you had some sunshine yesterday you probably had some warmth, and in fact in the london area we saw highs of 22 degrees, with some sunny spells, as you can see from this weather watches from twickenham. but things are set to change. this low pressure is moving in, bringing wet and windy weather by the end of the day for many of us. we start off with the west—east divide across the country. a bit of patchy mist and fog slowly lifting away, but the wind will strengthen and cloud and rain gathers. some of it quite heavy in northern ireland by the middle of the afternoon. the best of the weather is likely to stay into the south—east corner and we could have temperatures
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again into the low 20s. by the end of the afternoon across the south—west of england and parts of wales we'll start to see some rain arriving. east wales, though, you might get a bit of brightness. 17—18 degrees. the heaviest rain into northern ireland where it will feel dismal. not a bad end to the afternoon in much of northern england and eastern scotland. cloud thickening up, the winds strengthening across western fringes of scotland. so that weather front sweeps its way eastwards through the evening and overnight and in actual fact it's moving at quite a pace. there will be some rain, some of it heavy, for all of us at some point through the night, clearing away in all but eastern fringes towards dawn. with clearer skies and lighter winds we could see some patchy mist and fog forming. more favoured spots for it to linger perhaps through south—west england and wales first thing. but again the further west
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on thursday you'll see the best of the sunshine. after a cloudy and damp start there is a slow improvement through eastern fringes, but we might keep a bit of cloud across east anglia and the south—east. the highest values, 14—20 degrees. now, as we move out of thursday and into friday, things are set to change. that's partly because of what's happening across north america, with a cold plunge of air coming out of canada, mixing with very warm, moist air in the caribbean, and that's going to strengthen the jet, which will in turn deflect these areas of low pressure across the uk. a spell of wet and windy weather moving into friday is likely, that wull sweep steadily eastwards, behind it a better clearance — brighter weather to come. 14—19 degrees the high. this pattern continues into the weekend. saturday could be a day of sunshine and showers before another significant area of low pressure brings wet and windy weather for sunday. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: the final phase of the battle for raqqa — the last stronghold of so—called islamic state in syria.
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we have an exclusive report. this is the centre of raqqa, the very heart, if you like, of the islamic state. locals call it the circle of hell. saudi arabia is set to lift the ban on women driving. but is the country really on the road to equality? bali braces for a major volcanic eruption. after hundreds of tremors and a mass evacuation, mount agung enters a critical phase. and reels rediscovered. a new movie charts a century of silent cinema history.
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