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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 28, 2017 1:45am-2:00am BST

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hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: mbappe, neymar and cavani combine to make it two wins from two for paris st—germain in the champions league. despite his arrest, ben stokes is included in england's ashes squad. and garbine muguruza find that winning formula once again, to set up a quarterfinal tie against jelena 0stapenko at the wuhan open in china. yes, welcome. eight matches, 25 goals in the champions league on wednesday, one of the most impressive performances coming from paris st—germain, who brushed aside the five—time european champions bayern munich 3—0. according to our football reporterjohn bennet, signs their heavy investment in their playing squad is paying off. 3-0
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3—0 windfall paris st—germain. they proved they are the real deal in the champions league this season. mbappe has proved he is worth every penny, and bayern munich were humiliated. it was dani alves who scored the first goal, neymar found it was dani alves who scored the first goal, neymarfound him. cavani is in brilliant form, just can't stop finding the back of the met. the best bit was the third goal, mbappe with an amazing bit of skill to set up neymar. they call it the rollover, this bit of skill. it was sensational, 3—0.
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not a great night of bayern munich, after what has been a difficult start to the season for head coach carlo ancelotti. chelsea grabbed a late winner against atletico madrid, michy batshuayi with the goal. while barcelona needed an own—goal to beat sporting, in what was a less—than—convincing performance from lionel messi's side. the biggest wins of the night came in group a, where basel thrashed benfica 5—0, and romelu lukaku scoring twice as manchester united won 4—1 at cska moscow, 4—1. here is the manchester united managerjose mourinho. it is unexpected, 3—0 at half—time was unexpected. but we started strong. we were really strong, we pressed them. really cover the ball. the counter attack, always fast and dangerous. the first 30 minutes we had four shots. we scored three goals, and the keeper made a phenomenal save to a first post
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shot. so we started really strong, and by winning 3—0 we had the game in our hands, and that it was just to control. so it was really good. in the asian champions league, the home side shanghai sipg held to a 1—1 draw by the japanese side urawa red diamonds in the first leg of their semi—final. the chinese super league side, who have reached the semi—finals for the first time, took the lead after only 15 minutes through their brazilian striker hulk, the ninth goal of the season for the competition's top scorer. but the j—league side were level before half—time, yosuke kashiwagi with a vital away goal for the 2007 champions. the second leg is injapan in three weeks‘ time. we area we are a little bit disappointed, of course. but then the second leg is com pletely course. but then the second leg is completely open. it is 1—1, and they have the away goal advantage, at the game is there to be played. we will have everybody available for
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selection for the second leg, which is very good. and we haven't had for such a long time in this stage of the champions league. and i think the champions league. and i think the tyre is completely open for the second leg. —— the thai. there is the advantage of the away goal. we area team the advantage of the away goal. we are a team that have scored so many goals, we hope that we are able to score in japan. the ashes series with australia is looming large for england, and despite his arrest following a fight outside an english nightclub, ben stokes is named in the squad. 0ur correspondentjoe wilson has been assessing his inclusion. while the players did their thing at the oval, this was the serious business of management, a mess to deal with. an ashes series to plan for. the selectors showed their hand. in the case of ben stokes, a fractured hand. the legacy of a
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night out which turned into an arrest, an actual bodily harm. england believe he will have recovered for the first ashes test match in november, but there is still a criminal investigation into what went on in this area of bristol, and england's own disciplinary enquiry. it is never a good thing to have to deal with these situations. for me to be in front of a tv camera, for the guys to have to go out and play and perform with things like this hanging over their head. so yes, we do need to ask ourselves some rations. england's most successful former captain thinks ben stokes must change his behaviour. he is now ina must change his behaviour. he is now in a different level, and he has got to look at himself and mirror. what you need when go to australia is a clear run, with exactly what has happened. there are issues with the team, issues with the best player, i think in terms of, you know, everything that could possibly go wrong leading into an ashes series, it is pretty much up there. down under, australia's captain, steve
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smith, has been starring in this promotion for months. all they need to worry about selling tickets. —— is selling tickets. meanwhile, england without ben stokes beat west indies in the fourth 0ne—day international at the 0val, to take the series with one match to go. the tourists batted first, and made 356—5, thanks to a brilliant 176 from evin lewis, who was forced to retire hurt. jason roy led the england reply, and top—scored with 8a. england were 258—5 when rain forced an early end to day's play. but england won the match by six runs under duckworth—lewis, and have an unbeatable 3—0 lead in the series. the fifth and final match is on friday. the quarter—final line—up at tennis's wuhan 0pen is taking shape, garbine muguruza through to the last eight, after surviving a scare. austin halewood rounds up the day's action. world number one, and playing like
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it, spain's garbine muguruza has not dropped a set so far in wuhan, in the first against her qualifier followed the same suit. losing the second wasn't in the script, though. muguruza able to hold her own serve just wants. but, into a decider, the world number one's game was too strong. the wimbledon champion through to the quarterfinals. and there she will face the french open champion. je ena 0stapenko was also made to work hard in her match against puig. but it wasje ena 0stapenko's power which shone through, a seventh straight victory for the latvian. quietly going about her business is world number four
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pliskova. she breezed past the home favourite, taking the first set 6—2. the set soon followed. she barely broke sweat. and you may have seen, over the weekend, a number of american football players in the united states protesting in large numbers at racial and social inequality. they did so by taking a knee during the national anthem. president trump said that players who protested during the national anthem should be fired, and he has again criticised the nfl for their stance. i think the nfl is in a box. i think they are in a really bad box. you look at what is happening with their ratings, you look at what is going on...i ratings, you look at what is going on... i mean, frankly, the only thing that is doing well in the nfl is the pre— game, because of a body wa nts to is the pre— game, because of a body wants to see what is going on. the
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nfl is in a very bad box. you cannot have people disrespecting our national anthem, a flag, our country, and that is what they are doing. and in my opinion, the nfl has to change, or you know what is going to happen? business is going to go to hell. well, speaking to the bbc, 0si umenyiora, who won two super bowl titles, said that the players are simply exercising their right as american citizens. you have a group of people now, a group of african american men, led by colin kaepernick, who are looking at the racial injustice, looking at the killing of unarmed black people, looking at all the inequalities for black people in the country, and they said, ok, we are rich, we have money, but guess what. the situation for african—americans in our country is untenable. the status quo is untenable for us. we're going to do something. and guess what happens. they get the finger pointed at them. you are the bad guy. you are disrespecting our flag.
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you are the bad guy. you are disrespecting ourflag. you are disrespecting ourflag. you are disrespecting ourflag. you are disrespecting our heritage. no, mr trump. you are disrespecting the flag. you are disrespecting your heritage. why? because that is your heritage. why? because that is your heritage. the country was born out of protest. but, from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hi there. it's been over a week now since hurricane maria devastated the island of dominica and puerto rico, in the caribbean, leaving more than a0 people dead. many still remain missing. since then, the hurricane has been working just past the east coast of the united states. it is a weak hurricane now, a categoryi storm now,
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but over the next few days it could come closer to home. it is going to work northwards, getting tangled up with low pressure. not a hurricane, but the remains of maria could be heading our way through sunday night and into the early hours of monday, potentially bringing wet and maybe windy weather to the north—west of the uk. that's a way off. before we get there, this is how we start the day on thursday. a lot of cloud, outbreaks of rain left over from the night—time system. but it will be a mild start to the day, as well. that rain band still with us, then, across north—eastern scotland, with a fairly brisk wind. a lot of low cloud and misty conditions, too, around some of the hills. northern ireland starting today on a rather cloudy node, but some sunny spells for wales early on in the morning. whereas further east, across central and eastern england, there'll be a hang—back of cloud. through the day, outbreaks of drizzle which could be extensive. may be misty over the hills, as well. in fact, that cloud will be slow to break across east england,
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eastern areas of scotland, probably only breaking up in the afternoon. but it is then that most of us should see some sunshine coming through. but the rain set in, really, through the northern isles, picking up. quite a cool day here, but otherwise some decent temperatures. 20 degrees in london. we're still on the warm side of average. through thursday night, though, the next atlantic system making its presence felt, working into northern ireland before spreading to scotland, western parts of england, and wales, too. tied in with this area of low pressure spinning in of the atlantic. bringing some fairly strong winds into the far north—western coast. so, for friday, a band of rain to start the day, pushing east across scotland, england and wales, heavy at times. behind that, some sunshine but also some blustery showers in northern ireland. with the showers, looking at temperatures coming down. feeling a bit cooler, but still relatively mild across eastern counties of england, that rain reluctant to clear away. saturday, though, a decent start to the weekend in many respects.
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to bring some pretty heavy rain to the northern parts of the uk. that's your weather. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley, our top stories: the un gets the go—ahead to enter myanmar‘s troubled rakhine state. we'll hearfrom one rohingya militant about his struggle against the burmese army. the army surrounded our villages. the army surrounded our villages. the people had no choice. they said, you're going to die anyway, so you should die for the a week after hurricane maria, help is on its way to puerto rico where half the population still has no access to clean water.
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bali's biggest volcano threatens to erupt for the first time
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