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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 28, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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‘is :,. aw 5”? “0312; it ‘u’% ryanair is breaking the law in its handling of flight cancellations according to the boss of the uk's aviation regulator. ben stokes has been told he will not be considered by england for international cricket until further notice. eight muslim preacher who told children martyrdom was better than school has been jailed for six and a half years. ——a —— a muslim preacher. after eight o'clock we will be live in estonia, prime minister theresa may is dining with her 27 eu counterparts. and targeting their killers of the honey bee. that is all i head on bbc news. hello and welcome to sportsday —
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i'm hugh woozencroft. cricketers ben stokes and alex hales will not be considered for international selection until further notice. manchester city's fabian delph is included in a gareth southgate squad for the first time. and why the british bobsleigh chief executive leaving his role means there is extra funding for the women's team. good evening, we begin with the news that ben stokes and alex hales will not be considered for selection for international cricket until further notice after the pair were involved in an incident near a bristol nightclub. all—rounder stokes is said to be
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"fragile and devastated" after his arrest on suspicion of assault. the pictures you are about to see contain violent images. video footage allegedly shows him in a brawl in the early hours of monday. the bbc has not been able to verify the footage. on wednesday, the test vice—captain was named in england squad for the ashes tour of australia this winter. michael vaughan speaking to the bbc before the ecb decision was announced, says he doesn't hold out much hope for england's ashes chances without stokes. if ben stokes misses the ashes, because of a hand injury or the criminal investigation is ongoing and he cannot go to australia, i do not give england any chance of doing anything in the ashes series. he is that important to the team. they make a proper site is about ben stokes because of his all round quality. he has expertise with the
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bat, the ball, in the field, and his all—round persona. well let's get more on this from our correspondentjoe wilson, who is outside the home of the ecb — lord's. whilst criminal proceedings are ongoing the ecb has its own disciplinary code, its own responsibilities, and that code of conduct begins with the words, the ecb is committed to maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and conduct. the events of bristol had to be seen in the context of those words. specifically we have to consider that code of conduct when we think about the video which has come to light. it was after studying that video evidence, which appears to show the altercation that led to ben stokes‘s arrest, that the ecb came to this decision. it has to be
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seen as the start of this openly proceedings rather than the end of it and there is an indefinite sense of it alex hales and ben stokes not being considered for selection until further notice. the police in bristol still want witnesses to come forward and i am sure they will want to see as many video evidence as possible. they will want to gather a sense of the entire story. but for now, this is a reiteration of how seriously the ecb are taking this. it does not get much bigger for england cricketers than the ashes. what about england footballers? there are world cup qualifiers on the horizon — the final two games left in the european groups before the tournament in russia next summer. england go into their matches with slovenia and lithuania knowing three points will guarantee top place in group f. david ornstein was at st george's park as gareth southgate announced his squad. and would's 26 man squad will report here to the national football centre after this weekend's crowned premier league matches. manager gareth southgate has recalled matters city midfielder fabian delph, and
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southampton goalkeeper fraser forster. there is no place for leicester city strikerjamie vardy who is nursing an injury. dele alli is included despite the possibility ofa is included despite the possibility of a piece band for a hand gesture in england's last game. perhaps the inclusion of fabian delph is the most eye—catching, he has not played in international football since late 2015 that he has broken into the manchester city squad of late. he has not been fortunate with injuries. he is at a club where chances have been limited, but he has dug in. he has fought his way into their side and he is playing well. he has not had as many games as we would like. but we have got the situation in midfield where we need to have more competition for places, and more alternatives, and we think he is a player that can provide that. leading the line for england in the upcoming qualifiers this sure to be harry kane, he has beenin this sure to be harry kane, he has been in prolific goal scoring form
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for tottenham hotspur, even drawing comparisons to the likes of lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo. comparisons to the likes of lionel messi and cristiano ronaldolj cannot see anybody at the moment thatis cannot see anybody at the moment that is a better finisher. he cannot see anybody at the moment that is a betterfinisher. he has got hunger and dried and belief in what he is doing. it sounds obvious that he wants to be one of the best players in the world, but not everybody is committed to being that, not everybody has that belief, but also is prepared to commit themselves in training, lifestyle, and everything. he is. it is great for us to have him in our squad because you want players that want to be the very best and are prepared to be the very best and are prepared to ta ke to be the very best and are prepared to take that challenge on. england was slovenia at wembley on the 5th of october and then travel to lithuania three days later. they are all but qualified for the world cup finals, they just need all but qualified for the world cup finals, theyjust need to finish the job, and then the focus can return to russia. chris coleman has named his wales squad ahead of their final qualifiers against georgia and the republic of ireland. they are second in the group
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by a point which is where they need to finish to have any chance of reaching the play—offs. arsenal midfielder aaron ramsey is set to win his 50th cap for his country. there are also call ups for the uncapped sheffield united winger david brooks and 17—year—old ethan ampadu of chelsea. he can do it at both ends of the pitch, he can start the move from the goalkeeper and finish it off at the goalkeeper and finish it off at the adelaide. that is why he was picked. he was electric. he has shown that again in belgrade. he is a terrific player. there are two british teams in european football action tonight. arsenal have already kicked off their match against bate borisov. theo walcott started. he opened the
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scoring in their ninth minute. he then could not believe his luck when he was handed a second of the night just 12 minutes later. rob holding has struck the first school offers arsenal career, he put them 3—0 up, but bate borisov have scored one, making it 3—1 at present. everton manager ronald koeman says he wants a site you have a revenge feeling after a woeful first match that saw them lose 3—0 at atalanta. now, the use of new technology in football has long been a major talking point and changes are on the way in english football with the introduction of technology. the fa are currently trialing video assistant referees — or vars — likely to be used in this season's fa cup. former premier league referre howard webb is now involved in looking at how var will work. we can use the facility to zoom in
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on an angle. maybe cameron at number five, i can double—click on that, expand the scheme, play through, is the decision to play on after what happens? you can see the defender pulled the attacker down, you can tell the referee that an error was made. i am then going to send the best angles over to the referee. would you be saying to him right now, in this situation, how would you be communicating? we would watch it then lightly. then something that a tt ra cts it then lightly. then something that attracts my attention, i will watch it again, on seeing that i think it isa it again, on seeing that i think it is a penalty, i will hit the button, get the best angles, speak to him on
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the radio, tell him to hold the restart, the ball has gone out of play. we cannot allow the game to restart until i have finished checking. i want to get the best possible angles. it will only take ten seconds to confirm that there was an error and that should be a penalty kick. at that point i can recommend a review to the referee. i will send these two angles. this is exactly what they will see on his screen. some of the biggest competitions, games, the controversy that comes around. it is not all on the referee. they are humans at the end of the day. this is why var such a great asset. you are shouting to eliminate some of the human error while not eliminating human judgment. i think the referee will still play a huge part in that, now theyjust still play a huge part in that, now they just have an still play a huge part in that, now theyjust have an assist with var. it makes the job easier but that is what they are the referee for. they should be able to see the game. i
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got this far without it. legends have fit without that. it has not spoil anyone's career without var. we have got this far, i do not know why you need to add it. i can see the benefits. salford red devils owner marwan koukash is to hand over control of the superleague club to a community trust saying he wants the club to become self sufficient. koukash‘s arrival at salford four years ago ended fears the club might go into administration following financial difficulties throughout the 2012 season. bayern munich have sacked coach carlo ancelotti saying their performances this season did not meet the club's expectations. ancelotti had been in charge at bayern since last summer. he also led chelsea to a premier league and fa cup double in 2010. british paralympic table tennis
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champions will bayley and rob davies have made winning starts to their bids for european glory in slovenia today. bayley is looking to complete the triple crown by adding european gold to his paralympic and world titles, whilst davies is seeking a third successive european success. nick hope is in slovenia for us. this is where over the next big around 300 athletes from over 30 nations will battle it out for individual and team european honours. first up are the individual events. it was the perfect start for
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will bailey, the british paralympic champion. he said that his partner had gone into labour early he would head home, but no he has begun he said he will remain here. he eased to his opening encounter, taking it in straight sets, 3—0. to his opening encounter, taking it in straight sets, 3-0. the first few points is difficult in a major tournament. it was scrappy at the start. then i started to ease into it and it went well towards the end of the match. i have got a lot more to give. this year i have been playing my best table tennis, ijust need to prove it here, and take it one match at the time. rob davis dominated his first match of the day and was really troubled against his russian opponent, winning in straight sets. good to get their first match under way. ijust wanted to go there and get my head in the right place and sure that i am ready for this tournament. there are also
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victories for ross wilson. the british women's team did not win any medals last year that they do have a champion. afterfinishing an agonising fourth at rio dejaneiro, she is determined to return to the podium. her team—mate also made a winning start to her second european championships. on friday we will see the completion of the round—robin phase, with the medals decided on saturday. focus will then switch to team events next week. the cost to parents of supporting children who show sporting potential has gone up by 30% in the last decade. that's according to the latest survey from sportsaid, the charity that helps fund promising athletes. we spoke to one such athlete,
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rising taekwondo star leah moorby, and her dad, gary, about the sacrifices families have to make. i have gone from training at the clu b to i have gone from training at the club to training full—time in manchester but there are still a lot of that that is self—funded such as protective equipment and training gear. the sports aid money is helpful towards that. protective equipment can be very expensive and with a new electronic system as well, the sensors and footpads, it can be 70 euros per time, it is not cheap. did you ever think you might have to stop with taekwondo because of the cost and the time? no. but thatis of the cost and the time? no. but that is a constant work in progress. we have not thought about stopping but it gets difficult. you have got to keep working at it. various ways
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to keep working at it. various ways to get sponsorship then, and the likes of sports aid, and other sponsors that have helped. how much has it cost to this year, this career? altogether? thousands. when you total it all up from year to year. 10,000, 15,000, maybe. accommodation, flights, entry fees. ayew thankful to your family for helping you this far? —— are you. yes. my dad would have been at work all day. i have been very lucky to have the support that i do. my dad has had to put his own money in to come and see me at the competitions as well which has not been cheap. what about your future goals? with
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taekwondo it is different to other sports because and qualification tournament ‘s you have to get ranking points to become eligible to compete at these competitions. i am aiming as high as i can at the minute. olympics are definitely in my sights for the future. i am not sure which olympic games yet but i am aiming to go to more than one. good luck to her. and you may recognise her father, a good luck to her. and you may recognise herfather, a former st helen ‘s player. castleford tigers are just 80 minutes away from a first superleague grand final in their history but they'll have to get past 10—time winners st helens first. however, ‘classy cas‘ go into the game having ended the season with the league leaders shield. here's more from tanya arnold. this is the first of two intriguing semifinals. castleford have been fantastic this season finishing ten points clear at the top of the league, inc ——, but all that has
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owned and this evening is a home tie against a st helen ‘steam. castleford have swept all before them this season. apart from st helens. they have faced each other four times, each has won two apiece. luke deal does play for castleford tigers, just 16 days after having his appendix out. these rugby league players are tough. you can hear live coverage on five live sports extra and bbc local radio. live scores are available online. british bobsleigh can now afford to partially support sending a women's team to february's winter olympics after the sport's chief executive richard parker left his role. bobsled drivers mica mcneill
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and donna creighton had launched crowdfunding pages in an effort to raise money to enable them to compete. mcneill has already reached her target of £30,000 and says the extra support will be vital. it can help logistically and planning. it will help as massively. coaching, medical, that is a massive help. it is everything we have been pushing for. but it is everything we have worked for in this past week is vital in our journey. arsenal have hit the post a couple
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of timesjust arsenal have hit the post a couple of times just before half—time so it could have been worse for bate borisov, but so far comfortable for arsene wenger‘s side. ben stokes and alex hales will not be considered for selection by the ecb, following the arrest of ben stokes ecb, following the arrest of ben sto kes o n ecb, following the arrest of ben stokes on monday in bristol. more on that on the bbc sport website. you can keep up to date with the rugby league world cup and the everton match later on. that is all for now. more on bbc news throughout the evening.


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