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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 28, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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for the son of puritanical christians, this was some rebellion. i know that i'm living out, despite some objection from some other quarters, a great many people's fantasies, and they are adolescent fantasies. the louche libertine lifestyle sprang from the pages of a magazine which he started at his kitchen table. it became a lucrative global brand. his first nude centrefold, marilyn monroe, didn't get a penny from playboy, but plenty of women were more than happy to use the publication for their own ends. carol needham was playmate of the month in february 1979. hef was a private man. he wasn't flamboyant, although the image would seem that wayjust because of the way the parties have been portrayed. all the playmates loved him. he treated us all well. there was no pressure to do anything we didn't want to do. others tell a different story, but pushing boundaries was not always easy. hugh hefner battled against censorship, for free speech he said. i take the greatest pride,
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it's been over 50 years now and i take the greatest pride in the impact that i think i personally and playboy has had on the change in social sexual values in my time. and change they did. no more so than here at the playboy mansion, in los angeles. so for hugh hefner, all of this — the mansion, the money, the multiple girlfriends — was about freedom. freedom to live whatever life he liked. for his many critics, it was about freedom — for men only. to look back at that period and say it was liberating for women is, i think, fatuous. it was liberating for men, not for women. it wasn't all gloss, it wasn't all romantic, it wasn't all glamorous. it was sleazy. and let's not make any mistake about it. donald trump was a fan, even featuring on the cover himself. but some men said they bought playboy for the writing — and not all were joking.
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hugh hefner showcased countless great authors, like norman mailer, ray bradbury and margaret atwood. he championed racial equality too, but his legacy is a brand built on sex, which, in his own words, regarded women as objects. james cook, bbc news, los angeles. hugh hefner, who has died at the age of 91. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. tonight, the future of capitalism. jeremy corbyn says it is facing a crisis. the pm today championed the free market. are we going off it, or is it still the only answer? join me now on bbc two. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday —
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i'm hugh woozencroft. our main headlines this evening. ben stokes‘s ashes inclusion looks in doubt after the ecb say he won't be considered for selection. theo walcott comes in from the wilderness to help arsenal to a comfortable victory in the europa league. and it's gale force for castleford — cool hand luke kicks the tigers to their first super league grand final. good evening, cricketers ben stokes and alex hales will not be
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considered for selection by england, until further notice as investigations continue into a brawl outside a bristol nightclub earlier this week. stokes was arrested under suspicion of causing actual bodily harm, but no charges have been brought against him. his ashes hopes took a further blow as a video was released that appeared to show a violent fight involving the all—rounder. joe wilson was at lord's for us earlier today. as criminal proceedings are ongoing the ecb has its own disciplinary code and the code of conduct begins with these words. the ecb is committed to maintaining the highest standards of behaviour. the events of bristol have to be seen in the context of those words, and specifically, we have to consider that code of conduct when we think about the video which has come to
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light. it was after studying that video evidence which appears to show the altercation, that the ecb came to this position. it has to be seen as the start of disciplinary proceedings rather than the end and there is an indefinite sense about alex hales and ben stokes not being considered for selection until further notice. that is until the first test match in brisbane. the police in bristol still want witnesses to come former band they will want to see as much video evidence as possible and gathered a sense of the whole story. for now, it isa sense of the whole story. for now, it is a reiteration of how seriously the ecb are taking this. the european football has come to an end for the week but it finished on a high for arsenal, they made it two wins from two in the europa league. arsene wenger‘s side were in belarus — where they beat bate borisov 4—2, despite missing a number of their big names, as nick parrott reports. arsene wenger gave his younger
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players the chance to make a name for themselves against bate borisov but it was his stall wars who combines to give arsenal an early lead. jacques rogge are setting up theo walcott but they had lostjust once in their last 12 european home matches, but their form once in their last 12 european home matches, but theirform deserted them, much to theo walcott‘s delight. the youngsters got into the act with this first goal for arsenal, and while everything was going be away when they went forward , going be away when they went forward, the poor defending was contagious. arsenal's might might have been even easier had this resulted in a red card. while the referee didn't see anything bad in that, he did this. that set up olivier giroud to take his tally of goals for arsenal to 100. bate borisov got another but arsenal held on to go two points clear at the top of the group. we played football
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like we want to play, good pace and oui’ like we want to play, good pace and our game. like we want to play, good pace and ourgame. we maintain like we want to play, good pace and our game. we maintain that first 65 minutes, the last 20 weather more difficult. pleased with our performance. everton struggled to a 2—2 draw against the cypriot side apoolon limassol at goodison park — a poor defensive lapse allowed limassol to take an early lead only for the visitors to return the favour and allow wayne rooney the equaliser. it looked like ronald koeman‘s side were heading for victory when nikola vlasic put them into the lead after 66 minutes. but yuste levelled for limassol who by that stage had been reduced to ten men. only one point from two games for everton. the former republic of ireland, reading and wolves striker kevin doyle has tonight announced his retirement after he suffered repeated bouts of concussion. the sa—year—old, latterly in major league soccer with colorado rapids, said heading the ball had become problematic and two concussions this season alone had led him to take medical advice. doyle won 63 caps for
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the republic, scoring 14 goals. earlier today, england named their squad for the world cup qualifiers against slovenia and lithuania . one win will guarantee their place in russia next summer. manchester city midfielder fabian delph features in a gareth southgate squad for the first time. he won the last of his nine caps almost two years ago. he has been unfortunate with injuries and is at a club where chances have been limited and he has done again. he has forced his way into the side and is playing well. not as many games as we would like. we have a situation in midfield where we have to have more competition for places and more alternatives. we think he is a player that can provide that. we think he is a player that can provide that. tottenham's deli alli is also in the squad
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but his availability is unclear. fifa may penalise him for making an obscene gesture in the match against slovakia earlier this month. he insists that he was sharing a joke with a teammate and it wasn't directed at the referee. aaron ramsey will win his 50th cap for wales in their qualifier against georgia after being named in chris coleman's squad for that match and the final group game against the republic of ireland after one of the most thrilling matches of this — or any season — castleford tigers have reached their very first super league grand final. they were 22—20 down but forced extra—time and then won it in with a ‘golden point‘ in the most dramatic of circumstances — as alex gulrajani describes. these super league trophy has never beenin these super league trophy has never been in castleford's but finally within touching distance. not even a minute on the clock and zach
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hardaker waved his way through. the impressive start of apparatus under the pressure. experience of these big nights telling through. resilience and determination helped castleford when the regular—season title. luke gale has shown plenty of both. two weeks after getting his appendix removed he launched the comeback. another from adam appendix removed he launched the comeback. anotherfrom adam miller pushed them further ahead before the late rally. three tries in eight minutes and a final beckoned for st helens. heartbreak but a last—minute twist and a penalty to force extra time. one cat would know when it. his 15th point of the game and the one that takes castleford to their first grand final. as soon as it
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came off my book ijust started running. you know when they are going over and it is pretty special. 15 menjumping on me are not good for the stitches in my stomach but an awesome feeling. get to walk out at old trafford. hard to put into words. castleford will play leeds rhinos or hull fc who meet tomorrow night. northern ireland's rory mcilroy has made a solid start to the british master in northumberland.. the four time major winner his an opening 67 but needed help from a spectator at the 17th. a wild drive meant he couldn't find his ball in the deep rough, but thanks to the fan's good work, he found it, promptly made a par at the hole. he ended on 3 under, four shots behind leaders tyrrell hatton and george coetzee. british bobsleigh can now afford to partially support sending a women's team to february's winter olympics — by reallocating funds made available. after the sport's chief executive richard parker left his role. earlier this month the bbsa said
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it was withdrawing funding from the women but continuing to fund three men's teams. bobsled drivers misha mcneill and donna creighton had launched ‘crowdfunding pages‘ in an effort to raise money so they could continue competing. mcneill has already reached her target of £30,000 and says the extra support will be vital. it will help logistically and with planning, it is a lot of strain on three gilles to sort it all went out in sucha three gilles to sort it all went out in such a short space of time so it little help is massively. coaching and medical, a massive help, and if they can aid with costs, that will be obviously fantastic. it is everything we have been pushing for. i still feel it is everything we have worked for over this last week is still vital in this journey. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers welcome to our look ahead at what
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will be in the papers tomorrow. with me are the journalist and author, rachel shabi and the writer and broadcaster, david davies.. tomorrow's front pages...starting with... the telegraph leads with claims that tory rebels have written to the work and pensions secretary to demand a pause in the roll—out of universal credit the i suggests a dozen conservative mps are joining calls for theresa may to honour her manifesto pledge to cap energy prices. with the tory party conference approaching, the ft says mrs may is trying to appeal to her party base by mounting a staunch defence of the free market, a poll by the times suggests conservative party members would put borisjohnson in the lead to succeed theresa may as prime minister, while its main story claims that wood burning is set to be banned in some urban areas to reduce air pollution. an investigation by the guardian claims that the uk's largest chicken supplier has been duping consumers by tampering with use—by dates.
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the sun leads with further allegations relating to england cricket vice—captain ben stokes who was allegedly involved in a fight in bristol early on monday morning. the mirror says the home office are to provide extra funding for a further 6 month search for madeline mccann. and finally the metro leads with a charity campaign to raise awareness of sexual harassment in pubs and clubs. so let's begin. let's start off, a couple of stories suggesting theresa may might be facing a revolt on the backbenches that she could do without what they are rather small majority. and these stories, first of all, the i talking about a revolt over the energy cup, which was in the manifesto but dropped in the queen's speech, and the daily telegraph is reporting that some of her ministers, orjust
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mps, want herto that some of her ministers, orjust mps, want her to drop plans to keep rolling out universal credit. it is interesting because on both these policies, and we havejust interesting because on both these policies, and we have just come interesting because on both these policies, and we havejust come back from labour party conference, they we re very from labour party conference, they were very much talking about how the conservatives may be in office but they are not in power, and actually labour'sjob they are not in power, and actually labour's job now is to put its


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