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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 29, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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is urged to halt the roll—out of the universal credit system amid warnings that families could be left homeless. prosecutors have told a court in london that three tesco executives cooked the books and exaggerated the supermarket‘s profit in an accounting scandal which watched £2 billion off the supermarket‘s value. ina billion off the supermarket‘s value. in a moment, it will become for sportsday, but first, a look at what else is coming up. we are focusing on birmingham after the government confirms it is officially backing the city's bid to host the 2022 commonwealth games. how do you fancy getting from london to new york in 29 minutes? we will look at tech entrepreneur elon musk‘s and rocket propelled plans. we will also look back to 50 years ago, when a new bbc radio station and a new era of pop culture was born. that is all ahead on bbc news. now, time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster,
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here's what's coming up on sportsday tonight: england's summer of cricket draws to a close, but will they have ben stokes for the winter? we'll have the very latest on a very damaging week for the sport. birmingham get the green light from the government and they'll be favourites to stage the 2022 commonwealth games. manchester city will be without sergio aguero this weekend after he broke a rib in a car crash. there's also bad news for manchester united. also coming up in the programme, the day sir viv traded in his carribbean hot—spots for hot—pots and landed in lancashire to play. good evening. for the next half an hour. we will bring you all the very latest sports news. some great features coming up, and we'll be looking ahead
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to the weekend's football with trevor sinclair. but all this week, england cricket has been dominating our coverage. not the men's and women's ashes squads for the winter series, they have been completely overshadowed by ben stokes' arrest under suspicion of causing actual bodily harm. no charges have yet been brought. his teammate alex hales is also helping police with their enquiries following a brawl outside a bristol nightclub. both men have been efrectively suspended by england as investigations continue. let's speak to our sports correspondent joe wilson, who is in southampton. i know we have seen a lot of action on the pitch, but what are the latest developments on ben stokes as those investigations continue? we are outside the hideous bowl. you have to walk through the hotel to
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get to the ground. inside, england's batsmen are making a good job of their final match. as you said, so much attention is still on what happened and didn't happen earlier in the week on monday. investigations are still ongoing. avon and somerset police believe there are two witnesses with information about what happened moments prior to the disorder that they want to speak to. so police are still trying to find witnesses. it is clear that ben stokes and alex hales have dominated a lot of the chap behind the scenes here. watching the ground for test match special, joining me here now is a former world cup winner with england. the whole background before this match has been unique. yes, it has been a strange atmosphere with
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everything going on. obviously, it is now in the hands of the police and that is all people can do now. the ecb have put their protocols in place in terms of disciplinary action. players have been suspended until further notice and until they know more from the police, they can't plant for what is happening. they can only plan for the fact that ben stokes will not be available for the ashes. so should there be someone the ashes. so should there be someone else who comes into the squad in his place, many have suggested liam plunkett. chris woa kes suggested liam plunkett. chris woakes will obviously suggested liam plunkett. chris woa kes will obviously take suggested liam plunkett. chris woakes will obviously take on the mantle as the all—rounder. that is all they can do. the official position from the ecb is that both quys position from the ecb is that both guys will not be available for selection until further notice. so as you say, well naturally beginning to think that stokes might not be going to the ashes. his value to the
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tea m going to the ashes. his value to the team means you need to possibly put in two players to replace one all—rounder. in two players to replace one all-rounder. absolutely, do they go with an extra batsman or an extra bowler? liam plunkett has done well this summer. in one day format, he has bowled with a lot of pace and aggression many would have expected him in the original squad. it was a surprise when he was not considered. so perhaps he might come in support forjames anderson so perhaps he might come in support for james anderson and so perhaps he might come in support forjames anderson and stuart broad. but then do you think about extra batting? there is a vulnerability there. absolutely. so liam plunkett is in action in this one day series and playing here today. we saw a glimpse of chris gayle at his best. that may be all we get as he reaches the autumn and winter of his career, but he hit a0 of 29 balls and was particularly harsh on young jake ball, who went for 9a of his ten
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overs. jake ball is another player england look to for the future. shai hope has had a good summerfor the west indies. the west indies got a 288, a disappointing climax after a strong start. in reply, england have started well. jason roy is benefiting from the absence of alex hales at the top of the order. isa guha, it seems a long time ago that england were playing in the champions trophy, why back on me the visit when their season started. whether they stand now? they are a very good side. when you consider that they had an underwhelming performance at the last world cup in 2015, they have changed their attitude towards limited overs cricket and they have excelled after that. eoin morgan has led from the front and brought together this team
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of players which, in contrast to the test team, seems way more settled. and you have more players pushing for a place. jason roy, who was left out ahead of this series, comes in in place of alex hales and he has made the most of it. jonny bairstow, who has been knocking on the door for such a long time, scored 100 in the first game and did well again today. there are a number of bowlers who have had a good summer. we talked about liam plunkett before. obviously adil rashid and moeen ali we re obviously adil rashid and moeen ali were brilliant today, stopping the windies from scoring runs in the middle period. and you have your normal, consistent players, the likes ofjoe root. we have so much firepower coming likes ofjoe root. we have so much firepowercoming in in likes ofjoe root. we have so much firepower coming in in the middle and lower order. a positive note to end on. thanks, isa. england are looking good. they need 289 to win their final looking good. they need 289 to win theirfinal game of looking good. they need 289 to win their final game of this long summer. their final game of this long
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summer. my word, we need a positive note after the week that cricket has had. many thanks. the government has given its backing to birmingham to host the 2022 commonwealth games. the city's bid had already been approved by the department of culture, media and sport as they were preferred to liverpool, but now they have treasury backing. they will formally submit their plans to the commonwealth games federation tomorrow. other uk cities have hosted the commonwealth games in the past and we have seen a strong legacy from them hosting that. there has always been a boost to the local economy from hosting the event, and you see a strong like viewing in terms of both participation combo but also use of the venues after the event. this is a real opportunity for birmingham and the west midlands and the uk to showcase itself is hosting these major international events across the world. let's cross live to birmingham now and speak to the bid chairman,
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councillor ian ward. what is so compelling about birmingham's bid that you got the nod? is birmingham's bid that you got the nod ? is it birmingham's bid that you got the nod? is it because it was the cheap option? i don't think so. as you heard from the sports minister, part of the reason was that we are able to deliver a strong legacy from hosting the games. we are able to showcase not just birmingham, hosting the games. we are able to showcase notjust birmingham, but the whole of the midlands throughout the whole of the midlands throughout the world as a result of hosting. and we have 95% of the venues already in place. the only additional venues we need to construct an aquatics centre, and enhancing the egg alexander athletic stadium so that it can seat a5,000 people for the athletics and the opening and closing ceremonies. so because we had those facilities already in situ, we are a risk—free games. and that has seen some cities
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down the years get their fingers burnt. we can't afford to lose money on this. it is around 750 million to get the game is going? these multisport games are not cheap. we have had to convince the treasury that the games represent value for money for the taxpayer. i'm delighted that the government have backed birmingham's bid, because we are in prime position to go through the rest of the process with the commonwealth games federation, win this bit and then deliver notjust a commonwealth games, but the best ever commonwealth games. best of luck to you. we'll have all the football news in just a moment, but here's what's coming up on the rest of the programme. are we going to get another dramatic night in superleague? a drop goal golden point saw castleford reach
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the grand final yesterday, but who's going to join them? and we meet the man who is trying 100 sports in 100 days. let's look ahead to the football. manchester city will be without their striker sergio aguero for what is the standout premier league match this weekend at chelsea. aguero was involved in a car crash last night in amsterdam, where he had been watching a concert on his day off. he was in a taxi returning to the airport and broke a rib in the accident. he has returned to manchester today. he's out of the match tomorrow and may miss the international break with argentina. here's the city manager. in terms of aguero, he was clearly in holland. yes, it was his day off,
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but it was 11 o'clock in holland when he had the accident. is that a problem for you? no. purely because he was on a day off? day off. have you spoken to him? not yet. i will visit this morning. i think i will speak this afternoon with him. i know he is ok. that is the most important thing. he has to recover as soofi as important thing. he has to recover as soon as possible. the bbc‘s simon stone, pricing and stars out of pep guardiola —— prising answers out of guardiola. these are the weekend fixtures. the day kicks off at huddersfield.
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spurs go to huddersfield, who are newly promoted. west ham are in the bottom three. slaven bilic is under pressure. there are three matches on sunday as well. newcastle against liverpool, those memories keep flooding back. arsenal against brighton, everton against burnley and chelsea against manchester city. let's get more reaction from the chelsea manager antonio conte. he's the best and i have great respect for him and his work. i like to watch his game. don't forget,
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every coach tries always every day to ta ke every coach tries always every day to take new information and new ideas and then to try to elaborate. tonight, rangers at hamilton. you can tonight, rangers at hamilton. you ca n follow tonight, rangers at hamilton. you can follow that on the bbc sport website. tottenham and england midfielder dele alli will miss next week's match against slovenia at wembley for the gesture he made during the world cup qualifier against slovakia earlier this month. fifa have banned him for one interntaional match and fined him just under £a,000 for making what they have described as "an offensive and unsporting gesture" during the game. celtic‘s scott brown and stuart armstrong are injured and are out of scotland's final world cup qualifiers. gordon strachan‘s side have must win matches against slovakia
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and slovenia next thursday and sunday, as they seek to secure second place in england's group. mo marley has been confirmed as interim manager of england lionesses, replacing the sacked mark sampson. former england captain marley has been in charge of the under 195 and will look after the senior team for the next three matches. former real madrid and ac milan midfielder clarence seedorf, a four times champions league winner, is the surprise new manager at oldham athletic. john sheridan left the league one side by mutual consent on monday. they are currently second from bottom in the table. it isa it is a formula i weekend. practice has not gone that well. ferrari have nowhere to hide coming into this weekend's malaysian grand prix. both
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of their cars were taken out on the opening lap of the singapore grand prix two weeks ago and sebastian vettel now lies 28 points behind lewis hamilton in the world championship fight. the german has to win the grand prix this weekend. he has started as he needs to go on, fastest in final practice on friday. but of course, it is only during qualifying on saturday that we will find out which of these two great teams, ferrari or mercedes, holds the advantage this weekend. as things stand, lewis hamilton is only sixth fastest on friday, but some are saying he's keeping his powder dry until it matters. we haven't got long to find out. you can follow the action on radio 5 live. grand final veterans leeds rhinos will end hull fc‘s hopes of the double if they continue their winning streak in tonight's play—off semi—final. hull fc have lost at headingley on each of their last 12 visits. castleford are waiting for the winners after that
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thrilling victory against st helens last night. everything we have spoken about from day one has been about this game on friday night. i can't tell you how much effort has gone into this game. iam much effort has gone into this game. i am looking forward to it. we have had a couple of clips along the way and we have always reacted to it well. we had a couple of big ones, but we have never lost two league games on the bounce. we have always reacted well. but we have to win this week. if we don't, that is our season finished. the british para table tennis team are guaranteed at least two bronze medals at the european championships in slovenia and the paralympic champion will bayley is still on course for a first euro title after qualifying for the last eight in his category. nick hope is there for us. the slovenian town of glasgow is a
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welcoming place, and the british tea m welcoming place, and the british team certainly seem accies here with mascot mark. they have also trained and competed at this venue many times before and the relaxed approach is bringing in the results. friday's action has seen the gb para table tennis team battle it out for places in the knockout stages of the european championships here in slovenia, and one man who excels is tom matthews. he defeated the swiss player 3—0 to progress to the semifinals and guarantee at least euro bronze. i definitely want to go all the way. i want to see how it goes. how does it feel to have at least one secured? it is great for the team. also assured of a medal is former rugby player rob davis. he won through to the class one event by defeating the italian in an epic
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five set battle. will bayley is edging closer to the sport's grand slam. he already has the paralympic world thugs to his name, bar but has been denied twice in a european final. this year, he looks in career—best form, defeating the ukrainian in straight sets to put him into the class 7/a—finals.|j feel like i am still improving. i'm hopefully going to get better going into my 30s. ifeel hopefully going to get better going into my 30s. i feel better than hopefully going to get better going into my 30s. ifeel better than rio and london 2012, so i want to look forward to tokyo. former european champion sue gilroy is also through to her quarterfinals and is looking to her quarterfinals and is looking to put paralympic heartbreak behind her. losing in the play-off for bronze is always difficult, so it would be nice to turn it round here. other ones to watch in the knockout rounds include london 2012 bronze medallist paul davis and the exciting young talent thompson, who are in their respective quarterfinals. kim daybell is also
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in the final year of his medical studies and defeated the world number one en route to the last 16. the final line—up for the knockout stages in each of the disability sport categories will be confirmed later tonight, with a host of british athletes expected to be in the mix for medals on saturday. many of us struggle to make it to the gym once a week, but what if you had to take on a completely new sport every single day for 100 days? that's the challengejersey teacher chris fancourt set himself back in june, and now with 98 sports and counting under his belt, he's nearly at the finish line. jen smith went to meet him. 100 sports in 100 days. foremost, it's difficult to even named that many, let alone finding the energy to pull them off. but not this man,
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jersey's kris fancourt, who at spot number 96, is attempting fencing. jersey's kris fancourt, who at spot number 96, is attempting fencinglj ama number 96, is attempting fencinglj am a big sports lover. i thought i would set myself a crazy challenge to do 100 sports in 100 days. why, i don't know. but i have got this far andi don't know. but i have got this far and i am raising money for teenage cancer trust, a charity close to my heart because i was diagnosed and i was 21. chris has taken on everything from paragliding to a chair basketball, waters orbiters and waiting. i went on a european trip, because i don't thinkjersey has 100. i have been to places like norway, so curling. i went through hungary, germany, did fishing over there. and it has mostly been possible thanks to the generosity of coaches like robin, athletes and sports clubs who have often given their time and facilities for free. and with a finish line nearly
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insight, has chris got any energy left after almost 100 days of sport? i'm absolutely exhausted. i have been nursing some injuries. i broke my little toe doing one of the sports. i cracked the bone skateboarding in another one, so i am limping to the finishing line. but it has been worth it. that finish line will be the end of the jersey marathon on sunday. then, chris will be taking a break. as we heard earlier, west indies will shortly be heading home at the end of their tour and 20 years ago one of the greatest caribbean batsmen was just coming to the end of his own english summer. . . in the village of rishton in lancashire. sir viv richards used to play for the club and his time there features in a bbc documentary about windies players in the lancashire league. stuart pollitt reports. commentator: we are really seeing something here, i can tell you. he
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was the most fearsome batsman of his era, the most famous cricketer in the world. in the mid—80s, no one in the world. in the mid—80s, no one in the game was bigger than viv richards. absolutely magnificent. but in 1987, he signed up for a season but in 1987, he signed up for a season at rushton. coming from a small island, it was the ideal environment for me. it wasn't as sunny as where i grew up. when i first went, it was so gloomy. i couldn't understand how quick it couldn't understand how quick it could be played in this part of the world. but anything goes when it comes to cricket. and that went for viv‘s arrival into the lancashire league. they said, why not a chopper? it was a spectacular landing. i stood at this spot,
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looking into the distance, and saw this. getting bigger until eventually, this massive helicopter landed. a helicopter dropping him off after an overnight flight from the west indies and for the biggest name ever the west indies and for the biggest name ever to play in the lancashire league, there was a welcome to watch the root match. what can you do for the root match. what can you do for the club? i amjust the root match. what can you do for the club? i am just tried to do what i have done for somerset, add a bit of spice. what i remember more than anything else was they hailstones. richards reignited the heyday of the league as thousands of fans flocked to grounds like this at accrington for the chance to see him play. we we re for the chance to see him play. we were so lucky. to hit rishton twice at home must have set us up for two yea rs. at home must have set us up for two years. the big debate was, how many pies do we need? he was as good as it gets. away from the pitch, viv threw
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himself into lancashire life. away from the pitch, viv threw himself into lancashire lifelj found out about the cuisine in that pa rt found out about the cuisine in that part of the world. mushy peas and pie! looked a little foul at the time, but at the end of the day, i am an honorary lancastrian, so i am going to let it work. if you've was introduced to mushy peas, the captain's family introduced to mushy peas, the ca ptain's family learned about caribbean cuisine. ijust thought, ooh, heck, viv richards is coming in my house! his wife used to come with food, and his favourite was monkfish. she used to put it on this hob. unbelievable. everybody gets their day hob. unbelievable. everybody gets theirday in the
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hob. unbelievable. everybody gets their day in the sun, and mine was seeing captain viv richards. their day in the sun, and mine was seeing captain viv richardsm wasn't all about the mushy peas and pie, but the humour. they were very good people. 30 years on, people here still raise a smile when they remember how viv played for their village. and you can see more from sir viv and some of his former team—mates in "race and pace: the west indians in east lancashire" on bbc news channel over the weekend and on bbca monday, october 2, at 7.30pm. england are 87—1, a quick update from the cricket. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. wherever you are watching your sport, goodbye. we have some wet and windy weather
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on the way this weekend. typical autumnfair. a on the way this weekend. typical autumn fair. a lot of cloud is filling in across the atlantic. that is getting driven our way initially around a base of low pressure. we had sunshine earlier, but we will have clearer skies overnight. the showers will keep going in the west, especially for north—western scotland, wales and the south—west. further east with the clear skies, temperatures could be down to six or 7 degrees. there will be sunshine for a while, but then we will have showers which will merge into longer spells of rain for england and wales, so we will lose some of the sunshine. the showers become fewer and lighter through the afternoon. hazy sunshine through the afternoon,
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with thicker cloud over the irish sea coming into the north of england and wales. there will be rain rolling in through the afternoon. not only is it going to be wet, but it will also be pretty windy by the afternoon and evening. that will blow the rain northwards and eastwards. a mother night on saturday, but it will be quite murky and there will be hill fog. not a promising start to sunday. the rain could be heavy at times, particularly around the western hills. some rain for a good part of the afternoon in england and wales. on monday, this area of low pressure
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had some remnants of hurricane maria in it. you don't need to worry about it too much. the low pressure area will bring windy weather for the northern half of the uk. a lot of places will be dry, though. there will be a few showers and the chance of thickening cloud and rain in southern england. this is bbc news. the headlines: mark carney gives his clearest indication yet that an increase is likely in the "relatively near term". if the economy continues on the track that it's been on, and all indications are that it is, in the relatively near term we can expect that interest rates would increase somewhat. former army officer henry bolton is elected as ukip's fourth leader injust over a year. cheshire police and the body found ina lake cheshire police and the body found in a lake today is believed to be a
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serving officer was greater manchester police. a man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. a former government adviser warns that families could be left homeless and destitute if theresa may presses on with universal credit.


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