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tv   BBC News  BBC News  October 2, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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tiger is my middle name and tiger? tiger is my middle name and i'm proud to have it, but i do not see a lot of similarities between me and him.just see a lot of similarities between me and him. just the same middle name. he has different ethnic backgrounds, different parents, different first names, we have a lot of differences. he isa names, we have a lot of differences. he is a big role model of mine on the course. i would like to emulate him. at the age of 12, robin tiger williams was beginning to emulate his boyhood hero, having to a golfing academy in florida. his mother witnessed her boy growing up fast... he had to learn to do his owfi fast... he had to learn to do his own washing, he was going to tournaments and do his schoolwork because he was always there. it was a big influence on his life. are you happy he is back? ferry! what was it like with your i2—year—old son on the other side of the atlantic? not a nice feeling, i cried every day. here, it was ultimately worth it,
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look at him now. yes. i could not ask for anything more. this weekend was his first big moment in the spotlight, playing at the british masters alongside of the likes of rory mcilroy. i've never played in front of such massive crowds, and all of the tv cameras and everything. it was a great experience, it really was. with all of the cameras and everything i did not expect it. after hugging the headlines on the first few holes, in peterborough, it's back to the books. home—schooling keeps on the straight and narrow until he goes back across the atlantic on his next quest... after announcing a switch in career last month, the former england defender rio ferdinand says he's taking his attempt to become a professional boxer very seriously. he needs to obtain a pro licence before he can step into the ring, in a venture that has been written off as a publicity stunt. boxing cannot be a gimmick. if i'm
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going to take it lightly, then i will get hurt. obviously i've thought about all of those things. i am quite fit as i am now but it is a different fitness. i have been fit asa different fitness. i have been fit as a footballer but whenever i meet the other guys, i always talk to them about fitness and their training regimes, could i get in as an armchairfan? no. training regimes, could i get in as an armchair fan? no. he is so confident that he has taken to calling out some of the pros. tony bellew? i'm here, i'm waiting, i'm ready pal, are you? i do not know if anthonyjoshua should ready pal, are you? i do not know if anthony joshua should be ready pal, are you? i do not know if anthonyjoshua should be too worried, what do you reckon? david haye, do you want some? i'm here, mate, i'm here! that's all for now, there will be more sport throughout there will be more sport throughout the evening but from all of us here, good night. let's return now to the united
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states, where at least 58 people have died and more than 500 others have died and more than 500 others have been injured in a mass shooting ata have been injured in a mass shooting at a country music event in las vegas. the gunmen, named as stephen paddock, was 64 and lived in a retirement village about one hour ‘s drive outside of las vegas. he was previously unknown to police. his brother eric has given his reaction to american broadcaster, cbs. it's like you called me up and you said your next—door neighbour did this and i would go... he did that? all i've ever seen him do is mow his yard. the fact that my brother did this is... there is no... there's nothing. there is absolutely no... i don't understand.
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did he have kids? once again, it is simple public record stuff. and your message to these people, these families... there's not even anything i can say. imean... how do you... i mean, my brother did this. this is like it was done... like he shot us. i mean, if he had killed my kids, i couldn't be more dumbfounded. i mean, it doesn't... there's nothing. your last communications... there's nothing, i can show you the text. he said, "how is mom? did you get power?" that was it. there is absolutely... we have nothing. like i said, we have nothing for you. i mean, i hope someone finds out, figures out. because we'd like to know.
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where you are a close family? it's a good sign if he is checking on your mom. i live here, and he lives in mesquite. public record stuff you will find out. we are not that close. we talk on the phone occasionally. he calls my mom and talks to her. there's no... no mental health issues? not that we know of. imean... did you know about his friends? was he an avid shooter? no, not an avid gun guy at all. the fact he had those kinds of weapons is just... where the hell did he get automatic weapons? he has no military background or anything like that. i mean, when you find out about it, like i said, he's a guy who lived a house in mesquite. he drove down and
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gambled in las vegas. he did stuff. ate burritos. imean... was the woman that they were looking for his girlfriend? yes, marilou. that was why i was on the phone to the cops. we were worried he hurt her too. she is being described as his wife. they might have got married but i don't think they are married. she's just his girlfriend. what do you know about her? she is a nice lady, i've met her three or four times, she has a facebook page and sends cookies to my mum. imean... do they have kids, does he have kids? no, he doesn't have children or anything. imean... yeah. there's nothing. you know? you must feel pretty helpless... we are shocked, you think it's a jo—...
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except it came in on all five of my phones, in my house, my cells all lit up at the same time. i thought it was one of my friendsjoking. when you get a phone call that says your brother, you know... just killed a bunch of people. this is not... so... what are you going to do now? we are going to hope you people stay at least on the sidewalk. i mean we are answering the phone and talking to random people, we are going to put out like a five line statement that says what i've just told you. that we are shocked, horrified, completely dumbfounded. eric paddock, the brother of stephen paddock, speaking to cbs news in the united states. breaking news on our main story this evening, the collapse of monarch
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airlines, administrators kpmg and made 1858 employees redundant as a result of the collapse of the company. let's have a look at the weather prospects before we go to beyond 100 days with katty kay and christian. ben rich. it's been a rather blustery start of the week for many of us. an area of low pressure is in charge of the weather. still, through the evening, tightly squeezed isobars across the north of scotland. here, wind gusts of 60, possibly 70, miles an hour overnight. showers in north—west areas too. some rain flirting with southern england for a time. it clears to leave clear spells across many areas. especially where the winds fall light in the south, it will be quite a chilly night. they could be a touch of grass frost here and there. not a bad looking day, lighter winds than today. brucie in northern areas. scattered showers,
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-- it is northern areas. scattered showers, —— it is breezy in northern areas. 13-17d, but —— it is breezy in northern areas. 13—17d, but we are now into october. on wednesday, some outbreaks of rain in western areas. potentially very wet and windy weather. thursday is drier and brighter. you're watching beyond 100 days. 12 hours after the worst mass shooting in american history and there is still no indication of why he did it. 64—year—old stephen paddock fits none of the profiles and his brother says he had no religious or political motive. he killed at least 58 people and injured 500 more when he opened fire on a concert in las vegas. as the country woke up to the news that it had suffered yet another mass shooting, it was a sober president trump who addressed the nation. it was an act of pure evil. nearly two weeks after
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hurricane maria, many residents of puerto rico still don't have power or clean water. now there's a political fight over whose fault that is. also on the programme:


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