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tv   BBC News  BBC News  October 3, 2017 5:00am-5:31am BST

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this is bbc news, i'm tim willcox. our top stories: more weapons are found at the home of the man who carried out america's worst mass shooting of modern times. in las vegas, vigils take place for the 59 people who lost their lives, and the hundreds more who were injured. a general strike in catalonia in protest at the violence that marred the spanish region's independence referendum. an uber important meeting. the boss of ride hailing company comes to london to meet the city's regulator to try to get its licence back. the game took us by storm, but will the shares of the company behind angry birds have a similar impact when they go public today? hello and welcome to bbc news.
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police investigating sunday's mass shooting in las vegas, the worst in us recent history, say they have found more weapons at the home of the man who carried out the attack. a total of 18 guns, explosives, and thousands of rounds of ammunition were discovered at the house belonging to 64—year—old retired accountant stephen paddock. the millionaire used an automatic weapon to fire on crowds from a las vegas hotel, killing 59 people and injuring over 500 more. as police stormed his hotel room, he killed himself. james cook reports from las vegas. in the cold nevada desert, country music is warming the throng. the time is 10:08pm. gunfire. the noise prompts confusion. the crowd, 22,000—strong, hesitates. it takes a moment, a deadly moment,
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before they realise they are under attack. gunfire. by now, a second round of bullets is raining down. there is a pause. the gunman is reloading again. he is high above them, in the mandalay bay hotel. panic follows. it is a scramble to live. there were people hiding underneath my car for cover. and there was a gentleman that was shot, and he said, "can you help me?" and so i put him in my car, and i had like six people in my car, people without shoes, running, just to get away, and... we just hit the ground, and just lay there and hung onto each other. and it was quiet for a bit, and then fired another 30 rounds, and then quiet. and then what we were doing was, every time he had stopped, he was reloading, we had gotten up and started making our way
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towards the fence. and then he'd started shooting again, and we'd hit the ground. gunfire. by now, the music fans are frantic. if they can, they run, and like this woman, they hide. we were sitting ducks, and you could hear the bullets coming closer. and then he would — and then it would get quiet, and then he would, like, reload, and then he'd start going again. and the girl that was standing right behind me, about two feet, she got shot in the stomach. and everybody thought at first it was just firecrackers. and then everybody — and then itjust kept going more. we felt the shots, and then we ran... the hangar, to the airport, and we just kept running. it was... once we got out the back, we started seeing the people that
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were shot, and the people that were dead. and it — that's when it hit me, that this was real. within half an hour, officers know the gunman is in the hotel. explosives ready, they prepare to go in. this police radio recording captures the moment they storm the room. breach, breach, breach. explosion. by now, it is nearly midnight, and the gunman is dead, apparently having killed himself. he left the city in chaos, with hospitals overwhelmed, and too few ambulances for more than 500 casualties. we just need to get people over to the hospital, 0k? ok, go ahead. put them all in the back. alright.
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hundreds of people remain in hospital, where surgeons have been battling to save life after life. we had all hands on deck. we had eight or nine trauma surgeons alone in the facility. we had eight operating rooms rolling simultaneously, operating on patients, doing what in trauma we refer to as damage control. so it was a matter of getting them on the table, stopping the process of them dying, stabilising them. as for the gunman, he was stephen paddock, a 64—year—old retired accountant from mesquite, an hour's drive from the vegas strip. he had checked into the hotel on thursday. as far as his history and background, we haven't completed that part of the investigation yet. but we located numerous firearms within the room that he occupied. for a western democracy, the united states has seen an astonishing amount of horror like this. but, even here, this is carnage on a different scale. james cook, bbc news, las vegas.
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seth bayles was at the route 91 festival when the shooting took place. he has just returned home to los angeles. we spoke to you on the phone yesterday. you must still be in a state of shock and disbelief. yes, i mean, that is absolutely right, and probably to put it mildly, to be com pletely probably to put it mildly, to be completely honest. i mean, as i said briefly yesterday, it was a surreal experience, doesn't even begin to describe it. it was, i mean, tragic, it was horrifying. there were things on there, things that that happened that you just can't conceive. and as isaid that you just can't conceive. and as i said yesterday, and it has been set on every outlet possible, but the first responders were beyond incredible. it was a confusing situation, to say the least, as i believe i said. can ijust ask
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situation, to say the least, as i believe i said. can i just ask you, where were you, and how quickly did you realise that people were being killed around you, and it wasn't just some firecrackers? not quickly enough. i was about... i would probably say 50 to 75 feet from where jason was performing on stage left. if you are looking out from where jason aldean would have been standing, looking at the crowd, i would have been 75 feet, near a vip area called the neon room, i was about 20 feet from that. so there was three or four about 20 feet from that. so there was three orfour mac about 20 feet from that. so there was three or four mac or five, a series of bursts or pops that we thought were firecrackers. so it was definitely a couple of minutes we we re definitely a couple of minutes we were standing up and didn't understand what was going on, didn't see it, and we saw a person near us go down, another person go down. at some pointjason
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go down, another person go down. at some point jason aldean go down, another person go down. at some pointjason aldean and the band had got off stage. it wasn't immediate. i mean, it definitely wasn't from the first few pops, obviously being the weapons, that we reacted. i was standing up like an absolute idiot for a while but does like everyone else i thought it was firecrackers, or someone setting off bottle rockets or something like that. the fact that he was firing from the 32nd floor makes it even more confusing, as well, because it is just so random. more confusing, as well, because it isjust so random. when did the panic set in? how quickly did people start to run and panic? people started running in all directions. it was about... after probably the fourth first we saw people just dropping around us, and i saw a couple of things happening, that i would rather not described, it is not fair to them of their families, but was horrific stuff that i would
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not want anyone else to see. 0ur second thought was that there was a gunman inside. some but he was shooting at people, which is tragic, obviously, but we didn't think we we re obviously, but we didn't think we were being shot at from an elevated position. we realised it was from somewhere high up, so we assumed that mandalay bay, and my friend saw the broken glass and pointed at it, so we the broken glass and pointed at it, so we started running towards the east. mandalay bay was to the west, where the concert venue was, so we started running to the east. as we we re started running to the east. as we were running people were getting picked off all around us, and it was, you know, complete lack of the draw that my friends and i happen to escape unscathed. can ijust ask you, i don't know what your position on gun control is, i mean, do you own your own weapons? do you think something like this will ever change
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the debate in america? nothing changed after sandy hook, and all the other massacres. what is your view and your position on that? that is absolutely a fair point. i am pro— second amendment, i think you should absolutely have the right to protect yourself and defend yourself. 0n the flipside, nobody needs an automatic weapon, i don't think anybody needs a semiautomatic, aris think anybody needs a semiautomatic, ar15 sitting in the house, they certainly don't need 16 of them, or whatever he had. there isjust no need for them. i whatever he had. there isjust no need forthem. i mean, whatever he had. there isjust no need for them. i mean, these weapons are made to kill, and there is a bill being considered in congress now, i believe, to allow suppressors on these types of weapons. and i just don't know what you need a suppressor fork that doesn't involve committing a crime. you know, you should be able to shoot these types of weapons at gun ranges, it is a lot of fun to do, absolutely. but you don't need an entire arsenal in your house. you know, this is not
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the 1780s when the constitution was drafted. it is a different world. do i think anything is going to change? honestly, no. we asked the same questions every time a mass shooting happens, and the same thing happens. nothing happens. if you saw the us firearm stocks were skyrocketing today because they were assuming something was going to happen. you know, there is no reason to think that anything is going to happen. the nra is... if not the number one, the number two most powerful lobby in us politics, and an extraordinary amount. iam in us politics, and an extraordinary amount. i am not optimistic. in us politics, and an extraordinary amount. iam not optimistic. i in us politics, and an extraordinary amount. i am not optimistic. i would love it did, but we have to be realistic here. nothing ever changes. thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news: militants have attacked an indian army camp in srinagar, in indian—administered kashmir. officials say three border security force personnel have been injured and one attacker killed.
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the militants were believed to be holed up in a building at the camp just outside the international airport in srinagar, a heavily fortified area. one of the fiercest critics of the russian president, vladimir putin, has been sentenced to another 20 days injail. alexei navalny was convicted of violating a ban on organising public meetings. police arrested him in moscow on his way to address a rally. ben is here with all the business news. the boss of uber, dara khosrowshahi, will sit down for crucial talks with officials in london today. the future of the ride—hailing app has been put in doubt after transport for london took the decision not to renew the compa ny‘s license. tfl expressed its concern over a number of issues, including the way uber managed driver medical certificates. there were also serious concerns regarding background checks and the reporting of criminal offences.
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the uk is uber‘s biggest market in europe, and the company serves 3.5 million customers in london alone. although uber‘s license to operate in the capital technically ran out at the start of the month, the 40,000 drivers who use the service can continue to ply their trade until transport for london makes its final decision at the end of the appeals process. adding to mr khosrowshahi's problems is also the unexpected departure of uber‘s london—based head of northern europe affairs, jo bertram — not related to the loss of the licence, the company points out. we will have more on all of that in world business report. today, shares in the company behind angry birds will start their first day of trading on the main stock exchange in helsinki.
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the finnish game developer rovio was one of the first studios to make a breakthrough mobile game, and it even released a blockbuster movie, featuring sean penn and peter dinklage. but the company has fallen down the pecking order in recent years. we tell you why in world business report. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter. i'm @benmbland. how many more puns can you get in?|j don't want to ruffle feathers! catalans are going on strike today in protest at the violence that marred the region's independence referendum on sunday. pro—independence groups have called for everyone in the state to stay home from work. more than 800 people were injured in the clashes, many of which happened during voting in catalonia's capital, barcelona. as andrew plant reports, barcelona's football team has confirmed its players won't train during the strike. waving flags of catalonian
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independence, holding signs demanding democracy. thousands joined a rally in barcelona, a protest against the violence that took place here. national police smashed into polling stations. dragging voters outside, leaving more than 800 injured. now, groups in favour of independence from spain have called for regionwide strikes in catalonia, a protest against the national government's refusal to recognise its referendum. cheering for a barcelona player, they announces support for the referendum but he was taunted as he joined the tea m but he was taunted as he joined the team for training. but he was taunted as he joined the team fortraining. spain but he was taunted as he joined the team for training. spain have welcome qualifies in the coming days, but fans called for him to leave. translation: i do think he should have come today. it should leave for good. i don't want him back any more. translation: i'm going to play with
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the national team because i believe in democracy. if not, i wouldn't go. but also, i can tell you that if the coach or any member of the federation considers that i am a problem, i don't have any problem to step aside and quit the national team before 2018. is barcelona team—mates will take part in the strike. the youth team and all staff will also stay home. in the past few days, it's even been suggested that are the learner could leave the spanish football league. such other potential repercussions of spain's unprecedented situation now set to seek widespread strikes across catalonia. in the last years, we have just heard that tom petty has died. it is
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believed suffered a cardiac arrest. he was best known for a string of his hits. he helped form the group that travelling will. look back at his life and career. 1977. the year of punk. com petty was still flying the flag for rock vnv was still flying the flag for rock ‘n' roll. —— tom. that long blonde hair, rake thin, cool as can be. he epitomised a classic straight from the heart blue—collar sound. going on to become on of the biggest selling artists of all time. along with his band of the
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heartbreakers, he specialised in military, intelligence and sincerity. tom petty was born in gainesville, florida in 1950. his interest in music prompted a meeting with elvis presley when he was ten yea rs with elvis presley when he was ten years old. he formed the heartbreakers in the 70s, though initially, they were more popular in the uk than the us. later, he would join the rock ‘n' roll supergroup the travelling wilburys, releasing two hugely successful albums. but he would carry on recording and performing with the heartbreakers almost until the day he died. tom petty once said if you do something you really like and hopefully it pays the rent, as far as i'm concerned, that's success. tom petty
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who has died at the age of 60 for —— 66. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: the debate that never ends. the latest from las vegas in what is now the biggest shooting in history. in all russia's turmoil, it has never come to this. president yeltsin said the day would decide the nation's destiny. the nightmare that so many people have feared for so long is playing out its final act here. russians are killing russians in front of a grandstand audience. it was his humility which produced affection from catholics throughout the world. but his departure is a tragedy for the catholic church. israel's right—winger ariel sharon visited the religious compound and that started the trouble. he wants israel alone to have sovereignty over the holy sites, an idea that's unthinkable to palestinians. after 45 years of division,
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germany is one. in berlin, a million germans celebrate the rebirth of europe's biggest and richest nation. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: police investigating sunday's mass shooting in las vegas, america's worst in modern times, say they have found more weapons at the home of the man they said carried out the attack. in las vegas, vigils have taken place for the 59 people who lost their lives, and the hundreds more who were injured. we have more from our correspondent
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whojoins us live. we have more from our correspondent who joins us live. bring we have more from our correspondent whojoins us live. bring us up to date with the number of dead and those critically injured. the hospitals admitted they were overwhelmed by the numbers. the numbers were vast and difficult to comprehend. we now have a total of 59 people who died last nightjust a few hundred yards down the road from where i am speaking to you now. 527 people were injured in totality and 20 of those were critical. we haven't had a particular update in the last few minutes on them. four of them were taken to the major trauma centre here did die at the hospital, but there are still a lot of people obviously in a lot of danger and i think it would not be surprising if the numbers of totality is rose over the next few
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days. —— fatalities. in terms of the investigation, we have now discovered that the gunmen had 42 separate weapons, 27 in the room with him and 15 elsewhere in a home he has. thousands of rounds of ammunition, some explosives. and rather chillingly, in a hotel room, he set up his tripod that he could fire his automatic rifles from and had the kit to break the web —— windows, had scopes, and one other fa ct windows, had scopes, and one other fact which has emerged is that from the moment that the first 911, the first emergency call was made to the moment where they stormed his room and discovered him dead, was one hour and 12 minutes. this thing took a very, very long time to play out and, clearly, and how and 12 minutes
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of absolute terror. stephen paddock, a retired accountant and high—stakes gambler, turned a country music concert into a killing field. he had been in his room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay hotel for days, waiting with a cache of rifles and automatic weapons. his familyjust can't comprehend the horror of his crime. my brother did this, i... this is like it was done — you know, like he shot us. imean... if he'd have killed my kids, i couldn't be more dumbfounded. i mean, it doesn't — there's nothing. so last communication... there's nothing. i can show you the text,
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he said, "how's mum?" where the hell did he get automatic weapons? he's not — he has no military background, or anything like that. i mean, when you find out about him — like i said, he's a guy who lived in a house in mesquite, and drove down and gambled in las vegas. he did stuff — ate burritos. imean... the 64—year—old made few friends in his suburban retirement village in the quiet town of mesquite. police found more guns and ammunition when they raided his home. what's unique for us is that the gunman, the shooter, and the person with him, we in the mesquite police department have not had any contacts with these people in the past. we haven't had any traffic stops, we haven't had any law enforcement contacts, no arrests or nothing. he would disappear for days to nearby las vegas to gamble, but also made money from rental properties, and came across as odd to some of his tenants.
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he roamed around the apartments, talked to you, always real casual. and they showed his picture. i was shocked, because like i said, he was a nice guy. strange, but nice. the question is, what would lead a man with no criminal history, no known strong political views, and no apparent motive, to commit such relentless carnage? laura bicker, bbc news, mesquite. and there's much more on this story on our website. america to the laws, or lack of them, and what this shooting may provoke in terms of a political reaction, probably very little comment on our website. we have timelines, backgrounders, updates from law enforcement and eyewitness accounts. hello.
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further strong winds at times this week, a risk of gales as we maintain a very autumnal flavour to our weather. this area of low—pressure system was the wind—maker on monday. it's still producing some strong winds in the far north of scotland and northern isles as tuesday begins. very few and far between. windiest in the northern isles, but onlyjust of around 50 to 60 miles an hour before easing a bit. not as windy as it was on monday. you can see the extent of the sunshine to begin the day. there will be a chill in the breeze. ten or 11 degrees at this stage. some spots will still be a bit lower than that. there will be
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some patchy cloud developing. most places are going to stay dry. 0ne some patchy cloud developing. most places are going to stay dry. one or two showers to the north and west of scotland. few and far between. still a chill in the breeze. if you are out of the sunshine, temperatures need to both teams. not far from average for this time of year. as we go through tuesday evening and night, shell is merging its longer spells of rain. the wind starts to pick up again. far north of scotland again and temperatures will be lower than this. pirtek the across parts of england and wales going into wednesday. some spots will be into single figures. the rain gathering more in northern ireland and parts of northern england and wales going into wednesday evening. an area of low pressure had to way that could bring some heavy rain to parts of the uk. to that of uncertainty about
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the uk. to that of uncertainty about the positions close we will take keep an eye on that. coastal gale developing around this area of low pressure. still windy on thursday. showers and rain gradually clearing away from southern england. at a chilly east despite the sunshine in a few showers that follow. high pressure building on friday. ending the week fine and dry. this is bbc news — the headlines. police investigating sunday's mass shooting in las vegas, america's worst in modern times, say they have found more weapons at the home of retired accountant, stephen paddock, the man who carried out the attack. in las vegas, vigils have taken place for the 59 people who lost their lives in the attack and the more than 500 people who were injured. president trump has appealed for unity and peace among americans.
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catalans are going on strike today to protest the violence that marred the region's independence referendum on sunday. public transport will be shut down, schools will be closed and hospitals will only treat emergency cases. american media are reporting that the singer tom petty
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