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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 10, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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in his approval rating. macron knows he's in a fight. the reform agenda has plenty of backers. banker erich bonnet has just moved his business back to paris from london because he's convinced macron can deliver change. it wasn't a very difficult decision. thanks to macron‘s election and a much clearer direction for entrepreneurs in france. the move was, for me, natural. president macron wants to bring change to every corner of france. rhone is a country town deep in the auvergne. here they grow tobacco, right now the harvest is in full swing. the cigarette industry has been a big employer in rhone, but not any more. uk based imperial tobacco hasjust closed its factory here, 239jobs gone and production moved to poland, where costs are lower. the redundant staff don't see macron‘s reforms working for them. in the french parliament,
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emmanuel macron‘s party has a big majority. despite the strikes and the slide in the polls, the president's team is pushing on. we are starting with tough measures because we found a budget which was really a huge problem for our country, so we had to take tough decisions. better to take them now than not to take them at all. so this change is real and it's going to be maybe brutal? no, it's not brutal, it's dynamic. his opponents accuse the new president of governing for the rich. in his drive to change france, mr macron will have to overcome a fierce current of resistance. stephen sackur, bbc news, paris. you can see stephen's
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hardtalk special — on the road in france — on the bbc iplayer or across the bbc news channel tomorrow. newsnight is coming up on bbc two, here's emily. tonight we talk live to the first secretary of state. and as rape allegations surface about harvey weinstein, we ask if the code of silence is now shattered for good. join me now on bbc two. that's newsnight with emily. here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. european champions portugal will have a tilt on the world cup next year, as they complete the road to russia successfully. the netherlands miss out on a miracle and a second major tournament in a row. and on world mental health day we'll hearfrom olympic gold medallist helen richardon walsh on her battles with depression. good evening, thanks
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forjoining us at the bbc sport centre. it's been a big evening for world cup qualifiers, as the second half of the teams in europe completed their final group games. and there's good news for fans of cristiano ronaldo, because portugal will be in russia next year. they knew a win over switzerland would take them through as group winners. an own goal and this from andre silva gave them a 2—0 win in lisbon and resigned the swiss to a play off spot. the netherlands were in need of a miracle seven goal win over sweden if they were to finish second in group a. but it wasn't to be despite a 2—0 win at home. aden
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arjen robben put them ahead from the penalty spot. the dutch miss out on the world cup while sweden will be amongst the teams in the play offs. france ended up as winners in group a, above sweden — they wrapped up qualifying with a 2—1 win at home to belarus helped by goals from antoine griezmann and olivier giroud. so european qualifying is over the teams in the left hand column are already through alongside england. it will be seeded with switzerland, portugal, denmark and croatia likely to be the seeds. the syrian national team have fallen short in their bid to reach the world cup. australia pipped them in their world cup play off. there were high hopes for syrian fans after the first leg ended level at 1—1 last week.
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in fact, the second leg finished with the same score and went to extra time but former everton midfielder tim cahill‘s second goal of the game gave australia a 3—2 win on aggregate. they must now play either panama or honduras for a place in russia. it was meant to happen and we deserved it. it was a tough game. we believed and we knew that it was going to go to the end. it is a great feeling to win because we have worked so hard to be where we are today. liverpool have been dealt a big blow with the news that a key player sadio mane could be out for up to six weeks with a hamstring injury. the forward has scored three goals in five league appearances this season, and is set to miss the games against manchester united and tottenham plus both champions league group fixtures against maribor. mane picked up the injury during his country senegal‘s 2—0 world cup qualifying win over cape verde last saturday. the premier league has been testing
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a new video assistant refereeing system which is due to be introduced next year. they recreated their own version of maradona's hand of god goal from the 1986 world cup to demonstrate the technology at st george's park, helped by premier league refs mikejones and andre mariner. the var system is due to be used in england for the first time injanuary for fa cup televised games at premier league grounds. we have a fast flowing game of football, we want to harness technology. we have to do it in a way that is sympathetic to the flow of the game. part of the training is honing the skills. if we can do something in 30 seconds rather than 40, 20 rather than 30 and we will not impact on the flow of the game and we can still have the advantages. there was a good win for aljaz bedene at the shanghai masters, he beat the italina paolo lorenzi in straight sets to reach the second round. it wasn't such a good day for fellow brit kyle edmund.
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he is out in china after he lost in the second round in straight sets 6—3, 7—6, to marin cilic. a year after serving a ban for showing a lack of effort in shanghai, nick kyrgios could be in more trouble. he retired after losing the first set tie break against stevejohnson in an apparent protest at the officiating. the australian claims he had a stomach problem, but didn't indicate that he was unwell and was apparently heard to say that he would quit, if he lost the first set. it's world mental health day today. it was first introduced in 1992 and aims to increase awareness about the suffering experienced by people in all walks of life through mental illness. olympic gold medal winning hockey player helen richardson walsh has suffered with depression throughout her career. she's been speaking to us about her experience and how she's been dealing with it. there were periods of times when i
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found that i was always really upset, really emotional, crying quite a lot. that is when you start to think this is not normal, this isn't right, to be feeling like that consistently and just getting upset for no apparent reason. so i think that was when it really struck me that, 0k, that was when it really struck me that, ok, i need to do something about this, i need to try to find help. actually, itried about this, i need to try to find help. actually, i tried to deal with that in a positive way by writing a blog, particularly for my second back injury. actually, in doing that, it cannot open myself up to my team—mates and the rest of the squad. —— it kind of opened myself up. it allowed them to know what is going on in my mind. when we turned up going on in my mind. when we turned up to training, they were not thinking should i go over and speak
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to helen or leave her today, i'm not sure what to do, they could kind of know a bit more and be a bit more aware. even if it was just looking, i know what is going on, a shoulder, a hand on the shoulder, that support really helped me. that came from the opening up to them. and you can read more about helen's battle with depression and how she deals with it on the pages of the bbc sport website. wales have named their squad for the rugby league world cup in australia and papua new guinea later this month. super league young player of the year nominee regan grace of st helens is among those selected, and three uncapped players also figure in the 24. the barbarians are forming their first women's team. the world famous invitational club has featured the greatest rugby union players from the men's game through the years but they say this will help take the women's game to a different level. players from each of the home nations as well as france and new zealand will play against munster at thomond park in theirfirst
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match next month. just to recap, the road to russia is com plete just to recap, the road to russia is complete for europe. but will messi and argentina make it? you can see if they do on the bbc sport website from 1:30am. now time for the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are deborah haynes, defence editor at the times and jessica elgot, political correspondent at the guardian. great to see you both. thanks for
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coming in. the financial times says that theresa may has risked upsetting both sides of the brexit debate by refusing to say how she would vote in another referendum. there are reports that the nhs pay cap is to be scrapped amid looming cuts to health services. the telegraph talks about glenna paltrow and angelina jolie, alleging they we re and angelina jolie, alleging they were sexually assaulted by harvey weinstein when starting in hollywood. the sun also leads on those claims. the express has an interview with a former home office chief who says more than i million illegal immigrant is are unlikely to ever be removed from the uk. the guardian says runny eggs are back on the menu for pregnant women, decades after the salmonella crisis. the times leads on an article by the chancellor, in which he refuses to commit billions of pounds in the budget to plan for no deal on
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brexit. and the macro pitches the duchess of cambridge for the first time since she revealed she was expecting her third child. we will begin with the telegraph, the hollywood producer harvey weinstein. it seems like more and more people are coming out and speaking about their own experiences. in the case of the male actors and producers that he worked with, some of the female ones that did not experience this, they said they heard the rumours and did nothing and they are sorry about that. it is bizarre, really, this whole thing seemed to go on for 30 yea rs whole thing seemed to go on for 30 years and nobody felt able to say anything about it? doesn't that speak about the awful culture that has been allowed to exist, that you have actresses as world—famous as
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gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie, who have literally kept silent all this time about the abuses that they say they suffered. i think it brings it home to you when you have household names like that, the idea ofa household names like that, the idea of a young gwyneth paltrow, she has spoken about it today, talking about when she was 22 being asked into a hotel room where wine steam was and being engaged in mass archers. —— weinstein. and brad pitt confronted him and said not to touch her again. he then went and laid into gwyneth paltrow and told her never to tell anyone. so she said that she has felt that she has had to keep this secret all the time. and she has finally had the strength to come out and tell people. because one woman had the courage to come out a view days ago in the article in the new
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yorker. he denies all of the allegations, although he has gone into counselling, apparently and says he is hoping to move forward. do you think it is possible for him to have a second chance, given that some of the allegations now centre on rape? yes, and the board of his reduction company do not think it is possible. he has been sacked from that. once these kind of allegations are on the front pages of the papers, the sheer weight of the amount of people that are talking about this, and it should be said that it about this, and it should be said thatitis about this, and it should be said that it is notjust massive hollywood stars, it seems to be a litany of sony people that he has a p pa re ntly litany of sony people that he has apparently worked with over the yea rs. apparently worked with over the years. —— of so many people. once it is out there and the floodgates have opened, people start feeling brave enough to speak out about it, it does not seem to me that you can salvage any kind of career from that. nor should you, salvage any kind of career from that. norshould you, if salvage any kind of career from that. nor should you, if they are correct. indeed, the company itself that he founded with his brother,
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they may have to change the name a p pa re ntly they may have to change the name apparently because it is going to be too tainted, the damages as the result of this? you hope that maybe it will change the culture. i have nothing to do with hollywood, but you do hear about the auditioning sofa, that thing. the casting couch, where it comes from. maybe it is a wake—up calland where it comes from. maybe it is a wake—up call and things will change. the front page of the


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