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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 17, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello. this is bbc news. the headlines. inflation has reached 3% — its highest level in more than five years — largely due to rising food and transport prices. ahead of a key brexit summit, the international think—tank, the oecd, says reversing brexit would have a ‘positive and significant‘ impact on the uk economy. the head of mi5, andrew parker, warns terrorist plots are escalating to the point of violence in a matter of days after a "dramatic" jump in the scale and pace of the threat facing britain. us—backed militia in syria say they've taken control of raqqa after months of fighting with islamic state militants. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... we'll be getting the latest news from washington when donald trump gives a news conference — that's in beyond 100 days at seven o'clock.
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new analysis from the bbc shows house prices in many parts of the uk are lower now than a decade ago — once you account for inflation. we'll bring you some insight from one of the areas most affected. we'll find out the winner of this year's booker prize in a special programme at 21.45 tonight. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'mjohn watson. the headlines. the second sacking of the premier league season — as craig shakespeare leaves leicester. the champions league returns — liverpool, manchester city and tottenham in action — the latter who could be given the ru na round against the holders real madrid. coming up, i'm at st george's park talking to the new england women interim manager ahead of herfirst match in charge. yes, welcome along.
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leicester city are searching for a new manager once again after the sacking this afternoon of craig shakespeare just four months after he signed a three—year deal to take the job on a permanent basis. the foxes are third from bottom in the premier league and without a win in their past six league matches. the bbc‘s mark shardlow is at the king power for us.. the club have just issued a statement. despite the early promise under the management of craig shakespeare, the statement says the board feel but regrettably a change is necessary to keep the club moving forward consistent with their
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long—term expectations of supporters, of the board and the owners. so a disappointment for craig shakespeare who knew that he was under pressure but perhaps thought he had more time. but a disappointing performance against west brom last night means the owners, their patience has run out finally. i guess people watching will think it is no surprise following what happened to claudio ranieri. he won the premier league title and was then sacked. so perhaps after the slow start that leicester had, this season, not unsurprising that he has gone as well. yes but there was a body of support at the time in leicester but felt that claudio ranieri had run his course. and there is a body of supporters again now revealed that the same thing is happening with craig shakespeare, that the team are underperforming. so perhaps surprising in part but other fans believe and have faith in the
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owners. and the people who run the club. and that they delivered by bringing them the dream of the premier league title. switzerland stand between northern ireland and a place at next year's world cup after michael o'neil's side were drawn against them in the world cup play offs. the first of the two legs will be played at home windsor park at the beginning of next month, in what could be their first world cup since 1986. also in the play offs are the republic of ireland who've been drawn against denmark. stephen watson is in zurich where today's draw was made. arriving for the draw to find out who stands between them and a place in the world cup final. michael and martin o'neill, both guided their teens to second place in their qualifying groups. now there is a two leg play—off to try to secure a ticket to russia next year. it was michael o'neill and his team drawn
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out first, followed by the highest ranked side in the group. switzerland. i think for us missing italy and croatia, but it does not mean we underestimate switzerland. but i do think we're capable of winning that tie. switzerland had a very good qualification campaign. but i feel when you look at all the groups, that could be the weakest groups, that could be the weakest group in terms of the nature of the teams in that. but it gives us a chance and that is the most important thing. i think the players will believe they have a chance which is important. republic of ireland were paired with the lowest ranked of the top seeds, denmark. as one of the unseeded teams, whatever we get will be a difficult game for us. we get will be a difficult game for us. i suppose in a sense italy, we're still waiting for someone to come up and i suppose for any of the unseeded coaches there would have said probably would have preferred
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not to have italy. so i suppose that something. denmark is good to be difficult. the players are familiar path for the republic who have previously contested eight. for northern ireland it is their first experience. for this group of players to qualify for back—to—back tournaments, for some it will be their last chance to go to a world cup final their last chance to go to a world cupfinaland their last chance to go to a world cup final and they will do everything possible to get there. this something we should embrace. we can look back on the campaign with pride. but one massive hurdle overcome. but we will do all possible to get the chance to do that. the only time that northern ireland have previously played switzerland in competitive matches was in the 1966 world cup qualifiers when a certain george best scored. they will need a little magic like that if northern ireland are to qualify for the first world cup finals in 32 years. there are some big games in
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the champions league this evening. liverpool are away in slovenia and the league leaders in italy, napoli, play the premier league leaders in manchester city. we will get into those games in a moment. but we start in madrid where tottenham take on the 12—time winners and back to back reigning champions real. well we can get the latest from madrid now, john murray is with danny mills, it's the featured match on bbc radio5live tonight. never sure coming to watch a real madrid game but for tottenham i think there is a lack of edge because they have already won both matches in the group. they have won both games on six points, the other teams at zero. draw would suit both
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teams at zero. draw would suit both teams but that is not the way of real madrid. here at home especially don't want to entertain. christiano ronaldo wants to entertain, he wants not only trophies for his team but personal records. a slow start by his standards, probably due to his suspension which was ridiculous and maybe a little bit light in terms of what he did. he only scored one goal so what he did. he only scored one goal so far this season in la liga. i think he will be keen to get up his goal tally if he can. so on the other side harry kane playing his first match of his career in the bread about. what you expect him to do, how will he get on? it is a big night for harry kane, a lot of hype in england, i think it is taking it out of context to say it is his team. and one of the greatest players that ever played the game has really lorded it and given great publicity, saying how good he is. is
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that an attempt to get here to real madrid are challenged to say you good enough. so harry kane will want to do well for tottenham but also for himself and prove he can do it on the biggest stage for the de harry kane connection to real madrid is not something that is going to go away. but when we are here and he is playing here that is why it is just heightened coming into this. of course, that could be why pep guardiola mentioned it, he said it was the harry kane team and that is a massive compliment. zinedine zidane singled him out, again a huge complement. harry kane will look at that and selfishly from a players perspective will say these managers like me, they really fancy me, so if igo like me, they really fancy me, so if i go out and play well who knows. if tottenham to not quite match my expectations than possibly there could be moved to manchester city or even possibly real madrid. and a big night as well for mauricio pochettino. so we're on—air on 5
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live at 6:30pm this evening. a little bit earlier than usual. and commentary from 7:45pm. so it's a clash of the top of serie a and the premier league in manchester — manchester city hosting napoli. city manager pep guardiola is full of praise for his opponents tonight. the things they do, they do perfectly. it is not a team that is going to wait. they have the ability to make an amazing build—up especially in the middle. but outside as well. they have three quys outside as well. they have three guys that are so dynamic in front. with callejon. they have guys who receive long balls, they're so dynamic and good in small spaces. they have the right especially callejon. and liverpool are away this evening. they face a vital
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game away to maribor in slovenia, after drawing their opening two group matches. it's the first time the sides have met competitvely — and liverpool managerjurgen klopp has told his side they must be confident and brave to come away with the points. after a slow start for liverpool in the champions league this season. you can keep up to date with all of tonight's champions league action on 5 live final score. press the red button on your tv remote or go to the bbc sport website and mobile app now. also coming up in the programme. we hear from stevie ward who won the super league grand final after missing due to injury two year ago. ido i do not know what position i would have been in the team without going through all that. it is such a big thing. it's been a diffciult period
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for the england women's team. mark sampson's sacking followed allegations of discrimination and bullying. but the new interim manager mo marley ushered in a fresh start by saying no player will ever be ruled in or out under her leadership as she announced her first squad ahead of the team's friendly against france on friday, one of three games she will take charge of. jessica creighton has been speaking to the interim manager. blue skies over st george's park in contrast to what some would describe asa contrast to what some would describe as a dark cloud that hangs over the england women's football team at the moment. the players in training today looked at ease and relaxed in each other‘s company. with manager mo marley coming in on an interim basis this could well be the new start that this team so desperately need. even if it is only temporary. mali has just three games need. even if it is only temporary. mali hasjust three games in need. even if it is only temporary. mali has just three games in charge but still hopes to steady the ship.
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from a female perspective it is brilliant for me to be in this position, i'm proud that i have worked my way through undeveloped, and i'm lucky, i have been given this opportunity and i think for me i'm quite fairand this opportunity and i think for me i'm quite fair and honest about where i want to go. i enjoyed coaching teams and now i will get experience of this and so far i have really enjoyed it. so who knows. i do not think it is important right now, myjob is to stay focused, is this not about me. it is about getting a good result on friday and having that conversation further down the line. despite the criticism surrounding the former manager mark sampson he left the team with momentum on their side. after their recent thrashing of russia. the squad has a good blend of youth and experience which the new manager will hope to capitalise on. it is a new beginning, embracing it and looking forward. making sure we can
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stay on track for the world cup qualifications. as i say it has been difficult for everyone but the players have embraced the methods that we are trying to put in place. the energy level has been great in training. and how they have embraced the environment that is credit to the environment that is credit to the staff and the players. mali will know many of these players from her time coaching in the youth setup and will rely on that to get the best from them after what has been a tough time for all concerned. her first big test will be to try to get a result against arch rivals france when the against each other on friday. coverage starts on the button from ten to eight. good news for england's under 17s this evening. they are through to the world cup quarter—finals in india after beating japan 5—3 on penalties, it was 0—0 after 90 minutes. england will play the usa in the last eight. the british and irish lions head coach warren gatland says he wont
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subject himself to leading the team on another tour. despite enjoying success in the role, with victory over australia in 2013 and a drawn series in new zealand this year, he says he's been hurt by criticism which has come from both in and outside the sqaud. our sports correspondent katie gornall followed the team on this years tour and joins me now. perhaps surprising to hear this following his success in the role. but criticism has come from inside the camp. and from one player in particular. the comments from sean 0'brien, the ireland flanker. but from what warren gatland said, he's been damaged by all of this but particularly those comments from 0'brien. it has all turned sour for him relatively quickly and that is a surprise because i remember before the lions left for their tour of new
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zealand one gatland spoke about how he loved the concept of the lions, how as a boy he watched them in 1971. beating new zealand. he played against them back in 1993. he has been an assistant coach on the tour to south africa in 2009, head coach in australia. so and then he led that successful tour to new zealand against expectations, a drawn series which was a great achievement. but speaking this week he has gone in to the full toll i suppose, giving the reasons behind the toll it took on him and said he hated the draw, that he is done with coaching the lions, he is done with coaching the lions, he does not have the energy to go through the process again. but critically hurt by the criticism from the ireland flanker sean 0'brien who was influential in new zealand and started all three test. he gave an interview last month to irish radio and questioned some of the coaching methods and he believes the coaching methods and he believes the lions should've won the series
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3- the lions should've won the series 3— nil. we can hear a clip of that interview now. the first week we definitely overtrained. 0n the thursday. and maybe the coaches where getting information to us on workload and we did a similar thing in the last week. it isjust workload and we did a similar thing in the last week. it is just the workload and we did a similar thing in the last week. it isjust the way it is managed. we had said to pull back a little bit. i think with the squad we had we should probably have beaten them. 100%. quite squad we had we should probably have beaten them. 10096. quite strong comments and as we know he was hurt by some criticism that he received in the media while he was out on the tour. i think that is a surprise because he was known to expect that money to new zealand. a new zealander leading the lions on home turf to zealander leading the lions on home turftoa zealander leading the lions on home turf to a degree. but he said he hated the press and the negativity in new zealand. he seemed genuinely taken aback by that. the new zealand herald whilst we were over there had him mocked up as a clown. but he said it was water off a duck‘s back
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in his press conference out there. and even played up to that wearing a clown costume. at the same time it seems to have taken a toll on him so it has been a bitter end to what was an impressive tool for the lions. warren gatland will be regarded as possibly the greatest lions coach there has been. his reputation is intact and i think when he leaves wales in 2019 after the world cup he will have a lot of options ahead of him. big boots to fill. this year's grand final provided many good stoeries for winners leeds rhions. but perhaps the most incredible was that of stevie ward playing just 8 days after dislocating his shoulder in the semi—final. he spent 10 hours in hospital
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with them trying to put it back in, before they had to resort to surgery. plenty of time for him to relive the agony of missing out on the final 2 years before. yet somehow, this time, he managed to play. it was disbelief and feeling really low, going through the emotional pain of possibly missing another final. when i had the opportunity at least my belief, my mindset on that night, a grand final, it is all or nothing. something ijust had to do. i felt if i could nothing. something ijust had to do. ifelt if i could pick nothing. something ijust had to do. i felt if i could pick up nothing. something ijust had to do. ifelt if i could pick up my nothing. something ijust had to do. i felt if i could pick up my belief and instil some of the things that i've learned over the last couple of yea rs, to i've learned over the last couple of years, to make it and to get out there. i would do it. and looking back it is a bit like a dream. when the final whistle goes it is just like, it isjust the final whistle goes it is just like, it is just relief and euphoria and a brilliant time. just a bit of
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magic in the air that you can feel. being a leeds lad. being able to do thatis being a leeds lad. being able to do that is incredible. in 2015 he had to watch on at old trafford having sustained a serious injury in the final match of the regular season. during the long months of rehab you chose to speak about how he had struggled with depression. and little doubt the whole experience changed in. it is funny, i do not know where i would be


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