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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00. frank talks between borisjohnson and his iranian counterpart — over the imprisonment of british mother nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. her husband say‘s he's staying positive: i'm sure it will make a difference. i'm sure it will make a difference. i'm sure it will make a difference. i'm sure him being there and raising his case, and show him raising her case in the context can only help improve relations. an amber weather warning for parts of wales and northern england — as more snow is forecast to fall tonight. more violence in israel and the palestinian territories — after president trump's decision onjerusalem. also this hour — a look ahead to tomorrow's front pages — including the mail on sunday, which reports claims that the pm had to intervene in what it calls a stand—up row between the chancellor and the defence secretary. and thousands of people gather in the streets of paris — to pay tribute to the french rock starjohnny hallyday, who died on wednesday aged 7a. good evening.
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the foreign secretary borisjohnson has held talks in tehran where he's pressed for the release of the british iranian woman nazanin zaghari ratcliffe, who's been in prison there since april 2016. she's accused of working against the regime, which she denies. the foreign office said the discussions had been "frank" and "constructive. " our diplomatic correspondent james robbins reports. it could look routine. borisjohnson and his iranian counterpart, mohammad javad zarif, shake hands on the way into talks. but there's nothing routine about this encounter. the foreign secretary looking uncharacteristically intense,
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and with good reason. he wants to improve relations but also criticise some of iran's actions while arguing for iranian prison releases, including of nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe — a case many accuse him of damaging by loose talk last month. watching anxiously with me in london, nazanin‘s husband, richard ratcliffe. he has campaigned day in, day out for her freedom since nazanin‘s arrest in april last year. i'm sure it'll make a difference, i'm sure him being there i'm sure him raising her case, raising her case in the context of lots of other stuff can only help improve relations and improved relations can only lead to a better case for us. i think that's right, but i'm not expecting that on monday morning he comes back with her on the plane. borisjohnson is saying nothing at all publicly while in iran. instead, the foreign office issued a statement after two hours of what they call
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a constructive meeting. they discussed the full range of bilateral issues and they both spoke frankly about the obstacles in the relationship, including the foreign secretary's concerns about the consular cases of british iranian dual nationals. both emphasised their commitment to continuing to work together to improve the bilateral relationship. one good sign — iran's foreign minister confirmed borisjohnson should be able to meet president rouhani tomorrow. yeah, he's reciprocating your hospitality. something that is not automatic on a visit like this. the talks went on for two hours. positives and negatives in relations were fully aired. we shouldn't expect immediate consequences but iran is in no doubt about british efforts to get nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe home. singing christmas carols this evening in london, richard ratcliffe and supporters have been gently keeping up the pressure to have the family reunited.
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he says he was not able to sleep last night and may not find rest tonight, either, before the talking in tehran resumes in the morning. james robbins, bbc news. weather warnings are in place for large parts of the uk as heavy snow and icy conditions continue to affect scotland, northern ireland, wales, northern england and parts of the midlands. it's thought 20cm of snow could fall in some areas overnight. olivia richwald reports. layers of thick snow a scene of beauty in shropshire, but the first heavy snowfall of the winter is bringing disruption to parts of the united kingdom. motorists are being told to avoid driving unless absolutely necessary in parts of the north because of the icy conditions, as temperatures plummet down to minus six tonight in parts of scotland and wales. in oldham, greater manchester, this depot has been working 2a hours a day since thursday. the drivers here grit more than 300 kilometres of road.
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from busy urban centres to remote routes through moorland. with heavy snow showers forecast overnight in this area, they say they're prepared. we've just had the forecast in so the temperatures are going to drop quite significantly. sub—zero. so what we're doing this afternoon now is we will pre—grit all our primary gritting routes and then overnight and will carry on treating and treating throughout the night, getting as much salt on the ground as possible. it's trans—pennine routes like this that can quickly become hazardous if they're not well maintained. old ham council alone expects to use 600 tons of grit this weekend alone — and there's still no guarantee these roads will stay open. although power was out at some properties in the midlands and scotland, in belfast it was sledges out, instead. i like to do snowballs and make snowmen and make models and go down with sleds.
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it's very slippery and i've been falling down! more scenes like this are forecast tomorrow as heavy snow is expected across central areas. but both the north and south may miss out. olivia richwald, bbc news, oldham. there's been a third day of protests by palestinians in the west bank and gaza after donald trump's decision to recognisejerusalem as israel's capital. earlier in gaza, two people were killed in israeli air strikes. the israeli authorities say their targets were hamas military positions — after rockets were fired from there into southern israel. four people are now known to have died in the violence. tom bateman reports from jerusalem. a display of grief and anger. funerals were held in gaza for two people killed in israeli air strikes last night. the islamist group hamas said that the men belonged
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to their armed wing. weapon stores and a base run by the militant group were targeted, said israel. a new round of hostilities between old enemies. israel said three rockets were fired from gaza last night. one landed in this southern israeli town. there was minor damage but no casualties. further disruption took place in jerusalem as palestinians continued to vent their anger at president trump. police broke up protests before they gained momentum. and for a third day in the occupied west bank, protesters threw stones and burned tyres. israeli troops responded with tear gas in bethlehem and palestinians answered back. the clashes since mr trump's statement on terrorism has so far not matched the scale of previous escalations in violence this year.
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—— statement on jerusalem. but people here remain wary and diplomatic relations between the palestinian leadership and the white house are under severe strain. president trump appealed for calm and moderation. his critics point to what has happened here in the three days since his announcement and say he has stoked precisely the opposite. many israelis continue to praise his move, but it comes at the cost of increased tensions. tom bateman, bbcjerusalem. iraq says its war against so—called islamic state is over. government troops say they now have complete control of the iraqi—syrian border — which was the last area held by is. the group seized large parts of syria and iraq in 2014, declaring it a caliphate, but has suffered a series of defeats in the last two years. one of the cabinet's leading brexiteers has suggested that voters can use the next general election to have their say on a final deal with the eu — and to force a future government to change course
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if they don't like it. the environment secretary, michael gove, made the comments in the daily telegraph, a day after theresa may's agreement in brussels cleared the way for trade talks. police are investigating the deaths of two teenagers at a nightclub in plymouth in the early hours of this morning. officers believe the deaths were drugs related and are urging people to think twice before taking any unknown substance. andy birkett reports. police were first informed that two men had been found unconscious inside the nightclub at around 20 to two this morning by anglers cruise. one from okehampton and one from newton abbot were both taken to hospital where they later died. police said they took mdma and urged anyone else thinking about taking recreational drugs to think twice before taking unknown substances.
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the families of both men have been informed although no formal identification has yet taken place was top police have an 18—year—old man in custody awaiting questioning on the matter and stressed there was no evidence that drugs are taken inside this venue. hundreds of thousands of people have filled the streets of paris for the funeral of the singer johnny hallyday — who died on wednesday at the age of 7a. his coffin was driven in a cortege down the champs—elysees, followed by several 100 bikers. from paris, hugh schofield sent this report. for nearly 60 years, johnny hallyday sang his songs to the french. and today, in paris, they came to bid him goodbye. tens of thousands of fans, many of them from the older generation, people who grew up to his sounds in the happy, optimistic days of the ‘60s. for france, johnny was le rock'n'roll. he was the first here to open their ears to the thrilling new music coming from the united states. america was his obsession. america and motorbikes.
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hence the escort of hundreds of bikers for his funeral cortege down the champs—elysees. translation: let him rest in peace and wreak havoc up there. let him sing, let him get it going and let him open his heart up there, surrounded by family and friends. stars of music and screen, political leaders past and present — all there for the funeral service inside the madeleine church. for the french, johnny was their rock hero. the man who, for half a century, was always there with new songs, more performances. with his death, people really do feel that part of the nation's life has gone. hugh schofield, bbc news, paris. teenage migrants in italy are attempting dangerous night—time crossings over the alps, in a desperate attempt to reach france. almost 2,000 people have made the crossing since july, according to a local charity.
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many have come from migrant camps in italy, described as over—crowded and under—resourced. our paris correspondent lucy williamson has been to the alpine village of nevache, at the main crossing point into france. after dark, alain and sylvie become a nightly mountain rescue team, walking the alpine passes that act as migrant gateways from italy into france. tonight, they found these six young men, half frozen after walking through the alps. this ghostly picnic their first taste of france. the clothes that carried them from west africa, eritrea, afghanistan, dangerously thin for the alpine snow. it is a good sign if you can still move your hands. i am finding it a little bit difficult, a little bit difficult. because snow and mountains and night, everything is dark
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and then we discovered we had snow. also up on the mountain tonight, the border police. in seconds, the migrants melt away into the trees. a police search turns up only one of them. mamadou took the same path across the alps last year. by the time he was rescued, his feet had frozen. both had to be amputated. translation: i used to be athletic. i played football, i had threejobs. now my life is over, as if i were dead. it's all overfor me. france has been tightening controls on its border with italy but mountain guides here on the french side say the number of migrants making their way across alpine passes has jumped sharply in the last few months. and that many of them are unaccompanied minors.
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at the makeshift migrant centre in nevache, staff say minors make up more than half the admissions. many, like 15—year—old sheik from ivory coast, left migrant camps in italy, determined as a native french speaker to make a life in france. translation: my older brother died on the way to europe but thank god i've arrived in france. i want to have a better future and go to school. my mother is dead and i have no support. nobody left back home. as temperatures drop, there are fewer migrants arriving here each night. but those who do are in a worse condition. some unable to stand. each one a reminder in this tranquil ski resort of the mountain europe needs to climb. lucy williamson, bbc news, nevache. a full round—up of the day's sport shortly. but first let's have a quick look at some of the front pages. the mail on sunday reports that theresa may had to intervene in a stand up row between
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the defence secretary and the chancellor in the house of commons. the observer leads with a warning that the eu is under pressure not to give the uk a better trade deal than other non—member countries get after brexit. the sunday express says leading brexit supporting mps want the uk to make clear it will walk away from any trade deal they don't think is good enough. the sunday telegraph goes with tensions within the cabinet over the meaning of the commitments the prime minister made to move the brexit talks on. and the sunday mirror reports that some delivery drivers are working 1a hour days, it claims they're earning less than the minimum wage. the headlines on bbc news: "frank" talks between borisjohnson and his iranian counterpart over the continued imprisonment of british mother nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. weather warnings for parts of wales and england. further heavy snow is expected overnight. more violence in israel and the
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palestinian territories after president trump's decision on jerusalem. sport now, and for a full round—up, here's the bbc sport centre. fellow. what a week of football. both the manchester and merseyside derbies are coming on sunday. champions chelsea suffered a surprise defeat in a derby of their road against west ham in the premier league today. marko arnatovic‘s goal in the six minute was the difference between the two sides to give david moyes his first win since taking charge. west ham remain in the bottom three, while the defending champions could be 1a points off the top of the end of the weekend of city beat neighbours manchester united tomorrow. what a great result for us. we needed to find one of the results. we came very close against manchester city prolonged period.
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don't get me wrong, it was really tough today. chelsea kept us under pressure. that we scored a good goal, we played well at times in the first half. if we had been better with the ball a couple of times in the second half we might have got another goal. here is the day's of the results. early‘s impressive season continues, beating watford 1-0 at season continues, beating watford 1—0 at turf moor. christian benteke missed a last—minute penalty in poultry‘s two all draw with on. huddersfield beat brighton to happen zero and swansea are off the bottom following a 1—0 win over west brom. spurs thrashed the 5—1 and leicester beat newcastle pre—to the late kick—off. in the scottish premiership rangers had to come from behind as they beat ross county 2—1 at ibrox. 1—0 victories for bait sentjohnstone and hearts, while kilmarnock thrashed partick this'll 5-1. kilmarnock thrashed partick this'll 5—1. england's ashes tour of australia has been affected by news of another drinking related incident. ben duckett has been dropped from england's tour match today for pouring a drink over the
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head of james anderson today for pouring a drink over the head ofjames anderson at a bar in perth. he was meant to be opening the batting. instead he has been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation. to be honest i think it is fairly trivial. but in the current climate it is just not acceptable. you know, everybody has been warned about even small things blowing out of proportion. the ecb have also been quite strict for the boys, with their message. quite simply it is unacceptable. it doesn't matter how trivial it is. in this environment, what we have had to go through already with some of these small problems, as i said, it just isn't right. not acceptable. the warmup match was intended to give england's batsmen the chance to press their case for inclusion in the remainder of the series. keaton jennings made 80, tom curren, 77. still, nobody registered the big score which england have missed so
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far in the series. england declared on 3111—9, while a cricket australia 11 was 62— one at the close of play on the first day. ronnie o'sullivan is closing in on a sixth uk championship title after a 6—4 victory over stephen maguire in the semifinals. the rocket booked his place in tomorrow's final after holding off a late fightback from maguire. sullivan did hold a 4—0 lead, which was cut back to 5—4 before he took a decisive six frame in york. he faces 2008 when a shaun murphy, who beat ryan day. james degale has lost his ibf super middleweight title in london's night after being beaten by caleb trucks ona after being beaten by caleb trucks on a split decision. the former olympic champion clearly not at his vest, taking a barrage of punches in the fifth round. —— best. while he hung on, the american truax u nsettled hung on, the american truax unsettled to gail in what was his first fight since january. —— u nsettled first fight since january. —— unsettled degale. olympic cycling
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champion sir bradley wiggins finished in 21st face on his competitive rowing debut at the british indoor championships in london. wiggins retired from cycling last year and was competing in the elite men's 2000 metres race. he began slowly after mistakenly believing he had false started. he then finished with a time of six minutes and 22 seconds, half a minutes and 22 seconds, half a minute behind the overall winner, adam neil. he called his false start a schoolboy error. double olympic rowing champion james a schoolboy error. double olympic rowing championjames cracknell, who has been mentoring bradley wiggins, says he will learn from the experience. and for now, that is all the sports news. the foreign secretary borisjohnson has held talks in tehran where he's pressed for the release of the british iranian woman nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. this afternoon, our diplomatic correspondent james robbins spoke to nazanin's husband richard ratcliffe — he spoke about his hopes that the foreign secretary's visit could help see his wife released from prison before christmas. it is obvious, richard, that nazanin
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is not coming home with the foreign secretary. but do you think there is any evidence that this meeting, the series of meetings in tehran, could make a difference? i am sure it will make a difference? i am sure it will make a difference? i am sure it will make a difference. i am sure him being there, raising her case, raising her case in the context of lots of other stuff, can only help improve relations and can only help improve relations and can only help improve relations and lead to a better case for us. i think that is right. iam not better case for us. i think that is right. i am not expecting that monday morning he comes back with her on the plane. i am looking very closely at who he gets to meet, looking very closely as to what happens tomorrow. then i am looking forward to hearing on monday or tuesday, when he is back, as to debrief is to what went on. i don't expect to hear everything, i know some things stay secret. what we are ina some things stay secret. what we are in a place where we are looking at the tea leaves to see what it means.
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fingers crossed it can be solved by christmas, which means in the week or $0 christmas, which means in the week or so afterwards, nazanin might come home. were you disappointed that you yourself could not go with him? obviously as time went on i began to realise it was less and less likely. yeah, i had always wanted to go. the reason the foreign office gave to me was that they felt it would not have in help full two over politicise the case by having me standing next to him. -- case by having me standing next to him. —— helpful to over politicise. it could distort other issues in other cases. i still would have wa nted other cases. i still would have wanted to go there, and i still want to go there as soon as possible. but faced with the choice between going with him and her still being in prison and him going and her coming back sooner, i will take the latter. do you think orisjohnson and the foreign office could have been a bit more forceful with the iranians?” have long criticised the foreign office for not being as robust in public as i would like them to be. that is a battle we have had behind closed doors as well. me saying that
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they should be tougher, and then saying, look, that is not how things work. and, yeah, ithink if saying, look, that is not how things work. and, yeah, i think if he is able through his charm and his residence to bring her home, great. —— charm and his presence. myjob in this campaigning has always been to say this is unacceptable and outrageous and that she should be with her family. she outrageous and that she should be with herfamily. she should we outrageous and that she should be with her family. she should we would have family for christmas, and please, can that be arranged? that was richard ratcliffe with james robbins. officials in california have extended the red alert caused bya have extended the red alert caused by a series of wildfires, and say it will now remain in force until at least sunday. one person has been killed and 700 buildings have been destroyed. fires have been burning out of control in several parts of the state. more than 200,000 people have been forced to leave their homes. the fifa world cup is still six months away but players, managers and fans will already be dreaming about how well their team might do. it turns out they're not the only ones. following on from the success of paul the german octopus, who became famous for his
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predictions during the tournament in 2010, a menagerie of creatures is trying to emulate his success in russia. both of our moscow correspondents, sarah rainsford and steve rosenberg, have been to have a look. forget lionel messi or reynaldo. these could read the real stars of the world cup. they are russia's furry fortu netellers, the world cup. they are russia's furry fortunetellers, all of them, we are told, experts at addicting could all results. —— experts at predicting football results. sarah andi predicting football results. sarah and i have visited all of the host cities for next year's tournament, and we have discovered a whole menagerie of soccer soothsayers. first stop, sergei. here is the stadium. meanwhile, down at the aquarium... this is harry liotta. here in saatchi he has a reputation for predict in sports results. —— sochl
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for predict in sports results. —— sochi. in fact, at the sochi olympics, he added 75% success rate. will england win? yes or no? and he is going for... straight for the green! a couple of seconds and he decided, no doubt about it, england will win. anjou ekaterinburg, where the excitement is building. not on the excitement is building. not on the pitch, but in the zoo. maggots at the ready. meet suri, the fortune—telling meerkat at ekaterinburg zoo. i am told he has plenty of experience picking winners. let's see where he has gone? winners. let's see where he has gone? england! that is a good sign. in rostov on dom, they are proud of their new stadium, and police, the fortune—telling raccoon. but she isn't playing ball today. she is harder to catch the harry kane. so bring on the subs. if the left total wins, so will england. coming up from behind. it is england! yeah! england! since paul the german
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octopus hit the headlines in 2010 with his world cup actions, the search has been on for a worthy successor. so have they found one in saint petersburg? successor. so have they found one in saint petersburg ? well, successor. so have they found one in saint petersburg? well, at the world—famous hermitage museum, they believe there are animal oracle beats the opposition by a whisker. meet tuzic, the fortune—telling cat, who will be protecting the soccer scores. maria, please. what do you choose? crystal ball on for lexia is not, i suspect. choose? crystal ball on for lexia is not, isuspect. but choose? crystal ball on for lexia is not, i suspect. but at least he is cute. —— crystal ball on four legs. let's catch up with the weather forecast. lots for sarah keith lucas to tell you about. we've certainly got a lots going on with the weather at the moment. snow and ice and strong winds developing through the day on sunday. 20 of
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seychelles across northern ireland north—western parts of the country. as these ease away through the night we will cis coming. what a widespread problem. further south, this band of rain will increasingly turn to snow as it hits that cold out. it certainly is cold. —12 or perhaps —14 degrees in sheltered spots of scotland, without snow cover. an amber warning from the met office for that snowfall, which is likely to cause disruption across these areas in particular. mid and north wales, into parts of north england and down through the midlands. here we can see 5— ten centimetres at low levels, perhaps 20 centimetres over the higher ground. this band of rain, sleet and snow will continue through sunday morning, particularly heavy through parts of central england into wales. further south it will mostly fall as sleet and then turn back into rain later in the day. but we have the added hazard of strong winds as well. gusts of more than 60 miles an hour through the english channel, up through b bristol channel as well.
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to the north, it is snow causing the destruction, and further north, a quieter picture for the far north of england, scotland and northern ireland. just some snow showers in the far north. temperatures will really struggle to get above freezing. later on the sleet and snow showers tend to use. is once again becoming a widespread problem into the early hours of wednesday morning. —— ice once again. low pressure on monday across parts of portugal, spain and france, which could cause disruption here with strong winds, heavy rain and hill so across the alps. to the north we could just see the effects of some gales in the south—east, perhaps some heavy rain and a little bit of snow on the northern edge of that. much quieter elsewhere across the country, with a few showers towards the west. temperatures not quite as cold as the weekend but still only 80 degrees above freezing. —— a few degrees. a ridge of high pressure on tuesday, sunshine, eight get a cold
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day to come, less windy, a bit of rain working in from the north—west. as we go through tuesday and into wednesday that rain will work its way gradually further research was the country. followed by sunny spells and heavy showers, with thunderstorms likely as well. certainly turning milder as we head towards the middle part of a week, but some disruptive weather with that snowfall on the way for sunday. hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment — first the headlines at 11:30. frank talks between borisjohnson and his iranian counterpart over the imprisonment of a british woman, nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. her husband says he's optimistic she can come home: i'm sure it will make a difference. i'm sure him being there and raising her case, it would be great if she came
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