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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 10, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm GMT

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the ai weiwei film, your second choice. human flow. sadly i haven't seen it yet. i can only assume that it is unbelievably, unbearably moving. it is very moving. ai weiwei is a conceptual artist, this is about the current refugee crisis and the humanitarian disaster unfolding around the world. it's a portrait of global displacement, different people forced to move from their homes for horrific reasons. shot in 25 countries. 20 countries, 25 film crews. some of the footage is hand—held. some of it, these extraordinary aerial shots, drone shots, of huge numbers of people moving through incredibly hostile terrain of refugee camps. we do get interviews, we do get discussions, but the most affecting stuff is this sort of image of humanity on the move, and the persistence of barriers and borders and boundaries and people rather than receiving a welcome, facing a wall. it is a film that has a cumulative impact over
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the course of the movie you do become overwhelmed by the scope of this. but i think, again, it's a very interesting piece of film—making because it is using film to tell the story in a way which is, you know, specifically visual. we do get discussions of these terrifying subjects as the film plays out. i think the stuff that works less well is when we see ai weiwei talking to some of the refugees, that the stuff that actually, weirdly enough, has less impact than when you see the scope of what the film is depicting, it's called human flow. 0k. the dinner. yes. what did you think? well... hmm. it's the latest from oren moverman, and it's adapted from a novel. it is the story of the hidden violence of the bourgeoisie. it's also one of those things that asks the question, what would you do to protect a loved one? in upstate new york two chalk and cheese brothers, played by steve coogan and richard gere, you couldn't get more chalk and cheese. and their respective partners, rebecca hall and laura linney. they meet in an upmarket restaurant. coogan‘s character is tetchy and awkward and difficult.
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gere is a smooth politician. but there is a terrible family secret they have to discuss. here is a clip. this is long overdue. what were you talking about? we were just enjoying one of those awkward pauses, as they say. not talking about anything. well we're going to talk tonight. put it all on the table. there's a lot going on. are you 0k? don't. perhaps there's a better table. it's really, it's all right, we're fine here. actually, actually, the other room i think is better. this room is private enough. as private as a fish tank. there's something wrong, let me check, just a second. i actually agree. i'm not moving. what's interesting about this is this discussion they're not having,
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that they move towards having, plays out over the courses of this ridiculously elaborate dinner. each course is, you know, described by the maitre d' in incredible terms. at the centre of the discussion is this hidden secret about something which has happened with their children. and i think the film has got really good performances. great cast, really good ensemble cast. oren moverman got a very good performance out of richard gere previously in a film in which richard gere was playing a homeless man. actually, this director got a really good performance out of him. the problem with the film to some extent is it probably two courses too long, it's two hours and it should be 89 minutes. when we at the table, when that kind of... the unspoken arguments are sort of broiling and seething away i think it works rather well. it then has this kind of flashback structure in which it moves back to events in the past and we see things unfolding from lots of different perspectives. to me, that works slightly less well. i know some people have really taken against the movie. one of the reasons is, they're pretty claustrophobic company.
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they're not people you want to spend that much time in their company because... steve coogan‘s character is so difficult, so awkward. richard gere‘s character seems to be so smooth and so smarmy. yet during the course of the drama it does play with our expectations of how each character's motivations will fall. it's flawed, no question about it, and it is at least two courses too long, but in the middle of it there is a main course which is well worth trying. i think i absolutely killed the food metaphor stone dead now. we've done it but we knew what you meant by it. let's not do it again. best out, i'm so delighted you have chosen this, because it encouraged me to see it again, a film i haven't seen probably since i was at university. a matter of life and death. an absolute delight. one of the greatest movies ever made. made immediately in the aftermath of the war, the ministry of information said to powell and pressburger, could you please make a film that would encourage the brits and the americans to like each other more. and they came up with a matter of
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life and death, which ends up being a story about this world and the next. it's just been rereleased in a 4k print. it's so moving. it starts with david niven as a doomed airman, you know, falling in love with somebodyjust on a radio. then he evades death because the emissary from the other world coming to get him gets lost in the fog of the channel. it's a film that plays out, you can either read it as a psychological drama or read it as an other—wordly drama, or you can just read it as a comedy, some slightly metaphysical romance. it's funny and smart and looks brilliant. extraordinary cinematography. how many times have you seen it? i think this was only my second. but you, you know, effectively forced me to watch it again this week and i just thought, some of the script is wonderful. it's just... it is, i hate to say this, the kind of film theyjust don't make any more. yet it's incredibly future looking. it does that brilliant thing of converting the wizard of oz, everything down on earth is in technicolor, everything in the other world is in black and white, which inverts what you would actually expect. it's one of the greatest movies ever made. if not, arguably, the greatest movie ever made. and it's out again.
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from 1946. fantastic. very quick thought about dvd. atomic blonde. i mean basically this is a sort of, you know, and adaptation of the graphic novel coldest city. it's a tale of spies and neon. charlize theron is having an absolute ball in it. it doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's very stylish and it's very entertaining. it could be, i think there is a place for, you know, the stylish, stylishly empty film, and this is it. i enjoyed it very much, though it's probably a guilty pleasure. i love that, stylishly empty. marvellous. what a way to end. thank you very much, mark, see you again next week. plenty to discuss this week, as we've just proved. enjoy your cinema viewing this week. see you next time. bye bye. good evening, the weather has continued to cause disruption through sunday, with snow, ice and strong winds in the south as well. the depth of snow we've seen today,
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32 centimetres in mid wales. we've seen the worst of the snow and sleet, it should ease in the south tonight, but then ice becoming a widespread problem into monday morning. it will be a very cold night, widespread sharp frost, in the towns and cities are low in the countryside temperatures could fall two minus double digits. the very cold start to monday with ongoing sleet and snow showers in the far north. monday morning rush hour watch out for potentially icy conditions, and during monday our attention turns to disruptive weather being brought by low— pressure weather being brought by low—pressure to portugal and france, it could impact on the south—east of england, we could see rain for the likes of kent, a little further inland, also windy in the south—east, also windy and dryer,
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wintry sunshine, do watch out feisty stretches across wales and badge of northern england, much snow around as well, sleet, and snow and a mix of northern ireland. to the data showers in the north and the west will ease but we will get some continuing into the afternoon and we have that rain, sleet and snow mixture was the south—east with some strong winds as well. elsewhere, wintry sunshine, and feeling cold. through monday night we have clear skies, that sleet and rain clears from the south—east, still one of two coastal showers in the east and west, continuing into the early hours of tuesday morning, again bitterly cold in the countryside on tuesday morning, we could see temperatures once more falling to around —12 degrees so staying very cold to start tuesday, and a bit of a change through the day on tuesday, things look mostly dry with higher pressure and the breeze comes from
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morfa westerly influence. so not as cold, some rain to the west later on. bye bye. this is bbc news. the headlines: the uk is facing more heavy snow with an amber weather warning issued in many parts of the country. drivers are told to be prepared. there's been travel disruption across the country — some airports are dealing with long backlogs of flights. i left work early after a night shift to get here because of the snow, and then to find out my flight has been cancelled. i wish they had told us before we left home. borisjohnson tries to secure the release of britons in iranian jails, after talks in tehran. disgraced celebrity publicist max clifford dies in hospital at the age of 7a. he had been serving an eight—year sentence for historical sex offences. the qatari government is buying 2a typhoon jets from bae systems.
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